Brave Church Hamilton NZ

Brave Church Hamilton NZ


I have tickets for FESTIVAL ONE to give away, 1 student and one child. Pm me 😀
Today was soooooo good. Seriously great!
Good word today. Can't wait for the podcast to listen to it again.
Hey all so me and Carly Ritchie have had an answer to pray this week we were called by housing New Zealand who told us they had a house for us that is ready for us to move into all we had to do was decide whether or not we accept the property offer. So obviously we said yes, we got the papers signed yesterday and the keys handed to us too and today is moving day.

Truly blessed for this to happen for us
Church was amazing on Sunday worship was uplifting and some really awesome songs I've never heard and the sermon was on point!
Brave Gospel Crew! You guys were amazing tonight! Thanks for blessing us here in Auckland at Manurewa Christmas in the Park! What an epic evening! To God be the glory aye! See you guys soon! Much love!
Where is your Church Please.
Greeting from Nepal
Hey fams - how do I find the last two sermons? - without my phone....
Love what this church is doing.

Brave Church was started in 2017. Brave is a New Life Church that is associated with ARC. We are here to help launch you into living the life that God created you for.

You were born on purpose for a purpose.

Operating as usual


Thank you to all those who have called Brave home, and those who have loved and served people for the last 5 years. We have seen many lives changed, and the kingdom expanded as people have found Jesus.

As we step into what is next, here is a short video to let you know what is happening.

Until next time xx

God Bless,
Emille, Darnielle & The Brave Lead Team.


We have child dedications happening in our service tomorrow along with a shared lunch right after the service! Cannot wait to see you there.

Kids check in, is at 9.30 at Zeal.


We loved Sunday with we are recapping yesterday’s message “Make Room” which is part of our Familly Values series.

Make room for One...

There is this story about an old novelist who would regularly go down to the ocean to write. One day as he was walking along the beach, he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?” The boy replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.” “Son,” the man said, “don’t you realise there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference!”
After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said…” It made a difference for that one.

It's so easy to put ourselves into the shoes of the old man, where sometimes we miss out on being able to influence lives around us.

From Luke 15 we see Jesus share three stories highlighting the importance of making a difference for the one.

In the parable of the lost sheep, we see the shepherd leaving 99 sheep to pursue the one that was missing, and when he finds the one he calls on all his friends and they rejoice together.

In the next parable we learn about the widow who had 10 coins and lost one. She turned the house upside down to find that one coin that was lost and when it was found she called her friend and rejoiced because what was once lost has now been found.

Then finally we hear the parable of the lost son. He went and spent all his money on wild living. When he exhausted all he had, he wound up regretting his decision and decided to go back to his father's house and ask to be treated as a slave because even they had better conditions than what he was living through.

As he approached his father's house, his dad saw him from far away and ran to meet him. So overjoyed that his son was back, he threw a celebration because his son that was lost has been found.

Jesus speaks to the people about just how important the "one" is. So important that Jesus shows us that we should do everything we can to make a difference for the one.

There are so many lives around us that sometimes the shear task of making a difference feels overwhelming. Yet despite that, we have the opportunity to partner with God in the change he wants to bring in people's lives.

God's mission is to see his lost son's and daughters come back home.

We have to make room for one.

Will you make room at the table for one more?
Will your family make room in your life for another family?


Tomorrow’s service is still happening 9.30am at Panama Square coffee will be ready. Come and worship with us, connect and do life together. We are also on week 3 of our relationship series “it’s complicated” talking specifically on toxic relationships, and how we can find healing from them.

We are also thinking and praying for all our friends, family and churches in Auckland who head into a 7 day lockdown.

Bless you fam.


New Relationship Series - It's Complicated/But it doesn't have to be!

We kicked off this new relationship series last Sunday! How good was it? We loved the opening quote:
In order for relationships to work, let the One
who designed them define them.

Over this week we want to share some highlights, kicking off with...the 5 steps, and then lies the devil wants us to believe when it comes to relationships.

