Lillah Caring Charity جمعية لله الخيرية

Lillah Caring Charity جمعية لله الخيرية


Trust Lilah Lillah Caring Charity your number one charity to deliver your donation to most needy people.
Asalam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh brothers and sisters Here we have our sister she need your help Bambi pliz let us change her life because she need some thing to eat like food So for any donations pliz send through +256705139871 names: Nantongo Hamidah Or call us on +256706347216
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LILLAH is a Leading Humanitarian Charity Organisation in Uganda fighting poverty and empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Lillah Caring Charity Uganda - Reaching People In Need. WhatsApp: +256772046132 Support the Most Marginalized Widows and Orphans.

Operating as usual

Zainabu: Muwonge Obeela Wa?
Muwonge: Mwami Ibrayimu Yannonda.
Zainabu: Obadde Osoma?
Muwonge: Nasimako Primary One Sente Nezibula.
Zainabu: Kyava kuki Envunza okulya Engalo, Ebigere okukumalawo bwezityo?
Muwonge: Zantandika Kuba buto ate Taata nga tafaayo neye kenyini zamumalawo.
Zainabu: Tofaayo Buli kimu kijja kuba Bulungi, Tujja kukuweerela Ofune Nengoye empya.

[10/08/20]   Assalaam Alaikum Warahumatullah Wabarakatuh
It’s Magrib Brother’s and Sisters.

Today we visited our Friend Muwonge an abandoned young boy. I heard of jiggers eating up people I couldn’t believe but today I have seen it with my bae yes Jiggers ate him up from toes to fingers Subuhana Allah.

His father is a drunkard who can’t afford anything to look after His Children, A Good Samaritan Mr Ibrahim a one marginalized who is also struggling with his children for better life and education took the responsibility to look after Muwonge along his children.

In sha Allah we shall go back and pay a visit to him with clothes, Medication to see him become a better and healthy child.

0772046132 / 0705693137

Its has been two and half years ever since the Proprietor of this Islamic Centre “TAQWA Islamic Orphanage Centre departed. May Allah forgive you my Dad Sheikh Twaha Nsanja Ssalongo for this mega Sadaqat Al-Jariyah.

Through you our good friends and family we have managed to make changes to this place to what it is today May Allah bless you and count it on our scales.

There’s much work needed to finish this project to benefit the Community needs, Offering Free education to Orphans, Vulnerable and marginalized families.

Any kind of support counts, material and financially are all welcome, This might be your Only Sadaqat Al-Jariya before we get back to Allah. Imagine how many Orphans will benefit across Uganda from this initiative.

Donate / Support Via.
0772046132 / 0705693137
Shk Mulindwa Ramadhan Swaib
Director TAQWA Islamic Orphanage Centre.
WhatsApp: +256772046132
Email: [email protected]

#Sharing is Sadaqa

Proud of His Job “Selling Banana Leaves” and calls on Everyone to work hard to earn a living especially Imams.

It was a great time exchanging ideas with this elder Mzee Male, He is a Muadhin over to 40 Years and happy that he sells this banana leaves to earn a living.

He advised Me and Fellow Imams to always find something to do other than sitting at the mosque verander waiting to ask from followers, He said an İmam should be doing his personal job that supports his Family.

These banana leaves were worthy 5000/- equivalent to 1.5$, He is very proud of his Work.

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I found them having their Lunch, they invited me over with a huge smile to share a meal.

It was Cassava and greens (DOODO) just mixed with salt. Always be thankful to Allah and appreciate the kind of life you’re living.

Many people out there wish that one day they could be like you, Yet yourself you take your position lightly.


When making a charity donation remember:

1- Make dua before donating the money that Allah guides you to make the correct decision and that it reaches to the best place.

2- Make dua after making the donation that may Allah accept our humble contribution

Aisha (R’A) would perfume her coins in musk before giving them in charity. When asked why she did this, she explained that the charity reaches Allah (swt) before it ever touches the hand of the person in need.

It’s Allah’s Creation, Allah Akbar
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[10/05/20]   May Allah protect us from jealous haters and evil People.

