World lighter's ministries international

its headed by Pr Katumba Nathan Shines,our vision is to help p'ple discover the light of Christ in them,through Godly principles. church of Jesus Christ son of the living almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth

Operating as usual

[05/20/21]   No matter what comes your way God will make u walk over Jesus's might name Amen


We all need it watch till the end..


World lighter's ministries international's cover photo


World lighter's ministries international's cover photo


We should always stand with God through knowing his word and being prayer full.

[04/11/20]   We are all going to be safe through christ Jesus.stand firm in trust of him the almighty God.

[09/20/19]   Yes it's true the devil has fought but the almighty has given us the victory, therefore the main issue is not what ur going through, the only work u have as a believer is to put all ur trust in God so that u may be the partaker of the victory. Isaiah 45:1


World lighter's ministries international's cover photo


I would like to thank everyone who prayed for us, God almighty gave us a baby boy Jethro Katumba.

[09/10/17]   Luke 18:1 we ought to pray brothers and sisters, therefore something New is coming soon


Am now a full man members

[04/02/16]   Proverbs 21:31 the horse is prepared on the day of the battle but the victory comes from the lord. Do it part and God will do his

[01/27/16]   the God of all fresh

[01/11/16]   2016 its a year of no silp but building up alters of prayer to God so dat we touch on big thingz in it, happy New year to you all

[12/31/15]   2016 fire is going to burn

[08/31/15]   do not give up until the battle is over, we see the church did not give up on peter till when God helped him out of the prison, read the book of acts 12:1-12,

[01/04/15]   2015 is yours in all ways Jesus is on our side worry not of anything.

[01/03/15]   2015 is our year to serve God

[07/01/14]   arise and hookup with the blessing of the lord 4 the hand of the lord is at work!!! isa 60:1...

[07/02/13]   Greetings to u all beloved of the lord from Pastor Nathan Shines, love you all.

[03/29/13]   Some of us we wouldn't be what we are if Jesus never rose again but becoz he did, we are victors through christ Jesus!! He came so that we may have life in its fullness, Happy Easter prime partners and friends.

[03/10/13]   When Eli's sons sinned be4 God the lord warned Eli that A B C is what am going to do unto ur family Eli never mindf at all, but when God told Ezekiel the king he turned unto the wall and changed the report. Therefore people listen when u get a negative report alway turn to God and pray in pleading it will all change to postivite.praise God!!

[03/05/13]   All other things can fall but prayer, trusting in God and letting him fight ur battles never falls, thy that trust in the lord GOD are like mtn zion

[02/24/13]   Once God opens ur doors no man woman can close them,therefore the blessings of the are opened unto us all into the world....

[02/17/13]   The word Fast means in ful" food Away For some Time.

[02/15/13]   Seek God and u will see him,unless your not tired of that oppression but if u are u will seek and find.

[02/03/13]   And now,isreal put ur name,what does the lord your God require from you,but to fear the lord your,to walk in all his ways,and to love him,and to serve the lord your God with all ur heart and with all your soul. Deuteronomy 10:12.

[02/03/13]   He that has pity upon the poor lends Unto The lord: and that which he has given will he pay him again. Proverbs 19:17

[02/02/13]   Lazy hands make a man poor,but diligent hands brings wealth, pr 10:4. I love those who love me,and those who seek me find me,proverbs 8:17-18.

[01/28/13]   Jeremiah 29:13-14 "you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14.i will be found by you,declares the lord"

[01/22/13]   THEME: "WHATEVER HAS PLANNED TO KILL YOU WILL NOT,GOD IS GOING TO RESCUE YOU" genesis 37:18 but they saw him in the distance,and before he reached them,they plotted to kill me. Read and genesis 42:6 now when joseph was the governor of the land,the one who sold grain to all its when joseph's brothers arrived,they bowed down to him with their faces to the ground. Like the dream was. Whatever God said in ur life you will become it no matter what.come what may in Jesus'name it will come to pass soon or later

[01/18/13]   Praise God people, i want you to take a look at your self and examine your ways and what you do,is what your going through God's will? Or is what you do, your meant to do or is what is happening in your life meant to be if not. you have to do something about it together with the help of the Heaven. 2013 is the year of God's grate works in our lives.stay awake friends the blessing is there but change your mind and somethings. Romans 12:1-5. Love u all!!!

[01/13/13]   When does Jesus'time come? Look at this world of God, sight in John 2:4(JESUS SAID UNTO HER,WOMAN,WHAT HAVE I TO DO WITH YOU?MY HOUR HAS NOT YET COME). Praise God, when Jesus saw Mary asking him on behalf of the owen then he said my hour has not come yet because he wanted the owen to ask him not Mary becausd she wasn't the owen of the wedding. Therefore if your tired or you want something ask from God through Jesus the holyspirit will drive it to you my you know why all preachers talk about Hannah its because she got tired and wanted something from God then she went before God and God gave her even you do some thing about that condition!! I love you all members of world lighter's church and ministry international.

[01/06/13]   1corinthains 10:13"there has no temptation taken you but such is common to man: but God is faithful,who will not allow you to be tempted above that you are able;but will with the temptation also make a way to escape,that you may be able to bear it" stand strong in all God is watching friends be faithful as he is to us.

[01/05/13]   Thank you Jesus for 2013!! Many are dead but we still say that your the Lord of our lives. And above all father thanks for the many years that are head of us.....goodness and mercies shall follow us forever and ever Amen.



we preach in different churches if invited,
we preach in different nations since we are international,
we pray for any illness and God heals because He lives in us,
we believe in the trinity of God the FATHER,SON & the HOLY SPIRIT,
its not us that minister to your lives but God through us, we are like speakers or a radio where by the presenter is in the studio on a show yet its the radio that feeds the information to the hearers,
we pray for the entire world and people as well (you free to join us)for the sake of your company, school,family, church things are not moving in the right way of God we can give u support friends through Jesus Christ the lord,
Our ministry we pray for people free of charge (Christ says freely you were given so thus freely give)
you can welcome us to your,family,your nation & city as well,



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