Makerere University Christian Union(MukCU)

Makerere University Christian Union(MukCU)


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Today I just need to preach to you and I hope you will get to understand God in a different dimension.
I want to begin by telling you that we who are in Christ have no condemnation for we do not walk and desire for the things of the flesh but we ought to desire the things of the spirit.
God called us to be his sons and daughters and trust me that is why he sent us his only son to die for us and set us apart from sin.
Most times we christian tend to forget the love of God and instead follow and conform to the standard of the world.That is why you see a mature Christian who is 5 years in salvation but still reasons like a baby in things pertaining the word of God.
Most servants of God are failing to grow due to some habits that are eating them up one of it being sexual immorality. Christians in the church have been in acts of formication, adultery, homosexuality, musturbation, lesbianism. All these acts are being done by the body which is fearfully and wonderfully made by God and is the temple of God.if you have committed any of the sins above and all other sin,God has given us chance to repent for we don't know the hour at which he will come to make his judgement for the word clearly states he will come as a thief that day .
When it comes to worship ,give God your very best and worship him in truth and spirit. Another thing to known invest in prayer and read the word for our spiritual bodies to grow just like we eat food for our physical bodies to grow.
If you want things to Change in your life do the following:
2.Read the word.
4.Give cheerfully and rewards you abundantly.
I have one question to you,"have you given your life to Christ meaning are you born again?".
If you are born again it is good.
In case you are not born again it is time to confess him as your personal lord and saviour. I will give you a Bible reading in the book of john 3:1-35.
Confess by saying this prayer:
Our loving father in heaven, I thank you for this is the day you have called my name to come to you, forgive me all my sins I have committed and put off my old man and make me a new being who abideth by your law.Remove my name from the book of the dead and write it in the book of life. My loving father in heaven I confess by my mouth that I am saved and I will always live glorify your name.
Thank you God, Thank you father.
I am glad you have chosen a path of righteousness and always serve the lord.
It has been good sharing with you the word the spirit of God inspired me to tell you.Be blessed.
I remain Emmanuel.
The love of Jesus Christ is the most important decision u will make in ur lyf,love Jesus more than yours self
The love of Jesus Christ is an important decision u will make in ur lyf,love Jesus more than ur self
Am Happy To In This Group

MUKCU-OFFICIAL PAGE:We are a Christian based fellowship, preaching Christ and minister God's love on campus

Operating as usual


Here we bring it again...MUSIC GALA 2013. You dont have to miss this if you did last year


This is the event that you ought not to miss

[06/06/12]   friends check out for the mission Album its now on

[06/06/12]   To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you but merely opening your hands to receive something better. So the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you. I prophecy something good will happen to you today. Something that you have been waiting to hear. The favour of God is coming to you like a flood in the days of Noah, and now you g*t to stand up and speak some thing positive to your life this day...its not too late my brother my sister. The hand of God is on the!

God our Father, walk through our houses take away all our worries and illnesses. Please watch over us and heal our family. All that we need is in you....our hope, joy confidence, peace, promotions, Oh my God.....Help us focus on you and not that around us, in Jesus name, Amen.

[06/05/12]   Thanx for the mission around campus...alot of miracles were experience and we give glory to God...reports will be published later in time

[06/05/12]   Nice recess people of God, Nice internship however is going to do it, and nice holiday to the rest. Keep God at heart. He cares about you to the extent of Matt 18:10, 14


Makerere University Christian Union(MukCU)'s cover photo


Makerere University Christian Union(MukCU)'s cover photo

[04/12/12]   University night is on once again. People of God, purpose to be there. I promise its gonna be powerful. See u there. GBU

[01/18/12]   congratulation to all graduates of Makerere University. we are proud of you and wish u the best in the field

[09/28/11]   All of you who have been praying for campus..thanx a lot and God richly bless we are here to keep running. Interversity is on in MUBS this Friday

[08/03/11]   Our planning retreat is on from tuesday (9th) to friday (12th) august. Every papa and mama, any any committee memmbers of all the fellowships have to attend for the proper planing of the sem 1 programs. We will be gratefull to have you there

[06/20/11]   We still have recess fellowships every friday and sunday ([email protected] Francis) This is wat you cnt miss. Come see 4yo self

[06/12/11]   Bros & Sisters, wish you a nyc holiday and recess bt dnt 4get to be stronger in the lord &in the power his might

[03/05/11]   Yap gentlemen, we thank you for launching MEN WITH GOD(MWG),on thursday 3rd. we will inform you whats on going

[02/28/11]   we are launching the MEN WITH GOD (MWG) Ministries on 3rd march 2011 form 5.30pm at St. Francis chapel. You are all most welcome. We will have Wilson Bugembe, sami K, Coopy bly. The guest speaker will be Apostle Alex Mitala. All MEN say Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Old committee 2010/2011 28/02/2011

Old committee 2010/2011

[01/20/11]   There's love that came for us, humbled to a sinner's cross, broke our shame and sinfulness, rose again victorious.

[01/18/11]   On that day, God will ask two questions: What did you do with my Son Jesus Christ? What did you do with what I gave you?

[01/17/11]   Great thanx to all the mission teams that executed mission all around the country last year. We are proud of you.

[01/17/11]   Am proud to be part of the Christian Union of Makerere University

[11/15/10]   Thanx to Papa Grace(MDD), Racheal(Mama MDD), Brian(Papa EASLIS fellowship), Racheal (Baskon), Jane(Mama Baskon), Edward(Papa Mish fellowhip), Tendo, Barbara, Julian for the amazing Christian Union Song, the song of the season.
"Waliwo esuubi mu Kantonda
Eli abanna ba Uganda
Omulilo! gwo ne wegubumbuja
Mwatu lugyakukya
ngoluyimba lukyuse...."
This is balystic. You need to get a copy for your self.

[11/08/10]   Thanx to every one who came for the Muk CU music gala on Sunday. This was a day no one can forget in thier life time. May God richly bless you. We are plannig more Godly enhancements for the Kingdom of God

[10/09/10]   What is the significance of independence? Let us make sure our lives are totally free from the things that entangle us. Refuse foreighn rule from the Devil in Jesus'

[10/08/10]   Did you know that our children suffer when we turn away from the Lord? Every man is responsible for his own sin. God blesses generation after generation because of what we do now. Finding hard time? pray to God so that curse is broken.

[10/06/10]   We are just begining this page & hoping 2 have the best with you in the name of Jesus. We really love & care about yo.



Makerere, St Francis

General information

God's saving grace is abundant to reach to every soul on campus
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