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Dominion City Uganda


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[03/18/20]   In these trying times which seem as though huge darkness has covered the whole earth.
We bless the Name of the almighty God that no case of the epidemic has so far been recorded in this nation,not because God prefers us over other nations but because of HIS sufficient grace,
A lot of us are trembling with great fear, because we have put much time on following the updates of this epidemic and we have reduced our contact times with God and it's word.
At such moments we need to go back to the Word of God to gain enough spiritual stamina that can make us firm in this trying times,
Sanitizers and avoiding gatherings alone won't save us but we need God introduced in that equation.
It's time we lift up the ark of God on our shoulders as priests for this Nation ,when I talk of priests I don't mean religious leaders alone everyone is a priest, Rev 5:10,.
Whom do you want to intercede for your family ? so everyone is a priest.
God has kept us up to now free from that epidemic simply because He expects us to learn something ,
Let's continue keeping watch by bringing peace offerings before His throne by the blood of Jesus and God will make a history out of this nation.

[12/31/19]   The Grace to carry you successfully this year which is few minutes from now to it has already been availed.
The only tool you need Is obedience, this will make you look foolish and a person without sense before normal human beings but just obey no matter what will cost you.
The same Lord has already gone a head of you.

I declare More grace in whatever you are going to do.
In Jesus mighty Name. 10/11/2019 - Free Web Proxy Site Access the wealth of information on the Internet without giving up your privacy. What you do on the Internet is nobody’s business but your own. stands between your web use and anyone trying to monitor your activity.


Pastor Tom Olaki's wedding preparations

my wedding is there in November this year

[04/30/19]   You don't need to start your own ministry to succeed,when God drops annointing on you stay under and submit you Will still do greater exploits for God , Don't lay your ministry under rebellion

[01/02/18]   We are given opportunity here on earth, some of us are wasting it. There Is no bail for life when you seize existing,you need to wake up and take GOD seriously. (2nd CORINTHIANS 5:10).

[01/02/18]   Besides being a natural man,you are a spiritual man,invest your spiritual life.

[12/31/17]   With agreat humility I humble my self once again to thank the ALMIGHTY GOD for ever HIS kindly grace to bring us to this dot again, many have seized existing, due to accidents, sicknesses, drunkardness, theft, and manymore.
Just because of plots of satan our enemy.
BUT I put a decree over your life nomatter what the enemy
will throw on your way this season must bounce back IN HE NAME OF JESUS.AMEN

Psalms 118:17
Ishall not die,but live to declare the works of the LORD.


GOD showed me, a disaster that puts the life of president TRUMP and His Vice into disaster.
"Alady was leading an army which assasinated the president
After serious persecution like never before fell to Church".

We interceed for that Nation because what happens to.them automatically the effect will be felt world wide.

[08/07/17]   Its time to stop seeking for things,but to seek GOD,.
When you seek things you miss GOD,but when you seek GOD,all those things follow you.

#we wait on you#

[06/20/17]   Do you think,your wife or may be children or may be friends will celebrate,if they miss rapture and its only you who has succeeded,it looks ajoke now,but this is the most painfull thing than death.make up your mind to make sure every body closed to you recieves a word of Jesus Christ from you.
men should not blame you,that you failed to tell them about Jesus Christ.
# our time here on earth is nomore.

[06/20/17]   I argue fellow brethren,whose eyes are open,lets take the gospel and preach the valid one ,we should not dwell much on miracles,prosperity ,but the message of salvation,everyone needs to hear it now,becuase the clock is counting very fast to the coming of Jesus Christ.

[06/20/17]   You have been driven by an external force.
Have you ever sat down to think why you do the things you do,you think its normal,whats the difference between you and that one who does not like sleeping around,Are you the only one who has blood,or others their private part is a metal,or incase of ladies may its only you who has the opening and others are closed.
Are you foolish enough not to know,that there is aforce that pushes you,the Bible says.
1st Corinthians 4:4."In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not,lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ,who is the image of God,should shine unto them".
If you dont wakeup and allow the light to shine unto you ,you are doomed.
You think we shall continue here on earth forever ,no.The day you will appear before the master ,is the day your eyes will open.