Step 1: The devil gets us to question God’s Word.
The lie: God’s Word isn’t totally true. "Did God really say that?"

Step 2: The devil scoffs at the negative consequences of sin.
The lie: That choice won’t hurt anything.
Something helpful: Our passion needs parameters

Step 3: The devil accuses God of evil intent.
The lie: Righteousness is boring. Sin is fun.
You will show me the path of life; In Your
presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures
forevermore. Psalm 16:11 NKJV - Scripture fam xx You know, the most loving thing God does is call us out of our sin.

Step 4: The devil advertises sin as beneficial.
The lie: Your life will be better with you leading it.
Something helpful: Giving up something now for something better later isn’t a sacrifice. It’s an investment.

And last step...

Step 5: The devil uses sin to create shame that destroys our future relationships.
The lie: It’s too late. Run and hide.

We also spoke a little on defensiveness, remorse and repentance...
Repentance is a moment of pain. Being
unrepentant is a lifetime of pain.

We cannot wait for this Sunday with you church!!! We will update you all on whats going to happen if covid levels change.

Bless you.


Church tomorrow, we are carrying on with step 2 in our new relationship series!

9.30am for coffee and Brave Kids check in.
10am service starts 😍

Cant wait to see you at Panama Square fam.

Church tomorrow, we are carrying on with step 2 in our new relationship series!

9.30am for coffee and Brave Kids check in.
10am service starts 😍

Cant wait to see you at Panama Square fam.



We are back for our first in person service THIS SUNDAY, everyone will be at Panama Square including Brave Kids.

Doors open at 9.30, so come for a coffee and chat prior to service starting at 10am.

We can’t wait to see you.


Brave Kids had their first service in our new location for them on Sunday! They loved it, we loved it, and we are so glad they get to have a space of their own each week. Check in at 9.30am downstairs! See you Sunday everyone.


CREW - Tuesday Nights with the Hoods, 7-8.30PM.

Sign up at the link below:



Term 4 starting next week. Check out one of them below, and keep an eye out as we load more crews up.

Sign up Sunday is tomorrow or use the link below to sign up now.


This Sunday we have pastor Sunia Pasi in the Square from Manukau New Life!
Brave Kids has their own NEW location right around the corner, check in begins at 9.30am and will close at 10.10am, after that doors will be locked for the safety of all our children. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday! Don’t forget coffee is available from 9.30am at the Square too, located in the CBD of Hamilton at 14 Garden Place.


Hey Parents of Brave’s an important announcement for this Sunday!


Shoutout to @jimmywashernz and @daniellewasher on launching @freedomchurchnewplymouth today. New church plants are still the most effective way to reach people with the gospel.

@craig.brewer and @bethanypitmanbrewer from our Lead Team were there to support and serve as well.

#archurches @arcchurchesau

Shoutout to @jimmywashernz and @daniellewasher on launching @freedomchurchnewplymouth today. New church plants are still the most effective way to reach people with the gospel.

@craig.brewer and @bethanypitmanbrewer from our Lead Team were there to support and serve as well.

#archurches @arcchurchesau


9.30 tomorrow morning, come hang out with us at church.

14 Garden Place at Panama Square
in Hamilton’s CBD.


Tomorrow we are kicking off in person services at a new venue | Panama Square in town located at 14 Garden Place. Right opposite the library.

9.30am for coffee
10am service starts.

We are excited that in this new season we are shifting into a different pace of ministry.

Over the last few weeks it's been incredible to realise the shift we had to make to stop doing stuff for God, and to embrace living life with God.

We'd love you to join us, not because we want you to do something, but so that we can build a family, with God at the centre.

Photos from Brave Church Hamilton NZ's post 28/09/2020

So grateful that @emillehoods & @we_the_hoods and some of our team could hangout with @sambayly & @michellebaylynz and @o2churchnz this past Sunday.

We are a part of 80+ @newlifechurches around our nation.

