Cebu Redemptorist Urban Mission Team

Cebu Redemptorist Urban Mission Team



Oh Lord Almighty! You have suffered death at the cross for our sins. Oh Holy Cross of Jesus! be my true light. Oh Holy Cross of Jesus! fill my soul with good thoughts. Oh Holy Cross! help me in my salvation. Oh Holy Cross! safeguard me against unholy thoughts and worldly dangers that I may worship the Holy Cross of Jesus of Nazareth crucified. Have pity on me. Oh Holy Cross of Jesus! be my hope. Oh Holy Cross have mercy on me forever and ever. Amen.
In honor of the Precious Blood of Jesus and His fearful Death and Resurrection and His Glorification which leads to everlasting life. As true as Jesus is born on Christmas and crucified on Good Friday. As true as St. Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus down from the cross. As true as Jesus ascended into heaven. May He preserve me from my enemies both visible and invisible forever and ever. Amen.
Lord Almighty, into Your hands I give my soul and my body. Oh Lord Jesus! grant me strength to bear the cross as Yourself. Teach me to bear it with great humility that the Blessed Virgin may fill me with the Holy Spirit. Preserve my soul and lead it to life everlasting. Amen.

*This prayer was found in the sepulcher of the Lord Jesus in the year 1709 and was sent by the Pope to Emperor Charles on the eve of his departure to fight his enemies and by him sent to St. Michael in France.
September 10,2020

Father Agustín Nistal García,C.Ss.R.

As a child, Fr. Agustin Nistal Garcia, helped his father in working in the field. Her mother received a solid religious formation. "From my earliest years, I showed inclination to follow an ecclesiastical career, and when they asked me what would I want to be: «I will be priest"”» He confessed to his father Nicolas on June 04, 1894 that "I would also be a Redemptorist” .

“Born with a great heart, he remedied all the needs that he met along the way. He was truly pious and understanding". "On Sunday and Thursday mornings, he gave to all the beggars who knocked at the door” .

Called to live for God, he made his first profession of the vows as a Redemptorist on July 22, 1898 , and was ordained a priest on the 28th of December 1903 . He began his missionary life in Lourosa, Portugal, returned to Spain and later came to Mexico on May 23, 1911, where he encountered an immense abandonment lived by the poor families in almost across the country.

Like St. Alphonsus, he received God's call to be a founder. He founded the Congregation of Missionaries of our Lady of Perpetual Help to evangelize Mexico and the whole world, both the baptized Christians and the 'Indians and Blacks' who have never heard of the message of God.

“To glorify God through the salvation of souls, this Congregation will not be limited to the sanctification of its members, it will also seek holy zeal, as indicated in its objectives, to spread all over the world the doctrine of Christ, by making it known to the utmost of our capacity, most especially to those who do not know anything about it by instructing the divine teachings to the children, the rude and the ignorant people as we teach those who do not love Godto loveHim, and to set ablaze sacred fire of charity in the hearts of all” .He bequeathed to his congregation a great love and trust for the Blessed Virgin: "Confidence that is manifested through habitual recourse to her before starting any work, by praying a Hail Mary to ask for her motherly blessing, the grace to do everything in union with her and in lively imitation of her spirit with total hope in herPerpetual Help” .

Fr. Nistal considered the interior life as the very core in the life of consecrated persons. He expressed this in the following manner: "You must love interior life as the apple of your eyes,” . “Without interior life, there is no solid progress, there are few merits and there is absolute powerlessness to reach perfection and the full reign of God in us …”

He was called to join our Father in heaven on January 3, 1951 in Pamplona, Spain See Less
September 8


GOSPEL: Matthew 1, 1-16, 18-23
"All this happened to fulfill what the Lord said through the prophet: 'The virgin shall be with child and give birth to a son, and they shall call him Emmanuel,'" (v.22-23)

🎶"Peace O bright Mother of Mercy
So pure and so brave
We honor your virtue
And dignity praise🎶

🎶Every angel salutes you,
The Earth calls you blessed
We look to you Mother,
For mercy and rest
Ave! Ave! Blessed one.🎶
(Lyrics from "Blessed One" by Aaron Thompson)

We cannot separate our existence from our mothers. The same is true with Jesus, the life of our Blessed Mother will always be part and parcel of His human and Divine life. All of our devotions to our Blessed Mother will always lead to Jesus.

Birthday is one of the special occasions that we find it very important to celebrate. It is a celebration worth savoring, with the people who are special in our lives. Since today, we celebrate the Birthday of our Blessed Mother, we are called to celebrate with her since all of us are important to her life. As Christians, we are called to acknowledge and love her as our Mother. May we respond to her love by loving more her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Birthday is also a celebration of creation. Since we celebrate this month the Season of Creation, we are to ask the intercession of our Blessed Mother, the New Eve, the Queen of Creation, to plant and grow in our hearts Ecological Love and Concern for the common good of our home, Earth.

