Gospel Outbound Worship Centers

Abigail and Alvan

The Blood will never loose its power

The blood that Jesus shed for me at Calvary will never loose its power. The blood can still heal COVID 19 in Jesus’ name. Just call upon the blood of Jesus.

Abigail and Alvan

My God has got the whole world in His hands. Oh God take control of your world, have mercy upon us!

Hear our cry oh Lord and heal our Land.

Have mercy upon us oh Lord!

The words of the Lord are pure words.

Overnight prayer in conjunction with join youth Uganda at gospel Outbound church. The youth are on fire for Jesus!

The worship team on the move for Jesus.

Worship team on the move for Jesus.

An amazing over night prayer at Gospel Outbound. My wife sticking to her usual move for Jesus as she lead us in praise. What a blessing?

The kids are posing with their gospel award scooped over the weekend at Serena.

[05/12/19]   When we live out who God has made us to be,using our abilities and gifts with excellence,it will make an impact. What we need today are followers of Jesus in every sector of society being the best businesspeople,the best politicians,the best in media,the best artists and entertainers,the best educators,the best athletes, the best neighbors,the best spouses,the best children. Imagine what God could do with that! Imagine if we were ten times better because,like Danile,we purposed in our hearts to live our lives according to God's eternal purpose.

Sunday school for children is very very important. Make sure your children don't miss it, it is a strong Christian foundation for your child. GOB Sunday school team.

He proves to be with:
Great courage, manliness and strength are evident throughout his ministry. Matt. 3:13-17
Wonderful counselor, Jesus proved himself to be the promised “Wonderful Counselor” Isaiah 9:6 by his knowledge of God’s Word and will, by his understanding of human nature, his ability to get at the heart of questions and issues, and show the solution to problems of daily living.
His manner of teaching was remarkable effective. John 7:45-46 He presented matters of great weight and depth with simplicity, brevity and clarity. He illustrated his points with things well known to his listeners Matt 13:34-35 to fishermen Matt.13:3-9, shepherds John 10:1-17, farmers Matt. 13:3-7,builders Matt. 7:24-27; Luke 14:28-30 Merchants; Matt. 13:33; Luke 15:8, or anyone else.
Jesus demonstrated his qualifications as a leader and commander as well as a witness to the national groups.” Isaiah 55:3,4; Matt. 23:10; John 14:10.
Able,Provider and Righteous Judge. He proved that his rule would bring prosperity surpassing that of Solomon’s was evident from his ability to direct the fishing operations of his disciplines with overwhelming success. Luke 5:4-9; John 21:4-11. His rule not only would end poverty and hunger but would even result in the ‘swallowing up of death.’ Isaiah 25:7-8.
He also proved that there is every reason, as well, to trust in the justice and righteous judgment his government would bring, in harmony with the Messianic prophecies. Isaiah 11:3-5;32:1-2:42:1. He showed the utmost respect for law, particularly that his God and Father, but also that of the “superior authorities” allowed to operate on earth in the form of Caesar governments. Matt. 5:17-19;21:17-21. He didn’t overstep the bounds of his authority. Luke 12:13,14 No one could convict him of sin,’ not merely because he had been born perfect, but because he exercised constant care to observe God’ Word John 8:46,46,55, righteousness and faithfulness girding him like a belt. Isaiah 11:5 His love of righteousness was coupled with a hatred of wickedness, hypocrisy and fraud, and indignation toward the sufferings of others. Matt. 7:21:27. He showed keen discernment of principles,of the real meaning and purpose of God’s laws, emphasizing the “weightier matters” thereof, “justice and mercy and faithfulness.” Matt. 12:1-8; 23:23,24. He was impartial m, displayed no favoritism, even though feeling particular affection for one of his disciples. Matt. 18:1-4.
Jesus fulfilled the requirements of a Prophet like, but greater than Mose. Deut 18:15-19; Matt. 21:11; Luke 24:19; Acts 3:19-23; John 7:40. He foretold his his own sufferings and manner of death, the scattering of his disciples, siege of Jerusalem and the utter destruction of the city and its temple. Matt. 20:17-19;24:1-25;Luke 19:41-44.
Throughout all these aspects of Jesus’ personality the predominant quality is that of love for his Father above all, and love for fellow creatures. Matt. 22:37:39 Love was therefore to be the distinguishing mark identifying his disciples. John 13:34-35; 1 John 3:14. His love was not sentimentality.
In proof of his love for God and for imperfect mankind, he then let himself be “brought just like a sheep to the slaughtering,” submitting to trials, being slapped, hit with fists, spit on, scourged with a whip, and, finally, nailed to a stake between criminals. Isaiah 53:7; Matt. 26:67-68; 27:26-38; Mark 14:65;15;15-20; John 19:1 By his sacrificial death he exemplified and expressed God’s love toward men Ro. 5:8-10; Eph. 2:4,5, and enabled men to have absolute conviction of his own unbreakable love for his disciples. Rom. 8:35-39; 1John 3:16-18.
In conclusion, his heartwarming example of humility and kindness, coupled with strength for righteousness and justice,gives assurance that his Kingdom government will be all that men of faith through the centuries have longed for, in fact, will surpass their highest expectations. Ro. 8:18-22.

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers

This is our place of worship. We worship the living God here,in spirit and in truth.

[09/21/18]   May the Lord God bless you all!