How can you compete with a man who has offered a cow,offered lives of people,to witches for a given position (job,politics) and you think its only speaking tongues,and at the end of the process you loose,then you start blaming GOD,
NO GOD is not and will never be your problem.
If you think bathing your tongue with tongues only is what can get you that position you are not wise .MY friend leave those tongues and take a sacrifice / a seed to your pastor .
Listen to what Paul said.
Not because I desire a gift :but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.
When you sow a seed its not your pastor benefiting but its for your benefit.
If it means to close your account ,giving all what you have,take it and you will see the hand of God on you.When you do that the battle will be for alters.


If we are to see the moses's ,the Elijah's ,The Daniel's,In this age ,we must learn how to pray.
The greatest ministry you can ever have is the ministry of intercession(bended knees), When you find an intercessor and train him/her to be a pastor he/she can achieve anything,These are men who see no impossibilities,they are men with the ROD.

[05/29/17]   Christians should not run,without going for a spiritual refreshment,if you don't refresh your Christian life,you run dry,and you will be blowing hot air,thinking you are leading worship or leading prayer.


God of christianity can be seen,He can be known,He can be touched.
The man that represents Him must know Him first,His glory and presence can be carried in the earthly vessels of men,Its not just A God you talk about,Its A God you have to know by your self.
Thats why New birth..
Is not joining a church,being born again is not being baptized ,Its anew experience that one must have is his life,Its alife changing experience,when you have it you will know and people who used to know you before ,will know that something has happened to you,that something is achange in your life.
You can faque it all you like,If you have the genuine thing it will show.
This starts by setting aside all the treasures and distractions of this life just to fall in love with God.
Take the truth and stay in it and you will never regret in life,run from where you are comfortable with sin becuase its a doom for your destruction look for where they tell you facts and endure their,I know facts are always painfull but you need them and we shall live in joy forever and ever.
God bless you.

Stop doing ministry while annoying God.

John 5:19
So jesus said to them,Truly,truly,I say to you,the son can do nothing of his own accord,but only what he sees the Father doing,for whatever the Father does,that the son does like wise.

Wow,its suprising a second member of the trinity,to speak of his helplessness without the contact with the Father.
He shows us that his constant relationship with the holy spirit and his prayer life is what made him successfull on this earth,him on the earth needed to depend on the Father that was in heaven for direction .
You dont come with your plan and beg Him to bless it,you find what is in His mind.Why alot of churches have filled their programmes with activities that has nothing to do with the mind of God,what is God saying now? ,We should create an attitude of finding the direction God is going,What He is saying,What He is doing in our generation ,In our life time.
People who are custordians of Gods presence are men who seek His presence.
God has aplan for your church,life,ministry,untill you become a man who seeks Him of these things you will never find it,thats why He s saying seek me with all your heart.
What has sedduced the church today,they seek for every other thing except God.people seek for deliverance,prosperity,wife,breakthrough,but no time to seek Gods face or His presence or His mind thats why many churches are dry today.

Father my God I repent for driving my church,my life with my own plan ,have mercy upon me,I offer my life a fresh for your work,I surrender my will to you take it,use it in any other way you wish,Holy spirit I ask you to be my direction,I dont want to use my head knowledge,my Energy becuase I will crash,help me Lord.

[04/13/17]   Many talk,my heart will be broken,if I live him because of following Jesus.
I will lack money.
Its better to go to heaven with a broken heart than you suffer at hell for eternity with unbroken heart,.
I rather die poor and go to heaven,than to gain a comfort life and go to hell.

What can cost your life?
Hell is real,
Heaven is real.

[04/13/17]   WARNING MESSAGE

Revelation 3:15-16.
I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot:I would that you were cold or hot.

