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Shalom mtumishi wa Mungu.. Habari za siku nyingi,pole na kazi ya Mungu.Nimekukumbuka Sana.,,Karibu Tena kwetu Tanzania
Blessings on you twin brothers
Touch not d annointed & do my Prophet no harm! At thy own risk, oh evil one, thou shall stuburnly 'try' His annointed. .
God Is in Full Control – Then and Now

On that specific day specific things begin to happen. It was as if there were gigantic underwater earthquakes. The earth began to break up or cleave open, causing immense tidal waves and flooding. The flood gates of heaven were opened.

We are in Genesis Chapter 7 verses 11 and 12.

We saw back in Chapter 1 verses 6 and 7, that there was this water vapour canopy surrounding the earth - protecting it - keeping its climate uniformly mild - and keeping out any dangerous radiation. This water vapour canopy collapsed and the earth was deluged or inundated – it was cataclysmic!
This is one reason why man no longer lived for such a long time. The increasing radiation began to reduce the lifespan, right down to 70.

There is one other place in the Bible where the "floodgates of heaven" is used - only one. Malachi Chapter 3 verses 6 to 10. The generosity of our giving influences the way Jesus blesses us. That is a principle of GOD. Now these people reading the prophecy of Malachi knew what was meant by the phrase “the floodgates of heaven”.

Back in Genesis Chapter 7, we read of the hand of God being in control over this family, and God is in full control of the whole situation – verses 13 to 16.

In these verses, there is another underlining of the power of God - and when He says He is going to do something, He does it right on schedule. "And the LORD SHUT HIM IN."

We do not know how - but we do know this - Noah and his family are shut in and sealed, and safe and secure. There is a degree of finality about this - those being saved are cut off from the outside world. They are safe from the physical storm - AND from the wrath and judgement of God. When God shuts the door no man can open it, and when God opens the door, no man can shut it. The door of the ARK - the floodgates of heaven - it applies to both.

Everybody and everything was drowned and wiped out –verses 17 to 23 make that very clear.

There is no description of the horror - just this record of the facts. In the ARK there was that window high up - facing upwards - not even Noah and his family would see the suffering. God takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked.

There are those who say that there was a Flood but it was only localised - and not universal.

In Genesis Chapters 6 to 9 there are some 30 references to the universality of the Flood. It was total - global.

This is when the fossils were fossilised. For an animal or plant to be fossilised - it requires something sudden and dramatic.
Charles Darwin said that the weakness of his theory would be shown by the fossil record. He was right in that. There are fossils of animals giving birth. Now that does not happen over millions of years - that happens in a few moments - and on the day of The Flood animals were giving birth, as this universal upheaval erupted.

If it was localised - if it was only a local Flood - then migration would have been simpler than an ARK. Noah - move to another area - and I will bring the animals to you there in that secret place. The birds would just have flown to a tree further away!

If the Flood was not universal covering the whole earth, then the very promises of God become suspect – Chapter 8 verse 21, and Chapter 9 verses 11 and 15.

Jesus Christ had no problem with the Genesis record. We need to keep remembering that. Jesus never had a problem with this book. Luke Chapter 17 verses 26 and 27. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when I return. Violence - corruption - immorality - increasing occult activity - and a few people who are shut in with GOD!

Remain in the Ark. Take GOD at His Word. Get ready by believing in Jesus and by obeying whatever Jesus asks you to do - no matter how others might regard it as peculiar or old fashioned. We are preparing for the future.

“Gracious heavenly Father, in a day when many are questioning and doubting Your Word, help us to remain loyal and true and faithful. I need to know this day that You are in full control. Enable us to see the significance of this passage when many find it hard and challenging. Help us to share its truth graciously, in Jesus Name. Amen”

(This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be found at in the 'Archives' section - warmest greetings in Christ Jesus.)
Mulongo kato Pr where is God keeping u dese days jackie nalongo lganga

Twin Ministry An International Based Ministry by the Twins (Godfrey Waswa and Stephen Kato) from Uganda, East Africa. Spreading the Message of God's New Desitny to all that are Weary.

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[09/17/17]   Still In Nigeria God is doing great things


Twin Ministry - New Destiny Ministries


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[08/11/14]   Positive thinking is a Highway to Success. Don't allow your challenges to influence the way you think. Remain Positive, and go though those challenges. God allows us to go through challenges to test our Trust in Him. You are destined to succeed. Remain Positive.

[04/08/14]   Life will always get better when you get to identify the person Holding the keys to your destiny. God will always bring a person who has more experience to direct you. A mentor. Remember, its your Mentor that determines your Mentality.


Twin Ministry - New Destiny Ministries

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[10/30/13]   Dont let Your Past and your Present stuations limit you from the plans that God has for you in the Future. His word is True Isa: 43:18-19.......behold I'm gonna do a new thing. That's for you!!!!

[07/19/13]   Great people always go through great things to become great. Dont worry about the great challenges you are facing in your life, the will leave you more stronger than the way they found you.

[03/29/13]   Two are better than One, the bible says so. God will always send some one in your life to usher you into the destiny He has for you. Learn to treasure the people that comes into your way in life. And remember not all!!!! I have prayed for you to have the Spirit Of discernment and you will never miss you season.

[03/07/13]   We are having an obligation of reaching all the Towns of Uganda with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ this year. Please our friends and partners pray with us coz we need a tent that sits a capacity of at least 2000 people.


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[01/14/13]   Great is thy faithfulness oh God

[01/14/13]   Great is thy faithfulness oh God

[01/14/13]   Great is thy faithfulness oh god

[09/11/12]   Greatness becomes a Must when you believe on Jesus Christ. The word of God becomes alive in you and you cant afford to remain the same. Make up your mind now before its too late for you.


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[02/01/12]   You are not a failure as long as you keep trying. Dont give up!!


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[10/10/11]   We are on at Kahama - Tanzania

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And the Power was Present to Heal and Deliver all who Listened to the Message

And the Power was Present to Heal and Deliver all who Listened to the Message 01/10/2011

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Introducing ... Twin Ministry a trademark of New Destiny Ministries. Isaiah 43:18-19 Child of God, Partner and Friend, Its a great opportunity to come to you by way of website. We thank God for His Goodness and Grace that he has availed to us so that we can Stand to be counted among...

[10/01/11]   Come unto Me, all who are weary and i will give you Rest... Matthew 11:28-30



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