I Know Who I Am in Christ

if u a walking in power,if u a walking in miracles , if u a walking in favour if u know or want 2 know what the bible calls u, THIS IZ YO PAGE

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[12/23/18]   Blood was everywhere, screams of help covered the atmosphere. Thick dark meticulous clouds hovered all over the skies swallowing in explosive fumes.
"Kwenda wuko," barked a skinny half-naked young lad with a big rifle.
Fear was no longer an option, it was a way of life. Women had stopped crying after a pregnant Amach was shot in the stomach as she was pleading for some rest.
The journey had so far lasted for five hours and there were no signs of where they were going. Mosh didn't know what to think because there was nothing to think anyway. The other day he was busy with the clan leaders organising his marriage ceremony and a few hours later, he watched his beloved, the girl he had dated for three years being r***d by three ugly men.
Tears could not come because there was not enough water in his body to spend recklessly.
A sudden stampede shook him back to reality. Everybody was lying down and guns were doing the singing.
"Please help me" a cracked voice of a young woman rose somehow beyond the gun noise...
Part 2
#spoiled by the war#

[12/23/18]   What can l render unto Jehova, for he has done so very much for me

[09/21/18]   Life without God is empty life

[09/17/18]   Who ever that you see successful out there, once upon a time had Nothing but just a dream
Don't give up, keep chasing your dreams.....one day you will turn your sorrows into dancing
Don't give up

[06/17/18]   God Bless You

[11/28/17]   Years ago, we were known for carrying bibles in Buveera...now we carry them in pajeros... Back in the days, we were known for our biwempe churches...now, look at the best buildings in town they are churches, best hotels now is where we hold our fellowships, we were characterized by funny and weird clothes but now go to church, the smartest people is what we are.....
Indeed our Jesus is alive....

[11/15/17]   hallelujah...

[10/07/17]   Change is happening. My friends may not see it right now, but just wait, the whole world will be shocked of what God is doing in me
I have the Holy Ghost inside of me....and he is not there for a holiday. No! He is busy polishing me and bringing out the best in.
My definition is from above not from below. I define the world. Am the boss in my world because Christ in me, the hope of glory

[09/11/17]   I am born into the marvelous light. I am a success in everything l do, l am holy, yes l am. I am a saint, l am the righteousness of God. I am the big thing happening, l am a child of a king, l live a life of victory, l live in Zion....ln the name of Jesus.

[08/30/17]   May a special blessing dawn on everyone who is in this group.
As blessing of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...
In the Mighty name of Jesus

I went to the banking hall few months ago. As I was about to enter, a man ran ahead of me and pushed me away, so he could quickly join the long queue before me.
I did not say anything.He thought l would come behind him, but I was actually not there to withdraw some cash, I had come to deposit.
So I walked to the deposit machine and I was the only one there.When I finished depositing and I was about to leave the hall, the man came from the queue and apologized for pushing me away.
With a regretting smile on the face,he said 'I am sorry please for pushing you away, I thought you were coming to this queue".
I just smiled and assured him not to worry. But since then, the lesson in this story kept coming to my mind, and I feel I should share it, for us all to learn from it.
Family, who are you "pushing away"and trying to outrun in the race for destiny, relationship, bussiness, ministry, career,etc?
Are you sure that you're going to the same 'queue' (destination)? Your path may seem the same, but your destinations are different!
How many people did you say 'sorry to' after you mistakenly pushed them aside, before you realized that, that person was not actually going to the same queue as you?
Are you reading this and you are pushing people away by slandering them, hindering their progress, blocking their promotion, spoiling their good names through lies and rumours, all in a bid to 'get there' before them.
I challenge you today, to take it easy.You might not be going to the same destination. It might surprise you later that, with all your pushing away that you're doing, they may still leave you on the 'queue' of destiny.
Finally, are you reading this and you can feel people in your office, ministry, business, etc pushing you away so that they can get ahead of you?
Don't worry, God will use your case to prove to them that, their pushing you away, does not determine your destiny, it is the Lord who does.
Please, don't push away anybody whom you might meet on the same path, because you might not be going to the same' queue' (destination).
Everyone has unique and special destiny.

Run your race.

[06/30/17]   Get a life.

Some find this word to be harsh, rude or sassy but this is actually an eye opener.It can change your life for good, if you really want it to.

Some people think that if they do not have everything they laid down on there bed and wished for, they do not have a good life.

Some think that there life starts whenever they get married or whenever they enter into a flourishing relationship.

Some people think that there life starts whenever they get a good job or ride 'swanky' cars.

Some also think that there life starts whenever they get to all there heart desires and have all the money in the world.

Having this believe means to you that if you do not have the above or more, then your life is still not in shape but is not true.

Well, i believe that your life starts the moment you recieved Christ and began to have an understanding of the purpose of your creation.It starts when you decide to understand who you are, have dreams and passion that you want to harness and make a reality by working diligently towards it.

Your life starts whenever you believe and assure yourself that you can make it and do great exploits.It starts from having a map and direction of where you want to get to in Life and who you want to be.

Your life starts whenever you wake up to reality and make long term decisions about what you really want for yourself.

