Mission to Magadan, Magadan Video December 23, 2013, 4:40pm

Videos by Mission to Magadan in Magadan. The Mission to Magadan provides support to the Church of the Nativity of Jesus in Magadan, Russia. It is our mission to teach to word of God to our parish members and help them in their daily lives, to support Pro Life in Russia and help those in need.

Fr. Mike spreading some Christmas cheer!

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Songs and community at parish's Mardi Gras party

Music at parish's Mardi Gras party

Children at parish's Mardi Gras party

June 20th was Corpus Christi- check out some pictures of our celebration and we hope you were celebrating with us!

Passion of Christ
Our parish put on a play of the Passion during Easter time. Children adn adults alike participated!

Montage of Magadan Parish
Montage video of our parish with our parish choir singing during Easter. The organ art is also featured and so beautiful...

Brief photo recap of our most recent Vacation Bible School. Kids keep coming so we keep teaching them of our Lord! Siste...

Our eight missionary college students have held our children's club three times a week where they teach English, eat lun...

Our kids, sisters and missionaries are all together serving with hearts full of love!.

Our Vacation Bible School was a perfect way to kick off the 2017 year!

Our first ever youth retreat...we cannot believe we have so many children who are now teenagers!

Check out our guest, Fr. Vitaliy, who teaches us, prays with us and has been a blessing for our mission since he came!

All Saints Day in Magadan! Let the holiday season begin- Pay it forward, pray for others and show compassion this holida...

Feast Day of St. Francis

Fr. Mike spreading some Christmas cheer!