God needs to admnister help,but HE is asking where do you belong .
Canality has spoilt the church today, where people live in sin, but can not admit they are on the wrong,thinking by the works they do,can make them please God and many are hiding,they go to church attend service,but nothing happens to them,WHERE IS THE SPIRIT OF CONVICTION? The church today,if sinners come to church and they go back normal something is wrong with us,
The reason is many have spent their time practicing religion and the services are ever dry,No Gods presence.

Verse 16.
So then because you are lukewarm,and neither hot nor cold,I will spew you out of my mouth.

Why not to admit that you are cold,so that can be helped instead of pretending,Its in church today where people arrange the program for committing sin immediately after church service.and they are okay,
many are because of the teachings,but no problem we shall face judgement.

If you see how the Gospel has been neutralized to the extent can not cause impact in these days,it shows that Jesus is on His way to rapture His church.
Why not to get serious, and turn away from that.

[03/15/17]   Spend on HIm who owns you.

We thank God, that He died for everyone.
I know all of us have visions to a chieve,but remember do not make mistake of elevating your desires beyond Gods desires,Have you ever asked yourself how many had the kind of visions you have but were limited by their life span on earth,Do you know many gained riches with all their last sweat but could not enjoy just because they left this earth,many have been limited by sickness and diseases and they also had the same plans you have,listen.

2nd Corinthians 5:15 "And that he died for all,that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves,but unto him,which died for them,and rose again".
So He died for everyone,irrespective of the origin,tribe,tongue,JESUS died for you,and HE purchased you by His own blood freely so that by your own choice,wether can make heaven a right place where we are suppose,or hell aterrible place that was not meant for human beings but the rebelious,satan and its demons,yet many have closed their eyes marching to a wrong direction,and some are already their,
Use your body,energy,resources for Serving Him,and you will be for Him.


Father my God,I repent for having spent time,struggling to fullfill my.earthly needs,while neglecting you,please for give me,and from today own wards,my body is not for sin,my money is for you,and everything I have is for you.thank you my Lord.


Life is a journey whose destination can not be calculated,today you jazz,laugh with a friend ,tomorrow you hear his/her life ended.
Are you the kind of person who only gets serious with God,when you encounter challenges like sickness,It shouldn't be like that because people suspect anything to happen to them when they are highly sick,so they so humble in the eyes of God,in buying favor from HIS heart,so that either they can receive healing or when they die,they can escape hell,but listen to me.
Revelation 6:7-8''When he opened the fourth seal,I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "come!" And I looked,and behold,a pale horse! And its riders name was death,and hades followed him.And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth,to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth''.
So death is a personality in the same way demons are,death is also a spirit,it can kill by very many means,famine(you hear someone starved to death it was mr death behind,it only used aweapon called famine),and others,beasts ie snakes.
So before you think know that mr death can use any weapon to collect your life,not only sickness and disease.
Note.the life of the unsaved is unsafe,
I dont know whom am communicating to,but assuming you are to appear before the master now,what will you tell HIM,is it I was beasy with my job,studies and others,many have studied and completed well but as they wait for jobs they die,many gained and fullfilled their needs but died,
Some of us may not even taste the fruits of our struggle and we end this world just like that,but the best is whatever you do, have God in you,Give HIM some time,because the time is not known.

Lord my God,am sorry for giving much time struggling for my needs,I repent and from today onwards I will take you seriously. AMEN.

[02/17/17]   What is behind your popularity.

Men have wasted there time, looking ways to be popular, with everything they do, some of them are servants of satan unknowingly, however much they hear the gospel it does not make impact to their lives, because the powers of darkness has blinded their eyes, they can not think about their future life, .

Mark 8:36,For what does it profit man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul, .
you may gain everything on this earth, but when that time comes, nothing will follow you,
make a decision this morning wether to continue following satan, or you turn back to God almighty HE is waiting for you. :




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