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This is a Christian Organisation that aims to bring Preachers Children with a Positive attidude

Operating as usual

[04/16/17]   Jesus is alive and seated on the right hand of the father interceding for u and me. Come lets celebrate 🙌 Him coz He has defeated death and all its powers. Happy Easter my dear ones


There we go filled with hearts of serving.. God empower us and give us energy to do exceedingly our limits.. We ask you stretch us you own limits... #team Rwanda


Please pray for our Ministry trip to Rwanda with steam of 27 pastors kids... We have head off we hope God to use us in great ways...
Pr Paddy has set off with a word of prayer and you can also put us in your prayers... We love you


Forever Avenue

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[08/31/16]   10 days to the blessed to bless SPK camp. A quick reminder to all the senior PKs (SPKs) out there that the camp starts on the 12th to the 16th sept at Parental Care SS Mbarara pliz don't miss ages 15 to 26. See u all
Sorry about the first post.

[08/31/16]   10 days to the blessed to bless SPK camp. A quick reminder to all the senior PKs (SPKs) out there that the camp starts on the 12th to the 16th August at Parental Care SS Mbarara pliz don't miss ages 15 to 26. See u all

[07/20/16]   This Goes to the senoir PKs out there that the camp is from the 12th to the 16th of sept 2016 at Parental Care seconadry School Katyazo
Theme: Blessed to bless
cant wait to see you
Ages 15 to 24.
Love u

[05/04/16]   11days to the junior PK camp praying and waiting to see you all.
Love u all

[04/22/16]   Count down 23 days to the Junior PK camp are u ready can not wait to see them its their first annual camp.
Pliz parents give them an opportunity not to miss this time
From Nursery to P.1 they will be day and reqister with 1000/= ,from P.2 and upper primary they will stay and will register with 2000. Our theme is blessed to bless .
Love u and waiting on them

[04/06/16]   To all junior PKs (primary scholars) your camp is here.
From the 16th to the 19th of may at Katyazo in Mbarara every primary school PK is advised not to miss.
Reg fee is 2000.

Ministry T-shirts will also be sold at the registration desk to whoever needs it at 10,000=
We can not wait to see you contact us on
0788854157, 0706290312, 0702813092,0704585053

[01/09/16]   For the unemployed PKs prepare not to miss our lunch also on the 29th of this month pliz register with me by inboxing me, or calling me on 0788854157 u can as all Wattsup me.
Contact Ivan on 0704 585 053
Much love.
Ur prayers are soo much needed for provision and wisdom.

[01/09/16]   To all the PKs in University, college and S.6 vacists pliz join us for ur lunch slated 30th of this month at Nkokonjeru opposite the PCM offices.
U can contact us on 0788854157, 0704 585 053 to confirm that ur coming love u and can't wait to see u.


It was so great to minister to these lovely Tanzania PKs.

[12/18/15]   PK IN TANZANIA 2015

Beloved thank u for your continued prayers.

We departed on 14th with a group of 37 PKs and two drivers, we arrived on the same date although it was so expensive for us at the boarder but the lord enabled us to make it, there is no one that was left.
Thi was due to the change in government so new things were introduced.
All PKs with passports were free to go through the boarder without paying money but these were only the Nnyanzi family and one Pk.
All those without passports but with a Ugandan National ID had to pay 15000 Ugandan shillings and these were only 9 but all the rest just had students IDs and so we had to pay 20,000 Ugandan Shillings .
Which cost us 575,000 for the PKs which is $170 and 128 UK Pounds

We had two vehicles and it cost us 600,000 ($178 and in pUK pounds 133) this affected our feeding and accomodation budget.

We also had a blessing of an increase in number so we found out that we had to add on extra on feeding but all in God's glory was shown
We were welcomed well and the team in TZ was a blessing to us as well, according to the number that registered this time as attendance was higher than the first one, so we see the future in this ministry.
During our stay Isaac, Tumwine, Osbert Nimusiima, Agnes Nanteza and Isreal Mukiisa and Grace N. Nowamani plus the host pastor Balole where the main speakers
Grace our president shared about the difference between a PK and Salvation and then ushered three in the presence of The Lord (3 Backslidden PKs came back to The Lord)
And they gave testimonies about their lives which blessed us.
Brilliant shared her Testimony where by at the end of it we had one brave PK sharing her life with us this was a little girl of 9 years who told us about her life and being a victim of HIV/AIDS that also killed the parents. she was later on adopted by the Pastor who takes care of her but still the pastor sometimes finds it difficult to take care of the family coz he does not have an income generating activity.
so sometimes she misses out in her drugs and even the meals.
We had a lot of music, testimonies and games together.

