Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Mary

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Mary

Our address: Kartashova 28, Tomsk, Russia 634041
How to find us in Tomsk (a map): http://bit.ly/XOY60r
Русскоязычная группа: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lutheran.tomsk/

The Lutheran faith is one of the traditional confessions of Tomsk. Though Lutherans first appeared in the city soon after its foundation, a Lutheran congregation was not officially founded there until later, in 1751. The Church of St. Mary is destined to become one of the city’s highlights. Residents of Tomsk and tourists alike come to admire the building and take pictures both in the daylight and

Operating as usual

Ordination of deacon Ruslan Zinnurov 08/05/2021

Ordination of deacon Ruslan Zinnurov

photo by Daria Lytkina

Photos from Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church's post 28/04/2021

On Saturday, our Bishop Vsevolod visited the parish in Yurga, where, together with deacon Ruslan Zinnurov celebrated the Day of Saint Mark, the Evangelist and Bishop of Alexandria.
And then, on Sunday, our Bishop led the festive Mass in Tomsk, where the 15th anniversary of the consecration of the Church of Saint Mary was celebrated. Concluding his sermon, the Bishop said,
Salvation is given to us only in the church. If we come here, if we repent of our sins and receive forgiveness, if we listen to the God’s Word and commune with Christ, then we will not die, but we will live forever.
We will live forever, no matter how long we live on this earth. Maybe our life will continue 15 more years, or maybe 30 years, or longer. But human life is usually not very long. It passes quickly. But if we are in the church, then only our temporary life passes quickly, but our eternal life will be long, will be endless. And as soon as we close our eyes on this earth, we will immediately open them in the Kingdom of Heaven.
To be in the church is the only way for us humans, the only way to be saved. And this is why we build the churches, why we consecrate them.
During the festive Mass priest Alexander Hahn and deacon Andrei Kobezhikov concelebrated with the Bishop.


⛪🙏Let's revive the Prayer House in the village of Oravka. Contribute to the construction of the Lutheran Church.

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🙏Liturge: For all those baptized this year, for all who this year first began to Holy Communion:
🙏All: Thank You, Lord!


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⛪🕯🎄Christmas Eve at St. Mary's Church🎄🕯⛪



"The Lord listened to you! According to your confession and promise, I, as a called and dedicated minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, accept you as her member. Henceforth, may you be a full participant in all the gifts, blessings and rights that our Lord has given to His Church on earth. Kneel down and receive God's blessing!" (Quote from the Rite of confirmation of adults).

Last Sunday, our Bishop Vsevolod celebrated the third Sunday of Advent in the parish of Saint Mary in Tomsk. He was assisted by Priest Alexander Hahn and Deacon Andrei Kobezhikov.

During the Mass, the Bishop conducted the confirmation of Ilya.



Иисус, сорокадневного / Пример дав воздержания, / Для нашего спасения / Даруй нам покаяние.

Вину прости нам прошлую / Своею благодатию / И огради нас в будущем / Отеческой заботою.

Воззри на Церковь скорбную, / Воззри на покаяние / И кающихся грешников / Омой от их нечестия.

Даруй нам, ежедневными / Делами покаяния / Очистившись, достойными / Прийти к Пасхальной радости.

Тебя, Святая Троица, / Да хвалит вся вселенная, / Тебе мы, обновлённые, / Да воспоём песнь новую.



O come, O come, Emmanuel - (Piano/Cello) - The Piano Guys

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Kartashova 28

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Новости, информация о нас, контакты. Страница для прихожан и всех, кому интересна жизнь нашего прихода.

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Construction of the temple in Gubino needs your support! 25 kilometers from Tomsk is a small village Gubino, live in it a little more than 550 people.

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Официальная страница - Томской Епархии Московского Патриархата Русской Православной Церкви

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Официальная страница Воскресенской церкви г. Томска