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LDN is an ecumenical Christian fellowship.We pray, work ,study and serve others to uncover the light of God in all people,through new evangengelization.

What is Lumen Dei Network? Lumen Dei Network (LDN) is a christian ecumenical fellowship, whose members pray, work and serve as missioners, together and with others to change the world with the light of the gospel. Members form spiritual networks for fellowship, solidarity, mutual support personal growth and empowerment for mission. What do the words Lumen Dei Mean? LUMEN DEI means ‘light of God’

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[08/11/14]   Dear friends,

I invite you to continue searching for the Light.

Lumen Dei is for all who are searching for Light as INDIVIDUALS. Some of you searched for light in different spritual organizations, but didnt find it.

Some of you have been rejected by your church or mosque or community because you were not holy enough. Some of you got tired of rules, regulations and rituals which left you empty. You did not find the light. Now you must begin your personal search. God will be revealed to you personally as you keep gazing at the Light and practicing charity and justice. That is all.

Today let us learn how to pray using light.

The 'prayer of light' is not something new. It has been used for centuries. Light is a symbol and a metaphor for the Divine reality. The Quakers today still have a similiar from of silent prayer in the light .

This is a form of prayer without words which uses only the eyes to gaze patiently at the inner light. This gazing at the inner light is a visual prayer which stimulates a contemplative grace and a deeper union with God, or what is called theosis.

In the same way that you use your lips and voice to speak with God, you can use your eyes to 'see' God. Seeing is believing. Although God in his essence is invisible,God permits a vision in light which is truly God's presence.

This vision of the Divine was given to Moses and Elijah andJesus and Mohammed and many other great prophets. The real presence of God was beheld by them in an inner vision which sustained them in every word and action. God has not changed and still seeks to give that vision to you.


Be in a quiet place with no sound of any kind and no other person.

Sit comfortably with your back supported, but your head free.

When you have relaxed just close your eyes.

Breath in deeply and out, three times and relax

Lift up your head and with eyes still closed gaze steadily ahead.

Look carefully at everything you can see, especially the points of light.

Breath in out deeply three times.

Continue to gaze at those points of light, and begin to immerse yourself in the light you see.

Allow yourself to ''fall'' into the light as it grows stronger all around you.

You will sense some peace, love or gratitude welling up. Just say thank you. Breath in and out deeply three times again.

Take a moment to express yourself to God in only a few words, while continuing to gaze into the light with head uplifted.

You will sense the light of Holy Spirit flowing down on you and encircling you, which you should welcome with great love, devotion and humility.

The light you see is the vision of God. You will have no doubt about it and will want to return to it again and again.

Do this everyday for 15 to twenty minutes., After sometime it will come naturally to you. You will be ''praying the light'' several times a day and also at night.

Spread the Word and the Light!

So dear friends, you will become a source of great light to others.
Please give me fb feedback when you have tried the prayer.

God be with you

Enjoy peace

Fr Anthony Musaala, LD



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