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Namirembe Diocese


Need some help listing the following: 1. Parishes in Kazo Archdeaconry 2. Churches in each of the Parishes Thank you.
As a bonified christian and a son of a reveland I call upon the church to come up with a conclusive statement condemning the incident were a reknown traditionist Maama Fiina and president of the witch doctors in Uganda donates to the chruch as solidality to the body of Jesus for the demolished St Peters Church - Ndeeba. Lino Joogo lyenyini. What a mockery to the church this is to the body of christ! Lets not accept to justify that God is such in a wanting state even in such a trying moments of the church christians. My Lord the Bishop of Namirembe Diocease and Your Grace the Archibishop of the Church of Uganda we should not forget how King Saul Lost his enthronement just because he spared the juicy harvests from Amalek which God had instructed him to attack and demolish. 1Samuel 15:1-12. We demand for an the church to refute the 4 Million and instruct it to be refunded with immediate effect to Maama Fiina otherwise tetwagala Joogo. Maama Fiina tetwagala Joogo, Nkiddamu tetwagala kujoogo kanisa ya Uganda era ebuna wona maama Fiina. Our God is not that weak that a self proclaimed devil worshiper comes out to donate to it. Nze owe Matugga
Church of God..come out and castigated this syndrome in Uganda .put all leaders and stake holders at was on kept communities like kept quiet..continued talking about it on Church of speak stealthily.. Your voice is mighty..charge the government to Stop this.. it is going beyond..Government is doing it in the name of gazetted land...Buganda has done it..individuals have done it..where are we heading without any voice.. I put it on you!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Corinthians 3:17 "If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy that person; for God's temple is sacred, and you together are that temple."
I Love Namirembe diocese, Peace with you my Dear Bishop Kityo Luwalira
Anual Youth Assembly (AYA2020/6)It is organised by BSU as an offer for the Anglican Church,and specifically for Namirembe Diocese. There will be Competitions like Bible quiz,singing,and dancing. @10k,lunch inclussive. Pay to the youths office or BIBLE HOUSE,or contact your archdeacon's youth leader
Hello everyone here please check out Like the page and lets promote Christian talents together, thank you.
Hello everyone here, please check LIKE the page and lets promote christian talent together, thank you.
Still am not happy wz the MABUGO THING bekikwatako help us coz we might end up losing some believers
NDERE program launched with a tree plant at Buloba PTC
This was planted at Buloba PTC in a new programme called Namirembe Diocese Education Revival "NDERE"

Namirembe Diocese is the mother Diocese of the Anglican Church of Uganda. It covers the Political Districts of Wakiso, Kalangala & parts of Kampala City

Operating as usual

S.t John's Church of Uganda Kiwatule in Kira Parish, Gayaza Archdeaconry is under construction. We thank all Christians, friends and well wishers for their continued genuine contribution towards the completion of this wonderful temple of God. To God be the glory for the great things He has done.


Yesterday Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu- the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda was the main celebrant at the thanksgiving service of St. Mark Church of Uganda- Sekiwunga-Entebbe Archdeaconry-Namirembe Diocese. The Archbishop was assisted by Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira-the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese.The thanksgiving service begun with a guided tour on the on going construction of the new Church.

In his remarks, the Archbishop thanked the Christians and all well wishers who have contributed to the construction of the new Church. He appluded the planning and development committee of St. Mark Sekiwunga for the good accountability they have shown by standing on their promises to see the Church built in the time they planned for.

The head of laity Mrs. Kawumi thanked the Christians for the support and assured them that the Church will be complete by next year. So far the construction process has costed 1.5 Billion Uganda shillings.

[08/14/20]   Verse of the day
The Lord is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but he will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, to the third and fourth generation. Numbers 14:18.

Today morning President Museveni paid a visit at the demolished site of St. Peter's Church of Uganda in Ndeeba. He promised the Christians that the Church is going to regain the land and a new Church will be built in consultation with the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira Bishop of Namirembe.

