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Campus LIFE updated their address. 22/06/2021

Campus LIFE updated their address.

Campus LIFE updated their address. 24/12/2020

Trump's Speech Was Hidden From The Nation, 3415

Listen...and please SHARE! Sponsored by Nobel Gold. CLICK HERE for more info: call 877 646 5347 to see if you qualify.Please Like, Comment, and Share!https:... 09/07/2020

TikTok: Beneath Its Fun Exterior Lies A Sinister Purpose

Stay away from this App! TikTok is a very irresponsible company, dangerous by design. It’s the application of Chinese philosophy on the internet — we want to see everything, know everything, analyze everything without limits — to a West where, apparently, we’re trying to put some kind of limits on it. 08/05/2020

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic The contrast between 1968 and 2020 couldn’t be more striking. They were smart. We are idiots. Or at least our governments are. 12/03/2020

Coronavirus: Ten reasons why you ought not to panic Pandemic does not refer to the lethality of a virus but to its transmissibility and geographical extension. 05/03/2020

A disturbing trend in the modesty discussion - Focus Press Imagine if you will an average, college-aged Christian man. Let’s call him Bill. Bill faithfully attends worship and is involved in a campus Christian group. Nice guy, good knowledge of the Scriptures, striving to be a better Christian. Everybody at church thinks highly of him. Sadly, like the ma...


Dr. Drew Slams Coronavirus Coverage

Sometimes the PRESS is our worst enemy!

Dr. Drew Pinsky joins the panel to discuss how the media has created hysteria over the coronavirus outbreak. He breaks down the actual facts about the virus ... 25/12/2019

Joseph & Mary Interrupted: A Love Story with a Purpose Most of us have an ideal love story in mind. Mine was influenced by Hollywood romance and Disney animated films. … 20/08/2019

Looking for a 'sound congregation?' You'd better skip the one in Corinth | The Christian Chronicle ‘Do you know of a sound congregation in Boca Raton (or Hilton Head, Nashua, Honolulu)? We’re going to be there this weekend.” Jerrie Barber | ViewsI see messages like that posted to Facebook all the time. I wonder what Christians did before social media — or church directories, or telephones... 09/02/2019

Couple Carries Baby with Fatal Brain Disorder Full Term to Donate Organs to Newborns in Need The little angel spent only a week in this world, but her impact on this world will stand the test of time. When 23-year-old Krysta Davis was pregnant with baby Rylei, she received some terrible news during her 18th week. Her baby had been diagnosed with anencephaly, a fatal neurological defect wher...


Are Your Beliefs Biblical?? by Francis Chan

Are you just obeying a popular message? Or are you obeying the truth?

Francis Chan Are Your Beliefs Biblical? Crazy Love Chapter 5 RECEIVE JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR! Choosing to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the mo... 16/07/2016

Why Have We Stopped Protecting Our Daughters? My heart is breaking for our daughters. I am also a bit concerned about possible negative reactions from my readers, however I feel the need to speak out. 26/02/2016

What does the Bible say about OMG? I was sitting at a sporting event, when the lovely, Christian lady beside me shouted, “Oh, my God!” as her child made a mistake.  I cringed inside.  And then I wondered, “does she know?”  Does she know that the Bible tells us not to use God’s name in vain? And honestly, this is not unusual.  […] 08/08/2015

Life In The Fast Lane: How Jesus Died For You Move on, Troll. Nothing to see here. When you die, remember to bring sunscreen and plenty of fluids - it will be very hot! 25/12/2014

Don’t Waste Your University Years

Good thoughts to consider... Life-integrating insight. Life-directing aim. Life-empowering energy. For millions of students these dials are set in this season of life. 11/10/2014

If This Video Doesn’t Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Probably Will… This young man nails it. 25/02/2014

The Husband List: 12 Non-Negotiables | She is MORE Let's be honest ladies, it can be easy to let something slide or dismiss a red flag when a cute guy tells us yummy, fluttery words we want to hear. But is it an ugly situation when we let our hearts get too wrapped up into someone who isn't a keeper. 22/08/2013

Whatever Happened to Modesty? It’s been a while since I’ve seen MTV, but I was flabbergasted. I could not believe the sensuality and decadence I witnessed. Gail and I finally had to turn it off. We just couldn’t take it any more. I am the father of five daughters. So perhaps I’m just a little overly sensitive. But I was shocked… 20/04/2013

It Matters Whom You Marry

Excellent advice for our ladies... My husband and I were once with a youth group. There were three kids sitting across from us at a meal: two guys and a girl. The one guy was a computer geek with glasses. The other one was a college...




Cebu City
Other Religious Organizations in Cebu City (show all)
CHIRO Youth Movement Philippines Inc. - Archdiocese of Cebu CHIRO Youth Movement Philippines Inc. - Archdiocese of Cebu
Cebu City, 6000

CHIRO Youth Movement is a parochial based organization for the children & young people. Our AIM is to "BRING THE CHILDREN AND YOUTH CLOSER TO CHRIST!"

Cebu City Foursquare Gospel Church Cebu City Foursquare Gospel Church
115 Rahmann Street
Cebu City, 6000

Relationship with Jesus Christ, transforming lives through Worship and the Word.

God's People Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar - CLSS God's People Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar - CLSS
Cebu City, 6000

For VisMin prayer guide.

His Dwelling Christian Church Inc. His Dwelling Christian Church Inc.
497-J M Cabigon Street Sambag 1 Cebu City
Cebu City, 6000

His Dwelling Christian church is now transferred on its new location - 497-J M Cabigon Street Sambag 1 Cebu City, Cebu.

Cebu Online Mass Cebu Online Mass
Cebu City

This page was created for everyone who wants to attend Online Mass during this time of COVID-19. We post English or Cebuano masses from different parishes here in Cebu. Please like, and share our page with your friends and family. Thank you and God bless!

International Bible Institute - Cebu Extension International Bible Institute - Cebu Extension
Good Shepherd Street
Cebu City, 6000

Offers a system where-in a church can start it's own Christ centered bible school.

Sabbath School Beginner / Kindergarten/ Primary Class Sabbath School Beginner / Kindergarten/ Primary Class
Victoria Village Tabunok
Cebu City, 6045

Tabunok Seventh Day Adventist

LHBC Christian Academy Incorporated LHBC Christian Academy Incorporated
San Remigio
Cebu City, 6011


Light and Life Christian Fellowship-LLC Light and Life Christian Fellowship-LLC
Cebu City, 6000

A pioneering church in Lapu-Lapu City. Located at Deca 5 Homes, Basak, LLC

Bible believer baptist church paril Bible believer baptist church paril
Paril Cebu
Cebu City, 6000

Welcome to the page of Bible believers Baptist Church Paril ,Cebu city anybody can visit us at any time no matter what religius beliefs they have.

Krammavism Krammavism
Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu
Cebu City, 6000

Hello, do you have time to talk about Cheezus? Cheezus is our prophet, a Ginebra San Miguel delivery man who visits every Monday to give free calendars.