Zrkinyants Saint Gevork Church

Zrkinyants Saint Gevork Church

Zrkinyants Saint Gevork Church was an Armenian Apostolic church in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was destroyed in 1937-38 by order of Lavrentiy Beria along with 10 other churches in Tbilisi.HistoryZrkinyants Saint Gevork Church was located in Griboedov street near Academy of Arts of Georgia.

The construction note was placed on the southern portico. A scientist-traveler rewrote the date - 1713, what meets the date mentions in the registry of the Armenian churches of Tbilisi. The text is the following: "I, sun of Zurab makhtesi Petros and my brothers - Hovsep, Sahak and David, built this new crypt - church of Saint Gevork in our memory and memory of our parents. During reign of Vakhtang

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