Slaves of Allah keeps coming closer to Allah through performing Voluntary Deeds till Allah Loves Him or Her.

“Strange are the matters of believers. For him there is good in all his affairs, and this is so only for the believer. When something pleasing happens to him, he is grateful (shukr), and that is good for him; and when something displeasing happens to him he is enduring patience (sabr) and that is good for him.”

- Sahih Muslim
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Isn’t this the time which the Prophet (SAW) said The one holding onto Religion will be like holding on burning #COAL. May Allah ease and guide us to the straight Path.


May Allah help all poor people who are working to feed their children.

This is the grave of Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah the Late Emir of #Kuwait. Don't forget, this is the end no matter if you are the ruler of one of the richest countries in the world.

We visited Mum Khemisa of Kiberenge, She was given Rice, Sugar , Maize Flour, Meat, Cooking oil , Soap and Clothes and other house needs.

We thank you all for the continued support to reach out to the marginalized people of our communities.
+256772046132 | +256705693137

“Always Be Thankful To Allah”
This woman carries her heart in a backpack. The 39-year-old mother of two kids undergone a heart surgery around 3 years ago. The surgery led to replacement of her faulty heart with an artificial one which she carries everywhere with her.

Selwa Hussain's backpack contains two sets of batteries for power & a motor pumping blood to her body. The two large plastic tubes emerging from backpack enter her body through her tummy button & travel up to her chest.
Hussain also has a second unit on standby in another backpack in case the first one fails.
And you say your life is tough 🙁😕

And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful.
Surat Al Nahal Verse 78.

Anyone to Type “ALHAMDOLILLAH”

When making a charity donation remember:
1- make dua before donating the money that Allah guides you to make the correct decision and that it reaches to the best place.

Lillah Caring Charity
Reaching People in NEED.

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Be Thankful for the Life Allah has blessed you with.

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Beautiful Recitation Ma sha Allah.

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Thank You Brother 🇧🇮 Shaban Mubaarak 🇧🇮

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Ramadhan Television RTV

Listen 👂 Carefully to my Friend Sheikh Muhammad Kamoga.

Sheikh Kamoga
Tulongoose Nga Bukyaali! Kasita Omubaka Ajja (Envi) Gwe nga Omanya Oli Ku Stage, Malayika Walumbe Yaluddewo Okutuuka.

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🕋#DAKIIKA_NE_KADHI #دقيقة_مع_القاضي🕋



Alhamdolillah for the gift of Life, Always be Thankful to Allah.

Have you Abandoned it?
Are You forgetting what You Had Memorised?
Al_Quran Oh Ummat Muhammad.

Lillah Caring Charity جمعية لله الخيرية

This is our standing Community Outreach Project, We are resuming this week in sha Allah we had paused due to COVID19.

Services to Others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth "Muhammad Ali" We have a project for putting up a House for this IMAAM. His house fell down due to Heavy Wind and Rain, He is sick and He can't walk even 30 steps due to Legs problem.

His wife was murdered by unknown heartless, She was cut off her Head yet she was everything for the Family. She worked, Pay fees for Children and Take care of this Imaam. He lives in Kakuuto Luwero and it takes an Hour to reach his Home from Kasana - Kasiiso Road.

We have started by putting 3 trips of Sand, 1 trip of Bricks and 2 bags of Cement. Join us at Lillah Caring Charity by giving 1000/- or More for reaching people in Need and other Charity Activities.

The Imaam has two daughters one is in S.2 and the younger one is in P.3, We Continue to thank the Office of District Kadhi - Luwero Muslim District for working closely with us.

Please Donate anything to Help starting on the Foundation, Together we can do this and Together everyone achieves More.

Mobile Money/SendWave/WorldRemmit:
+256772046132 / +256705693137
ABSA BANK: 6006565164
Wandegeya Branch. Swift Code: BARCUGKX
Names: Mulindwa Ramadhan Swaib.
(Accounts For Lillah In Process delayed due to Covid19)

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Alhamdolillah For QUR’AN Distribution Program.

