Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala

Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala


Frank wedding car events, we deal in hiring out skating boys and girls for entertainments like skatting games eg dancing valley ball playing and escorting the guests etc we also hire out Bridal tents, chairs, serving tables, round tables, high tables, plat forms, bouncing castles etc and Bridal cars eg limousines, Mercedes's Benz, range Rovers, harmour car, helicopter, land cruisers, lincoln cars and progress cars etc for wedding parties, introduction parties, birth day parties, graduation parties etc for more information tel us on 0750823041, visit us on our page, frank wedding car events,
Frank wedding car events, we deal in hiring out skating boys and girls for entertainments like skatting games eg dancing valley ball playing and escorting the guests etc we also hire out Bridal tents, chairs, serving tables, round tables, high tables, plat forms, bouncing castles etc and Bridal cars eg limousines, Mercedes's Benz, range Rovers, harmour car, helicopter, land cruisers, lincoln cars and progress cars etc for wedding parties, introduction parties, birth day parties, graduation parties etc for more information tel us on 0750823041, visit us on our page, frank wedding car events,

Harvesters Established with the mind to bring up apostles, Good Leaders, Evangelists, Revivals and Healing to the oppressed, the poor while winning souls for the kingdom of God

Operating as usual


Edmark South Africa

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Edmark Uganda

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Edmark Uganda

Get ready for the grandest launching of the 'Be Young Campaign' in Uganda

[03/26/19]   Praise the Lord don't miss our midweek service tomorrow, be blessed as you attend


MP Zaake Francis Butebi


At the age of 22 years, I declared my intention to contest for Mityana South Member of Parliament.

My pronouncement stirred public opinion in my area prompting a number of “well” wishers to approach me with advice that was contrary to my desire. They argued that I was so young for the position.

They never believed that a person of my age was competent enough to make sound decisions.

Many discouraged me by giving examples that were indeed suggestive that all my efforts would fail. I was nearly swayed by their suggestions but following my conviction, I decided never to retrogress.

I discovered that it was time for me to renew my resolve to contest, adopting a slogan that “Musajja Takula Myakka” literally meaning that maturity of a man is not determined by age.

In 2015, we attained a municipality status which shifted my candidature to Mityana municipality, and this time round the discouragement intensified with other voices advising that I should run for Councillorship.

I brushed off their suggestions since I was already powered by the voters who appreciated my agenda. Subsequently, at the age of 25 years, I was elected a member of parliament becoming the youngest member in the 10th Parliament.

Participation of the youths in politics should not be limited to voting but rather also contesting across all the spectrum in elective positions.

We should not let the elderly create their own political territories, and let them hoodwink us not into believing that we are the leaders of tomorrow, when will tomorrow come? Today is tomorrow, it is time for the youths to lead their nation.

Statistics put 80% of the general population in Uganda as being below 35years which clearly indicates that we are the biggest stakeholders by virtue of our number.

God is already on our side, the numbers and age are on our side too, as youngsters, the only task we are left with is transforming our masses into votes.

Kindly register for National ID if you haven’t and make sure that you participate in every step of the electoral process where your involvement is paramount.

The other thing is that, we will take the mantle only if we believe in who we are.

The ongoing propaganda that leadership of this country cannot change through an election is absolutely a hoax and therefore must be treated with utmost contempt, important to note is the fact that, promoters of this school of thought might be the true enemies of change.

That said, as people power we strongly believe that, since it has happened in DRC and elsewhere, it is possible that we can also change power in Uganda by an election.

It is not material as to what price we have to pay before, during or even after elections, all that matters is change.

It is not that we discredit other strategies, we just disagree with them however as the oppressed group, we can find a modus vivendi through which our ultimate goal can be realized.

Finally, People Power will regain sovereignty once we secure, keep and protect our National IDs.



Kobwin Youth Development NGO

Happy New year all our friends, Stakeholders and supporters/ Donors

[11/21/18]   Good evening our dear esteemed partners we love you

[08/26/18]   ----!----
/ " \
Dont hide urself it's not a war! it's a helicopta dat i hired 2 take u 2 de church dis mng so safe journey and have nice service ⛪⛪⛪⛪✝✝

[07/08/18]   Hello praise the lord Jesus, welcome back from church all our friends, we believe you had a fabulous service. We are so proud of you all our partners


Bible school students of Harvest Land Bible college/university attending lectures today in Kampala campus.

