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God should never be an opinion amongst other opinions but the foundation on which all is Built.

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(Acts 17:24-28)
The God who made the world and everything in it, who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by human hands, nor is he served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives life and breath and everything to everyone.

From one man he made every nation of the human race to inhabit the entire earth, determining their set times and the fixed limits of the places where they would live, so that they would search for God and perhaps grope around for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.

For in him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we too are his offspring.’

We need a mind shift to embrace the fullness of our life in God.

Enough said...

What keeps drawing us back to Egypt?

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What's our expectation as we follow God? What do we hope to achieve??

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When we always put personal benefits first we will miss many oportunities

[03/28/19]   We have something that's better than soap and automobiles...

We have Eternal Life

[03/15/19]   Many people know God. But not as LORD.

[03/10/19]   What would be left of most Christians’ prayer lives if all the repenting for sin, asking for things, and intercession were subtracted?

Adam and Eve prayed for none of those things! They had nobody to intercede for, no demons to cast out, and no kingdoms to tear down. They had no clothes, food, houses, or even jobs to believe for—no petitions at all—but yet they met with God every evening in the cool of the day and communed with Him. Their conversations with God had nothing in them concerning sin, lack, need, problems, repenting, begging, or pleading. Yet they prayed—communed with God—every single day!

So what exactly is my definition of prayer?

Vision creates hope...

Sinach- Great Are You Lord Lyrics

God your greatness is on my mind this morning..

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For God and my Country...

Happy new month!

Today, let us take time and thank God for bringing us this far.
* For life, health and strength.
* For everything/ every situation that we have been through or are going through.
* For answered prayer and answers we are awaiting for.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for watching over us for the past three quarters of 2018.
As we start a new month,October, and the last quarter of 2018:
May we hear Your voice more clearly.
May we know Your heart more deeply.
May we rest in Your love more fully.
May we trust in Your care more completely.
May we walk in Your path more peacefully.
May we know Your presence more intimately.
May we be blessed with Your goodness more abundantly.
In Jesus name. Amen

[09/29/18]   Deliver those that are drawn toward death, hold back those that are stumbling to the slaughter;
Proverbs 24:11

Then we ask.... Are we our brothers keepers???

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Have our trials and tribulations worked in us to take us to the place God wants us to be??

Trusting God... #BrockenVessels

Exodus 33:14
And He said, 'My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.'

- Our Lord wants to personally accompany us on the journey of life.
- On our way we don't need to battle on, on our own.
- He sayz I (the Lord) will personally go with you, and I will give you rest from all your troubles and cares.
- The re-assurance is that with Him everything will work in your favor b'se He's with you.

*Lord, I receive this re-assurance in my heart today. I will be confident knowing that You are with me always. Help me to always be aware of your constant presence in my life. Spirit lead me into the life you want for me. Amen.*

Ships don’t sink because there’s water all around them, they sink when they let the water get in them.

You may have all kinds of negative circumstances around you. Here’s the key: don’t let that get in you. Rule your heart. You can’t rule the traffic, the weather, a Jealousy from someone, a hater, a grouchy boss, a neighbor that’s annoying, but you can rule your own heart and guard what you allow to get in.

Have a pleasant Day.

We are not alone...

The Lord is my shepherd. The Lord is my shield. He is my stronghold.

Set Your Mind Higher
"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."
(Colossians 3:2, NIV)

Sometimes when people look toward the future, they don't see how they will ever rise higher or fulfill their destiny. That's because they are looking at things in the earthly, natural realm. But if we'll set our minds higher, if we'll set our minds on things above, we will have a different perspective.

We walk by faith and not by sight. In other words, we have to believe it before we're ever going to see it. If we walk only by what we see in the natural realm, we can easily allow circumstances and fear to keep us from moving forward. But when we set our minds higher, we are walking by faith, and we can see things God's way.

Make the decision to set your mind on things above. Focus on the good things God has in store. Be determined to close the door on fear and doubt and choose to listen to that inner prompting of the Holy Spirit. Walk and live by faith and set your mind on higher things!

A Prayer for Today

"Father, thank You for Your Word which lights the path You have for me. I choose to keep my heart and mind focused on You. I choose to meditate on Your Word knowing that it feeds my faith and sets me in a position to receive every blessing You have in store for me in Jesus' name.

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We need God even at work.

Teach me how to trust your intentions for me Lord...

