'A Life Transforming Gift', We provide Bibles to low income communities in Uganda in there netive languages & Discipling believers to become Christ like.

The genesis of Bible Gift Aid Uganda. Seth Buundi Gichuru’s biography. (Founder of Bible Gift Aid Uganda)
Did Business Administration at Leicester College of Technology, an Administrator of Quality Discipleship Churches (Q.D.C), Chairman of the Development committee at Q.D.C, Pastor in training on the job and Founder of Bible Gift Aid Uganda. Annette Njogera. (Associate of Bible Gift Aid Uganda)
Introduction. In January 2013 we had an incredible time in an evangelistic mission field in the Ssese islands which are located in Lake Victoria, Uganda. The mission was at Kalangala the main district island of about 84 islands. The islands are known for their six major icons; fishing, tourism, witch-craft, poverty, poor health center and orphans, as you may know Lake Victoria is richly blessed with plenty of fish and therefore there is plenty to catch, however this has turned to be a curse to most of the fishermen. With their big catch they live a day at a time carelessly with a mind that they may never see tomorrow, so all their days’ income is blown on drugs, alcohol and immorality. These behaviors triggers HIV and loss of life due to poor value of life even though condoms and ARV’S are freely available. The need. While at the mission field, I noticed that most of the believers and the newly born again believers didn’t have Bibles, so I encouraged them to make a sacrifice to buy a Bible since the Bible or the word of God is priceless. Later I found out that a Bible was not hard to get but rather in what language. English Bibles are affordable, practically you can get one at $2, and now the challenge was buying Bibles in their language which will go for $14. Have this as food for thought, I am considered wealthy by the standards of living in Uganda, however $14 to me too is a big sacrifice. Therefore the conclusion to my research was that it was even a greater challenge to the poor communities to get Bibles in their own language. In my field research among some of the few of our churches, an average of 3-4 in 10 members have Bibles. Believers around the country are so desperate to have the Word in their hearts and read it for themselves. The birth. At this time I felt strongly in my spirit to help this people get Bibles in their languages and so I did, with help from my Friends. I thought that was it and was happy after 80 Bible gifts, but as we were on our last Bible gift aid mission, “so we thought” after witnessing a great demand throughout our churches in Uganda, I felt again in my spirit the Lord leading me not to stop but to officially calling it a ministry and ongoing. I talked to my colleague Pr. Anent and she confirmed it was God given and we named it, “Bible Gift Aid Uganda”. Vision.
. Acting to fulfil the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, to go and make Disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. (NLT)Mathew 28:19 and to see Uganda achieve its prophetic word, “Uganda is the next generation source of the gospel to the world”. Mission.
. To provide Bibles to low income communities in Uganda and as such will be a non-profitable project. (This will be considered national until further amendment)
. Teaching believers to become Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ rather than followers, (aided by Bible League materials)
. We will work in partnership with The Bible League Uganda. (Thank God The Bible League as partners offer us Bible at $6 per Bible)
. Bible Gift Aid Uganda will be available to all Christian fellowships that will require its services.
.We will offer the discipleship training and the beneficiary will receive a Bible, a certificate and a booklet that comes with the training therefore commitment of attendance for the Bible course will be regarded as good evidence that the Bibles will be put to the intended good use.
. We will collect testimonies where possible from the beneficiaries for the purpose of encouragement to all our partners. Procurement of ministry assets and employees. A van (not available)
Office (available at Q.D.C HQ)
Secretary (not available)
Self-sustainability plan. Partly self-sufficient ministry.
. With the procurement of the ministry van, we hope when not in use in the mission field, it can do Airport pickups to earn the ministry income for it to be partly self-sufficient ministry.
. We hope to create more income project if need be. Community Aid. The Bible Gift Aid Ministry will see to create projects that will benefit communities at the time and as God lead them and provide. Our value.
. Serve the Lord with integrity before Man and God. Mission statement: And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Jesus returns. (NLT)Philippians 1:6
Bible Gift Aid Uganda Requirements from the host:
.To draw itinerary for the program.
.To register participant of the program.
.To collect the $2 commitment fee.
. Accommodation and feeding of Bible Gift Aid Uganda Team. Partners to Bible Gift Aid Uganda. In order for Bible Gift Aid Uganda to achieve its vision, it will require your help, so as a good Steward with what the Lord has entrusted you with, serve Him diligently, let Him speak to you as He guides you and please you are welcome to contact us through our e-mail address to act on your guidance;
. Financial support partners.
. Prayer support partners.
. On the ground support partners. If you would like to be kept informed about Bible Gift Aid Uganda please contact us through our e-mail. Contacts. P.O BOX 11567, KAMPALA, (UG)
Mob: +256 (0) 777402038
E-mail: [email protected] (active)
Web: (not active yet, coming soon!)

Operating as usual


Papa was a Great man, showed humility to young and old, the first Bible Gift Aid Uganda Sponsor with 20 luganda Bibles at Q.D.C, the things he did for the ministry and community where countless. Rest in peace papa will meet in Heaven and may God comfort your family with peace and love. You will be missed.😢


Love is in the air.

Our new ad for BGAU Awareness


Our new ad for BGAU Awareness 26/03/2016




Hello, thank you for supporting us as an organisation or as friends. We are excited to announce a brand new website. Please have a look when you have a minute. Much appreciated, please share this post. HOME




DON MOEN (Praise & Worship Leader)

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." - Hebrews 10:23


Elder David lead the other Discipleship training in Kigaga, Hoima and we were blessed with over 105 trainee, blessed be the name of the Lord.


