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Great Wall Of Christ Ministries updated their website address.

Great Wall Of Christ Ministries updated their website address.

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The definition of enlightenment that is too hard to believe yet it is the true eternal definition of Enlightenment

The definition of enlightenment that is too hard to believe yet it is the true eternal definition of Enlightenment

Wednesday, 9th December 2020
Saint Duncan Magezi

*Psalms 1:1-3(KJV)*;Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
*2*. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.
*3*.He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.
David in this scriptures tells us a man who meditates is a man who plants this means that our meditations either in the word or worry(negative meditation) has the ability to establish us firmly in their realities.
If you are a student of the word water in the Spiritual interpretation means the mind and the forces in the mind there of; and if the psalmists says a man who meditates on the word is like a tree planted by the waters in this he was meaning a firm stability and unifying of our mortal minds into the Divine mind of God, that both minds are operative as one mind, that the mind of Christ in our Spirit is joined with our intellectual mind and meditation brings about this joining and from here we understand the oneness Jesus emphasised in john 15 about the vine tree.
The mind of the Spirit unto every believer is first to become truth than doing truth,God expects us to be so at one with truth that it becomes part and parcel of our every day schedule and experience then He promises and says everything he does will prosper, glory hallelujah..
Becoming is primary to doing.
*FURTHER STUDY*: John 15, Joshua 1:8
*THE PEARL*-Becoming is primary to doing...
I am one with God and never separate from Him at all times..

[09/13/20]   Don't limit the power of your belief through the dictates of your senses

[10/25/19]   Matthew 4:18 And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.
Vs20 And they straightway left [their] nets, and followed him.

What we as young christians who are growing in the faith and the lord dont understand is the wisdom to judge things in the understanding and from the mind of truth.For if we are not established on a rock,then we won't be able to withstand pressures from all most everything that is against the revelation of Christ in our Spirit.
We have Failed to distinguish a vision of a man from the revelation of Christ in a mans spirit.I have seen many people who start ministries and the only thing the have in a moment is the power of persuasion where a man starts to build ministry by diligently persuading men to buy his vision,as though he was starting a company,this mind in ministry doesn't apply,to business it would and to anyother thing it would apply as well.
God has not called us to persuade men, convince men to approve and to accept what He is doing or what He will be doing through us,that is not your responsibility.Jesus walks to Peter, james, and john and just tells them to follow Him.He didn't convince no body but scripture tells us that the left whatever they were doing and followed Him.Jesus didn't convince these apostles He was the son of God,the messiah; He simply inspired them to follow Him.This should be the first understanding every young minister should have,the ability to inspire, and this comes from your ability to commend yourself in the consciences of men.(2 Corinthians 4:1-).Void of this men begin to manipulate others,handling the word of God decietfully because he wants men by his own effort who will sustain and help him run the ministry and vision.
This to others, might work,but it is not the proper way of doing and starting ministries, that is why we see shepherds fighting for other shepherds flock because to them number or congregation is the vindication of their call, without it they think they have not been called.
Lives must be transformed, above all things than simply have men run your vision without transformation and the alignment of men to their God given destiny.Peter followed the master, though the Bible doesn't tell us what was running in his mind of the actual reason he followed Jesus,but what he knew was this man carries a certain substance that will align me to my Destiny besides just catching fish.You ought to know which man will usher you to your God given destiny than just being excited because a man carries a wonderful vision where you were promised good benefits out of it.
You have to inspire men,to follow you, and then transform lives this is the way we Must start building, not building by manipulations.
However much it is good to serve under a man who has a vision,I preferred mostly to serve a man who has the revelation of Christ in his Spirit.This is what jesus said builds the church that the gates of hell cant prevail over it.(Mathew 16).
A man of vision can only take you as far as his vision can go, but a man of revelation can take you as far as he still has access to the revelation of Christ.Which we know as long as he abides in the Christ,revelation won't stop,that's why paul said follow me as I follow Christ.Follow the revelation of Christ in me as paul as I also follow the revelation I recieve from Christ daily, this is the standard to which we ought to follow men.Because a man of revelation can usher you to the place of your destiny,a man of Vision without revelation will only use you to fulfill his visions.
Well are you against men having visions,absolutely not, it is good to but they must come and be set by the revelation we receive from Christ than just our excitements and zeals to do big things for the lord.
Let me end there for now.
Lovely day.
Duncan theos




Come this Thursday,it is glorious.Thank you Jesus

[12/24/18]   As we celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus,let us celebrate mostly His birth in the inside of us through the Holy Spirit.Christmas is a period to love because God demonstrated his love through sending his only son to the earth.God also demonstrated humility of the highest order by allowing to be born in menger when He was the kings of kings and Lord of lords.This day displayed to us virtues of God that we cant deny but rather desire and wish to spend our Christmas with jesus.
All we need for Christmas is you Jesus.
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR from Fellowship Endless life.
Don't forget the poor!!!


