Temple of Universe

Temple of Universe

The Temple of All Religions or the Universal Temple is an architectural complex in the Staroye Arakchino Microdistrict of Kazan, Tatarstan,Russia.

It consists of several types of religious architecture including an Orthodox church, a mosque, and a synagogue, among others. It is currently under construction, having been started in 1992 by local artist and philanthropist Ildar Khanov. The structure serves as a cultural center and a residence for Khanov and his assistants.Khanov is known for his efforts in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addi

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ОАО "Казанская ярмарка" ОАО "Казанская ярмарка"
Оренбургский тракт, 8
Kazan, 420059

Конгрессы, форумы, конференции, семинары, деловые встречи 8 (843) 570-51-28