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[05/08/19]   3. The Multiplication Element
There are many things that should be multiplied. We read this in Jude 2:"Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied." This is multi layered.

In these days of war,what a wonderful thing to think of Christians multiplying peace and love! Godknows they need to be multiplied many times.

Even in the church we could
stand a little multiplication of peace and love!Paul uses this lesson on multiplication in 2 Corinthians 9:10: "Now he that
ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of yourrighteousness.'' How thankful we ought to be that when we sow good seed it
is greatly multiplied!

The first congregation of the church in Jerusalem grew rapidly. When ithad several thousand members, we have this significant statement concerningit: "And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multipliedin Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to thefaith." Acts 6:7. It is a happy condition when the number of the disciples is
multiplying greatly.

It does seem that each faithful member of the churchought to gam one other soul during a year. That would multiply the numberof the disciples each year. It does seem that each congregation could start at
least one other congregation in the course of the year. That would multiplythe number of congregations each year.

It does seem that each faithfulpreacher could encourage some young man to take up the work of preachingin the course of a year. That would be multiplying the number of preacherseach year. Had the church thus multiplied in ages past, what a difference therewould have been in conditions today!

I am afraid we are not very good inmultiplication but self gratification and self promotion; developing personality cults.

Let's change that!!

[04/20/19]   It's with honour that pay homage to you in this season. The Sadducees, say that there is no resurrection, and God declares firth Resurrection in Christ.

So also is the resurrection of the Christian dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption.

You now know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death more.
Happy is your Easter!
Enjoy the Lord!!

[03/20/19]   Great morning my lovely one!!
One tact of prayer is, pray in the authority of Jesus' Name, Colossians 3:17.

When you pray, you do so in his stead as one using his nature, purpose, power and authority. He you the power of attorney. You are standing and talking in the name of Jesus.

Today consider, John 16:23. It's in his name not through his name. He has a name; nature, purpose, authority, and power above any other, Philippians 2:9.

All authority is in that name both in heaven and earth. The Lord Jesus has delegated that authority to you, the same that he uses to request and do anything from the father and it is granted.

Pray today in the authority of his name; purpose, nature, and power. Infinite is your action.

[03/18/19]   Papa has told me to remind you this day that, faith speaks, Mark 11:22-23.

This is true faith. It speaks what it believes. For you manifest something, you have to vocalise what you believe; give it voice. This means you agree and say.

Study Romans 4:17, call those things that be not as though they were. Declare your health, healing, prosperity and victory. Don't keep quiet, 2 Corinthians 4:13.

Many today don't speak because they have believed but, rather they speak to believe; don't fall in this trap, it's what the enemy wants.
What God has said about you in his word is the reality, do be bold and declare it because you believe it not withstanding what the devil says and the circumstances around you. You are a faith speaker.
Lovely faith speaking day!

[01/04/19]   Comrades, this is a follow up on angels:
The Nature of Angels

1. How do men compare with
angels? Psalm 8:4, 5.
2. What is said of the strength
and character of angels? Psalm
103:20, 21.
3. In what respect do angels dif-
fer from men? Hebrews 1:13, 14.
4. What do the following texts
teach about the number of angels? Psalm 68:17; Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 5:11.
5. What responsibility do angels have toward those who fear God? Psalm 34:7.
He would sooner send every angel out of glory to the relief of faithful souls, to make a hedge about them, than have them deceived and led away by the lying wonders of Satan.
6. Why did Jesus say, "Take
heed that ye despise not one of these little ones"? Matthew 18:10.
7. Instances of angel deliver-
a. Elisha at Dothan. 2 Kings
b. Destruction of Sennacherib's
army. Isaiah 37:33-36.
c. Daniel delivered from the lions' den. Daniel 6:22.
d. Peter delivered from prison.
Acts 12:6-11.
8. Instances of angels' talking
with human beings:
a. With Gideon by the wine press. Judges 6:11-18.
b. With Manoah and his wife.
Judges 13:2-21.
g. In answer to Daniel's prayer.
Daniel 9:20-27.
h. To Zacharias regarding his
son-to-be. Luke 1:5-20.
i. With Mary regarding the birth
of Jesus. Luke 1:26-31.
9. What important work will the
angels have in connection with the coming of Christ? Matthew 24:30, 31.
10. How many of the heavenly
angels will accompany Jesus when He comes in glory? Matthew 25:31;. Revelation 8:1.

[12/24/18]   With pleasure, I would like to foist you all a blethesome, gleeful and jocose Christmas.

The fruit of the Lord is your portion. Ride on as you partake.

My love is with you

Euphrasius Fuorr

[10/28/18]   Thank you people for the main Location Fellowship and doxa connect Embassy

[08/21/18]   i am crucified with christ, yet i live but the life i live today in this body, i live using the LIFE of JESUS himself who died and gave himself for me. my life has now been hidden in Christ, in God. Now no matter how many words you speak, things you do, or fingers you point, it will never change this truth. The longevity of a lie doesnt make it Truth. Wow! thats who i am. All sleep well, i love you. Mwaaaaaaahhh!!!

