WELS Mission in Russia

WELS Mission in Russia

We strive to share the gospel in Word and Sacrament in southwestern Siberia and we are working, with God's help, to establish an independent church there.

[04/06/16]   Hello all,
Just wanted to give a quick initial update. It has been about 3 weeks since I arrived, and a really busy three weeks at that. The flight landed early on Monday morning, March 7th, and I proceeded to go straight through the town of Novosibirsk (the major one in the area at about 1.5 million people), passing by Akademgorodok (where I as well as the Foxens live; a small suburb of Novosibirsk on the outskirts) on the way to Berdsk (where Pastor Luke Wolfgramm and his family live). I have been able to meet many members of the various WELS church groups in the area so far, as well as a myriad of international students from nearby Novosibirsk State University.

I am working in a private language school teaching English to teenagers primarily, with some younger and older classes as well. Otherwise I have been assigned multiple English clubs in the churches, and some work with children's programs as well. Of course the main focus is on evangelizing and trying to meet people to share the gospel with, and these all provide fantastic opportunities to build connections and talk about God's love.

The families here have been incredibly hospitable and welcoming. From day one the Wolfgramms and Foxens have fed me, shown me around, driven me places, and gone above and beyond to help. It is a fantastic setup here with an apartment that I share with Christian Kuether, an MLC grad, basketball enthusiast, and someone who can easily relate to people.

We have already had some events come up that I had never experienced before, case in point: Maslenitsa.

Maslenitsa is a celebration of the end of winter and the start of spring. People eat Russian crepes, sing, dance, and light an effigy on fire to mark winter leaving. There are also contests where people strip down to their underwear and try to climb a pole to retrieve a prize from inside.

I am more than blessed to be here, and I am excited to continue and grow in the path ahead. We are always looking for more people to work at the mission in a volunteer capacity, so if you know anyone with the following qualifications then please mention this opportunity to them and have them contact us:
-College grad
-WELS member
-Preferably with teaching experience, but this is definitely not necessary
Younger people usually are more available, but age is immaterial to ability to serve and qualifications. Our mission is beginning to bring volunteers in on student visas --Studying Russian as a language-- because they are easier to obtain and schedule around for work in the church, as well as offering volunteers an opportunity to learn Russian in order to connect with the community.

Beyond all this, I am extremely grateful for all the prayers and support. Let me know if you have any questions. God is working incredible opportunities for us here, and I am glad to be experiencing it firsthand.

Tanner Austad


Рождество 2016

Евангелическо-Лютеранская Церковь "Согласие". Приход во имя Святого Апостола Павла

wels.net 02/04/2015

| Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Check out this video highlighting some of the work we are doing in Russia. We are currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you are interested in helping out our churches in Russia, message us your email address and we will get you an application.


wels.net WELS World missionaries have spent years preaching and teaching in Russia…and now they are helping to prepare a new group to assist in outreach. The WELS Missions initiative called "Daylight in Russia," encourages WELS members to serve in Russia as English teachers while working with the national ch…


Russian Song

Looking to teach your Sunday School or classroom a song as part of a mission focus? Try this Russian song called "God created me".

This a song that the children in our churches have sung. Use this video to teach children a song in Russian.

[10/19/13]   Today was the first of 3 Reformation lectures held at our church in Akademgorodok. Pastor Arno Wolfgramm gave a nice history and background of Martin Luther's early life and struggles with the question, "How can I have eternal life when I die?"

russlandabenteuer.blogspot.com 23/06/2013

Stepps' & Manuels Russlandabenteuer: 55,2°

Vicar Manuel and Stephanie Drechsler blog about their adventures in Russia this summer. This week they talk about inviting kids to VBS, the first week of VBS in Iskitim, their work with the English Club, and their visits to the beach and the Russian sauna.




Russian Sunday School

It is VBS week in Iskitim! Here is a short video that tells all about the kids programs that go on in the congregations in Russia.

This shows you some of the ways God has enabled the Russian Lutheran Church to share his love with children.

lwms2013convention.com 17/06/2013

The 50th Annual LWMS Convention | Like a tree planted by streams of water - Psalm 1:3

We look forward to seeing many of you at the LWMS convention in LaCross from June 27-30! Don't forget to pick up your special Russian cookbook; a thank-you gift from your brothers and sisters in Christ in Russia. Your support of the WELS synod makes it possible for the gospel to be preached loud and clear across the world!

lwms2013convention.com In 1964, mission-minded women gathered on the banks of the Mississippi River to organize the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society. The inaugural convention had 256 attendees.



Other Religious Organizations in Novosibirsk (show all)
Церковь "Воскресение" Церковь "Воскресение"

Христианская церковь города Новосибирска.

Новосибирская Библейская Церковь Новосибирская Библейская Церковь
ул.Зыряновская, 123

💒 Церковь в Новосибирске 🕛 Богослужение проходит каждое воскресенье в 11:00 💓 Безопасное место для тебя 💦 "Жаждущий пусть приходит..."

Церковь Завета города Новосибирска Церковь Завета города Новосибирска

Церковь Завета – это сообщество людей, в судьбах которых благодаря вере в Иисуса Христа Бог стал живой реальностью.

Христианская Церковь "Слово Жизни" г. Новоси Христианская Церковь "Слово Жизни" г. Новоси
Красный проспект 161 к.2
Novosibirsk, 630049

Местная религиозная организация Церковь христиан веры евангельской (пятидесятников) "Слово Жизни" г. Новосибирск

Сибирская Евангелическо-Лютеранская Церко Сибирская Евангелическо-Лютеранская Церко
Лютеранский центр, Лыкова, 3
Novosibirsk, 630055

Неофициальная страница Сибирской Евангелическо-Лютеранской церкви, которую ведёт священник прихода св. Андрея (Новосибирск) Павел Храмов.

Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Lykova 3
Novosibirsk, 630055

The Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church - Сибирская Евангелическо-Лютеранская Церковь, Россия

Novosibirsk Biblical- Theological Seminary Novosibirsk Biblical- Theological Seminary
Ulitsa Okeanskaya 9
Novosibirsk, 630117

Theological Seminary of the Russian Evangelical Christian Baptist Union

Благотворительная Столовая Св.Николая Благотворительная Столовая Св.Николая
ул.Саввы Кожевникова 29
Novosibirsk, 630033

Помощь пожилым и одиноким людям, попавшим в трудную жизненную ситуацию.