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Last Verdict Best Ugandan Movie VJ Emmie



To ALL #Film_Publishers & #Distributors:

Uganda Federation of Movie Industry is issuing film distribution licenses. Apply & register today.

NOTE: It is illegal to distribute films without a license from the rights owners and or without a security device.

Promoting #IP, #Copyright as well as #Film_business.



NEWS from the BRANDING & COPYRIGHTING THE FILM MARKET WORKSHOP with Uganda Communications Commission

Courtesy of Bukedde TV


Mzee Bwanika

Unveiling Uganda's #FilmMarket this 1st Nov.
To start with a procession from Wandegeya to National theatre where we shall celebrate this gracious beginning.

You are all invited!
Uganda Registration Services Bureau, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Uganda Police Force, Uganda National Cultural Centre, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Uganda.


Mzee Bwanika

Core Film Producers meeting #Online Service providers in preparation for the establishment of an #OnlineMarket for Ugandan films.

So much awaits...

Uganda Registration Services Bureau
Uganda Communications Commission
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development


Mzee Bwanika

This Friday at 7pm. All roads lead to National Theatre for A Zziwa Aaron film; #TwistedMinds starring your best artists; Dianah Nabatanzi and #RobertErnest Bbumba.

Miss only if you must.


Vortex Village


Mzee Bwanika

#Film matters moved to courts of #Law.

After the vainly ended several attempts to have the film sector to order, we have finally decided and are set for court to have our grievances about the ill management of the audiovisual Collecting Society addressed.

A collecting society is established by the Ugandan Copyright laws and is a spin to streaming, managing and the prosperity of the film industry. Having it under mismanagement is disservice not only to the film industry but also the entire nation.

Uganda Registration Services Bureau
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Uganda
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
Ministry of ICT & National Guidance, Uganda
World Intellectual Property Organization
Uganda National Cultural Centre


Mzee Bwanika

a Mzee Bwanika film

The real living story about the blockers' greed!

Dare not miss out.


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Afrocinema Uganda

Stakeholders and members of Uganda Federation of Movie Industry turn up in big numbers for the UGANDA FILM INDUSTRY DIALOGUE held on 24th August 2017 at Club Obligato (Wandegeya).

The meeting was organized by #Pearlwood Film Producers Association and #Uganda Film Publishers Guild.

The major theme was to sensitise stakeholders about the #AudioVisual CMO and the benefits of operating within collective management.

We were glade to be part of this forum and shall bring you details about its full report.

Thank you.


Uganda Registration Services Bureau, World Intellectual Property Organization, Uganda Police Force, Parliament of Uganda, Uganda Communications Commission


Mzee Bwanika

ATTENTION to ALL film-makers.


Uganda Movie Producers Guild, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, Uganda Communications Commission, Wakaliwood & Ramon Film Productions Action-packed Fanpage, Wakaliwood Wakaliga Uganda, Uganda FILM CLUB, Uganda Film Actors And Actresses Foundation., Uganda Film Arena, Uganda Film & Television Institute, Uganda Federation of Movie Industry, Uganda Film Council


Mzee Bwanika


Following the arrest of a Bukedde TV icon; VJ Junior (Matovu Marysmart) and his colleague, it birthed mixed messages as the dual were arrested for inciting violence, then charge for distributing pornography, and there after charged for distributing unclassified films and infringing on other peoples copyright.

Local film makers have fallen victims as they are sought to be fighting VJs and movie translation. TRUE or FALSE; only time can prove that.

Film makers have however celebrated the government's move to enforce the laws surrounding the commercial utilisation of films in Uganda which may greatly explain why film makers are seen as fighting VJs.

The law above every other interests favors Ugandan because we are Ugandans, and serves the interest of film makers.

=>Downloaded Films

It is OK to download and watch a film. The law is clear when one intends to distribute such film for public use and or for commercial purposes.

These laws have been in place for over 10 years and amazingly, film venders, library operators & a few VJs don't want to open these pages but rather are waiting for government to put up classes and may be; educate them at their own will.

=>Real Case

Media has emotionally reported about this matter. Bukedde TV among others is fighting so much to prove the legality of VJ Junior's film business.

Reliable source have informed that Vj Juniors Production is a partner with this TV station and the fact that this TV station is highly ranked in broadcasting unclassified and copyright infringed films, it is believe that the station is using VJ Junior as a shield for their unclear broadcasts.