Prayer: (earliest Christian prayer of our BVM 250AD)
Beneath your compassion,
We take refuge, O Mother of God:
do not despise our petitions in time of trouble:
but rescue us from dangers,
only pure, only blessed one. Amen

September 4:
A Blessed Solemnity of
to all the members of the

In moments of sorrow and trial the Christian people have frequently turned to Mary for comfort and assistance. Today’s commemoration of the Augustinian devotion to Our Mother of Consolation is an expression of that confidence in Mary’s presence and solace. The devotion was born out of an experience of sorrow and loss, but became a reminder that we are never forgotten or abandoned, never alone.

The title of Our Mother of Consolation has been the principal devotion to Mary within the Order at least since the 17th Century. It’s origin among the Augustinians is directly tied to the life of Saints Monica and Augustine who are commonly depicted together with the figures of Mary and the Child Jesus in interpretations of the image.

The other title of the devotion is Our Lady of the Cincture. According to tradition, Monica, immersed in sorrow because of the death of her husband and the waywardness of her son, was granted a vision of Mary and the Child Jesus, who sought to offer her comfort or consolation. Mary handed her a leather cinture which she asked Monica to wear as a continual reminder of her presence and thus, a visible sign of encouragement. From that moment Monica wore the cincture and, after his conversion, recommended it also to her son as an indication of Mary’s abiding protection.

This, by this same tradition, it became historically, the principal and common symbol for all who follow Augustine’s Rule.

Mary is truly a mother and a sister to us, because as faithful disciple of her Son, she learned well the lessons of selfless love and generous service.

As mother of Consolation she is particularly near to those in need of companionship and comfort.

(cf. Augustinian Missal)
August 30, 2020
Gospel Mt. 16:21-27
"Suffering is the most effective way to show love."
-Bp. Raul Dael

HOMILY | 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 30, 2020
San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral
Tandag, Surigao del Sur

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Ikinalilipay han Dioseses han Calbayog pagsumat han tiarabot nga ordinasyon ha pagkapadi nira Rev. Deacons Jomarie Cabuquit, Martin Serva, ngan Ian Roben Portugaliza.
Ig ampo naton hira samtang nag-aandam hira para hini nga pagkarawat han sacramento han orden.
August 24 | Saint Bartholomew, Apostle

In the New Testament, Bartholomew is mentioned only in the lists of the apostles. Some scholars identify him with Nathanael, a man of Cana in Galilee who was summoned to Jesus by Philip. Jesus paid him a great compliment: “Here is a true Israelite. There is no duplicity in him” (John 1:47b). When Nathanael asked how Jesus knew him, Jesus said, “I saw you under the fig tree” (John 1:48b). Whatever amazing revelation this involved, it brought Nathanael to exclaim, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel” (John 1:49b). But Jesus countered with, “Do you believe because I told you that I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than this” (John 1:50b).

Nathanael did see greater things. He was one of those to whom Jesus appeared on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias after his resurrection (see John 21:1-14). They had been fishing all night without success. In the morning, they saw someone standing on the shore though no one knew it was Jesus. He told them to cast their net again, and they made so great a catch that they could not haul the net in. Then John cried out to Peter, “It is the Lord.”

When they brought the boat to shore, they found a fire burning, with some fish laid on it and some bread. Jesus asked them to bring some of the fish they had caught, and invited them to come and eat their meal. John relates that although they knew it was Jesus, none of the apostles presumed to inquire who he was. This, John notes, was the third time Jesus appeared to the apostles.

St. Bartholomew, pray for us.

Source: www.FranciscanMedia.Org

CRUMT is a sub-unit of SAAFCO-Redemptorist, formed as a new pastoral initiative that responds to the special pastoral needs of the urban communities.

Operating as usual


The Provincial Vicar makes the Profession of Faith as he assumes the office as the new Provincial Superior of the C.Ss. R. Cebu Province. CONGRATULATIONS Fr. Edilberto Cepe , CSsR.

The Provincial Vicar makes the Profession of Faith as he assumes the office as the new Provincial Superior of the C.Ss. R. Cebu Province. CONGRATULATIONS Fr. Edilberto Cepe , CSsR.


August 28 | St. Augustine of Hippo

A Christian at 33, a priest at 36, a bishop at 41: Many people are familiar with the biographical sketch of Augustine of Hippo, sinner turned saint. But really to get to know the man is a rewarding experience.