[08/12/18]   Let's continue!!
Other examples.
(1) Churches which have womenpreachers are displeased with this verse in the Bible: "Letyour women keep silence in the churches: for it is notpermitted unto them to speak ... " (I Cor. 14 :34).
(2)Churches which vote on people for church membershipare unhappy with Acts 2:47, which states that God doesthe adding. We now quote:It is most likely that in the Apostolic age whenthere was but "one Lord, one faith, and one baptism,"and no differing denominations existed, the baptismof a convert by that very act constituted him a memberof the church, and at once endowed him with all therights and privileges of lull membership.
In thatsense, "baptism was the door into the church." Now,it is different; and while the churches are desirous
of receiving members, they are wary and cautious
that thy do not receive unworthy persons.
The churches therefore have candidates come before them, maketheir statement, give their "experience," and thentheir reception is decided by a vote of the members. "Now, it is different!" Well, why is it different!And by what authority was it made different? No! God's
word does not change (Matt. 24:35).
(3) Churches which
practice infant baptism are dissatisfied with Matt. 28 :19,
Mk. 16 :16, and Acts 2 :38 which put teaching, faith, andrepentance before baptism.
(4) Churches which take up
offerings every time they meet are displeased with God'scommand to give on the first day of the week (1 Cor. 16 :2).
(5) Martin Luther was so displeased with Rom. 5:1 -
"Therefore being justified by faith" - that he wrote
"only" between the lines. But his wishing did not change
it. His interpretation contradicts Jas. 2 :24.
(6) In the
second century men became so displeased with God's government for the church - a plurality of bishops or eldersin one church (Acts 20 :17,28) - that they began to haveone bishop in one church. The system of episcopacy and
papacy continued to develop and finally in 606 A. D.
they had their first fully developed pope, Boniface III.
(7) Some are so displeased with being guided by what theBible says (II Tim. 3 :16,17) that they rather wish to be
guided by what it does not say. Thus, they say, "The
Bible doesn't say not to do so and so."

God knew that some people would become displeased
with the divine order and would wish to change it.
(1) Sohe commanded man not to change it (Deut. 4:2; Gal. 1 :8,9 ;Rev. 22 :18,19).
(2) Jesus taught us to pray that God'swill be done (Matt. 6 :10).

Oh!! Enjoy this and your Sunday is blessed.

[08/10/18]   Great day in our month of discipleship. Hear this:

1. Introduction.
Three eternal principles charac￾terize God's dealings with man in every age: grace, faith,obedience. This is true in all dispensations.In the
Patriarchs, Jewish and Christian dispensations.

2. Examples under patriarchal law.
(1) Adam andEve. They were created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27),placed in Garden (Gen. 2:8), and given a law (Gen.2 :16,17) - act" of grace. 'they had to believe and obeyGod (Gen. 3 :1-6,22-24) - faith and obedience.
(2) Noah.Grace was extended to him (Gen. 6:8). He had to believe (Heb. 11 :7). He had to obey (Gen. 6 :22). (3) Abraham.Great promises came to him through grace. He had tobelieve (Heb. 11:17-19) and obey (Gen. 22:1-14).

3. Examples under the Jewish law.
(1) Deliveranceof the children of Israel (Ex. 3 :8-10). It was an act ofGod's grace. Moses had to believe God and obey.
(2)Looking on brazen serpent (Num. 21 :8,9). God's grace
provided the plan. 'the people had to believe and obey.
(3) Naaman (II Kings 5). God, through Elisha, provided the cure - an act of grace (II Kings 5 :10). Naaman
had to believe and obey (II Kings 5:11).

4. Examples under the Christian dispensation.
God'sgrace has come in the form of teaching (Tit. 2 :11). God'sword is "the word of his grace" (Acts 20:32). Hence,God's grace can be received in vain (II Cor. 6 :1). (1) People on Pentecost (Acts 2). Grace was extended to them: they were not worthy: they were murderers. They believed (Acts 2 :37) and obeyed (Acts 2 :41).
(2) Eunuch(Acts 8). It was grace that caused the Lord to sendPhilip to preach to him (Acts 8 :26). He believed andobeyed (Acts 8 :37,38). (3) Paul. Grace was bestowedupon him (I Cor. 15 :10). He believed (Acts 9:6) andobeyed (Acts 26 :19i 22 :16j 9 :18).
Believe in God's Grace.

[05/06/18]   The month of May 2018 is, our month of exaltation - Philippians 2:8-9.
Please get this recording from media.

[04/25/18]   Good morning dears,
Enjoy your day, brighten your neighbour and be positively relevant.
I love you all being mindful of God and his purpose and calling in me.
A sparkling day it is.

[04/23/18]   Oh happy night!!!

[11/24/17]   Hi people
It's a glorious evening

[10/05/17]   Hahaha! You are born to reign and rule. This is your foci.
Good morning Lords. The Lord is generous and merciful.
Today, consider Zechariah 7: 11 - 14 and Revelation 3:6. 1) what do these scriptures tell us about hearing God (Father, Son, & Spirit) ?
2) Give me a comment on what God is saying.
I would request you all to participate as it will help me.

[10/03/17]   Good mornings saints. Do you hear God? If so, how?

