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Mark 16:15-16 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.

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Are you in need of breakthrough in your life right now and you don’t know how to pray? In this post, I have put together some very helpful prayer BULLETS for breakthrough that you can use.

Remember, there are times in our lives when all we need is just a breakthrough. It could be a financial breakthrough. It could be that we need a breakthrough in a project, health or in business. There is a time when we are at crossroads of life, in difficult times, stuck and don’t even know what to do. And all we desire is a sudden miracle and a breakthrough.

Most times when we are at this kind of crossroad in our lives, sometimes we are disappointed, depressed and stress so much, and don’t know what to pray. Are you in need of a miracle right now and you need some prayer bullets to pray? Here are some prayer bullets you can use for spiritual breakthrough and miracles in Jesus Name.

Bible says in Matthew 11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. And Philippians 4:19 says, And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

🖋️Father, I confess today that I am a sinner. I have sinned against you knowingly and unknowingly. Lord have mercy on me and forgive my sins. Wash me with your blood and do not let my sins be hindrance to my breakthrough in Jesus Name.

🖊️Lord, as I pray for breakthrough in my life, let your will and promises for my life come to fulfillment. Lift me up Jesus now and set me free in Jesus name.

🖋️I decree the manifestation of all of God’s divine blessing, divine healing, divine peace, divine protection, divine wisdom, divine liberty and favour in my life in the name of Jesus.

🖊️Heavenly Father, I come against every arrow and trap that anyone or the devil has set to destroy my life or distort my plans and the blessings of God for my life. I bind witchcraft powers, and all evil spiritual attacks, I refuse delays, denials, stagnations, Setbacks, sicknesses, failures, curses and confusions in name of Jesus.

🖊️And I come against every accusation of the devil and every decree, every voice and every word that has been spoken against my destiny now. By the anointing and grace of God upon me today, I overcome them by the blood of Jesus.

🖊️Father, let your glory shine upon my life, my career, my relationship, my marriage, my family, my academics, my business in Jesus name.

🖊️As I come in obedience to God and his word, I pray that all the days of difficulties have come to an end in my life and I will spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure in the name of Jesus.

🖊️Lord, go before me and make every distorted and unclear path in my life clear and straight. Open my eyes to see abounding opportunities in my environment and to see the things that I must do to experience financial breakthrough and to live in abundance in Jesus Name.

🖊️Lord, give me the grace to live in obedience to your word and to live a righteous life so that your blessings will manifest in my life without any hindrance. Teach me and help me to be a giver so that I can unlock my financial locked doors, blessings and breakthroughs in name of Jesus.

🖊️Father, bless the works of my hands, let everything I lay my hands upon prosper and cause this land to be fruitful to me. Let me eat and enjoy the good of this land in the name of Jesus.

🖋️Lord, make a way for me where there seems there is no way, a hope where there seems to be no hope, possibilities where everything seems impossible in the name of Jesus.

🖋️Lord, I commit all my plans into your mighty hands and I have confidence and trust that you will help me to establish them in name of Jesus.

🖋️Nothing I lay my hands upon shall be impossible for me because I can do all things through Christ who is my strength.

🖋️God, I know and believe that you are able to do beyond what I am seeking or asking for, and even beyond anything I can imagine in the name of Jesus.

🖋️I come against every form of worry in my life. Even though things may seem impossible but I trust and believe that with God nothing shall be impossible.

🖋️I have confidence in God that I will be victorious in every thing and at the end of all. Bless apostle Nicholas Dream and increase him in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God's Word. Increase his anointing and financially bless his ministry. Bless his family and ministry in Jesus Name.

🖋️Please if you can share this so that you pray these prayer bullets every day and continually give thanks to God! You will surely experience God’s breakthrough in your life in Jesus Name. God bless you. #ShareTheGrace

[07/06/20]   Shalom Children God! As we step into the new week! I have good news for everyone reading this today, Its your time to change levels. You have wondered in that position long enough, its time for you to move to your next levels. Don't be weak in prayers and seeking God for next levels. Prayers will catapult you from where you are now to your next levels. I encourage you today to engage yourself to prayers and word of God with all your heart, if you are tired of being at that same spot , pray prayers and seek God with passion and see yourself change levels in Jesus name.

Remember, Next levels is talking about a positive change of position, a change of status, and an increase in your life both in physical life and spiritual. People like, Joseph was promoted from a prisoner to a prime minister, King David was promoted from a shepherd boy to a King, Gideon was promoted from a poor farmer to a Judge in Israel, Nehemiah was promoted from a cupbearer to a Governor in Judah, Esther was promoted from a common Jewish girl to a Queen in Persia and Medes, all these are examples of next levels, and if God did it for all these people and more, He can still do it for you and me today. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has not changed, that is why i know that by praying restlessly for next levels will change your levels in Jesus name.

Bible says in Deuteronomy 2:3 Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.

