Glory for Education Primary School

Glory for Education Primary School, A School which is based on the truth of God.It caters mostly for the unprevalaged children. Situated in a secvure place

it's a primary school in secure place with the best environment. it's a school with Christian values.


Please don't sleep or go to bed without reading this special message, trust me you will be helped and your life will change for better.
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demon and sometimes get pregnanted by a
Have you ever wondered how you see
yourself with children or breastfeeding a
baby in dreams when physically you have
non? Those who are married its had to have affection to their partner.
That's the demon or demons you gave birth
to. One Sunday during the One on One section,
a very intelligent man came to me to
complain that he had an accident in 2014
and lost his car, he nearly lost his life but
God saved him.
From 2014 he had been applying to get
money from the government an "accident
grant" but the money was not given to him.
Each time he goes to claim his money he
would be told to come today, come
tomorrow and this money is over a million
As I was praying for him, God revealed to
me that he had donated all his fortune to
the demons, he masturbate 4 to 5 times a
When I asked him he agreed and asked me
to deliver him, I prayed for him and told him
that tonight, you will have a dream, a
woman will come to make love to you, catch
her and pull out a ring from her, that will be
the end of your problems.
3days later he had a dream, his former
classmate came to make love to him, he
caught her, pulled out a ring from her finger
and woke up immediately.
And began to thank God ,around 13:40 hrs the money which where held for along time was released.
That is the God I know ,the God of War, The God of miracles.
Many of you would have been so rich now
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It's never too late:
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I say out
Ouuuuuuut .
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Glory for Education Primary School

Thank you all our friends who liked our page. May the Lord reward you.

Glory for Education Primary School, A School which is based on the truth of God.It caters mostly for the unprevalaged children. Situated in a secvure place free from air pollution and the noise.

Glory for education compound

[07/25/15]   Enodu house emeged winner ov interhouse music competitions.

[05/20/15]   We all love you our friends. On Sunday 24th this week, we have a meeting for the OBs and OGs at school campus. God bless you.

Glory for Education Primary School's cover photo

Glory for Education Primary School

[03/10/15]   The cultural day has been wonderful

[02/14/15]   Thank God,the term opened well n new comers have joined

[11/21/14]   The term has been long,a lot of ups and downs, hills to climb and valleys walk over it bt we thank God who is bringing us to an end. P.7 and S.4s finished their exams and the rest of the classes are also finishing theirs this week too.
Primary held their inter house music competitions and Kilimanjaro won it and slaughtered a goat.
So we are planning to celebrate 16 yrs of existence in July next year. You are all invited. OBz and OGz pliz start participating!!!

[09/06/14]   Its been a long road from our humble beginnings in Wattuba back in 1999 to setting up school in Wattuba Wakiso , Uganda to where we are today.

We would like to thank our loyal clients, friends and family who have been supporting us for 15 years for having achieved all that we have

In attaining this milestone we have something special planned for our clients and will be sharing the details soon.

Enjoy your weekend and stay blessed !!

[01/05/14]   Today we have started on roofing our six classroom block as we are preparing to begin the term. Please pray for us so that we get providence. We need only 9700000/-for now. Any assistance is highly welcome.
Contact No 0772349623.

[11/09/13]   To recognize that bringing education to all children and empowering them for lifelong learning is an important foundation for human development and is best done by the noble and the wise. It is something that can be achieved when teachers and children are given the right tools to lead change. Can you start now!! Glory for education is awaiting for your contribution.Be blessed



[08/18/13]   The budget for finishing a 5 classroom block is 27,437,000/= Ush or 7220 pound sterling. and 10593.43 Us dollars.( its the remaing part. its on lento stage or wall-plate.

[08/18/13]   We have closed the term and soliciting funds for the unfinished classroom block. Any help is welcome. Contact is on the site or call +256 772 349623.

[07/31/13]   We have put up the latrines and we are now planning a toilet for the boys. Thank you the coco team and Alice magwick.

[06/23/13]   We are now putting up the latrines which collapsed last term. Any help to achieving our goal is welcome.

Glory for Education Primary School

Glory For Education Schools

Glory for Education Primary School

Glory for Education Primary School


Glory for Education Primary School

Glory For Education Schools

Do you have a heart of helping!!! then this building needs roofing.Thank you very much. God bless you.

[02/05/13]   Do you have a heart of helping!!! then this building needs roofing.Thank you very much. God bless you.

Timeline Photos

Celoebrating P.7 results

Timeline Photos

Namanya MArgaret with Bridget celebrating the passing PLE of P.7 pupils at school

[01/22/13]   Thank God!!!! We managed to excel in P.L.E 2012 with all 12 pupils out of 16 passing highly their examinations. Thumbs up !!!
Rejoice with us. All pupils passed in 1st grade and 2nd grade only ! Thumbs up!! Bravo for the teachers!!!!.

Glory For Education Schools

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+256 772349623. 10mls Bombo Rd Off Wattuba - Jjokolera Rd
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