Testimony Ministries

Testimony Ministries


And this will always be our greatest testimony that...
JESUS DEFEATED DEATH BY LOVE and now we overcome.
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Praise God
Hi olive , r u doing church ministries, I need some help
Hi olive , r u doing church ministries, I need some help
U can join my ministry which is called youth in christ we preach the good to lost coz that wats God tells us ur blessed us join me thanks
I thank the lord for give the grace preaching to his pipo also the holy spirit for use
I thank God for my life and provision at home

Preaching the Gospel, Making Christ Known... Its a christian evangelistic ministry, our mandate it Preaching the gospel - making Christ known....to the ends of the earth.

Operating as usual


This Saturday... Join us for as we go deeper into our relationship series... FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS... 11AM-1PM @YWCA conference hall.


Testimony live prayer meeting


Testimony prayer time


Testimony Prayer time.


CeCe Winans

Thankful for the promises of God! ❤️



CeCe Winans

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD. ❤️ Psalms 122:1





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Life Ministries Christian Centre - LMCC

Great Service...



Don't be left out! Join online Friday fellowship at 7:00pm this evening: simply follow the link: https://bit.ly/TestimonyFellowshipLive

meet.google.com Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers.


Don't miss out this Friday. We will be having our live fellowship. Simply follow the link to join.


Possibilities with God

Don't overthink it, when God says it, just do it.

"And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. *Mark 10:27"

The big difference between man and God is demonstrated by the scripture above. Man has many limitations but God has none. This scripture is teaching us to go beyond our limitations and trust God to do the impossible in our life.

Afew years ago I remember going with a group of people to an orphanage in Mukono Town. The children in the orphanage were attacked by demons and every night they would scream. Many of these children were demon possessed. The leadership of the ophernage had invited us to pray for the children that they may be delivered. After the prayer session the Matron came quietly and whispered to me, "there is a boy that you haven't prayed for and I think he really needs prayer" . Full of faith I gathered some of the people I had gone with to see this young boy. What I saw shook my faith. We entered into this room, I can still remember the smell, it was almost like something had died. I then had a small angel like voice say, 'hello, my name is David, thank you for coming to see me.' I looked at him and there he was sitting on a bed with one of his legs raised. It looked twice as big as it should have been. I took a closer look and his left leg was not only swallen but also rotting. With excitement in his eyes, David said, "are you the one that has come to pray for me?", 'Yes,' I said. The matron then told me that he had an infection that caused his leg to start rotting, she said they had done everything medically possible to get rid of the infection but the doctors have now resorted to amputating his leg, otherwise the infection would spread further and possibly kill him. The more she talked the more my faith went through the window. When she was done talking, David asked me a question that rings in my mind even to this day, he said, "Papa Jacob Can God heal me?" To be honest I was totally speachless because if I said yes, then it would only mean one thing, that I would have to pray for him and he had to be healed, and if I said no, then that would mean that God is a lair, and if I said may be or am not sure, then that would totally kill his faith. I didn't know what to say or do because at this point I had lost all the little faith I had come with... (The boys leg was rotting and smelling). Without exaggeration, I honestly didn't think there was any chance his leg could be saved. It took me close to 5 mins to respond to David. Instead of giving him a direct answer, I told him, "let us pray" , and we prayed. Nothing miraculous seemed to have happened but about a week later the marton called and said every since we prayed for David the leg started getting better, the operation was canceled and David was heald... WOOOW... GOD IS GOOD.

This situation taught me one very big lesson, *Where the lord is, anything is possible*

Papa Jacob

_Divotional Edition 002_


*Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts things will start to change.*

*Eph 12:2-3* _do not be conformed to the parterns of this world, but be transformed Renewing Your Mind. Then you will be able to know what's God's will for your life is, his perfect and pleasing will._

A few years ago the lord spoke to me and said its time to get married. WOOW! wasn't that exciting. However for me the biggest question wasn't whether or not I should get married, but to whom? I had seen from people around me how your choice of a spouce could directly affect your life, either positively or negatively. So my biggest question was, *How do I know God's will regarding this?*

One day I had a dream about I lady friend of mine. (The lord had given me a word for her) So I met and told her what the lord had said to me (It had nothing to do with marriage) , just before we said bye, I thought came to me... *What if she was to be your wife?* it's amazing the power of a thought. I could go on an on about this story / Testimony and may be I should, hmmmm, but not to give you too much to read. *Today she's my wife and it all started with a thought.*

_*Your next mirracle my be a thought away*_


Powerful testimony of Patience.


Do you need someone to stand with you in prayer?

Send us your prayer request as we prayer every evening between 7:00 - 8:00pm


Hour of Prayer With Jacob Olanya


Todays hour of prayer starts at 10:00 PM


Hour of Prayer With Jacob Olanya


Hour Of Prayer - Interpreting Dreams

Today we will be talking about dreams and interpreting dreams.


Join Jacob Olanya for our Hour of Prayer everyday 7:00-8:00 PM.


Hour of Prayer With Julius Adupu

Hour of Prayer With Julius Adupu


This evening we are excited to be hosting Julius Adupu at the Hour of Prayer.

[04/12/20]   Send us your Prayer request!

We have a special session of the HOUR OF PRAYER at 7:00pm to 8:00pm to specifically pray for you!


Jesus is the everlasting king


Hour of Prayer

Hour of Prayer with Julius Adupu and Jacob Olanya


Hour of Prayer

Hour of Prayer with Mukisa Emmanuel Oruyah, Lincarol Amuge and Papa @Jacob Olanya


Testimony Ministries

Hour of Prayer


Hour of Prayer

Hour of Prayer


The hour of prayer


Join us for "The hour of Prayer" 7:00Pm - 8:00Pm Daily. You could also send in your prayer request. And we pray together!

Our Story

Testimony Ministries is about sharing the gospel of Christ Jesus and making known the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven to all persons throughout the world, changing our cities one person at a time. Our testimonies are Life changing, touching persons individually….We want the power and goodness of God to manifest in our work, finances, parenting, marriages, dating life and families. If God can do it for me, He can do it for you!

It does not matter how long one has been walking with the Lord, or seeking to find Him, the testimony of every person must change to “I am definitely not what or where I used to be – I have changed, my life has changed, my status has changed, someone’s life will be a testimony of God’s love and transformation for the glory of God!

We are about Transformation and not Conformation. Revelation 12: 11...They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;

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Hour Of Prayer - Interpreting Dreams
Hour of Prayer With Julius Adupu





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