Do you desire a promotion at work? are you tired of stagnation in your life? Are you tired of delays and denials? Are you tired of problems after problems? See you tired of being used by people and after they leave you heartbroken? It is time to fight a good fight of faith, its time to make progress by force. Remember the heart of a king is in the hands of God, as you engage yourself to prayers and word of God, God is going to move the hearts of your destiny helpers to help you. God shall show you the way. He shall show you the direction. Pray and have faith in Jesus Christ. Declare your next levels by force, come against every force holding you down, and you shall overcome in Jesus name. You shall see God helping through entering your next levels in Jesus Name. God bless you. Good morning and may you have a fruitful week ahead.

[07/04/20]   Someone you are reading this and you worried. You are in difficult situation that you don't know what next. God says to you now, WORRY NOT, BY TOMORROW AROUND THIS TIME, Your Life Shall Not be Same. Do you have faith? Do you believe? He says, the Battle is not yours.. It's the Lord's! #ShareTheGrace

[09/23/19]   Believe me, you can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else. There in no blessings of God in that. Only a Curse. Be Good to obtain mercy and you shall leave at peace.!

When you have something in life that you want to accomplish greatly, you have to be willing to give up your happiness…I’ve lost all my sensitivity as far as being embarrassed, being shy, you just have to lose that. Some people may says “I wish I was in your shoes…”, the hundreds of people that wish they were in your shoes don’t know the tenth of it. If they were in your shoes.. hmm, they would cry like a baby.

You have to Discipline yourself and remain focused and remember discipline, sometimes is doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it... You can start up something and after starting it, you start hear voices from different sides saying, you won't be able to accomplish it. And When you accomplish it, again you hear them saying it wasn't you alone.. You start something else, again you hear voices saying you won't be successful in it. When you be successful in it, they say you are either a devil worshiper, or you use magic or you sacrificed to evil to achieve that success..when you are a lady, you will Hear voices saying you are doing prostitution as if prostitutes are successful. When you are a married man, you will Hear voices saying that you have another rich lady pouring money in you as if it's all easy that way, when you are a wife of a kind man, they say you use witchcraft..etc.. Oh oh Jesus, why can't people have respect to others and thank God for the best achievement and success. Why giving greater success to wrong? Anyway that is people.. The Question, if every great achievement is coz of the devil, then what do Jesus do?

The more you try to please people, the more they get control of you and you'll end up hurting yourself. Don't go into the business of pleasing people. You can't please everybody, actually you can't please people. Simply do your best at what you do. You got to believe that the people who can really be trusted are those who have kept their promises, not under the influence of pleasing people, but under the influence of doing what they have devoted their lives to be doing!

Listen to me my friend.. People will speak what they wish, but remain focused. You will never make people happy. It's impossible, few minutes ago, I sent a text message to one of good friend, saying "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" the response was emoji of close one eye 😉, I don't know how to translate the emoji, but listen to me friends and family, all what you can..

Do it with your heart to Please Jesus Christ. You will be happy and have nothing to make you cry, regret and sad. Do good to yourself to please Jesus. Do good to your family to please Jesus. Do good to your children, to please Jesus. Do good to your parents to please Jesus. Do good to your relatives to please Jesus. Do good to your wife/husband to please Jesus. Help the needy, support the church, feed your pastors and community only to please Jesus. Do good to people to please Jesus. And the more you Please Jesus, the more Jesus Bless you, increase you, multiply you, protect you and always be with you. If you have understand it...Hallelujah.! Hallelujah.!Bless the Lord!


Listen..👂As I PRAY!
When the Lord turned around the captivity of the captive, they were like them that dreamed. Dear Lord, may you turn around the captivity of this good friend of mine and give him/her a new song. A song of victory, a song of triumph. It shall be well with you in Jesus Name. It'sDone!! Good Day!


As you enter the new month today, may the Lord provide for your needs according to His riches in glory. You shall be whole spiritually, financially, mentally, and health-wise, in Jesus name.!! May this month be the day that the Lord will surprise you with lasting answers to your pending prayers. By the Grace of God, all you have ever lost in times past will be restored to you this month. Be expectant in Jesus Name!! Happy New Month!!!


Don't worry about your situation. Although it seems like impossible, Trust and believe that with God everything is possible. Believe and accept that you can do everything through Christ who gives you strength and power as its written in Philippians 4:13. Good Day! I speak divine favour. I speak divine Health. I speak divine love. I speak divine Blessings. I speak divine prosperity, Victories and success in Your life in Jesus name.!