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I bless the Lord for all those who made it and accomplished the mission in masaka. The lord did mighty things through this men and women of God.Miracles and healings took place there and many souls gave their lives to Christ.Glory to God


AM Called Annointed "Unleash your calling"

Then Elisha said, “Hear the word of the Lord . Thus says the Lord : ‘Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.’ ” So an officer on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God and said, “Look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could this thing be?” And he said, “In fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat of it.”
II Kings 7:1‭-‬2 NKJV

The word of God brings life and redemption into dead situations. Through his prophets he is always talking into our situations so we can stay calm and right with him. The Lord wants us to enjoy the peace and joy that comes therein serving and loving him. We just sometimes tend to be like that servant who questioned the prophet of God and then miss out.
Learn to honor and claim the prophetic word immediately it's released and you will enjoy its fruits.
Have a blessed day

[11/28/18]   HOLY SPIRIT
It is very difficult for you to be led by the Holy Spirit and be obedient to Him, and you remain an ordinary person.Impossible.Because He desires to see what Happens to us after His impartation in our lives,and there can never be impartation without honor,submission,and respect.we hear this days a saying that what you respect,you attract,therefore if we respect the Holy Spirit,We attract His Impartation in our lives.
Most of the things The Holy Spirit does for us and in our lives are because of the glory of Jesus,His mandate is to glorify Jesus,he will do it basing on Jesus will and desire over your life.Yet also to a small extent to a few people obviously, he will do certain things to them basing on his own will,yet still bring glory to Jesus and not to Himself.That's why we also have the love of the Spirit(Romans 15) This place is the place you have cultivated a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Stop doing everything alone,that is being selfish.Do it with the Holy Spirit.


We have this treasures in earthen vessels that the Excellency of power is of God and us.(2Corinthians 4:7)
If the Excellency of the power is of your self,you may never discover the fulness of this power,but if it is of God, you shine the fragnace of the knowledge of Christ to men.
Join us every Thursday at kids park opposite umeme offices.then every sunday at naranbai primary school.Mubs for true light fellowship.see you there

[08/20/18]   Judging nothing before the time.(1 Corinthians 4:5)
Judgement only by the outside deed is still an incomplete judgement and disastrous,because behind every deed is a counsel from the heart.There are certain things we can't see,or precisely figure out because it isn't in our power to figure them out therefore our judgement should only be to ourselves or make no judgements at all for we know ourselves better than we know others.
In this church of corinth, many people had begun to make judgement on Paul,their judgement was only from that which the saw from the outside.This were praises they offered him, they saw his ministration,his knowledge,his graces and gifting and there fore began comparing him to other ministers.
I believe most of us have encountered various ministers and men of God who are graced distinctly and greatly then we begin regarding these men as not even mortals,we begin eyeing them in a different perspective,eyeing them as supermen because of those things they do in the outside.I myself was in that category I could say words like that man is close to Jesus, that man has a glorified body,that man is the deepest man in the whole world, I judged the matter always before the time.So such praises sneaked out of the mouth of the believers in the Church of corinth concerning paul regarding him to be something that he wasn't.Paul's response to them was that he was only a servant of Christ and not what the thought he was.His understanding was that such judgements were only to come from the lord.For I know nothing by myself:yet am I not hereby justified:but he that judgeth me is the lord.(1 Corinthians 4:4)
For as much as you minister to me,I don't know whatever you do in the secret,more complicated,I don't know which motives and counsels run in your heart,so for me to judge from the outside by that which I see is just an incomplete judgement or precisely a wrong one so hold your peace and be quite,leave it for God who will come to bring to light the hidden