There quickly surfaces the intensity with which he lived his life, whether his path led away from or toward God. The tears of his mother, the instructions of Ambrose and, most of all, God himself speaking to him in the Scriptures, redirected Augustine’s love of life to a life of love.

Having been so deeply immersed in creature-pride of life in his early days and having drunk deeply of its bitter dregs, it is not surprising that Augustine should have turned, with a holy fierceness, against the many demon-thrusts rampant in his day. His times were truly decadent: politically, socially, morally. He was both feared and loved, like the Master. The perennial criticism leveled against him: a fundamental rigorism.

In his day, Augustine providentially fulfilled the office of prophet. Like Jeremiah and other greats, he was hard-pressed but could not keep quiet. “I say to myself, I will not mention him/I will speak in his name no more/But then it becomes like fire burning in my heart/imprisoned in my bones/I grow weary holding it in/I cannot endure it” (Jeremiah 20:9).

St. Augustine of Hippo, pray for us.



Memorial of SAINT MONICA,
Holy Woman
August 27

Mothers and wives especially those having difficulties with husbands, in-laws and delinquent children

Most of what we know about St. Monica is in her son Augustine's famous work, "The Confessions". She was born in 332 in Tagaste, Numidia, Roman Empire, now part of Algeria in Africa. Although a Christian, she was married in her young age to Patricius, a pagan, respectful of her piety, but was usually hot-tempered and uncooperative. He was like his mother who lived with them but Monica was very patient with them and she always prayed for their conversion. Her prayers were answered and Patricius was baptized a year before his death.

They have three children who survived infancy and the eldest of them was Augustine. At the age of 17, soon after the death of his father, while studying in Carthage, he fell into the heresy of Manichaenism which believes that all matter is evil. He also lived an immoral life, adding much sorrow to his mother. She frequently prayed and fasted for him, drew closer to him and she was consoled by the words of a bishop: "The son for whom those many tears were shed will never be lost." At the age of 29, Augustine decided to teach rhetoric in Rome and she followed him there, as well as in Milan where they met St. Ambrose, the bishop who was very instrumental in his growth in faith. There she offered food and wine for the saints as she petitioned for her son's conversion but soon humbly gave up this practice upon the suggestion of the bishop. Her sacrifices and supplications were rewarded at last when her son was baptized in the Easter Sunday of 387, and soon decided to go back to Africa. After nine days, she died in Ostia. She told her son: "Nothing in this world gave me much delight. All my hopes in this world is already fulfilled."

According to Thomas Merton, the eighth capital sin must be the sin of "HASTE". We are always impatient, we loathe waiting and we want things to be done hurriedly. This must be very true as our world improves technologically, we create machines that will produce a lot of products in a short time, we want everything to be 'instant', we want immediate information that we have shortened our attention span like what we usually do in social media. If one does not catch our attention in a click, we simply scroll down and look for another. There is no problem with the sense of urgency, it is just that it becomes a 'sin' when we avoid PROCESSES that will bring us GROWTH. St. Monica was very patient in asking for her husband and son's conversion that it seemed a lifetime for her but she never gave up. She is like the widow in the Gospel whom the unjust judge finally granted justice because of her persistence. Monica waited for God's plans to unfold and she willingly allowed herself to go through the process. Like her, when it seems that God is very silent in our prayers, when hope seems to be out of sight, may we always hold on to our FAITH that God will never abandon those who love Him and those with the desire that His will be done.

O God, who console the sorrowful and who mercifully accepted the motherly tears of Saint Monica for the conversion of her son Augustine, grant us, through the intercession of them both, that we may bitterly regret our sins and find the grace of your pardon. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

(Collect Prayer for the Memorial of St. Monica)

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Masulob-on ang among kasingkasing sa imong pagpanaw ate Ledith. Hinaot malinawon ka ug malipayon sa imong biyahe balik sa atong magbubuhat ug ang Inahan sa Kanunayng Panabang mao ang magdala kanimo atubang balik sa iyang Anak nga si Jesus. Pahulay nga dayun ihatag kanimo ug ang kahayag nga walay pagkapalong modan-ag kanimo. We missed you ate Ledith.


Cebu Redemptorist Urban Mission Team


RIMT nagpahigayon sa Dalan sa Krus......Santa Maria Dei Monti Mission House, Tubigon, Maramag, Bukidnon.


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Clean Hands, Clean Hearts.


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500 years christianity celebration


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Feast Day St Therese of the Child Jesus
October is the Month of the Holy Rosary


500 yrs christianity


LS Meeting , Reporting Different AU
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Happy Feast of Mary, Our of the Sacred Heart, Patrones of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Daughtersof Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Missionary Sisters Heart, Chevalier Family Lay Associate.

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Clean Hands, Clean Hearts.
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150years of making her known A mandate of pope Pius IX




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