[08/17/19]   God loves you

[07/30/19]   Is there Something in Your Life for Which You
Don't find it difficult to Say;


Apostle Nicholas Dream

There is Power in the early morning prayers. To begin your day without acknowledging the Presence of God is certainly bad and can expose you to danger and Satanic Attacks. When you start your day with prayers, you are commanding the host of heavens on assignment to work on your behalf. Early morning prayers has the Power to bring Good News and Ability to avert any wicked plans against you. It Refreshes and Recharge your soul. It help you to stay connected with your goals Each Day. Remember Prayer is the key to Everything. Commanding your day with Prayers can give you the Power to RULE OVER your DAYS. Again listen to this, Jesus Christ started with prayers and ended with prayers. As Christians, no matter how important our jobs and all that makes us busy in the morning are.. we should take it as a habit to command our day with the Word of God and Prayer. Bible says in James 5:16, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”
*Let me Pray for you Now.. I Retrieve this day from the hands of your enemies, and I speak shame to pursue the wicked powers assigned to set a trap against you this day. I sprinkle the blood of Jesus upon your face, hands, feet and legs this morning to walk with the favor and Protection of God in the name of Jesus God.
Yours in Christ
Apostle Nicholas Dream


Apostle Nicholas Dream

Days of Being Sorrowful are Over. The Lord, Shall Renew Your Strength, You Shall Mount Up with Wings of Eagles, You Shall Run and Not Be Weary and Walk and not Faint. Victory is Yours Through Jesus Christ Who strengthn You.!


Apostle Nicholas Dream

Someone you are reading this; you are sick and tired of Financial limitations and failures. You are sick and tired of Relationship break-ups and Failures. You are sick and tired of living in dilemma life. You are sick and tired of being last and behind others in everything you try to do.. If you are reading this.. Thank God for He says It'sDone, thank God for He says it's Over, thank God the yoke is lifted off from your shoulders now.. Remember When Jesus Says YES, No body can say NO..I Shake it off from you Now. I declare Liberty and Freedom in Jesus Name.!
Please view each photo.. and May every prayer on each photo quickly happen to you In Jesus Name.


Please Listen to this..
In 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, we find a short prayer uttered by an obscure man:

"Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. His mother named him 'Jabez' saying, 'Because I bore him with pain.' Now, Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, 'Oh, Lord, bless me indeed and expand my territory. Keep Your hand on me, and keep evil from me, that I may not cause pain!' And God granted him what he requested."

Nothing is known about the man who voiced this heartfelt cry to God. He appears to be a man whose family was erased from Israel's history. But if the man and his family's memories were erased, why is he mentioned at all? And why does his prayer appear in a listing of the members of the tribe of Judah?

In "Jabez: Conceived in Pain, Delivered in Victory" we meet the man behind the prayer. We discover why his family could not be mentioned in the chronicles of the tribes. We learn why he was more honorable than his brothers.

More importantly, we find a man with whom many of us can identify. He is a man with a pitiful past and no hope for a future. He is a man who struggles to find meaning and significance in life. He is a man who is desperate to be accepted by his fellow man.

But most of all, he is a man who craves a relationship with God.

In the end, Jabez turns out to be more than an obscure man in a forgotten time. Instead, he is found to be a man whose prayer had a significant impact on the history of Israel. Though the story took place or happened over 3,000 years ago, its impact still affects us today.

I don't know who you are. I don't Know how your past was,.. May you was born conceived by your parents in pain and delivered in smelling poverty and raised in poverty-stricken lifestyle. I don't Know the situation you are in at the moment. I stand in the same grace than enlarged Jabez boundaries to start with you now in Jesus name. God will enlarge your your boarders and make your name great in Jesus Name. Receive.!
Apostle Nicolas Dream.


Let Me Teach about SATANIC DELAYS.!
Satanic delay is a dangerous attack. It can put the dream of a person to standstill and his or her expectation to nothing. It is more better for a person to be moving SLOWLY , than a person experiencing a total DELAY. Until you destroy the yoke of SATANIC, you are likely to remain in ONE SPOT.
Some people feel they are making PROGRESS, but they are actually DELAYED in the sight of People. There are different types of DELAY. There are TEMPORALLY DELAY, PERMANENT DELAY and OCCASIONAL DELAY.
Satan does not attack a person who doesn’t have Anywhere going in Life. But it will surely influence the Destiny of a Person who is on a serious MISSION to ACCOMPLISH GREATER THINGS.
A person is said to be STAGNATED when he cannot PROSPER. A person is said to be STAGNATED when he or she simply cannot PROVIDE for his immediate FAMILY.

SATANIC DELAY is a state of Slowing Down . It is a Weapon of the Enemy used to TIE DOWN a person’s GLORY. A Satanic Delay is when a person is Plagued or Tied in One Spot Aimlessly. It is a Situation where a Person Find it Difficult to Excel. Difficult to Build a Home, Difficult to Get A Job, Difficult To have a successful Business. Difficult to have successful Relationships. Difficult to be in a Happy Marriage, Difficult to have blessed Children, Difficult in Studies, Difficulties to save money. It work Restlessly to bind you so that you won’t be able to FULFILL your DESTINY. Satanic DELAY Introduces the SPIRIT of Struggle, Hardship and Sorrow. DELAY is an INVISIBLE SPIRIT that shatter a Person’s Dream to Pieces.
You Must Deal With this Spirit if you want to see Difference in your Life. You can inbox me of find a good servant of God and talk one on one and Believe God for your Life to get a total Deliverence in Jesus Name




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