We even had two hours of questions and answers and was too happy to see PKs answer wisely and Biblically.
We formed the governing committee that will help us to mobilize and keep the PK ministry moving in the whole of Tanzania these were advised not to do everything on their own but consult their parents to create peace and gain wisdom from parents to and give the better advice and any kind of support that will drive the ministry to glorify the name of God.
Another challenge was on the living standards some of them were coming to church in flip flops and even oversized old clothes some Pks from Uganda donated cloth and we also gathered some money to bless the pastors family that was always interpreting for us.
Her children were very active but they seemed not to have enough clothes coz they put on the same clothes for the three days do we blessed them.
• We were told by the every PKs about their living conditions school life and always being sent out of School.
These PKs are willing to serve God but our prayers are their most important need.
As u pray for Tanzania pliz pray for Unity and even fight the spirit of religion.

The good things we learnt, enjoyed and made new friends , learning new languages like Kiswahili although it become the problem to somethe Ugandan PKs

We left Tanzania on Thursday at 3pm and arrived at Masaka were we had our review meeting at 9pm.
We had a review and decided that much as we pray for them we need to support them this will build a strong relationship this building God's Kingdom.

Our next Plan is to help the HIV affected PKs both in Uganda and Tanzania, bless a PK with clothes, also go visit and bless The late Pr. Asaph's children at the beginning of the year.
Pliz pray for us for the provision and the wisdom.


We want to firstly apologise to all of our friends and supporters about our poor communications on this mission trip of Tanzania Bukoba..
It was just brought by poor network connection with the IT team..

We want to reach our sincere thanks to all those that have been praying for us. God bless you so so much.

We made it successfully from there and we are just back now on the road driving to kako where we are going to spend a night so that we can have a review meeting and prayer time together and plan for next year.

God bless you so much


Preachers' Kids Restoration Ministries - PKRM's cover photo


Preachers' Kids Restoration Ministries - PKRM's cover photo


Preachers' Kids Restoration Ministries - PKRM's cover photo


Preachers' Kids Restoration Ministries - PKRM's cover photo


Preachers' Kids Restoration Ministries - PKRM's cover photo


Jack fruit treat


Jack fruit treat for the pastors on their arrival at the airport today from the PKS.... Welcome back dads

[11/21/15]   To All PKs that are ready for TZ...
You are all requested to come with passport photos,letters from your parents, girls who want to come with pants please come with katenjii to cover up yourself when dressed in pants because in the TZ culture pants are not allowed but bring some for some travel issues...

Please come with passport photos and letters from your parents..

[11/02/15]   praying and wishing all P7 candidates great success and to the great achievers u have to believe in it selves love u

[10/29/15]   8 days to the come back home dinner are u praying so far 4 have . responded

[10/18/15]   This goes to all Preachers' and PKs all over. As we continue to pray for the candidates we should also continue to pray for the back slidden.
Thank you all who sent the numbers of the back slidden but to those who have not and you do have them pliz do it as soon as you can for better preparations.
I love u all and wish u a great week

[10/14/15]   Dear preachers' and PKs this is to inform and request u that if u have a Backslidden child, brother or sister pliz inbox me their number for me to contact them and invite them for our comeback home dinner slated for the 7th nov 2015. I humbly request u to pray for this coz Christ came to seek and save the lost and remember these people also have thier issues and they need to be listened to. Pliz inbox me and pray with me


Here we go PK camp in Tanzania 74 days to go.

All PKs that want to go with us are requested to pay before 20th of November and register with Ivan clean on 0704585053
For good preparation


"Don't mess with me satan I belong to Jesus."

As we are preparing for the come back dinner for our fellow backsilide PK.. 36days to go...
We need prayers so that God can provide

[09/29/15]   Apart from Abraham being the father of all believers,
Define Abraham according to Genesis 12,
As we prepare for the come back of the Backslidden PKs in the first week of Sept pliz take this journey with me and we Study the life of Abraham compared to a preachers' Life.
Love u and have a blessed week


We thank God our camp ended very well..we saw God doing great things with in this few days of the camp.
PKs have repented and come back to church,heartaches have been healed........
God used different speakers to bless us,we give him the Glory

We ended in a fun way we're prizes where given to best participants from different houses which made it fun..and at the end of it all we had two trophies given out to the first two houses.i.e Zion and Hosaia ..


The spirit of repentance is in this place...
Our brothers and sisters who have had their hearts darker because of different challenges that have faced their life's as preacher's kids but today the Lord has brought them back to his grace..
We know God's grace is so sufficient...He is the same today, tomorrow and forever He will be....

Praise God


Pastor Rob says we have to put all our trust and focus in the lord because he will not disappoint us..


Preachers' Kids Restoration Ministries - PKRM


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