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Tamale moses Hudson I do Evangelism and missions I do online businesses we offer on-going support to families support vulnerable groups in rural communities.

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Mobile Uploads 24/08/2021

Mobile Uploads

EFW maintenance
20 Aug 2021 LAX-DRS
Qantas Australia "Hudson Fysh"
A380-842 F-WWSL VH-OQB MSN 015
Copyright by ©️ Sven-Hendrik Katzé
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Taste The Lemon

It has its own garage! 😱😱 More info ➡ https://bit.ly/2yEZmCV


知道 ZhiDao

Follow us – Getting to Know the Real China!


Sabahan borneographic

[email protected] ayam bukan tempat keluar taiknya. Jadi jangan kamu geli mau makan


Michael Eckert

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Happy Fired up Friday!!

Stay motivated.

If you’ve fallen off the path of bettering yourself, don’t worry we all do- just get back on and do your best.

That’s all you or anyone else can ask for.

-Eat a little healthier
-Be a little nicer
-Train a little harder

Let’s get going!! 💪

txmemes.com 28/03/2020


txmemes.com So far, 113,000 have recovered from coronavirus world-wide. Spreading positivity in this time is very important. Every day more and more people recover, as the pandemic sweeps throughout the World. Let's count our victories, not our losses. ❤️ MORE: Dads Get Together for Social Distancing Beers ...

opr.news 16/03/2020

I'm Happy To Be a Christian and l won't Allow Christianity To Be Assaulted - Donald Trump

opr.news The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has shoots the rule man of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, saying that he's not a Christian. Donald Trump offered this explanation after Pope Francis offered a few remarks with respect to the demise of Qassem Soleimani and the weig...

maxim.com 01/03/2020

SSC Unleashes 300+ MPH 2020 Tuatara Hypercar With 1,750 HP

maxim.com Richland, Washington's SSC North America debuted the first example of its Tuatara hypercar at the 2020 Philadelphia Auto Show with head-turning looks and

blackbusiness.com 27/02/2020

Black Engineer Invents Gloves That Turn Sign Language into Audible Speech

blackbusiness.com Roy Allela, a 25-year old engineer and inventor from Kenya, has found the ultimate solution to bridging the communication barrier between deaf and hearing people. He has invented the Sign-IO gloves that can translate signed hand movements to audible speech so deaf people can "talk" even to those who...

faithimg.com 26/02/2020

What really matters

faithimg.com Share and inspire one another


Robotmer Robotlu Otomasyon



Zimbabwe got talent #Mbare kumatapi


5-Minute Crafts

Natural beauty ideas to look and feel amazing. 💃 bit.ly/2Nv5otq

digitalcameraworld.com 05/02/2020

World's smallest camera is size of a grain of sand

digitalcameraworld.com OmniVision OV6948 makes it into Guinness Book of Records and will save lives in the hands of surgeons

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We Can't Wait For THIS Phone 📱

pricepony.com.my The Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 mobile is one of the best Samsung and Android smartphones Samsung fans would like to see. With Triple 38MP cameras and 8GB RAM its time for news about this beast…

tipsandcrafts.net 29/01/2020

This man recycle old Volkswagen Beetles into cute Minibikes!

tipsandcrafts.net These minibikes are so cute!



Future Champs
📹 @grandytwins_boxing
BarStarzz #barstarzz


Barack Obama

In every scene, you are my star, Michelle Obama! Happy birthday, baby!


Women's Humor


China Xinhua Sci-Tech

The latest science & technology news, in China and the world.


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Marry Christmas to all my friends


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ktvh.com 22/07/2019

Montana students take part in the Apollo Next Giant Leap Student Challenge

ktvh.com HELENA - 50 years ago Neil Armstrong took one small step for a man.


Ilham Media

Skema color menarik untuk ruang tamu🏠#IM
#IlhamMedia #Decor


Nakalama secondary school scripture union party many schools call us to pray and preach to them am free with it just call me I will

articles.aplus.com 17/06/2019

Scientists Succeed In Growing A Beating Human Heart From Stem Cells

articles.aplus.com Thousands of Americans need heart transplants each year.

upworthy.com 15/06/2019

Scientists discovered a mushroom that eats plastic, and believe it could clean our landfills.

upworthy.com What if this rare mushroom is a solution to the earth's plastic problem?

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Testimony she was going get married coz luck of  fees by grace we prayed to God
Wake up Christians
Do good to these young ones




Eastern Region Busoga Iganga Town Kaliro Rord Praise Christian Centre
Other Religious Organizations in Kampala (show all)
Pastor Tom Balaba Mugerwa Pastor Tom Balaba Mugerwa
Plot 33 Kiyimba Road Mutundwe

This page is created to network saints of God who have benefited from the ministry of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship. Watch this space for the fellowship updates.

Last Adam Tabernacle Last Adam Tabernacle

1 Chronicles 22:5, “… the house to be built for the LORD should be of great magnificence and fame and splendor in the sight of all the nations.”

JESUS Empire JESUS Empire
Nsambya Along Gaba Road
Kampala, KAMPALA

To Know, Preach and Manifest Christ. We fellowship every Sunday from [email protected] Empire Church(Railways sch hall opp sharing youth centre nsambya)

Youth for Christ Compaigners ministry Youth for Christ Compaigners ministry

We are youth from different churches, We preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ through the word and actions, We proclaim hope to the hopeless.

Twin Ministry - New Destiny Ministries Twin Ministry - New Destiny Ministries
Kampala, 256

Twin Ministry

Return Ministries International Return Ministries International
P.O.Box 30995
Kampala, 256

The Return Ministries International is a Church/Religious Organisation No. S.5914/7898 in the government of Uganda.

Spiritual Warfare Training Spiritual Warfare Training

Let Spirit God Interprete To You Your Dreamz. Most Dreams Have Spiritual Implications.

1 Old Kampala Road
Kampala, 256

UAOG (Uganda Assemblies of God) is a charity organization engaged in evangelism, church planting and discipleship, bible school training and social endeavours in and around Uganda

Saints Revival Ministries Saints Revival Ministries
Kampala, 23197 KAMAPALA

Saints Revival Ministries holds a weekly revival and deliverance fellowship,with powerful praise and worship at Mt Zion hotel Genesis hall 5-7:30pm

Streams of Life Worship Centre - Kiwanga Streams of Life Worship Centre - Kiwanga
Kiwanga - Mukono

we are a ministry started after a revelation of the Holy spirit to Pr. Yawe Saul. our back bone is the Holy Spirit. scripture: John 7:38

From Grave to Life Church From Grave to Life Church

From Grave to Life Church International is a evangelical church formed in 2011 to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to teach the Church the ways of God our Father in all countries of the world.

St.Augustine Catholic Community Makerere University - Muk St.Augustine Catholic Community Makerere University - Muk
Makerere University
Kampala, 7062

To all members of St. Augustine Catholic Community -Makerere University Kampala, Uganda. U are most welcome to the official page of our community.