It starts when you discover yourself, your passion, who you are, what drives you and understand why you act the way you do.

It starts by taking the decison to do what you really want to do for yourself and become who you really want to become without considering anybody's selfish opinion.

Learn to live this life strictly on your own terms especially when you know you are on the right path.Let nobody come into your life and tell you how to run it.

Stop sitting around or lying on a water bed and expect everything to fall in place.It a'int magic.It is hardwork.

Your life starts when something strong keeps you going.It starts when you cannot sleep because you are busy planning, writing, strategizing and seeing yourself smile knowing that you are on the right path.

Your life starts when you learn to be happy with yourself.It starts that you need no one to be completely happy with yorself and be great.It starts when you add value to the lives of people around you.

Infact, it starts whenever you decide to make it start.You must not have it all before you can say you have a good life , all you need is a good course and one beautiful reason and dream to keep you going and living.

Your life starts when you begin to get busy with your self ,work out something real good for yourself and by yourself,challange yourself,face your fears, do that which people think you normally cannot do.

Work your life out,nobody will do it for you.It is okay to dream but do not let it become just a fantasy.Keep it real.

So with this few points of mine, i hereby say to all of you this beautiful morning ..It is your life so go get it.


[06/03/17]   Who inspires you in life.
Don't let funny people do because you are the one with the remote of your life

[05/09/17]   God made you..and he did not make a failure. He made you to be a success. Believe in what God made, don't let situations if life define you. Let God's definition reign...l know who I am

[04/23/17]   Life on earth is too short to spend unhappy. Make sure you enjoy every moment. Refuse to be sad. Happiness is a choice and it is yo responsibility
......l know who l am

[04/16/17]   A beautiful and lovely Easter everyone. Remember, there is life after Easter

[03/18/17]   Nomatter what you are passing through....you are still a winner..
.don't let issues of life define who you are. Make them know who you are...

[03/05/17]   You need to start practicing what theword of God says. Dont just know it, start living. Begin by commanding rain to stop, ordering Electricity to come back, instructing sickness to leav....in the Name of Jesus. and it wont be long when you start opening blind eye, getting lame men to walk, commanding cancers to go and kicking demons...in the Name of Jesus.
The time is now. dont wait for any other moment. you have waited enough.............    

[03/02/17]   God does not show favouratism.....but your hunger for him determines to what depth that you will walk with him

[02/23/17]   What others see Impossible, on Christ we see it as " I'm possible"
Thank you Jesus

[02/03/17]   Do not give up, do not cower.....God was not lying when He said with him all things are possible..!
Cling to him and very soon those mountains will be no more
Can u say Amen!

[12/24/16]   A very merry christmass family. as tha rest of tha world is using this tym to get closer to their friends, relatives and family, make a little more step and get closer to YOUR GOD. thank him for all he haz done and all he is gonna do. tell him all yo fears, troubles and burdens, for he cares and trust me he will get you your answer. this is tha tym to kam to DADDY.

[12/20/16]   no matter what yo passing through, DONT LOSE HOPE, keep your focus on Jesus, He will turn you from Zero to Hero!!! tha rest might be blaming you, mistreating you, even judging you. be strong. keep your focus on Christ and soon enough, your sorrows will be turned into rejoicing.!!!

[12/17/16]   You may have been born poor, but you are not brought up to be poor. you may have been a parental accident but you are not a divine accident. whatever your passing through, whatever people are saying..Just stick to CHRIST. you may look a victim but very soon everyone is going to see a victor in you because the Holy spirit is making something beautiful out of you life. can u shout AMEN!!!

[08/13/15]   a friend ov mine asked mi "why a u always smiling..,dont you have problems?"
haha..I have learnt to cast all my cares to Him,for He cares for me..Am never disturbed because l entered and dwell in a place of rest
its not being braggadocious,...I know who l am

[06/28/15]   greater is He that is in me, than He that is in this world......oh thank you Lord Jesus.

[02/25/15]   I know who GOD says Iam....... it doesnot matter what others are saying..... because I know who Iam in the face of my dad

[02/04/15]   if GOD is for me, what kan be against mi....yes who kan be against mi

[11/24/14]   christ in me...........is greater....than any kasituation in my life

[10/20/14]   this is our generation...... its tym for us to shine to the world.... coz we know who we are.... a u sua that u will shine some day? do you ever feel it in yo heart?.......

[10/10/14]   L AM WHAT

[08/08/14]   the quality ov lyf dat u live dependz on the quality ov GODZ WORD in yo lyf.....coz wen u a born again, u live not according to yo senses bt according to the word ov God u feed on........sonz ov God a determined byt wat God sayz (the scriptures)bt not wat the word iz presenting to our sensez---we cannot be SHAKEN BY SITUATIONZ---coz we know who we are!....

[08/05/14]   This is a note: some ov us have been finding' a problem in posting wat God has revealed to them....I Know Who Am is a page NOT a group...Therefore it is accessed under THE PAGE section......we have been given all things...en we know it

[08/02/14]   God kols mi "ma boy" en l
kol him "Daddy" ,..,.coz l know who l Am

[06/03/14]   ......and in all things hwe prospers.....psalms 1:3,that is for you today



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