SDA Church Bwaise Adventist men

SDA Church Bwaise Adventist men


Twins 🙏🙏🙏
Happy sabbath
Am A Senior Four Vaccist But As I Used To Study I Was Paid By My Aunt But Now She Is Un Able To Continue Pay Me And I Have No One To Pay Me When My Results Will Be Out Pliz Am Worried!!!
Let's continue keeping the sabbath and make it holy coz it is a sign between us and him.
God zi Gud
men of God we will recieve pr.mutwanga on 14/10/2017 at bundibugyo sda church.u are all invited
Happy sabbath bwa yise SDA
Nice Week Bwaise Advent
always be wise the catholics change bible
Sending my regards to you all and wishing you a blessed sabbath. TMI...................
Omuzira Kisa Ananga Birayo Ku Kitabu Ekyenyimba Za Krist Ani?

SDA Church Bwaise Adventist men page is a page showing men of God at work in the church,hospitals and in different communities of people.

Men's Ministry is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training God's man in Christ. What we do know - God will use the heart and life of anyone who chooses to make himself available to Him. The Bible says, "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." This is the great commission spoken by Jesus Himself. In other words, Jesus Christ is commissioning His followers to go into the entire world and reproduce believers. This is a big calling. We are a family of (men ) believers committed to reflecting Jesus' love to one another and to our communities. Although we are a church of many cultures, we are one in faith, one in spirit, and one in purpose. Mission Statement: Ministering to who are in need in Jesus' name. Our Goal is to reflect the love of Jesus by helping others. We remain committed to improve the quality of life in the community by the services we provide. We pray that God will continue to lead the way.

Mission: Our Mission The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Men Bwaise is to communicate to every person in the City of Kampala and beyond the message of God’s Biblical truth in the spirit of Divine Love and in the context of the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14:6-12, and as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; leading them to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord and to unite with His church; and to nurture believers as disciples in preparation for His soon return.

We have lost our fellow fighter Adventist man Mr. Kagoro Joshua.
We pray that God comforts the family.

Work is done. TMI accomplished at Makerere Kikoni. Thank you Adventist men SDA Church Bwaise for the great support to our mission.

Men love your wives as Christ loved the Church.
Almost coming to the colorful wedding event of this couple. Praise God.

Two couples one introduces and another one weds. Adventist men Bwaise have groomed the two comrades. Praise God

What a great moment a blessing and a wonderful day yesterday was as our fellow adv man weds at Makerere District church.!!!!!
Praise be to God.

Good evening brethren.
Back to action Adventist men in a meeting to support a fellow man for a wonderful wedding.

Planning meeting for family hundling. It was exciting with a lady facilitating

[12/04/17]   Organising a special sabbath that will be led by adv men Bwaise on 30th Dec 2017. Please dont 4get 2 plastic chairs. Call visitors too

[09/14/17]   0.6m is for cafteria

[09/14/17]   men of God we are having a wonderful campmeeting but one thing we need 0.6m not later than friday. plz come 2 our rescue by elder

[01/17/17]   This Sabbath of 21st Jan. The Sabbath will be led by men. Aiming at purchasing a100 people tent seater with chairs for God's work. Come worship with us and support. God bless you.

[01/17/17]   This Sabbath of 21st Jan. The Sabbath will be led by men. Aiming at purchasing a100 people tent seater with chairs for God's work. Come worship with us and support. God bless you.

[01/17/17]   1 Corinthians 15:22, 23.

Amid the reeling of the earth, the flash of lightning, and the roar of thunder, the voice of the Son of God calls forth the sleeping saints.... The dead shall hear that voice, and they that hear shall live. And the whole earth shall ring with the tread of the exceeding great army of every nation, kindred, tongue, and people....

[06/26/16]   Praise God, over 20 people were baptized yesterday from Men's day of visitors. More events coming get ready

[06/17/16]   Happy Sabbath children of God.

[06/07/16]   Just two weeks to the visitor's Sabbath. Men are leading this activity praise God. Be part of Adventist men as we organize this important Sabbath.