The licensors of media houses have deliberately looked aside as film makers works are illegally exploited at a national scale.

This explains the fact that the public has remained confused about the on going VJ Junior scandal as they fail to connect the arrest of VJ Junior with the continuous Bukedde TV broadcasts.

=>National Resistance Movement - NRM T-SHIRTS

When VJ Junior appeared on Bukedde TV in protest of Media Council 8th May Ultimatum that banned all unclassified films; he used NRM T-shirts which he supplied to some of his boys and colleagues to try and seek the attention of the president.

The boys that put on these T-shirts are FDC Youth League diehards but in a move to buy cheap popularity from the state, they were supplied with NRM T-shirts.

Upon this basis, they have moved this video to various NRM offices trying to get the attention of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Despite their various connections with senior citizens, the president has emphasized zero tolerance to impunity and this time like never before, he has identified the incompetence of his stuff.

The president is aware of the laws surrounding creative arts and more so, after his visit in the EAC, the president looks forward to legitimizing creating arts in a way of boosting the country's welfare.

_This explains the reason why attempts to see the president have still failed._


Another king facilitator of piracy was netted and taken into custody on the evening of 26th May. Over charges of inciting violence, Kaye Dennis was also behind the mobilisation to see that VJ Junior was realized.

Upon his arrest, they tried to get Junior's attention to help a colleague out of jail but all calls ended in vain as Junior claimed to have traveled out of town.

=>State House Commission of Inquiry

Reliable sources have confirmed that State House Uganda has put a Commission of Inquiry in the matters of Uganda's film industry.

It has also been realised that some members of this commission through some senior citizens are trying to align VJs and Indian/Asian pirates to poss as film makers.

This is sought to provide a platform of challenging the existing laws before the president.

=>Film makers journey

Film makers have forever a decade waited for government to enforce the laws surrounding and this time that we can see light at the end of the tunnel, media house and film practioners that deal in illegal films have ganged up to show the public that we are fighting Ugandan VJs yet its we the makers that have poor quality films.

TRUE or FALSE, the cost of pirating a film is UGX 5,000 which includes downloading the film, downloading its cover and may be use Microsoft word to insert on the name of a VJ that translated it.

The least cost of producing a Ugandan film that is being referred to a bad is; UGX 5M which may equate to 1000 pirated films.

Truth is, however bad a Ugandan made average film could be, you will hardly equate it to 1000 pirated films where the pirate employees the maximum of 3 people; inclusive of him in the process.

Film makers are at the edge of this war and the silence is authorities shall only crush Ugandan's film industry but shall sale off the birth right of the nation to turmoil.

Aspiring for a structured, prosperous and rewarding film fraternity;
For God and my Country.

Mzee Bwanika
Film Maker


Uganda Movie Producers Guild, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda Police Force and Parliament of Uganda


Mzee Bwanika


As film makers aspire to streamline, structure and enhance a rewarding film fraternity; film venders & libraries have chosen not to sell Ugandan content in protest.


The laws surrounding "Intellectual Property" (film among others) are in the best interests of creative artists (the makers) with that territory because makers are the primary beneficiaries & custodians of the creative industry. This to some may sound bitter but its the fact.

Libraries have very much depended on pirated (stolen/downloaded) films. This has made them feel insecure to engage in legitimate business on assumption that government shall tax/licence them on indications of attractive profits.

The fact about this nature of business is; its cheap to secure a film forgetting that both the practitioners and the audience are not protected.


Libraries have chosen defiance/war by not selling local content/films on assumption that this would frustrate the local makers as the approach is sought to sustain library operators in the name of "job creation".

Its upon this basis that we call upon every film maker to this cause.

The laws are very clear. One shall not sell a film; unless authorized by the owner and unless the film has been classified.

Our call to the general public & film makers; report every library that is dealing in unauthorized films to the authorities/police. A general file has been opened for all victims.
By unauthorised films, we are referring to "Unclassified copies and Copies that do not possess a security device that is recognised by the laws of Uganda."

The file is ready for such cases, just report to any near by police station.


We as makers have tried to engage these people several times but they have chosen not to understand but rather settle for even less at the cost of everybody else.

Nobody is fighting the VJs and Library operators.
They deal in stolen films and are therefore criminals by law.
"Unless they change, CHANGE will change them."

Classification of films does not in anyway affect a video joker (VJ) but rather the makers. Makers are compliant with the laws because above every other reason, its through this order that business and the general public are protected.

