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REVOLUTION YOUTH OTARA | Fridays | 5:30pm | Te Puke O Tara Community Hall Revolution Youth is about mobilizing and empowering a generation of young people to radically revolutionize their worlds with the love of Christ.

Operating as usual


Yozzah! That's us guys this week Friday ❤️

Let the countdown begin!


Leaving Gladding PLC 615PM. Bring your $5 for the Bus.

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#RVLTNOTARA will be hanging out at 27 DISSMEYER DRIVE, CHAPEL DOWNS, from 5:30pm.

Why don't you come join us for a BBQ, SPORTS and a rematch - !!WATER FIGHT!! - done at DISSMEYER PARK!

Invite a friend or 5! Be there!
#RevolutionOtara #SocialNight #ItsBoutToGoDown


5 days away! It's going to be legit!!



Just when you thought it was all over... THE UPRISING is 6 days away!!
#GetReady #InTheWild

[11/11/15]   Revolution Youth Otara is at Te Puke Otara Community Centre this FRIDAY. We have the amazing Fay Setu joining us so invite a friend or Five!

See you there.

6pm || Te Puke Otara || #RVLTNYTH


It's FRIYAY tomorrow! End your term with the biggest party in South Auckland for only $5! The Uprising is happening tomorrow at Gladding Place from 7PM, get you and your friends there!

Gladding Place | 7PM | $5 entry


TWO MORE DAYS! Make sure you get you and your friends along to The Uprising! Bus details coming soon!

Gladding Place | 7PM | $5 entry


We're all together this Friday at THE UPRISING! Bring your friends along for a crazy night. We have tribal wars, the Revolution Band, FOOD! And the legend himself, Ben Greenwood sharing.

Gladding Place @ 7PM


Get yourself to Revolution Youth Otara! We're back at Te Puke hall next to the Rec Centre so come and hang out, have some fun and join the movement!

5:45 | Te Puke Hall | #movementmaniacs


W E D N E S D A Y they've been in your schools but the party doesn't stop there! This Wednesday at the Vodafone a Events Centre join us for the Revolution Tour rally night!

7:30PM // $10 // this Wednesday

Make sure you are at the Night Show this Wednesday night at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau • 7.30pm • $10 • Buses available.


It's almost FRIDAY! 🙌🏽 come and hang with us tomorrow night at Te Puke hall from 5:45PM. Games, music, free rides home, selfies and the coolest people you'll ever meet 😏


We're back! Revolution Youth Otara are back in the neighbourhood if you're looking for something to do this Friday, we gotchu! 5:30PM @ Te Puke Otara Hall - meet yah there!


“My friends and I used to get up to a lot of trouble, I would lie to my mum and go out and steal cars for fun. One time things got really bad, we ended up being caught by the police and had to sit down with them and our families. In the meeting I saw my mum break down and cry. I could see that I had hurt her really bad…I had to ask myself “was this really who I am?” the answer was no. I realised that I was just trying to be all ‘that’ and impress my friends. Tonight I want to encourage you to not let your friends define who you are, God made you different so you can stand out! Since I’ve given my heart to God He’s made me realise I was born to be different and helped me to be comfortable in being different. I am proud to be a child of God!”

Otara | Friday 31 July 2015 31/07/2015

Otara | Friday 31 July 2015


Don't forget this Friday the Revolution is back!

And we're back again this Friday! Come and join us at Gladding for another epic night in The Revolution!

G L A D D I N G | 5:45 P M


And we're back again this Friday! Come and join us at Gladding for another epic night in The Revolution!

G L A D D I N G | 5:45 P M


Get some of The Revolution at home, on the bus, at school - wherever! Check out our latest tracks on iTunes or Spotify!


T H I S F R I D A Y!

Launch in to term 3 with us! We're all gathering this Friday with Revolution Youth Mangere and Manurewa @ Gladding Place! We're so excited to see you!

#movementmaniacs #revolutionyouth


If you thought this year's Shout was epic, get yourself to SHOUT 2016! Tomorrow is your last chance to get tickets for only $50!


It's not too late to get here!

Come Party with us for the last Friday of the term!

We're all TOGETHER at Gladding place, Manukau @ 630PM.

Matt Nanai
Kingdom Recruiters



THIS FRIDAY! 🎉 Revolution Youth Manukau is coming together for our end of term party @ Gladding Place starting at 6:30pm 🎊

Bring your friends out for an incredible time with guest performances and giveaway prizes 😱

We can't wait to party with you!


We're finally releasing this single! Grab your download at Shout 2015 🎉

Friday 26th June 2015 30/06/2015

Tag your friends!

Tag your friends!


