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Making the better life by fight corona virus, wishing your hands with soap and water more and more
prayer:Dear God please give me healthy reason and clean heart- please let your will is my will- thank You from me as not worthy but loved by You 🥰
I would like to connect with Ugandan Christians who are living in Germany. We will be moving there. (Brothers only because I am married).
Hello members, have you identified your calling, do you want to use your calling to serve God but do not have a platform, do you want to get involved in church ministry, do you want to see the lord change your life as you serve him, do want to receive ministry training free of charge? Kindly drop a message in my inbox.
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Hello am Lydia and am humbly asking for any financial assistance to help me buy some food and also pay for my rent 0777229812 is my number. Thank you God bless you
Dear God, I know that I'm not worthy to be accepted by you. I don't deserve your gift of eternal life. I'm guilty of rebelling against you and ignoring you. I need forgiveness.
Owner-at Self Employment.

IF YOU ARE BORN-AGAIN AND LOVE UGANDA, JOIN!IF YOU AREN'T BORN-AGAIN, BUT LOVE TO KNOW MORE, JOIN! JESUS LOVES YOU!Did you know that Moses and Jesus drank and bathed water coming all the way from this blessed country Uganda?


Hello Uganda!
Something new is on the horizon. Finally, you have a chance to grow spiritually in the next few months with a little effort.
We invite you to join the 90 DAY UGANDA SCRIPTURE CHALLENGE. During this time you will be listening to the word of God in your preferred language whilst participating in daily online WhatsApp discussions with othet participants.
Please click on this link to download the app of your choice AND REGISTER!

[06/04/18]   In moments or seasons of darkness, where do you turn?

ZANNIE’s Godly inspirations

Be encouraged if you are in the middle of a dark night. The dawn is coming—either in this life or in heaven! In the meantime, don’t give up hope but keep watching for the deliverance of the Lord. He is faithful.

ZANNIE’s Godly inspirations

For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. (Psalm 86:5, ESV)

[04/29/18]   What do you do when the winds of temptation are swirling all around you? When you are weary and worn and want to quit?

ZANNIE’s Godly inspirations

Father, we are so inclined to forget who we are, where we’ve come from, and that we belong to You. Help us to remember that in Christ we are Your children—known, loved, gifted, and cared for—now and forever.

[04/04/18]   Who will you pray for, believing in faith that God will open their heart to Jesus and the Gospel message?

[03/29/18]   Jesus Christ the Lamb of God
Willingly gave up His life so that you and I
Can be free to live an abundant life... isn’t that overwhelming???

[03/27/18]   Can we see God’s love for us when we look at the cross???

[01/22/18]   God can bring times of growth out of our times of heartache.

[01/16/18]   When we ache over the challenges facing those we love, and fear the situation won’t change, we may be tempted to believe that the Lord will not act. But we should never underestimate the power of prayer

[11/20/17]   The peace of God will come to “guard [our] hearts and [our] minds in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:7). Even if we’ve had “one of those weeks,” we can have His peace.

[08/28/17]   We can let people know we care. We can treat them with courtesy and respect, though they may be testy or tiresome. We can listen with interest to their stories. And we can pray for them or with them—the most helpful and healing act of all.

[08/15/17]   Like a parent whose arms are a safe place to retreat from a scary storm or a hurt, God’s comforting presence provides safety and protection from life’s emotional storms.


You will love this too!


March/April Newsletter

[04/23/17]   When the Holy Spirit is at work in us, we may become aware of sin in our lives. Wanting to honor God, we make an effort to change. Sometimes we experience success, but at other times, we try and fail. If it seems like nothing changes, we get discouraged. We may equate failure with a lack of progress, when it’s often proof that we are in the middle of the process.

Grace to You Build A Habit You'll Never Want to Break Strength for Today, a devotional by John MacArthur, gives you a strengthening dose of God's Word every day to help you build a healthy study habit that can change your life.