Illegal distribution of films shall only crush our dear nation and generations to come after.

A parent is free to show anything to their children as long as the precautions are availed.

Imagine if we were living in a nation where every school would give independent grades to their students at the national platform or where everyone was free to build and stay anywhere without cost.

Until you sit back and imagine of the consequences of such freedoms, you may never understand the relevancy of law.

Laws are not meant to destroy us, but to keep us in order.
It is ONLY a disorderly person who is afraid of the law.

Independent Film Maker



Afrocinema Uganda


Offices are NOW OPEN at:
#Namaganda Plaza
4th Floor, Room R18
Luwum Street, K'la, ug.

Visit us today, let us share more and together, let's aspire to build a profitable film market.

For more details, please contact us;
+256 414 699234
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Afrocinema Uganda


AFROCINEMA invites "Potential Regional Film Distributors" for the following regions;

-Lubaga Division

Be part of the biggest profit film network.

For more details, please contact us;
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Thank you.

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Afrocinema Uganda


Be part of an In-whole film business network today.

Subscribe with AFROCINEMA and explore the benefit of your unlimited potential.

For a transparent and rewarding business;
Afrocinema Uganda
"Your No. 1 Film Market"

For details, please contact:
+256 701 001400
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Twitter: @afro_cinema
Facebook: @afrocinemaug

Thank you.

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Afrocinema Uganda


After a series of meetings, I wish to bring to the attention of every film maker, exhibitor and distributor in Uganda as well as every association of stakeholders of the industry that the INTERIM COMMITTEE still awaits your submissions in respect to building a formidable Film Industry.

For those of you who are not convenient with traveling to Bugolobi where we hold our meetings, please submit your contributions, grievances or recommendations via;
[email protected]
Watsap number(s):

You are advised to share your work in either PDF or jpeg file formats so as to avoid any accidental alterations.

NOTE: ALL associations hoping to be part of the team to design the establishment of Umbrella Body are here by reminded to submit their written interest not later than 26th Sept 2016.
Remember to attach copies of your document(s) of incorporation and a list of your members containing their telephone contacts.

Thank you please.

Interim Committee
Umbrella Body Formation

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Mzee Bwanika

(Last Verdict)
A Mzee Bwanika Film


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KEZAALA (The Williams)
Own your copy of the newest Mzee Bwanika film

It's about family, action filled, thriller and romance; just all about what you won't miss.

NOW ON DVD and In all sale outlets.

Marketed and Distributed by
Majestic Plaza
Level 5 Room 08

KEZAALA (The Williams)
Own your copy of the newest Mzee Bwanika film

The Williams for years have had their family secrets buried and in peace, they have lived until this day when one by one begun to emerge. It's just the beginning of the very tragic tale as unlike in every family, it's going to ruin them, tear them apart into the world blazing furnace.

It's about family, action filled, thriller and romance; just all about what you won't miss.
A production of Vortex Creations in conjunction with DS Christian Film Academy.

NOW ON DVD and In all sale outlets.

Marketed and Distributed by
Majestic Plaza
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"The Williams"

"The Williams"

[04/14/15]   "The WILLIAMS"

On it's final stages and coming on DVD this April.

WATCH the space for the long AWAITED!!



Plot 1612 Nkuubi Street, Kanyanya
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Kampala, 256

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Kyebando Baptist is an evangelical Church committed to proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures.

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International Christian Chamber of Commerce Uganda Chapter. International Christian Chamber of Commerce is a global network for people in the work place

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Winning with Christ was founded by Pastor Samuel Kasanka and pastor Lemy Kuddu with the aim of winning souls for Christ and mission of Taking Kampala city on fire and lifting up broken souls.

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Praise and Worship/ Gospel music

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Kasangati 10 Miles
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AMG International-Uganda
Kampala, BOX 6414 KAMPALA

AMG Uganda believes in the authority of the word of God; AMG Uganda believes in God the Father, God the Son,God the Holy Spirit AMG Uganda believes in the incarnation of Jesus Christ in human body AMG Uganda believes in salvation by grace through faith

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Po. Box 9905

Dr.Handel Leslie is an Inspirational writer,Motivitional Speaker, Transformational Leader,bringing hope and positive upliftment to people of all walks of life.

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Salaama, Munyonyo
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we Changed to Healing gospel Church.

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pray for all people in that is a place for deliverance. and help other people who is in deep problems or you start donetcal;+256777700440 pr Samuel ddembe

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