Joe was in his mid-thirties,sold for a food company,and was what the trade calls a real crackerjack. Because there was no relationship between his type of selling and the organization,the likelihood of his ever coming into the organization plant was nil.
But he came one day,came again and again,and here's the reason. Joe did very well financially. He had a fine house outside the city,two cars,a speedboat. You name it. But it all added up to nothing,because in eight years of marriage,including the birth of two sweet little girls,he and his wife Eleanor could barely stand the sight of each other.
One morning,as they spewed at each other across the breakfast table,Eleanor screamed, "You want to know what l' d like to do? I 'll tell you! l'd like to get a divorce!"
Her words hit Joe like a kick in the stomach. For the first time in his life Joe prayed that morning. This is how Joe prayed: "Dear God,l'm in an awful mess here with my wife. I love her,and l want a happy home. Please help us get things straightened out. Please help us save our marriage."
A sense of relief came to his heart. As Joe look back,Joe says, l can understand why l felt a bit of pressure roll off my back. That didn't solve his problem,but it sort of turned the key to start the solution,because when a man asks God for help and when it isn't a selfish prayer but real desire to know God and do what's right,God is sure to set some wheels in motion."
Joe is right!
God says,You shall seek me and find me, when you shall search for me with your whole heart.

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers's cover photo

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers's cover photo

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers

To understand the miracle working power of God, one must go in to the account of God in the Old Testament. The Old Testament provides the ultimate purposes of God’s miracle for His children.
First and foremost, the Biblical miracles are signs that GOD IS IN THE MISSIONS FIELD that is open and public in nature, their simplicity, their purpose and motive is noteworthy in character. However, the scriptures says some were performed in private or before small groups (1 Kings. 17:19-24; Mark 1:29-31; Acts 9:39-41), but often they were public, before thousands or millions of observers. Ex.14:21-31;19:16-19 Jesus’ works were open and public; there was no secrecy attached to them, and healed all who came to him, not failing on the pretext that some lacked sufficient faith Matt. 8:16;9:35;12:15.
Simplicity marked both miraculous cures and control over the elements. Mark 4:39;5:25-29;10:46-52 In contrast to magical feats accomplished with special props, staging, lighting and ritual, Biblical miracles generally were performed without outward display, frequently in response to a chance encounter, a request, and that on the public street or in a unprepared place. 1 Kings 13:3-6; Luke 7:11-15; Acts 28:3-6.
The motive of the individual performing the miracle is therefore should not be for selfish prominence of the individual or to make anyone wealthy, but primarily to glory God, the creator of heaven and earth.
John 11:1-4, 15, 40 Miracles is not a mysterious acts performed merely to satisfy curiosity and to mystify. Miracles happen helped others, some directly in a physical way and always in a spiritual way, turning persons to true worship. Just as “the bearing witness to Jesus is what inspires prophesying {is the spirit of prophesy},” so, too, miracles must points to Jesus as God’s sent one. Rev. 19:10.
Biblical miracles involved not only animate things, but inanimate things also, such as calming the wind and the sea Matt. 8:24-24, stopping and starting rain 1 Kings 17:1-7;18:41-45, changing water in to blood, or in to wine Ex.7:19-21; John 2:1-11, and others.
They includes physical cures of all types, such and blindness from birth. John 9:1-7 this great variety of miracles argues for their credibility as backed by the creator, for it is logical that only the creator could exercise influence in all fields of human experience and over all forms of matter.
Miracles served a number of important purposes. Most basic, they helped to establish or confirm the fact that a person is receiving power and support from God. Ex 4:1-9 both with Moses Jesus people drew this correct conclusion. Ex. 4:30, 31; John 9: 17-31-33 through Moses, God promised a coming prophet. Jesus’ miracles aided observers to identify him as the one. Deut. 18:18; John 6:14 when a believer is young, miracles worked in conjunction with the message to aid individuals to see that God was behind believers and had turned from the early way of life (system of things), to new way of life that God wants. Heb. 2:3, 4; 1 Corn. 13:8-11.

In conclusion, it may be said that those who deny the existence of miracles either do not believe there is an invisible God and creator, or they believe that he has not exercised his power in any superhuman way since creation. But their unbelief does not make the word of God of no effect. Rom. 3:3,4 The Biblical account of God’s miracles and the good purpose that they accomplished ,always in harmony with the truths and principles found in his word, give confidence in God. They give strong assurance that God cares for his people and that he can and will protect those who serve him. The miracles provide typical patterns and the record of them builds faith that God will, in the future, intervene in a miraculous way, healing and blessings his faithful people Rev. 21:4

Wonderful sharing from a young and promising future leader of gospel outbound, Sister Amoreen Oringa. Blessings upon!!!

Morise & Amoreen have now officially become one before God, and the congregation. May the Lord's favor prevail upon your marriage.

[01/10/17]   One of the Lord's ministers in our church just got married. Morise and Amoreen finally just fulfilled the Scriptures upon their lives.May the Lord's Favor prevail upon you.

To all our dear friends,you are all most welcome to this noble wedding on 7th January 2017.

We are entering 2017 in full blast. I can not help seeing this young and beautiful couple beginning this year with an anointed marriage ceremony at our young and growing Church.

Great worship team. The best are yet to come out of them.

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers

Come and worship with us today. Come and listen to the authenticity of God's word that prophesy for the future coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The word that speaks heavenly blessings and future fulfillment of heavenly glory through our Lord Jesus Christ. The word that brings healing in different aspects of your personal life. It is your day today.

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers's cover photo

Gospel Outbound Worship Centers's cover photo

Wedding Taking place at Gospel Outbound Church-Bwera Kyenjojo
Western Uganda.

Gospel Outbound Church-Kihihi,kamwenge District

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