[01/18/18]   Happening now at Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala dear friends is training of ministers,equipping God's servants for the good work of service to God's kingdom.
During prophet Elijah's days,there was a training school for the sons of the prophets,Jesus' days,He took His disciples through training in His school for three and a half years before commissioning them to begin ministry on the day of Pentecost.
Amazing enough is king Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 1:1-end does not want to use in his palace untrained workers.
He ordered young men to be brought and trained for three years before they could be employed in a heathen kingdom.
Men with blemish, men skilled in science and many specifications as you will find in that portion of text(I encourage you to read it bse it will bless and amaze you.)
What makes you thick that God who be interested in people who are not trained serving in His heavenly kingdom?
Yes, He calls untrained men then He trains them.Tell your neighbour in ministry or who has a calling to go for training and God has given us a college/ university with s vision to equip the workers of God for the sake of ministry in it is just here in Harvest miracle centre Kampala located in Ntinda Kigiiwa along valley curve.
Training in various disciplines such: theology,ministry,counseling, administration,Christian studies,etc and awarding diplomas degrees,masters and PhDs at Avery affording cost.
For more information contact me at ,0782599776.
Read also Paul's instructions to Timothy in 2Timothy 2:15.You will call me I know.
Thanks and be blessed.
We love you and the best out of you for God's kingdom.

[12/24/17]   Merry Christmas to all the people of God from and for HarvestLand Ministries Uganda and Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala.
Thank you so much for your friendship with us and your support materially and morally.
We cherish your relationship with us throughout this year 2017 and therefore would like to pray that we arrive together in 2018,a year where the overwhelming blessings of God are taking us through.Deu 28:1-4.



Hello Friends and partners of Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala,praise the Lord Jesus Christ.
At harvest MC this week is Bible School Program.
The University is called;Harvest Land Bible College and Seminary.It is an interdenominational University called to equip the servants if God Almighty for the work of the Kingdom of God.
The semester runs from today Monday the 8th to Saturday the 13th May 2017.Program is designed to suit servants of God who are busy and can't get time to be out of their churches for three month to be at school. One week enables this busy people to serve and at the same time training to better their ministries.
Their four semesters in a year and you can be done for your training in two years of four semesters each.
A wards range fr certificate, diploma,degrees,_masters and Doctorates.
The fields of training are various ranging from;Theology,ministry,counseling,music,languages Luke Hebrew,Greek ,administration,to mention but a few.
For more information,come to the school located in Kigoowa-Ntinda a long valley curve road near the transformer or call 0782599776 for more information.
Admission in progress.
Tuition is very affordable since the calling of the university is not commercial but to equip the servants of God.A facilitation gee is what is charged to enable the photocopying of materials used and lecturer's upkeep.
Welcome welcome and welcome.This is an opportunity never to be missed.Blessings.


[03/07/17]   Hello friends and partners of Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala,it encourages to know that you are there.This Is particular to invite all of you to apowerful conference starting on 14th this month to 19th and Sunday particularly will be a day to celebrate the 6th arniversary since Harvest Kampala started.March 2011-March 2017.Miss only If you must.Brothers from Congo,Burundi,Tanzania and Kenya will be with us from the 14th-,that Sunday.Welcome and be blessed.

[03/02/17]   Thanks friends of Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala.God has been faithful to us even in the difficult time that we have gone through especially when I lost my dad Mike Osonge last S I Sunday but one.Thanks for your prayers for us.



Friends and partners,good morning.Just to inform you that, we have lost a dad by the name of John Michael Osonge Erau.Pray with us.Blessings to you.


[02/10/17]   Hello Harvest family, friends and partners! The best is yet to come.Hold on and don't give up.The God we serve is faithful who will not put those who wait upon Him to shame
He has been and is still and will forever be our Alpha and so He can't just be the Alpha then fail to be the Omega.He has founded us and so will take care of us to the very end.Cheer up.

