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[03/16/20]   Trying times.
Hold your families close and your elderly closer. Praying for all of you guys. Let us pray together for each other. And do acts of little love.

cruxnow.com 05/11/2019

Priesthood is a gift, not a job, pope says

cruxnow.com Being a priest is not a job or fulfilling an employment contract but is a gift from God that should be contemplated and treasured as such, Pope Francis said.


San Carlos Seminary College

happy birthday msgr. rudy...


Youcat PH

The job of a priest can be exhausting, demanding and thankless. Although they might seem like superheroes, our priests need us to support, help and encourage them. Here are 7 ways you and I can help our priests in their mission:

1. Pray for Them

Pray a daily Rosary for your parish priest and encourage others to pray with you. Contact your priest and let him know that you are supporting him through prayer.

2. Live in Unity

Take an active role in your parish community. Attend Mass weekly and become a good steward by offering your gifts of time and talent. Attend parish sponsored events and/or support your parish financially.

3. Manage Your Expectations

Remember your pastor and parish priests are only human and while they would like to be present to support all parish happenings and family celebrations, this may be impossible. Be accepting of your priests. Recognize their individual gifts to the parish. Help your priests by informing them of illnesses and special needs within your community.

4. Avoid Gossip

Come to the banquet of the Lord with a positive attitude and avoid negative talk that may only lead to misunderstandings. Be mindful of how you speak about your parish priest with others, especially around children. If you have a disagreement with your parish priest that cannot be resolved through prayer, honestly and respectfully discuss it with him in private.

5. Appreciate Your Priests

We all need positive encouragement and priests need affirmation too. Tell your priest when you enjoy a homily. Thank him for bringing Jesus to you. Drop him a note or card to thank him for his dedication to the Lord and the Catholic Church.

6. Encourage Vocations to the Priesthood and
Consecrated Life

Help your priests by praying for an increase of vocations. Teach your children and grandchildren to be open to the Holy Spirit and invite young men and women to consider religious life as a vocation. Encourage and support seminaries by spiritually adopting a seminarian. Volunteer your time with the youth of your parish. Prayerfully support the programs offered by the Office of Vocations.

7. Support the Archbishop-Be Obedient

Be a good and faithful steward of the Catholic faith by respecting and supporting decisions from the Archbishop and the Pope. By respecting the authority of the Pope and the Archbishop, you are helping make the job of your parish priest easier. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not; in all ways be mindful of Him, and He will make straight your paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6). God’s ways are higher than ours. Isaiah 55:8-9 says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord. As the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts".

#YoucatPH #LearnFridays


Let us condemn hate... Praying for these poor people victims of false ideologies.

No words to console the bereaved families.



#Pope_Francis kisses the south #Sudan #president and begs for peace.
For the sake of People of God...
Do we have humility??? Priests, religious and laity need to reflect on it....
Call for the Change....
#pope_francis #humble #sudan #people

[04/01/19]   Calling on Batch 1965 to 1970... Please reach out to one of our Alumnus Brother, JOSE 'Bebot' NINAL, he is looking for his batch mates!



Pope John XXIII Seminary Alumni

Entrance Exams are still ongoing. What are you waiting for? Be a Minor Seminarian!



"Friends, if you see a hyprocrite in the church, don't leave the church... don't leave Jesus because of Judas."(Fr. Joseph Christian Pilotin's 7/23/2017 homily Mass.)
Watch this holy mass video, its message relates nowadays issues regarding some clerics(priests/bishops) of the Catholic Church that involves to scandals and hypocrisies.


The Daily Signal

Many children with gender dysphoria are being prescribed puberty blockers.

This pediatrician says it’s “institutionalized child abuse."


SunStar Cebu

Is it just coincidence that someone is doing this today when there is so much hate speech going around against the Church and against God?

LIVE: Armed person alarm in Archbishop's Palace


Jesuit Retreat House Cebu

We are happy to announce the opening of Reservations for the weekend retreat HEALING THE INNER CHILD.

This stay-in weekend of self-discovery and self-recovery is scheduled to begin at 9am on August 18, and it will end at 4:00pm on August 19, 2018.