Alhamdolillah we thank Allah for this Mega Project TAQWA ISLAMIC ORPHANAGE CENTER aimed at Training Imaams , Free QUR’AN Memorization Center and Orphanage Center. Working on painting the Mosque 🕌.

For Any Support:
0772046132 / 0705693137
Sheikh Mulindwa Ramadhan

[09/24/20]   Assalaam Alaikum Warahumatullah Wabarakatuh

Good Morning Family

[09/23/20]   *Hadith:*
A traveler came to the masjid to see *Prophet Muhammad* (SAW); after greeting the *Prophet* (SAW), he was asked where he was from. The traveler replied that he came from very far just to get a few questions answered. The following is the dialogue that ensued:
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I do not want punishments to be written in my account.
*Prophet* : Behave well with your parents
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want to be known amongst people as an intelligent person.
*Prophet* : Always fear Allah (Jalla Jalalu).
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want to be counted amongst Allah's favourites.
*Prophet* : Recite Quran every morning and evening.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want my heart to always be enlightened.
*Prophet* : Never forget death.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I never want to be away from Allah's blessing.
*Prophet* : Always treat fellow creatures well.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I never want to be harmed by my enemies.
*Prophet* : Always have faith in Allah.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I never want to be humiliated.
*Prophet* : Be careful of your actions.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I wish to live long.
*Prophet* : Always do Goodness towards blood Relations
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want my sustenance to increase.
*Prophet* : Always be in wudhoo.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I wish to stay free of punishment in the grave.
*Prophet* : Always wear pure clothes.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I never want to be burnt in hell fire.
*Prophet* : Control your eyes and tongue.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, how do I get my sins forgiven?
*Prophet* : Always ask forgiveness from Allah with
a lot of humility.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want people to respect me always.
*Prophet* : Never extend your hands of need at people.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want to always be honored.
*Prophet* : Never humiliate or put down anyone.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I don't want to be squeezed by Qabr.(Squeezing in the grave)
*Prophet* : Recite Surat Al Mulk (The Dominion)often.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want my wealth to increase.
*Prophet* : Recite surat Al Waqiah (The Inevitable) every night.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want to be safe and at peace on Day of Judgment.
*Prophet* : Do zikr (Praises) of Allah from dusk to night.
*Traveler* : Ya Rasul, I want to be in full attention & concentration during prayers.
*Prophet* : Always do wudhoo with concentration and attention.
*Kindly* do forward to all Muslims & Allah Will reward you abundantly, Insha'Allah. Knowledge sharing is
*Sadaqatul-Jaariyah* for you & me and you will receive rewards for all those who will read it Insha 'Allah. #JRMbappe Cares

The happiness you get when you give for the sake of ALLAH, Giving used and new clothes to our vulnerable and Marginalized Communities.

For Any Support/ ContactUs:
0772046132 / 0705693137
Shk Mulindwa Ramadhan Swaib


I absolutely love the discipline of our Muslim brothers when it comes to prayer. Today a Muslim friend of mine came by the office and just as he walked in another MP friend whose call I was waiting for came through. I gave the "Corona" greeting sign to my friend, showed him a seat and sought his indulgence for me to pick the call. As I picked the phone, my friend gazed at the clock and realised it was time for prayer. He signaled me that he wanted to use a corner in my office to pray and without further ado he moved to the corner, removed his jacket and began to pray. He knelt, stood, knelt, bowed, stood again. . . .on and on. It was a powerful and indeed a beautiful lesson in life. The journalist in me got clicking. Then suddenly I found myself dropping the camera. I also disconnected the MP call and knelt down in prayer. We were just the two of us but my friend's commitment to prayer was not just a moving sign of piety. It was a powerful lesson about putting God first. I found myself in tears that I have that entire office to myself everyday, but I have never had the kind of discipline for prayer that my brother displayed today. I cried and asked God for forgiveness. When we were both done with the prayers I thanked my guest for challenging me on the area of prayer. He told me it doesn't matter where he's, when the prayer hour comes, he will get a corner and pray. He does it even in the plane, in State House. . . .everywhere and anywhere. That was one practical sermon about prayer that worked more powerfully than any preaching. . .LORD TEACH US HOW TO PRAY!

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