[02/07/17]   Hello friends,praise the Lord Jesus Christ b'se, it is the reason as to why we were created.To praise and worship God.How have you been my friends?
Out of the country to school in Kenya to finish with my doctorate program.
This is my last year and I need your prayers friends.
I remember you too but the truth,is some times I get caught up with a number of things as any other person.That's why I want to encourage you too to pray for yourself b'se in instances where I get caught up,your personal prayers will save you.Is that OK my friends?That is the truth and it is also scriptural:James 5:13;Jeremiah 33:3;Matthew 7:7-11.Bless you my friends.I will hear from you I know.

[01/30/17]   Hello friends and partners,praise the Lord Jesus Christ.Harvest Land Ministries Uganda is preparing for a leaders conference due in March from 14th-17th to be hosted by Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala located in Ntinda Kigoowa,a long valley curve road near the transformer.I therefore would like to ask for your prayers for God to visit the Harvest Leaders in Uganda and also pray for provision financially as money is required in this preparation.Blessings await you as you so do.

[01/28/17]   Welcome friends to worship with us tomorrow. The Lord is set to minister to His people and and would like you too to be part of what God is doing here.For you who have where you are going for prayers,may God meet you at your points of need.Blessings to you as you plan to join us and also as you prepare to go to worship God our creator in your worship places.


Chancellor Dr William Ouma handing of Certificates to the Master degree graduate in our compass in Mwanza Tanzania last Nov.2016.


First semester for Harvest Land Bible College 2017 opens up on the 16th Jan 2017.Courses in diploma, bachelors, masters degree and doctorates are awarded. Training in the fields like : ministry,theology, counseling, adminisration,etc.Registration in progress in our compass in Ntinda Kigoowa along valley curve.Tel.+256782599776.
Scripture reference:2 Timothy 2:15. Email: [email protected] gmail.com.Welcome.

[01/04/17]   Happy new year to all the friends and partners of Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala.May God Almighty grant our friends success in all that you will lay your hands on in this year 2017.

[01/03/17]   Happy new year to all the friends and partners of Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala. We cherish your partnership and love us now.

[12/29/16]   Blessed 2017 from Harvest Miracle Centre Kampala-Ntinda KIgoowa.Thank you our dear partners and friends for being part of the journey we have travelled in this year 2016 every single. We appreciate every way you have contributed to make us made us a fine

[12/21/16]   Hello friends and partners, the God we serve is very faithful. When begins a good work in us,He will a complish it.You are ending the year well with Him. if you started with Him in Jesus name.Also make sure that you invite Him to start the year with you so that you can be sure to end the year with God .Blessings.

[12/19/16]   We must admit from Harvest Miracle Centre that,we have come this far b'se of prayers and love from friends and partners like you.We have been able to handle all the major programs we planned for the last being yesterday,with the election of the National Executives for Harvest Uganda held in Mbale town.Thanks a lot for Praying with us.Blessings to you all.We love you and wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

[12/19/16]   Hello friends and partners of Harvest Miracle Centre.Amerry Christmas to you and a blessed new year 2017.

[12/17/16]   The Harvest Miracle Centre family of Uganda is headed to Mbale today for the Executive Committee election due at Maluku HMC.Pray with us as we hold one yet important even.Otherwise,receive love and appreciation from the HMC-Uganda family.In Mbale,we are located at Maluku,in Tororo,we are in HMC-Asinge and Kampala,located in Ntinda -KIgoowa along valley curve near the transformer.Welcome.

[12/16/16]   Definitely happy here at Harvest Miracle Centre to all the friends and partners for your support and prayers that have kept us moving this far. Trusting God Almighty who began a good work in us to accomplish the good work He began.Merry Christmas and a blessed new year 2017 to all of you.Love you.

[12/15/16]   Good morning friends and partners.Enjoying the blessings of God in relationship.God has just blessed us again to host our Bishop with friends from Australia.Had fun with the whole team in the evening service.Will be with them even today in the evening service which begins from 5:30 -8:00.Friends and partners are welcome to join us today.Welwishers are also welcome.See you in the evening.Love you.

[12/14/16]   Welcome to Kampala and to church.

[12/14/16]   Thanks my dear. Blessings.



Good Leaders
Revivals and Healing services.



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