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We are the Adventist Health Ministries for the NZPUC (New Zealand Pacific Union Conference) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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📣 Families in need of food 📣
There are many amazing organisations distributing food parcels out to families in need during this tough lockdown. Please click on the link to see a list of food bank organisations we have pulled together here ➡️

On Vaccine Mandates 30/08/2021

On Vaccine Mandates

More information on the vaccine, have a read.

On Vaccine Mandates The president of Loma Linda University Health writes, "as an old public health doctor who has worked in vaccination programs for 50 years, I have seen the incredible benefit of vaccines."


Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster has your back!


A Balanced Life - Why Am I here


A Balanced Life - Choice


Dealing Hope Special Edition: COVID Delta


Sabbath Morning Prayer

Sabbath Morning Prayer
Revelation 18
Praying for French Polynesia


A Balance Life - Relying on God


Take it from Sela Alo, a COVID-19 survivor

The Pandemic, Freedom of Conscience, and the Priesthood of All Believers 25/08/2021

The Pandemic, Freedom of Conscience, and the Priesthood of All Believers

The Pandemic, Freedom of Conscience, and the Priesthood of All Believers Adventist scholar reflects on vaccination and the Protestant limits on individual rights.

[08/25/21]   All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:15

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Humour in times of stress can help alleviate the anxiety we may be experiencing. As part of the wellbeing strategy for our NZPUC, our office team voted on their favourite joke of the week. We post it here for you all to enjoy. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your day. 😊

One day a group of scientists got together and decided that man had come a long way and no longer needed God. So they picked one scientist to go and tell Him that they were done with Him.

The scientist walked up to God and said, "God, we've decided that we no longer need you. We're to the point that we can clone people and do many miraculous things, so why don't you just go on and get lost."

God listened very patiently and kindly to the man. After the scientist was done talking, God said, "Very well, how about this, let's say we have a man-making contest."

To which the scientist replied, "Okay, great!" But God added, "Now, we're going to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam."

The scientist said, "Sure, no problem" and bent down and grabbed himself a handful of dirt. God looked at him and said, "No, no, no. You go get your own dirt!"

😊😀😆 We hope you have a great day - NZPUC Office Staff

Photos from Prepare Pacific's post 25/08/2021

Photos from Prepare Pacific's post


A Fono for our Pasifika young people

A Fono for our Pasifika young people


A Balanced Life - God Reflected in me


A Balanced Life - God Living in Me


A fun activity for your bubble :)

Here's a fun activity for you and your bubble! 😷 It's a simple way to help us focus on the positives, so we don't get caught up in our worries or fears. Try it today! Happy hunting whānau 🕵️‍♀️


If you’ve been at a location of interest between the times listed on our website, or have cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms, you need to get a test.

While you’re waiting for the result, you need to stay at home, and not exercise outside, or go shopping. If you were tested because you were at a location of interest, your whole whānau needs to stay at home.

If your test result is positive, you will get a phone call. If your test result is negative, you will get a text, unless you’ve asked to be contacted another way.

The expected turnaround time from getting a swab taken to receiving your results can be between 2-5 days. Laboratories are working hard to minimise the turnaround time for processing tests.

Large numbers of people are getting tested at the moment, which is great, but it means we all have to be patient, and kind 💛

For more information, see the Unite Against COVID-19 website:


New Zealand will remain at Alert Level 4 until 11.59pm on Friday 27 August.

Auckland will remain at Alert Level 4 until at least 11.59pm on Tuesday 31 August, with a review on Monday 30 August.

Anyone with symptoms anywhere in New Zealand should get tested.

You can find locations of interest here:

You can find testing centres including hours of operation here:

Changes to our Alert Levels can be unsettling, and we encourage everyone to continue to reach out to one another during this time. Help is available to you if you need it. You can find more information here:

Stay home, stay safe, be kind.


Need a COVID-19 test?

• If you were at a location of interest, at the specified times, or have cold and flu symptoms, please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on testing.

• If you don't have symptoms, don't go for a test unless you've been asked to get one.

• You don't have to visit a community testing centre - your GP can also test you. Just give them a call in advance so they can prepare.

• If you need a test, you won't have to pay for it, no matter where it is taken.

• When you go for a test, please wear a mask, scan in using the QR codes located on site and if possible take your NHI number with you. This is likely to speed up the process.

• You’ll be able to find your NHI number on a hospital letter, a prescription or prescription receipt. The Ministry has also established a new 0800 number to find out: 0800 855 066.

• You’ll still get a test if you can’t provide an NHI number, but it makes it easier for staff if you bring it along. And don’t worry – your details won’t be shared with anyone else.

• Remember to be kind to the staff. They're working as quickly as they can.

