Elderly care ministries

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[06/29/21]   This time of the lockdown remember the weak amongst you.say the elderly ,sick poor.thats the heart of humanity and God will bless you for your kindness.


Sharing christmas with the elderly 2019 and sharing the love of christ with orphans widows and the elderly


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Be a blessing


Be a blessing now


Found this elderly blind old woman in a very bad state staying in un finished garage with the family, blind so helpless, thanks to my Watoto Cell N 2E4D,/elderly care ministries who have stood with her in all the way plus the family in prayers and giving in resources to the betterment of this home . We helped them from unfinished garage now they are smiling in what God has done for them. Now they are in an amazing place plus her family. Praise God in all you location be a blessing to any helpless family God will always reward your generosity .#shared blessings with elderly care ministries #
Success story from ashes to beauty all the glory returns to the Lord.


Sharing Christmas with elderly , great way to have a festive season seeing the needy reached with the love of Christ.#shared blessings#


Elderly care ministries

[09/14/16]   The best way to give back to community is having relevance of this needy community .it all leaves you with priceless reward .#reach out to the elderly helpless community in society# shared blessing

[03/21/16]   Easter is around the corner celebrating the love that Christ died for us on the cross .let be a blessing to helpless elderly or families around us share a meal, clothes .
life worth living share the blessing and gifts God has given you with the people that matter that need them.
we all need a hand of help at some time that is why we need to help and be a blessing that same favor you give will at one time return to you.

[09/06/15]   All these elderly communities need is our love compassion.
Some have orphans that need help lend a hand
Others move hungry several days without people noticing be that person to reach out to them
Some are living in houses that are about to fall on them use your strength to support
Some are so sickly and need help but cannot afford be of help in your community
God will bless any increase u as u help those vulnerable community.


okay fact

Let the church say............. AMEN 🙌


Elderly care ministries

[12/13/14]   Share this christmas with an elderly helpless home christmas is all about love and giving.Be ablessing to some one this season .festive seasonal greeting and love to all the elderly communities around us.


Thanks to my watoto cell family we worked together to help this old woman in kyanja village she was in alot of pain suffering and feeling abandon by life after we reached her paided her medical bills provided house hold items like food. She feel the grt love and touch of christ.
What an amazing opportunity it is to serve in this community of the eldely.thanks to the watoto family for grasping this secret of touching community

[10/29/14]   we are life giving so as young people we should count it all joy to stand with this vulnerable community the elderly ,orphans and widows plus all needy people .
Standing with the needy community is the true nature of humanity.

[10/29/14]   we are life giving so as young people we should count it all joy to stand with this vulnerable community the elderly ,orphans and widows plus all needy people .
Standing with the needy community is the most out right religion in the site of God though acts are among the pillars of the faith Christ on earth for us


Touch these lovely people with the love of christ and u will alway be blessed as lsaiah 58:11-ffff says.be an answer in the hurting world.


Session when the elderly were praising with the St . Lawrence university team that were moved to touch them


Sharing and moment of joy for the needy they were rejoicing and happy for wat the lord had done.


Photos from Elderly care ministries's post


The another outreach to lganga to our friends the eldely blessing them to bring comfort to thier lives.we moved with ateam of loving chritian fellowship from st lawerance university. L will always be greatful to that loving team


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We trying to bring a smile on helpless elderly communities touching them with the love of Christ creating smiles to the helpless ageing. plus blessing them




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