[05/04/16]   Lord, You have reclaimed us, and You are remaking us. Thank You for Your love and Your care despite our self-centered and destructive ways.
Thank You for true forgiveness and unity in You.


[04/27/16]   What do you need to trust God with today?
Share with us in the comments

[04/26/16]   Father, thank You for giving us Your Son to bring us into relationship with You. Thank You for giving us the Scriptures so that we can know You better. And thank You for giving us Your Spirit to guide us into the truth of what we need to know about You and Your great love.

[02/16/16]   Inspirational Moment:
She is always at the church premises by 6am wearing some faded jeans, an old T shirt and some slippers. She always comes to clean the chapel and arrange the seats. For six years she has never missed a single Sunday coming to clean the place. On this faithful day a young man walked into the chapel while she was still cleaning. He went and sat down watching as the lady cleaned. He was impressed that a lady who looked quite good even in the old cloths and a scarf over her hair could be so dedicated to her work in church. He thought within himself that this was an unfortunate lady who probably had not gotten anyone to take care of her schooling and now she would probably be an orange seller or some petty trader struggling to make ends meet. He watched and within his heart he felt he now knew what God wanted him to do. When he had felt a compulsion to come very early to church he had not understood but now he thought he did. He went back to his car and took out two 50 thousand notes and when the lady finished her work and was about to leave he called her and commended her for her service and gave her the notes. She respectfully declined the gift but he insisted pressing it into her hands. He asked if she lived close by or if he could go drop her so she would not be late. She thanked him and told him that her car was nearby, but he did not comprehend or even try to understand what she had just said. He walked her out determined to find out all he could about this lady that God wanted him to help change her level. They walked out of the chapel with him telling her where he worked and how God had asked him to come early to church that day and how he believed God is directing him to help make a big difference in her life. He was so busy talking he had not realized they had walked directly to a car parked under some trees in the parking lot. The car made his one year old Benz look like a worn out wheel barrow. The lady opened the driver’s door stepped in and handed over her card to the man and said, “I believe God sent you here for a purpose, but I do not think it was to change my level, May be it was to change yours.” I am tempted to say it took a forklift to shut the young man's mouth and move him from the place he was glued to as the lady drove off. God had a purpose for bringing him to church that morning and that purpose was to teach him humility which he learnt well because now two people always clean the chapel when everyone fails to show up. Many times we think so highly of ourselves that where God sends us to learn we go trying to teach. We may be men created in the image of God but at one time ants shall be the professors seeking to impart knowledge to us only if we are humble enough to learn.
Stay blessed, be humble, trust and obey.I

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you
1Peter 5:6

[10/11/14]   Let us not grow weary while doing good. —Galatians 6:9

[10/09/14]   In facing life’s blessings and bruises, we can have the inner peace that God is orchestrating events according to His sovereign plan.(John 16:33).

[10/08/14]   We may think our present need is to pray “harder”, when our greater need may be to pray in faith...

Why I Don't Love My Fiance In 130 days I’m getting married, and a friend recently asked me why I love my fiancé. I wanted to share a deeper perspective on Amanda and I’s relationship, so before I answered why I love her, I h...

[01/28/14]   “Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us
with benefits, the God of our salvation.”

- Psalm 68:19


[08/16/13]   “... Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you.” Jeremiah 31:3

[08/16/13]   How we handle our tough times stays with us for a long time! When you’re tired of trying, tired of forgiving, tired of hard-headed people, how do you manage your dark days? With a bottle of pills? An hour at the bar, a day at the spa?

Creflo A. Dollar

If we pray according to the Word of God, then we are praying the will of God. It’s this type of prayer that when prayed, we can expect results every time! #prayerweek

Joel Osteen Ministries

Every dream that's in your heart, every promise that has taken root, God not only put it there, but He has every intention of bringing it to pass.

[08/14/13]   For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 NLT


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Prayer fire and Prophetic Ministries is an END-TIME Ministry to enhance, teach and raise END-TIME Army for the Lord. Prophecy is the total tool in power. We are in the end time and the Church must stand against wrong so called men of God.