Optina Monastery

Optina Monastery

The Optina Pustyn is an Eastern Orthodox monastery for men near Kozelsk in Russia. In the 19th century, the Optina was the most important spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church and served as the model for several other monasteries, including the nearby Shamordino Convent.

It was particularly renowned as the centre of Russian staretsdom.HistoryIt is not clear when the monastery was established. Its name is probably derived from the Russian word for "living together", possibly because nuns were allowed into the cloister prior to 1504.Most of the monastery buildings were erected at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, when the monastery was being renovated as a ce

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Спаса Нерукотворного пустынь - матушка Сепф Спаса Нерукотворного пустынь - матушка Сепф
ул. Монастырская 33, монастырь Спаса Нерукотворного пустынь, с. Клыково
Kozelsk, 249702

Официальная группа монастыря Спаса Нерукотворного пустынь о матушке Сепфоре