[10/02/17]   There is looming concern about what God is saying. People who claim God speaks to them seem not to get a clear direction of what to do or when to do it and sadly how.
It is amazing, I beseech you all by the grace of God, hear God and act.
This day is beautiful and gainful for you. Embrace it according to the voice of God.
My love is with you all, you are secure. Amen.

[08/25/17]   Ptc Kampala, it's four years and you are doing a great job. The light, I can see, is at the end of the tunnel. We are moving. Congratulation Crp, Carp, Cca, Acca, and all in the ptc directorate.
Dr Fuorr
President PTMI

[07/28/17]   Oh dea Lords, good morning. The work is going on with joy. I am effectively infusing God's verities in you all. Just take it. Love you.

[07/08/17]   Brethren and servants of God. Am here on earth only and to kick out and serve ignorance an eviction notice. Then I check out. Am not here to take your position, its safe. The bus though overcrowded and there be no place to sit, the drivers seat is always spared. You are a driver, your destination; not aware yet!!!! Its well.

[06/26/17]   Good morning saints. The main location fellowship was excellent. As the theme 'it is finished' indeed it was executed, performed to correspond with what the spirit of God spoke concerning that day. Eleven aspects were detailed to illustrate the things finished by Christ. This finished venture is worthwhile. Indulge, its awesome. Love you all without repentance.

[06/24/17]   Today brethren, the great expose' in the great main location fellowship. The theme is from john 19:30 'it is finished'. By his grace I implore you come to makerere university, food science faculty to know what it means and what is finished, oh not what is about to be finished, what is finished. Come hear the conclusion. See you.

[05/08/17]   It's a beautiful day yo'all, shine bright and brighter unto a perfect day. I love, love and love you all. Peace

[04/15/17]   This is to thank you all for the one night with grace in the city of glory.
I vehemently do charismatically appreciate you tr Dorothy, the PCE - one night with grace.
PS Emma oh laudation in Jesus name for listening to the spirit, showers of glory fall on you and your family.
Without cheating I turn my appreciative and lauding focus to grace; Ap Leonard, PS Malvin, PS Jane, PS Joseph,PS Ivan, PS nelson, Ap hadasa,pro joy a,pro joy p, pro Lucy and I can't bury ma head without Shachah, protocol, mimshack, and all that had a hand in this glorious event.
The delegates were smart, the ministers apt and clad in necessary garments, the arena was highly arrayed revealing glory and a throwing beyond that only, I repeat only belongs to God, the flow of the program was impeccable and the substance delivered was rich in content and definition.
It was a glorious night and I endorse this action.
Lastly, I thank the governing council ptmi for creating this platform, that is, Ap Brian and Ap Suzan. In the same mood, I that all in Kampala CAP, that had a hand in any way, blessings.

Tr. Fuorr
Love you all.

[04/11/17]   We are shinning because he shines in us.

Present Truth Ministries Inc. aka Christian Camp Missions's cover photo

Present Truth Ministries Inc. aka Christian Camp Missions

[04/04/17]   This is on me my dears.
Where do you begin in getting the grace of God comprehension?!

I ask this question because it is something so beyond the scope of human invention that we must back up and begin with God Himself.
The glory of God is the first principle in the universe. God created everything for His glory, and He does not share His glory with anyone. (Isaiah 42:8) The follow-up question, “Why is this the first principle of the universe?” is answered, “Because God Himself is the greatest Being, the Creator of all things which exist; He is of greater worth and value than all things.

Therefore when His beauty, worth, and value are recognized and honored, the order is established for the proper ascribing of worth and value to everything else which exists in reference to Him.”That God would create Man in His image is the highest honor imaginable; and thus our worth and value are derived from His worth and value.

Our “glory” comes from relating properly to Him. When we violated “our place,” we “exchanged the glory of God” intended for us. (Genesis 1:27 and Romans 1:23) Man’s nature became deeply marred,
and he now lives under a sentence of God’s just wrath. (Romans 1:18)

The grace of God begins with the desire of God to restore Man to his former place as His sons. Such a desire can only come from a love that originates in the Godhead, for nothing like it exists in humans. It might be compared to expecting the Jews of the holocaust to desire the best of all things for their Nazi tormentors. This desire on God’s part comes from something within His nature; and He calls it, “grace.”

The grace of God’s desire must issue forth in another aspect of grace that fully satisfies the justice of God, in that His nature cannot but hate all that contradicts His nature, for this is the definition of evil. His just wrath must be propitiated; thus it is God’s grace that creates the only way possible for God to extend a “just mercy” to those whose nature only fits them for rejection, alienation, condemnation, hostility, and judgment.

Grace is something that God Himself initiates in both His desire to recover His children and in all that He does in active ways to bring His redemption to completion. In all of this, God alone receives the credit, for Man does not add a single ingredient to the saving process. It is truly said, “Salvation belongs to the Lord,” or “Salvation is of the Lord.”

Thus, only what comes into a person’s life from grace will be admitted into God’s heaven.The only cure for sin (the source of all Man’s problems) is the grace of God. Welcome to April month of hoping this great verity: the grace of God, outshining for us.


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