[08/06/18]   Seeking your own heart(Numbers 15:39)
This interests me,by the way when I come to the realisation that many can think that they are seeking God,yet they are seeking their own hearts.
Have you ever sat down and meditated on seeking the heart of God,and they that seek it shall find it,they that seek it shall live.
What is actually the heart beat of God?
Do you know how it feels when God gives you his own heart to function in you?
Well am glad that I have the mind of Christ,that now that I can instruct him,well what about his heart?
There were men in the Bible who were after Gods heart,and this wasn't any of their testimony,it was the testimony of God concerning them, that's why David is called a man after God's own heart,,the lord says he has prepared Israel pastors after his own heart.There is a certain place you don't have to demand submission from someone,you don't even need to teach sermons on that,why because having the heart of God in you is having a submitted heart because the trinity submits to one another,I call it perfect submission and to really have a heart of God is to be broken by that which breaks him,and to be made by that which makes him,to hate that he hates and to love that he loves.
To think that he thinks,do you think God thinks of a car,money,no divine life to him is different from what we know,some times I just ask myself this really what does God think of?
He knows all mysteries,gold and silver are his,that is why we shouldn't be so much conscious of the blessings we have in him but conscious of that life he has also put in us as his children.
That's why there are certain things you will teach and teach and demand,but when a man doesn't have a personal relationship with God,you are wasting your time and you gonna be broken the more.Take them there and you will love the outcomes.

[07/10/18]   Proverbs 15
There is a possibility for you to carry knowledge,yet dont know how to use it.
You can have it but not use it a right,and trust a mis used knowledge is worst than ignorance.
People forget that the part in aman that is responsible for the usage of knowledge is not his heart,mind but his tongue.The application of Knowledge is in the tongue.
Mis use of knowledge is any utterance that is against what you believe or what you know.For example God's word says by his stripes you were healed,and for you you chose to acknowledge your sickness,your pain,that there is mis use of knowledge.A mans knowledge is seen and prooved by what he speaks,but his wisdom is prooved by what he does.

[06/27/18]   "... all the churches must know that iam he who searches the reins and the heart: and I will give unto everyone of you according to your works."(Revelation 2:23)
You are only going to recieve that which your heart can handle.The spirit searches the deeps things of God and revealeth unto us, while Jesus also searches our hearts so that we are rewarded for our own that we get that which we can handle from the Spirit of God.
The state of your heart is the determining factor of what you are going to recieve from God.
Dont get confused,your works are the physical manifestations of what has been in your heart.Thats why little works of the Spirit are seen in your life is because it is being a reward for what your heart bares and handles.
So where is the area you need to work on ,it is your heart.
Spiritual depth is in the heart of a man, because the larger your heart,the more you recieve from God.

[06/22/18]   Many people are trying to relate with the Holy Spirit like benny hinn did in his book good morning holy spirit.They also want to hear the Holy Spirit tell them Five more minutes,or perhaps enter a car and there friends are feeling the presence in the car hahha,not forgetting that the Holy Spirit has another way to deal with you. Darling you might be the one to tell him five more minutes please hahaha.

[06/21/18]   To love your neighbour is to see the face of God.

[06/21/18]   The Presence of the Lord
The Presence of the lord to the fallen man becomes a horror to them,it will minister terror fear to them because they are not in a relationship with him.Adam was hiding from the presence not hiding in the presence,and many of us are walking in those patterns.
In the presence,there was acquaintance with Gods voice,there was an evening breeze,what the king James says cool of the day still in the presence.
The Presence of the Lord brings rest,He says my presence shall go with thee and I shall give you rest.(Exo 34:14)
When men hear of the presence,the begin picturing the glorious attributes of God,say the picture walking in power and glory and people are all falling down, to them the presence is of that sort to them,well it isnt wrong to think like that,but that is not it,because there are manifestations God will manifest and you get scared you see but the humbling reality of the presence of God is that it brings rest to your Spirit,ministers quietness to your Spirit.That there is always the manifestation and sign that the person of God is with you.And when you minister,its from that rest and quiteness in your Spirit.

[06/12/18]   Satisfaction
This is a fulfillment of a need or desire.The pleasure obtained by such fulfillment.The source of such gratification.
Solomon says that humans are satisfied with what looks good, but God probes for what is good.Excitement to many takes the place of discernment, where the realm of taste,feel and sight takes the place of their conscience.what tastes sweet doesnt guarantee something to be edible, or what smells nice cant turn to be more poisonous than expected.In life many take such routes, routes that are sweet,relationships because to them it is the Five senses that drives them always not the Sweet voice of The Holy Spirit that talks within.
In this life,never make decisions when you are desperate, hungry and excited,because the end results are always not good




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