Pegged at an all-inclusive fee of P2,500.00 per person, this retreat is open to anyone: lay, religious and clergy.


Pope John XXIII Seminary Alumni

a video collage prepared by Jeremiah Gandionco for "Sing for the Love of Pope John XXIII". The photos were scanned from various yearbooks of the different batches of the seminary.



"Friends, if you see a hyprocrite in the church, don't leave the church... don't leave Jesus because of Judas."(Fr. Joseph Christian Pilotin's 7/23/2017 homily Mass.)
Watch this holy mass video, its message relates nowadays issues regarding some clerics(priests/bishops) of the Catholic Church that involves to scandals and hypocrisies.


ANC 24/7

"The most hypocritical institution in this country is the Catholic Church." President Duterte has said many strong words about the Catholic Church. Here are some of his criticisms and controversial remarks:


Catholic-Link English

Who is a priest? A beautiful description by a holy priest.


Life Stories

Today Liam Neeson turns 66!

Every action hero has an origin story; this is Liam Neeson's


Stumble & Rise

Not good at all

Ugh: A #FilipinoAmerican family was told to "go back to your country," this time at Lucky Supermarkets in #DalyCity, CA.

A woman begins harassing the family (including their 5 year old) in the checkout line. It's amazing she feels entitled to spew racial hatred directly, loudly and publicly. We know this happens all the time, across America, but let's spread this to increase awareness.
📷: instagram.com/jennyveladera
📝: instagram.com/angryasianman


Reposting From Fr. Eric Jecong


Climate Reality

There’s a big plan in the works to save our planet. (via The Years Project)


Cebu Port Authority

That's why we need the TRAINE TAX.

Build! Build! Build! 👊👊👊

Only 3-4 years to build an iconic bridge!

Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway! Way to go Cebu!

Thank you CCLEX!



Click the link to see the relic's itinerary



Episcopal Commission on Seminaries

Most Rev Gerardo Alminaza, D.D., Bishop of San Carlos and Chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Seminaries, during his talk entitled ‘Synthesis: Towards an Updated Ratio Nationalis’


Episcopal Commission on Seminaries

The National Conference was a moment of learning and sharing. God bless and have a safe trip to all participants!
Prayers for everyone!


In The Know Innovation

Meets the guys working out of a backyard shed to give free 3D-printed prosthetics to kids around the world ❤️️


NBC News

WATCH: "We are killing our planet. Let us face it: There is no Planet B.”

French President Macron addresses Congress on climate change. nbcnews.to/2FfWZ7v



It'd be painful to watch if it wasn't so funny.

[04/22/18]   A priest gets a haircut in the barbershop. When he is about to pay, the barber says, "Father, you're our pastor, a man of the cloth. Your haircut is free. Go in peace!” The priest profusely thanks the barber and leaves. The next day, the barber is surprised to see 12 gold coins magically appearing on the doorstep of his shop.

A week after, a Jewish Rabbi comes in to have his beard trimmed, and when he goes to the cashier to pay, the barber tells him, "Please, no money. You're a spiritual leader of the Jewish people. Shalom!" The next day, 12 diamonds appear on the doorstep of the shop.

The following week, the town mayor comes in, gets a haircut, goes to pay and the barber says, "No, mayor, you are a good man, the leader of this town. I can't take any money from you. Have a nice day!" The next day, magically appearing on the doorstep of the barbershop are the 12 town councilors – waiting for a free haircut!



This little boy cried as he asked the Pope if his atheist father had made it to heaven



Lagpas dalawang dekada nang naninirahan sa Pilipinas ang madre kaya't marami ang nagulat nang bigla siyang idetene ng mga tauhan ng BI.



71yrs old. 25yrs in the country. Renewing ger credentials every year. Nabbed by 6 men.

WATCH | Pinalagan nina Manila Bishop Broderick Pabillo at ang tinaguriang running priest na si Fr. Robert Reyes ang pag-aresto kay Sr. Patricia Fox, ang madreng Australian na dinampot ng BI ngayong araw. Dalawampu't-pitong taon nang naninirahan sa Pilipinas ang madre. Napag-alaman na isa siyang human rights advocate.

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Be blessed with this story.




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