• Anyone awaiting a test result or who is a close contact should be self-isolating and not leaving the house for any reason, until they receive a negative test result or until they’re cleared by public health staff.

Find out more about self-isolating:

Find a community testing centre in your area:


A Balanced Life - Am I accepted by God


Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health, receives his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

We ask that you all consider getting vaccinated, but as always the choice is yours.


There is assistance available for anyone who needs it.

Workplace wellbeing during Covid-19 22/08/2021

Workplace wellbeing during Covid-19

Workplace wellbeing during Covid-19


There are current locations of interest in Auckland, Coromandel and Wellington.

Keep checking the locations of interest page, as these are updated regularly:

If you have been at a location of interest during the relevant time, please get a test immediately, self-isolate and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453. If you were not at the location of interest at the relevant time, you do not need to be tested.

For those who have been at a location of interest during the relevant time, it is likely you will need more than one test, so you must continue to isolate until you have spoken to Healthline. They will advise you and your household members on what you need to do. Please follow their advice to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Please note that all locations prior to 7 August have been removed because they are no longer considered to be locations of interest. If you were at one of these locations, you only need to get tested if you have symptoms


📌 #COVID19 Update DAY 4 | 21 August 2021
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director of Public Health Dr Caroline McElnay provided an update on the current COVID-19 outbreak this afternoon.

#Remember to get tested if you were at a location of interest, or if you have symptoms -

🔸 You can book your Pfizer vaccination here:
🔸 See here for testing locations
🔸 Make sure you wear a face mask
🔸 Expect a long wait, so take water/food
🔸 Please be patient and kind to health workers
🔸 If you have any questions call Healthline Free in 08003585453

Photos from Papsda Community's post 21/08/2021

Photos from Papsda Community's post


Sabbath Morning Prayer

Sabbath Morning Prayer - Revelation 17


If you feel scared, threatened, or unsafe, please call us on 111. If you can’t call, message a friend and ask them to call us. Or if you’re in immediate danger, leave the house, then ask someone for help.

Police are here for you 24/7. We’ll take the first step with you.

Reach out, you deserve to be safe -


New Zealand will remain at Alert Level 4 until 11.59pm on Tuesday 24 August with a review on Monday to determine next steps.

At Alert Level 4 you can only leave home to shop for groceries, access necessary healthcare, get a COVID-19 test, exercise in your local area, or go to work if you are working in an Alert Level 4 service and cannot work from home. Only make physical contact with those in your household bubble.

You legally must wear a face covering if you are a customer or an employee involving customer contact at a business or service operating at Alert Level 4.

If you have been at a location of interest or have symptoms, immediately self-isolate and get a test.

You can find locations of interest here:

You can find testing centres here:

The health system is still operating. If you need healthcare, you can access care the same way you normally would. If that is your GP, give them a ring. If that’s Healthline, ring free on 0800 611 116. In an emergency immediately dial 111.

Be patient, be kind, stay informed.

Vaccination: Biblical-Theological Reflection - Adventist Health Ministries 20/08/2021

Vaccination: Biblical-Theological Reflection - Adventist Health Ministries

Vaccination: Biblical-Theological Reflection - Adventist Health Ministries Jiří Moskala, ThD, PhD Dean of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology The word vaccination does not occur in the Bible as is the case with many other important health terms like vitamins, transfusion, high blood pressure,...


Further media update at 3pm

There are 11 new cases of COVID-19 in the New Zealand community to confirm today. This brings the total number of cases associated with the current Auckland community outbreak to 31. All cases have or are being transferred safely to a managed isolation facility, under strict infection prevention and control procedures, including the use of full PPE.

Of the 11 new cases, eight are in Auckland and three are in Wellington. The three in Wellington had recently travelled to Auckland and visited a location of interest there.

The international Air New Zealand crew member, reported yesterday, has now been confirmed as a border-related case, and not linked to the Auckland outbreak, based on the results of whole genome sequencing.

Nineteen cases are now confirmed as part of the Auckland outbreak, with the remaining 12 under investigation to confirm the linkage to the outbreak. Initial assessment shows in most cases there is a plausible link.

Of the 11 new community cases reported today:

• One case is in a family bubble with a case reported yesterday
• One case is in a family bubble with a case reported on Wednesday
• One case is in a family bubble with a case also reported on Wednesday
• Two of the cases we are reporting today are also in a family bubble together.

Public health officials are currently conducting interviews to establish how the new cases were infected and to determine further details of their movements. We will continue to release this information as it becomes available.

In addition, there are two new cases in recent returnees in a managed isolation facility.

⏺️ Testing

Our advice remains the same - please only get tested if you are a contact, have visited a location of interest at the specific date(s) and time(s), or have cold and flu symptoms. It is imperative we prioritise testing for these groups.