The President also dismissed claims that the Government is behind the demolition of the Church and promised that the people responsible will face the law.

A group of Clergy led by the Archdeacon of Mengo Ven. John Gitta Kavuma and the Archdeacon of Entebbe Ven. Canon Jonathan Kisawuzi visited the demolished site of St. Peter's Church Ndeeba for prayers with the Christians of the community.
A group of other Clergy from St. Paul's Cathedral Namirembe failed to make it to the venue due to the intervention of Police. The group was meant to walk to Ndeeba while Praying and Praising the MOST HIGH. The Clergy prayed to God to take control of the situation.


Today morning, the Clergy and Lay Readers from Namirembe Diocese had planned a peaceful prayer walk from St. Paul's Cathedral Namirembe to St. Peter's Church Ndeeba as a sign of standing in solidarity with the Christian community in the world as a result of demolishion of the Church.

However, the Police led by the Kampala Metropolitan Commander Kafeero intervened and stopped the walk after a detailed discussion with the Clergy leaders. The walk was also a sign to show the commitment of the Church leaders in protecting Church property and serving God at all cost.

Yesterday, the Archbishop said that the Church will not sit back until the Government brings to book the responsible people for putting down the Church and a new one is constructed.

Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu and Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira have today morning led the house of Bishops of the Province of the Church of Uganda to visit the demolished site of St. Peter's Church in Ndeeba.

The visit was intended to stand in solidarity with the believers and in particular the Christians of St. Peter's Church. The Bishops prayed for God to take control. In his remarks, the Archbishop said the Church will not rest until a new temple of God is constructed again.

He also demanded the Government to come out and arrest the real people behind the putting down of the Church. He branded the act a terrorist attack and a war to the Church and God.

11th August 2020
Contact: Rev. Canon Captain William Ongeng, Provincial Secretary, +256 772 351 056
or [email protected]

Rev. Canon Nason Baluku Elected 3rd Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese

The Rev. Canon Nason Baluku has been elected the 3rd Bishop of the Diocese of South Rwenzori. He will be consecrated and enthroned as Bishop on 13th December 2020 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kasese. He will succeed the Rt. Rev. Jackson Nzerebende, who has been the Bishop of the Diocese since 2003.

Rev. Canon Baluku was born 15th March 1967 in in Mahango Sub-County on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains in Kasese district. He holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Management and a Bachelor of Community Leadership and Development, both from Uganda Christian University. He received a Diploma in Theology from Uganda Christian University and a Provincial Certificate in Theological Studies from Bishop Balya Theological College.

Rev. Canon Baluku was born again at the age of 12 on 13th October 1979 and was confirmed three years later in 1982 by Bishop Kamanyire. By the time he was 17 years old, he was commissioned as a Catechist, and later a Lay Reader. On 6th August 1995, he was ordained a deacon and made a priest on 28th July 1996. He was appointed as a Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral on 4th December 2005.

Rev. Canon Baluku has served in a variety of ministry positions, including a Vicar of several parishes, an Archdeacon, Diocesan Secretary, Program Director for the Bishop Masereka Christian Foundation, and PDR Coordinator in the Provincial Secretariat.

Currently, he serves as a Project Manager for the international organization Barnabas Fund. He is married to Jane Biira Baluku and God has blessed them with seven children.

The election was made by the House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda sitting at the Namirembe Guest House, Kampala, on 11th August 2020.


O Lord, i admit that I am constantly putting wealth and others before you. Material things have made me to forget you more than i even realise. I put others in pain because of my personal desires that do not glorify your name.

I use your name in ways that i should not. Father forgive me for continuously doubting your presence just be i can not see you. O Lord, my thoughts about your power are too small. Forgive me for my shortsightedness.

Isaiah 44:6; Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his redeemer, the Lord of hosts; "I am the first and the last; besides me there is no god.