[04/19/16]   The Righteousness That God Requires
For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:20.
The righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees was of a selfish character, consisting of external forms. The righteousness which God requires is internal as well as external. The heart must be purified, else Christ cannot be enthroned there. The life must be conformed to the will of God.26
External forms cannot take the place of inward piety. The Jewish teachers exalted themselves as righteous; they called all those who differed from them accursed, and closed the gates of heaven to them, declaring that those who had not learned in their schools, were not righteous. But with all their criticisms and exactions, with all their forms and ceremonies, they were an offense to God. They looked down upon and despised the very ones precious in the sight of the Lord....
Human devices, human plans, and human counsels will be without power. Only in Christ Jesus will the church near the period of Christ’s coming be able to stand. She is required of her Redeemer to advance in piety, to have increasing zeal, understanding better as she nears the end that her own “high calling” is “of God in Christ Jesus.”
There are glorious truths to come before the people of God. Privileges and duties which they do not even suspect to be in the Bible will be laid open before the followers of Christ. As they follow on in the path of humble obedience, doing God’s will, they will know more and more of the oracles of God, and be established in right doctrines.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit will dispel human imaginings, will break down self-erected barriers, and will cause to cease the feeling that “I am holier than thou.” There will be a humble spirit with all, more faith and love; self will not be exalted.... Christ’s spirit, Christ’s example, will be exemplified in His people. We shall follow more closely the ways and works of Jesus.... The love of Jesus will pervade our hearts.

[01/29/16]   We need strong faith if we are to overcome this world. Read down here,
Goalkeeper stuns Brazil’s sporting world by refusing to play on Sabbath
Carlos Vítor da Costa Ressurreição, 30, says he wouldn’t even be playing soccer if it weren’t for God. [Photo by Jaime Costa]
Brazil's player of the year says he chooses God over his career.
January 28, 2016 | Carolina Félix, South American Division |
An up-and-coming soccer goalkeeper has stirred up a storm in Brazil’s sporting world by announcing that he would no longer play matches scheduled from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.
Carlos Vítor da Costa Ressurreição, 30, who was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church last month, told reporters about his decision a few days ago, sparking a wave of surprise, sympathy, and even anger from fans and sports commentators who struggled to understand his rationale.
The furor is in no small part linked to the fact that Ressurreição has made a number of important saves in the past year that moved his Londrina Esporte Clube up from Serie C to Serie B in the Brazilian National Championship, the main soccer league championship in the country. Ressurreição was named player of the year, resulting in a job offer from Serie A team Chapecoense that would have doubled his salary.
Ressurreição turned down the job because it wouldn’t have allowed him to observe the seventh-day Sabbath as mandated by the fourth commandment, according to the newspaper Lance!
Moreover, Ressurreição’s future is up in the air because a number of Serie B matches are held on Friday nights and Saturdays. His team has announced that it will not renew his contract when it ends in May.
But Ressurreição is clinging to his convictions, telling a news conference on Jan. 20 that he wouldn’t even be playing soccer if it weren’t for God.
A year before his baptism, he said, he spent four long months at home in Salvador, in the state of Bahia, without a signed contract with any team. During that time, his wife, Gabriela, was approached by a friend at a hair salon and offered a partnership in producing handbags. The two women subsequently created their own label and formed a business that grew quickly, Ressurreição said.
“In a short amount of time, the profit grew larger than my salary had been in the soccer club,” he said. “That was the moment that I understood that God had several possible ways to care for my family.”
After this realization, Ressurreição set aside his fears about not being able to land a soccer contract and instead began a process that he called “intimacy with God.” He started to study the Bible and pray every day.
“My faith is not based on words said by a pastor or anything like that,” he said. “I studied the Bible and came to the conclusion that I needed to grow spiritually.”
As he studied, he became convinced that his mother-in-law, Tânia Rocha, a Seventh-day Adventist, had been right when she had told him about the Sabbath 12 years earlier. He was baptized on Dec. 27.
The uncertainties that Ressurreição now faces may be as daunting as those that he had when he didn’t have a soccer contract a year ago. But he expressed calmness about the future when a reporter asked him at the news conference whether he was prepared to choose between his faith and his career.
“Without any doubt, I choose my faith,” he said. “Many others came before me, giving me this opportunity to choose.”
But he isn’t sitting around. As the clock ticks down in his current contract, he has started a Bible study group with his teammates.
“I’m at peace because my life is in the hands of God,” he said. “As long as there are teams that respect my beliefs, sports will always be an option. If not, the Lord has already shown me in the past that He will take care of me.”
Ressurreição’s stand is winning admiration from some sports commentators.
“I’m not religious, but I’m touched by Vítor’s choice,” said Ayrton Baptista Jr., a sports blogger with Globo Esporte, one of the best-known sports websites in Brazil. “Hisfaithspeaksloudly.”

[11/19/15]   It's high time we woke up. Brothers think of why we were called and don't 4get our mission. Let's plan another move. God bless you.

[04/13/15]   Now planning a big move in evangelism & outreach

[02/13/15]   Men God,Look! God has given us another chance to meet on Sabbath may we generously contribute to our cause so that many are reached to. It's our duty and a blessing. God bless you Amen

[01/27/15]   Now, a new plan for sustainability of men,s programs.
Purchasing a 100 seater tent @ 1million. Support this God's work.

Reaching out to the sick at Wakiso health center

SDA Church Bwaise Adventist men

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