Yesterday, 27,899 tests were processed across New Zealand.

Testing centres in Auckland had their busiest day ever, by more than 50 percent. More than 24,000 community tests were performed across Auckland yesterday, with more than 8,000 at community testing centres and around 16,000 at general practice and urgent care clinics. Police are helping to manage traffic flows at sites.

The Ministry of Health thanks New Zealanders playing their part in complying with Alert Level 4, in getting a test and for their patience at sites while there is high demand. The Ministry also thanks testing staff for stepping up again – these staff are working at pace at the frontline of our COVID-19 response, in high-stress environments, and making personal sacrifices to keep our communities safe.

There are 13 community testing centres available for testing across Auckland today, including seven pop-up community testing centres at Narrow Neck, St Lukes, Wairau Valley, St Johns, Albany, Mângere East, and Pakuranga Heights. There is additional dedicated testing for Avondale College staff, students and whânau, who are considered to be close contacts. Additionally, around 2,600 swabs have been taken onsite from Auckland City Hospital staff and all have been negative so far, following a fully vaccinated staff member working onsite while unknowingly potentially infectious with COVID-19.

All community testing centres in Auckland are continuing to operate extended hours and many will remain open until 8pm today.

Pop-up testing sites remain open in Coromandel Township, Thames, and Hamilton – and testing capacity is being surged to increase throughput at sites. Yesterday, Waikato DHB’s laboratory processed nearly 2,600 (2,590) tests and all returned a negative result.

In Wellington, COVID-19 testing is under way, with a range of sites already in place, and are ensuring additional testing capacity is available, if needed.

All DHBs are ensuring there is good access to testing across the regions. Further locations, including in rural areas, are being actively considered for expanding the geographical spread of testing to help determine whether there has been any undetected transmission to date.

For up-to-date information on all testing locations nationwide, visit

The total number of COVID-19 tests processed by laboratories to date is 2,612,235.

The seven-day rolling average is 9,085.

⏺️ Wastewater

COVID-19 was detected in wastewater samples collected on Wednesday from the Waitakere area in Auckland. This follows detection in the sample from Tuesday.

There have been no unexpected detections to report outside the Auckland region.

⏺️ Whole genome sequencing, Crowne Plaza

The latest preliminary results from the recent whole genome sequencing of 10 test results completed last night show that of the community cases sequenced to date all are linked with the series of cases associated with case A.

Separately the Air New Zealand crew member has been linked to three other cases in managed isolation in a different facility. These four cases are not linked to the community cluster of cases and have a separate origin from overseas.

The community cases are genomically linked to a case in managed isolation who stayed in the Crowne Plaza. Whole genome sequencing has also linked three cases in a family bubble next door to that original MIF case. As a result, public health officials are now arranging further testing for those returnees who have now left, or due to depart, who were on the same floor.

ESR has noted that these whole genome sequencing results are preliminary, and that additional analysis will be carried out before they are finally confirmed.

⏺️ Contact tracing

As of 9am today, 1,189 individual contacts had been identified. This number excludes contacts from large settings, such as Avondale College and the Central Auckland Church of Christ, which are still being assessed.

Most of these contacts are in the Auckland and Waikato regions, with a proportion located in other areas throughout the rest of North Island and South Island. As of 9am today, 642 contacts were in the Auckland and Waikato regions, 149 contacts were located throughout the rest of New Zealand, and the location of the remaining contacts is still being confirmed.

The total number of contacts across the country is expected to increase as more locations of interest are identified.

Details of additional locations of interest identified have been added to the Ministry’s website this morning and will be updated progressively. Find out more here:

⏺️ Metro Auckland Hospitals

Hospitals across Metro Auckland are working closely with the Northern Region Health Co-ordination Centre to safely manage anyone in the region needing hospital level care.

This follows a positive case being confirmed as being treated at North Shore Hospital prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19 who could have been unknowingly infectious during their admission.

Patients needing emergency care are being diverted from North Shore Hospital to other Emergency Departments across metro Auckland.

There are approximately 120 staff at North Shore Hospital who were rostered on and may have been in the affected areas at the same time as the positive patient. Of these, 30 had direct contact with the patient, the Ministry understands.

These staff have been stood down and are following public health advice. Testing is being set up at the hospital for staff by local public health officials.

Approximately 107 patients were in the affected areas at the same time as the positive patient. Of these, 29 remain admitted as inpatients and are being isolated and tested for COVID-19. Seventy-eight have been discharged and are self-isolating at home and are being followed-up by public health officials.

Public health officials are closely monitoring the situation and additional support is available for hospitals across Metro Auckland, if needed.

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