I can confess that i have sinned against you so many times. Forgive me when i have not sought holiness through the power of the Holy Spirit. I truly confess and repent of my sins. God please forgive me for not looking for your guidance in everything i do. Forgive me for not being contented with what you have given me.

In Jesus name i have prayed. Amen!

Yesterday the Christian community in Uganda was shocked when St. Peter's Church in Ndeeba was put down by unknown people under the protection of the Police force.

In his statement to the country the Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira strongly condemned the act and use of gun by the powerful in Uganda to undermine God. He added that the House of God was destroyed at night but God will reveal who did it during day.

He added you can use the gun to kill the body but you cannot kill the soul and faith of the believers. Some of us may not be killed by covid-19 but by such things of protecting God's Church.

It should be noted that the Ndeeba Church case was still in court and there was no activity taking place on the land. The Church presented all its legal documents including the title of land ownership.

The Church will continue to legally fight for its land. The Bishop called for calmness among the Christians and prayed for the criminals to repent and turn to God.

This man called Dodo in this photo with the President of Uganda is believed to be the so called investor behind the putting down of St. Peter's Church of Uganda in Ndeeba.

A group of unknown people guarded by the Uganda Police and Army have demolished St. Peter's Church of Uganda in Ndeeba under Katwe II Parish- Mengo Archdeaconry. The Church was put down during the curfew hours on Sunday at around 11pm.
Shocking details emerged that electricity was Putoff in the entire area during the time of putting down the Church. The Clergy house was also heavily guarded by the Uganda Police force.
The Diocese of Namirembe strongly condemns this evil act of putting down the temple of God which has existed for over 40 years. It is rumoured that the land is to be taken over by an investor who intends to replace the house of God with an hotel.

Our prayers are with the Christians of St. Peters Church of Uganda. Psalm 50:21.


Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu –the Archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda who has been the main celebrant at the thanksgiving service held at the residence of the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese has congratulated the Kabaka of Buganda upon reaching the 27th coronation anniversary.

The Archbishop has thanked the Kabaka of Buganda for his visionary leadership that has birthed many developments in Buganda like schools, hospitals, media houses etc.
He added that the developments have employed a big number of youth in the country.

Owek. Kiwalabye Male who represented the Katikkiro of Buganda said that the Katikkiro has applauded the Church administration for working with the Buganda for the development of the country.


The Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira Bishop of Namirembe Diocese has today commissioned a hybrid solar system at Buloba Primary Teachers College in Nateete Archdeaconry.
The equipment was donated by ASTER INTEGRAL PRIVATE LIMITED. The company has also contributed 16 20 litrer jerrycans of paint towards the uplifting of the college face.

The Bishop has thanked the company for the donation towards the teachers college development and he has pledged that it will be used effectively. The solar panels installed at Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira hall as costed an estimated price of 12 millions.

Bishop Luwalira in a group photo with some of the Christian women who attended the Mariam Magdalene service at the Incarnation Chapel at Namirembe.

Namirembe Diocese has today celebrated the Mary Magdalena 2020 day in a scientific service at the Incarnation Chapel of the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese at Namirembe.
Mama Faith Luwalira who has been the preacher of the day has urged ladies to use their gifts to spread the word of the Lord as their role modal Mary Magdalena did. She added that as the world is still facing the pandemic of Covid-19, mothers should show good examples to their children and all other people at their homes.


The Church of Uganda has donated 525 bags of maize flour and 500Kgs of beans to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) towards helping people who have been affected by the corona virus lock down in the country.

The food was handed over to Anti-Corona virus National Task Team today by the Archbishop, The Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu and the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira together with the Diocesan Mission Secretary Rev. Samuel Muwonge.

We appreciate all the Schools and individuals that have contributed towards this cause. Surely, trust Jesus, this COVID-19 will come to pass.

Glory be to God!