Hold on till it's done...

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Have you had some tough times??
“And after this it came to pass that David smote the Philistines, and subdued them…”
2 Samuel 8:1, KJV

Your life is not over because you had a setback. God has an “after this” in your future. He has another victory planned. He wants to take you further than you ever dreamed possible! When you go through tough times, don’t be surprised if the enemy whispers in your ear, “You’ll never be as happy as you used to be. You’ve seen your best days. This setback is the end of you.” No, let that go in one ear and out the other. God is saying to you, “After the bad break, after the disappointment, after the pain, there is still a full life.” Know today that you have not danced your best dance. You have not laughed your best laugh. You have not dreamed your best dream. If you will stay in faith and not get bitter, God has an “after this” in your future. He’s not only going to bring you out, He is going to bring you out better than you were before!

Father, thank You for victory in store for my future. Thank you that “after this,” I’m rising higher. I’m coming out stronger. I’m more prepared for my future. I’m better equipped and empowered to fulfill the destiny You have prepared for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.
God bless you

[07/13/18]   You can't make your plans God's plan.
It has to be His purpose for it to be His plan.
His plan is meant for His purpose.

When people find their area of anointing and stay with it, not trying to be someone they're not, they become effective in whatever they are doing for God.

#royalsites for His glory. #alignment

He empowers me to do more than i can imagine....

Why do we sometimes hold back??

A song by one of my brothers.. @samuel Philips

(Song for the prodigals)

Today I am releasing a double single with the theme: "The Intersection".

The Intersection is not an album title, it is a concept that helps explain the spiritual "ah hah!" moment that happens when God meets us at a two-way junction, where we are at a loss of who we really are or who we were called to be. It's the place of divine realization that brings us from that lie which we have struggled to uphold to the truth that the Spirit suddenly pops into our face.

See this example:
Genesis 27:22 NKJV
"So Jacob went near to Isaac his father, and he felt him and said, “The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau.”

The story of Jacob and Esau is a beautiful picture of a divine intersection. Isaac wanted to bless Esau as his first son, but Jacob (the possessor of the birthright) was presented with the workings of the Spirit through his mother Rebecca, and an interesting intersection was revealed. Isaac felt the son kneeling before him and said, 'your voice is that of Jacob but your hands are those of Esau.' Meaning that in that instance, Jacob found himself at a two-way junction where what was coming out from him was of Jacob who God loves but what he found his hands doing was that of Esau whom God hates. However, the blessing that would 'interfere' in the narrative of Jacob and Esau, activated the third side of the story... Israel. The one who allowed GOD to prevail in him.

So with these songs, I speak to those who are the sons of the King but who are confused about their identities in God. With their mouths they proclaim that in their Father's house, even the servants have enough to spare, but right in their hands is the food meant for pigs. The intersection of the mouth of Jacob and the hands of Esau. But no more, for in this hour you are called to be the Israel of God, from a prodigal to a crowned prince unto God.

Follow the links below to listen, download and share as you're led to. God bless you.

To listen and download the audios from soundcloud, please use:

While to view lyrics video on my youtube channel, please use:

Understand your value....

("Borrowed Post..)

I have to admit, I always wondered what this part of Psalm 23 meant. I thought “He anoints my head with oil” was figurative language for God keeping the Psalmist healthy. I never knew this parallel.

Anoint my head with oil

“Sheep can get their head caught in briers and die trying to get untangled. There are horrid little flies that like to torment sheep by laying eggs in their nostrils which turn into worms and drive the sheep to beat their head against a rock, sometimes to death. Their ears and eyes are also susceptible to tormenting insects. So the shepherd anoints their whole head with oil. Then there is peace. That oil forms a barrier of protection against the evil that tries to destroy the sheep. Do you have times of mental torment? Do the worrisome thoughts invade your mind over and over? Do you beat your head against a wall trying to stop them? Have you ever asked God to anoint your head with oil? He has an endless supply! His oil protects and makes it possible for you to fix your heart, mind, and eyes on Him today and always! There is peace in the valley! May our good good Father anoint your head with oil today so that your cup overflows with blessings! God is good and He is faithful!!”

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Focus on the Vision and the joy of its completion.... #inspirations #chooseLife

God is with us everywhere we are.. OMNI present, Yes. Monday to Monday... As much in church as in the #marketplace.

Are we #royalsites for Him reflecting his glory at our placez of work during the week?

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