Praise the name of the Lord!! Where we see bones, God sees an army (Ezekiel 37). This mission didn't seem possible but God is always faithful as He always is. We have two Discipleship training simultaneously going on and this one has an attendance of 80 trainees, it just keeps getting better hallelujahhhhh! !!!!!!!

[08/03/15]   Brothers and sisters in Christ I need prayers, my faith is being tested hard. I have cancelled two mission due to luck of funds and even now that there is a big one coming up on 13th I don't know what to do. I want to keep the faith but I feel am struggling to keep my head up. I setup BGAU'S ITINERARY for this year by faith, Not because I had funds for the bibles and mission but because I felt Spirit lead and to be obedient to the Spirit.
I know my God will come through for me but I need you to stand with me in the Spirit fellowship. I feel like the young boys that were thrown in the fire, am in too!! I gues this is how they felt😇😇 well I will rejoice if I come out or not, Praise the Lord always! !!!

Mission 11 (M11) 27/06/2015

Another visit to the Ssese island, we had a good time at Quality discipleship church in Kalangala town.

Another visit to the Ssese island, we had a good time at Quality discipleship church in Kalangala town.

Mission 12 (M12) 27/06/2015

We left the main island Kalangala and took a boat to Buwunge island, Philadelphia Community Gospel church is a new church in the island and the only one, It is pastored by a Brazilian Lady called Elena.

We left the main island Kalangala and took a boat to Buwunge island, Philadelphia Community Gospel church is a new church in the island and the only one, It is pastored by a Brazilian Lady called Elena.

Mission 13 (M13) 27/06/2015

After our mission from Buwunge, we went back to the main island Kalangala to a place called Mabigo. Rose Nabuuma the pastor at Quality Discipleship Church Mabigo was very enthusiastic in inviting churches around and was very successful. Rose last year attended our bible course training and was reignited in the spirit and set off to plant a church in here area Mabigo.

After our mission from Buwunge, we went back to the main island Kalangala to a place called Mabigo. Rose Nabuuma the pastor at Quality Discipleship Church Mabigo was very enthusiastic in inviting churches around and was very successful. Rose last year attended our bible course training and was reignited in the spirit and set off to plant a church in here area Mabigo.

[06/13/15]   God is not only interested in our service, but also our joy and gladness of heart while serving Him. Give cheerfully, don't compromise and complain. It's will of God that while you serve Him.. rejoice. God calls us to delight before DESTINY
By Sam M Musisi.


Mission 14 (M14) so far has been the best, with over 60 trainees, thank you for your prayers.


A week ago, on the mission field


Thank you Daniel Wiels & Cindy for donating this camera to BGAU ministry. It means a lot to the ministry. Thank you Lord Jesus, I think one gets the Best encouragement when they get family support.

[04/25/15]   The upcoming missions have been made possible by Tony Perrett, your aid means alot to the recipients, thank you Tony. Am grateful to God for bring people in my life that have supported this ministry one way or the other, most especial Tony Perrett who has stood by me all the way.


Inspiration Ministries

Are the worries of life weighing you down? Remove the weight! Watch this video. If you prayed the prayer at the end of the video, please click on and let us know so we can rejoice with you.


If you would like to consider giving a gift to Bible Gift Aid Uganda campaign, please visit the link below. Thank you, your gift is life changing.





[04/05/15]   Holy Bible (NKJV) 1.3 - Mat 28:6 "He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

What would the Kingdom of our Lord be without His resurrection? He would be an ordinary prophet but Glory be to the King of kings who is risen, HE IS RISEN HALELUJAH.............AMEN!!!!!


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

God has given Him a name above EVERY other name! Jesus is the sweetest name I know...


Amen He will.



This gives me so much peace!

[03/25/15]   The inner articles of the terbanacle were made/covered with gold (Exo 25-29) & the golden lamp stand was the only light source; without its light, the gold wouldn't be visible. As Christians, we have all blessings (Ep 1:3, 2 Pe 1:3), in fact "we're fragile clay pots carrying treasure" (2 Co 4:7, Ga 5:22), but without the light which is God's word (Psa 119:105), all this treasure isn't visible. Dig into the word & light up the treasure inside. God bless

[03/23/15]   A relaxed Mind,
A peaceful Soul,
A joyful Spirit,
A health Body,
A heart full of Love.......
Are all in my prayers as I wish you a blessed day, for surely it is the day the LORD has made..


Jesse Duplantis Ministries

God didn't tell us to go up on the mountain, get spiritually crazy on it, build a camp up there and pray over it all day, every day. He said it pretty simple. Just don't doubt, believe it and say it. Your faith will move that mountain in your life. (Mark 11:23)


Love this, Amen!

[03/17/15]   Holy Bible (NKJV) 1.3 - 2Ti 2:15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

[03/17/15]   Holy Bible (NKJV) 1.3 - 1Ti 1:12 And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry,



Heaven doesn't applaud programs,doesnt grade music ,its unimpressed with buildings yet when one lost sheep is found,when a prodigal comes home the entire heaven celebrates.Lk 15:7

ITINERARY 2015 10/03/2015


I am so grateful for the far He has brought us and the success He has given us



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