In Memory of Bishop Misaeri Kauma 1929 - 1997

The bishops of Namirembe Diocese reside in a truly historical house. The bishop’s house was built in 1900 by an engineer Kristen Eskilden Borup who also constructed the present-day Namirembe Cathedral, and the old Mengo Hospital. The house has the early missionary architecture with a large veranda and large lush green grounds. It is on a hill which was once known as Bukesa hill, today both hills are known as Namirembe.

The house is the official residence of the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese and was the residence of Alfred Tucker Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa from 1890 until 1899 who then became the Bishop of Uganda from in 1899 until 1911. The first bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa James Hannington was murdered en route to Namirembe on the orders of King Mwanga on 29 October 1885 in Busoga, the second bishop who succeeded him Bishop Henry Perrott Parker died on route to Uganda on 26 March 1888 of malaria.

Bishop Alfred Tucker Bishop in his book “Eighteen Years in Uganda & East Africa”, Volume 1 Page 296 shows an illustration of the first bishop’s house at Namirembe. Mr. Borup in a newsletter dated November 8th, 1899 wrote that “On Namirembe I had to take in hand the finishing of a new house for the bishop and also the new C.M.S brick-built store, both in course of erection.” He hired workers and had six apprentices who helped in the building of the bishop's house and making windows shutters and doors. Both documents are accessible in Google Books.

List of bishops and the years they live in the Bishop’s house:
1. Bishop Alfred Tucker -1911
2. Bishop John Willis 1912-1934,
3. Bishop Cyril Stuart 1934-1952,
4. Bishop Leslie Brown 1953-1965,
5. Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga 1965-1975,
6. Bishop Misaeri Kauma,1976- 1994.
7. Bishop Samuel Ssekkadde 1994-2009,
8. Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira 2009 to present.

When Bishop Erica Sabiiti was elected Archbishop of Uganda in 1965 a dispute erupted between the Province of Uganda and Namirembe Diocese over the ownership of the Bishop’s House and other church properties. This was a very trying time for both the church and the state. A new house was built on an adjacent lot for the new Archbishop. The dispute ended when on January 16, 1972, a new metropolitan diocese of Kampala was carved out of Namirembe Diocese and Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga of Namirembe relinquished episcopal jurisdiction over the metropolitan area of Kampala. It was decided that this historical house should remain in Namirembe Diocese.

When Bishop Misaeri Kauma was consecrated on June 29, 1975, to be the Assistant Bishop of Namirembe Diocese. He maintained his position as the Principal of Bishop Tucker Theological College (Mukono) until the end of the year. The Kauma family moved into the Bishop’s house at Namirembe in January 1976. Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga the Bishop of Namirembe had moved into his personal house. Bishop and Mrs. Kauma moved into their retirement home on November 7, 1994, shortly before the new bishop was enthroned.

The house has undergone several renovations and additions over the years the most notable was the addition of a chapel. If the city of Kampala had a historical site preservation program this house would be listed. Let us hope that plans can be made for the preservation of this historic house for generations to come.

Prayer to heal our land
God promises to hear the cries of His people when they call on Him and deliver them.

Our Heavenly Father, right now we pray for your healing hand to be risen upon our precious nation so that you would heal those who are sick from COVID-19.

Father we know that all power belongs to you and we strongly believe u can provide a cure for coronavirus and heal our country. Father in heaven your people live in fear, panic, social distancing and isolation because of this virus.

Give us the knowledge, ability and strength to endure this very difficult time and deepen our connection with you through prayer, repentance, and fasting so that you can come to our rescue and heal our land.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

[03/23/20]   ...Our love should not be only words and talk. No, our love must be real. We must show our love by the things we do. 1John 3:18


Dear Bishops, Clergy, and all Christians

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Today, His Excellency, the President of Uganda, announced the decision of the government to close down all public religious gatherings, including churches, for 32 days effective immediately. He did this as a father who advises his children on the best way we can stay safe and healthy.