"I was never confident in myself and my abilities, I could never take risks, I played SAFE with life. I grew up in a Christian household, but I never really had a personal relationship with Jesus. All of that changed when I went to Shout 2011. I was in a session where Israel Houghton spoke on Jeremiah 29:11. He said that nothing surprises God, not my actions not my decisions. That's where I made the decision to give my life to God. Since then, I've been through ups and downs which haven’t been easy, but I've learned to stay in the trust of the Lord through the significant relationships with the people around me. I've learned to seek guidance from them when I need, and to help when others are in need. Thanks to Revolution Youth, I've learnt to step out in courage, even when I'm on my own. Thanks to Revolution Youth, I can speak in confidence knowing that I have a voice for not only myself but for others. "

Incredible testimony of God's transformation! Come to Shout Conference 2015 and experience the revolution!


A Life In The Revolution | EP 1 | Botany Downs Secondary College

A Life In The Revolution | EP 1 | Botany Downs Secondary College



We hope you're ready for a hectic FRIDAY NIGHT!

Don't miss out!

Transport to THE UPRISING and back is only $5.00 - Wow! What a bargain! So make sure you don't forget to bring that with you.
Transport will be leaving at 5:30pm, from Revolution Youth Otara. Don't be late!

See you tomorrow!



You think you know how to party? The biggest party in Auckland City is going down this Friday night! Revolution Youth presents the AKL UPRISING! And we want you there!

$5 | Buses leave from Te Puke O Tara at 5:30pm | Bring your friends


Whaaatttsss uppppp fellow facebookers! Yes, it's that time of the week again where I promote the one and only Revolution Youth! But hey, guess what! Now that I've got your attention, listen up!
This week Revolution Youth Otara will be based in Te Puke Otara Community Hall (A.k.a: Otara Rec Centre) and here, you will have the opportunity to listen to Some amazing performances, testimonies and sermons all for the price of zero dollars cus that's how we roll, For free 😎. Anyways. Make sure to show up at Otara Recreational centre this Friday night at 5:30 for a blast! 🎉
Be sure to tag all of your friends and we'll see you all there! #WeAreTheRevolution #Southx3 #MovementManiacs


“I was standing in a room & across the floor of the room were broken shards of glass. The shards of glass represented things like pain & hurt that I had experienced. God was at the door knocking for me to just let Him in, but instead I kept walking over those shards of glass. I kept letting the pain & the hurt that I had experienced get in the way of my relationship with God. It was a really defining moment for me because all my life I've always just gone on with life & ignored God because of the anger I had towards Him. But being in an atmosphere like Summer Revolution, really allowed me to see that when I was broken and hurt, God was there for me. It helped me see that, whether I knew It or not, God has always had my back and that it was up to me to decide whether or not I was going to open that door and let him come into my life. Or, whether I was going to allow the pain, the hurt and the anger to take presidency over Him. But you know what, I as an individual decided that I would no longer allow the devil to tell me lies and I would no longer allow my past to define how my future turns out because I am a child of God and intend to keep it that way.”

What an awesome testimony of God's restoration! Romans 8:39 (NIV) "neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."


"Why do you like coming to Revolution Youth?"

"The atmosphere. At school there's so much expectation and pressure to be somebody else, but here you don't need to meet other people's expectation. You're free to be who you really are. I like that!"

This Friday come and join us at Revolution Youth Otara at the Te Puke O Tara hall from 5:30PM


"I've never felt so free in my life. My life has turned around and I'm happy to say my relationship with my dad has come back together. Ever since that day, everything in my life has been falling in to place and I just LOVE my walk with God. I've met so many good people. I've met Tremaine, Brittney and Noah, who have been great inspirations to me. I remember times where I've talked to T-man and he's helped me get through a lot!"

God can turn any situation around. God not only transforms our lives but places people in our life to help us continue the journey!


Tonight we were able to watch an amazing performance by the Falanitama Twins & Shonny Tiatia, followed by a testimony by the man Shonny himself, which was then followed by an amazing word by Fay Setu. God is already accomplishing big things though Otara Hub and no doubt we will see revolutionaries who will be prepared to not only "Stand Out" within the crowds for God, But we will see revolutionaries who are willing to "redefine the meaning of normal." #WeAreARevolution #Southx3 #InTheWild


Come KICK IT. #southx3 #otara



We're back at it again THIS FRIDAY!
Get amongst it and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!
Just when you thought last Friday was great...


Make sure you BRING A FRIEND!

NB: This Friday we won't be in the community hall like last week. Instead we will be in the COMMON ROOM which is right next door, in the same building.



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A Life In The Revolution | EP 1 | Botany Downs Secondary College




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