So important that during these times you find a tribe that you can roll with. People don't have to be the same as you, but you gotta be good with doing life together.

Find your crew, or a small group you can be real with, it will make you a better version of you.


September - what a month it’s been, with only one more Sunday to go (tomorrow 😜)

Enjoy your weekend church, we cannot wait time hang with you at O2 Church tomorrow.


This Sunday 27 September 2020

Hey everyone,

This Sunday join us in Tauranga at O2 Church located at 19 Amber Crescent.

DM us for more info.


September 2020

It's the first day of Spring, we've been pretty quiet on our social media platforms, but we've been working away on some exciting new things! First up, here is what is coming up for the month of September.

Timeline Photos 11/08/2020

As you come to terms with situations that you face, remember, the Holy Spirit working in you is the antidote to the fear that wants to overpower you.

As you come to terms with situations that you face, remember, the Holy Spirit working in you is the antidote to the fear that wants to overpower you.


For the month of August we have Sunday Connect happening at Vision College, this is something new as we prepare to RE-LAUNCH Brave! We would love to have you along to learn who we are, our values, why we are here, and how you can be part of that. For more info, DM us.

#churchplant #newlifechurches #growth #healthy #deeper #kingdom #makeadifference #notyournormal #church #hamilton #newthings


At every crew happening this week we are going to be looking at our church values! We can’t wait to share in homes the “why” behind many of the things that we do, over the coming weeks you will find out what drives us! If you haven’t signed up to a crew yet, there is still time! DM us for more info. The first 2 crews kick off tonight (Tuesday) one at 6pm and one at 7.30. KIDS are welcome too.

#bravevalues #bravepeople #crews


You were meant to do life in community. Here’s a strategy to help make that happen! @ Hamilton, New Zealand


Are you coming tomorrow? Church In the Wild series continuing, praise, worship, coffee and Brave Kids! Ain’t nothing better than gathering with our church family on Sundays!

10AM at Rototuna High.


If you haven’t heard already, there is NO 10am Service at our venue this Sunday, BUT church is still on, it isn’t cancelled, instead we are doing church together in homes across our city, that’s right DINNER PARTIES are happening, our team will be in contact with church members to let them know of a dinner party they are invited to go to. If you are reading this and aren’t part of our church, we’d love to include you! DM us right now, let’s chat! There will be food, fellowship, a new church in the wild message from our lead pastor, and desert! Let’s continue being the church outside of a building, God isn’t confined to it, and neither are we!


How will you bring courage to the world around you?

Let your boldness be infectious.


Back in the building today! CHURCH IN THE WILD.


See you soon!

[06/20/20]   Church where you are.

Join us this week for Praise and worship, and a life giving message.

If you're interested in connecting with us or finding out more, simply join the Brave Community Page at

We have programmes for our Brave kids and Pre-teens below.

We'd love to connect with you. Simply drop us a message or complete a connection card here :





That’s right! It’s the weekend which means this week we are BACK! Now come on somebody, we are pumped!! 10AM @ Rototuna High. See you there.


Spent time with our dream team today as we prepare to have “in person” gatherings kicking off from next Sunday! Was the best time reconnecting, worshiping, and praying together, then sharing in the “where to from here” We are blessed with some of Gods best and cannot wait to be together again next week. #vision #vision #vision

[06/13/20]   Welcome to church at your home.

As we continue our series Church in the wild, join us for worship and as we unpack what our part is to be a church in the Wild.

Interested in finding out more about Brave Church? Simply head to or better yet, why don't you check out our community at

We pray this blesses you today.


See you online this Sunday for our final Brave at Home service! We are pumped for the 21st of June Sunday Connects to be starting. Church like we haven’t had before! We will be celebrating on the 21st, so make sure you are there.

[06/09/20]   Here's a replay of this week's message.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us or to join our online community at Brave Church Community.

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New Relationship Series - It's Complicated/But it doesn't have to be!



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