This decision will have a big impact on how we live and worship as Christians for the next few weeks, and I want to provide some additional guidance to what our President has shared. While it will be very difficult for us to not gather together, we stand with His Excellency in this decision because it will help save lives. As Christians and as the church, we value life and support all efforts to promote life. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10.10)

In my Charge I encouraged the church to develop new tools for ministry and outreach, including radio, television, and social media. I never expected the need for these new tools to come so quickly. But, here we are. A great evangelist once said, “Your setback can be a setup for our comeback.”

As I shared in last week’s pastoral letter, I want to begin by reminding you of Jesus’ command to not be anxious. In Lamentations 3.21-23, the Bible says, “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18.18)

People have asked me, “If we can’t meet for worship in church on Sundays and mid-week, how will we have church?” Yes, it will be hard to not meet together on Sundays, but we should be assured of Jesus’ words, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18.18)

1. I have already encouraged Home Cells in my Charge and they are the ideal place for Sunday worship to take place. Some cells may need to sub-divide so they are no more than 10 people. But, Sunday worship can take place with home cells in homes, observing, of course, the appropriate behaviours of not shaking hands or hugging and keeping at least one metre of distance between you and others. If you’re sick, please stay home.

2. I am calling on all husbands and fathers to step up and take responsibility for leading your families in daily home prayers and in Sunday worship. The Family is the smallest church, and every home needs its “Family Altar.”

3. Some churches have developed the capacity for online streaming of worship services. I call on you to expand that capacity for also broadcasting services without the presence of a congregation. Please also share with your diocese and the provincial office the times and online address for these broadcasts, so others can benefit.

4. We are asking all Bishops to develop “Radio Church,” and asking all radio stations to collaborate with the church under these extraordinary circumstances and provide airtime on Sunday mornings to broadcast local language worship services into every home.

5. We also encourage all Bishops to link with local TV stations for ways to broadcast a local language Sunday service through television. I want to emphasize how this situation reminds us of our great need for a church TV station, as I identified in my Charge, and I hope we will now understand the urgency for it.

6. I will be recording a daily devotion to be circulated on social media and I encourage you to access the devotion through the Church of Uganda’s page and Twitter accounts. Please use it with your family and home cells.

7. There is an African Proverb that says, “When an African sings, he prays twice.” In Italy, where communities have been locked down for several weeks already, residents in apartment buildings and nearby homes are singing together from their balconies and front doors. Please, take the initiative and be a blessing to your neighbours by singing songs of praise and worship together in our communities…but at a distance!

8. I also want to encourage Christians to reach out to one another in as many ways as possible – phone calls, text messages, social media – so we continue to encourage one another in our faith. This is especially important for the elderly and those who may be isolated. Please make sure they have the practical, emotional, and spiritual support of the Christian community.

9. Do not neglect to worship God through your tithes and offerings.

a. Bishops and Clergy should explain to their Christians how to use online banking, if available, to continue giving weekly tithes and offerings.
b. Alternatively, using Mobile Money may be another means.
c. It may be possible to pass by your local church during the week and give your offering privately.
d. If none of those are available, I urge every Christian to set aside their weekly tithes and offerings. When we do come back together again – and, we will! – we will have a big in-gathering as a Thanksgiving to God for his great faithfulness (Lam 3.21-23).

Warnings and Encouragement
We all know that there are some bad people in the world who will try to take advantage of this crisis. I’ve already heard about people posing as health officials selling or giving away face masks, but the face masks will sedate people who then get robbed and abused. Likewise, waragi is still not your friend. Stay away from it. Be careful.
Finally, I want us all to seize the spiritual opportunity that is being given to us through this crisis. The Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7.13-14, “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

I call for this season to be a season of prayer and fasting for our people and our land. When the Lord shows you areas you need to repent personally, please do it.

When we have a State of Emergency, we also need Prayers of Emergency. So, I also call on the President to declare a weekly Day of National Prayer during this season to bring us all together in repentance and faith.

Finally, don’t forget to sing about God’s faithfulness in your homes and communities. Why? Because “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3.21-23)

Yours, in Christ,

The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba

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