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You can find our stall at Otara Markets nearly every Saturday from 8am to after midday.

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[10/03/21]   God, the One and only Creator – ‘Allah’ in Arabic - has made Islam accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or current situation.

[09/26/21]   The test of one’s faith is in using one’s intellect to contemplate and recognise God’s signs and to live according to His guidance.

[09/19/21]   God describes this life as a test, and people are tested in different ways. We cannot control what happens to us, but we control how we react.

[09/12/21]   God forbids us from worshipping anything else. He does not need any partners or intermediaries.

[09/05/21]   The unique style and message of the Qur’aan is evidence that it is from God.

[08/29/21]   The Qur’aan was revealed in the 7th century and contains many scientific facts that were unknown to the people of that time and have only been discovered recently by contemporary science using modern technology.

[08/22/21]   The Qur’aan is the only sacred text that has been in circulation for a long period of time, yet remains as pure as the day it was revealed (over 1400 years ago) in its original Arabic language.

[08/15/21]   God does not do ungodly acts, as this would mean He is no longer God.


Saturday 14th August
1:30pm to 3:00pm

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[08/08/21]   God always has attributes of perfection and it is outside His nature to do anything that would make deficient such perfection.

[08/01/21]   Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the last in the chain of Prophets, was the perfect example of an honest, just, compassionate and brave human being. He was sent with the final revelation from God, the Qur’aan.

[07/25/21]   Human experiences shows us that something does not come from nothing. It is only rational there be a cause and a beginning.

New Zealand Islamic Information Centre - NZIIC updated their website address. 10/07/2021

New Zealand Islamic Information Centre - NZIIC updated their website address.

New Zealand Islamic Information Centre - NZIIC updated their website address.


Sign up here for free online da'wah training course:

Sign up here for free online da'wah training course:


For men and women who...

[05/02/21]   Men and women all descended from a single person – the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). Islam does not accept for either of them anything but justice and kind treatment.

[04/25/21]   Over fourteen hundred years ago, Islam gave women rights that women in the West have only recently began to enjoy.


Make the masjid a place where children and mothers thrive and feel a sense of belonging

[04/18/21]   Repeatedly humbling oneself before Allaah prevents a person from falling into sin, and is a type of purification for one’s soul.

[04/11/21]   Prayer is the centre of a Muslim‘s life and the best way to achieve submission to Allaah.

[04/04/21]   When prayer is performed correctly with complete concentration, humility and sincerity, it will have an enduring effect on the person, filling his heart with contentment, peace and closeness with Allaah.

[03/28/21]   Prayer establishes a personal and spiritual connection between the Muslim and his Creator, based on faith, love, hope and reverence.

[03/21/21]   The five daily prayers form the most important ritual of worship in a Muslim’s life; one each at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and nightfall.

[03/14/21]   The meaning of the word “zakah”, is both ‘purification’ and ‘growth’. This is similar to the pruning of plants, whereby regularly trimming provides balance and encourages growth.

[03/07/21]   The five pillars of Islam when put into perspective, they contribute to the well being of both the individual and the society, enhancing the character and manners of the individual, and making both society and individuals accountable and closer to Allaah.

[02/28/21]   The five pillars of Islam are practical as well as easy, and the blessings and wisdom behind them are manifold.

[02/21/21]   The five pillars of Islam have been prescribed by Allaah, and a Muslim is required to believe and act according to them.

[02/14/21]   All things belong to Allaah, including wealth, which is considered as a trust. The prescribed charity (zakah) is an obligation on every Muslim who meets certain criteria.

[02/07/21]   Performing the pilgrimage (Hajj) is a temporary suspension of all wordly activities, and is a time for one to reflect, worship, seek the forgiveness of Allaah and attain His closeness.

[01/31/21]   Every year during the month of Ramadaan (the 9th month of the lunar calendar), Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, abstaining from three key human needs – food, drink and sexual relations. One should also abstain from sinful actions.

[01/24/21]   As with any act of worship, fasting requires obedience and submission to Allaah’s commands through the highest degree of commitment and sincerity.

[01/17/21]   Fasting during Ramadaan is obligatory on every physically and mentally capable adult Muslim. Children, the sick, the mentally unfit, the elderly, menstruating women, and travellers are exempt.

[01/10/21]   Pilgrimage to the Holy city of Makkah (in Saudi Arabia) and other sacred sites must be performed at least once in a person’s life, if they are physically and financially capable.

[01/03/21]   The declaration of faith is bearing witness (testifying) that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allaah (God), and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Servant and Messenger.

[12/27/20]   Although the Qur’aan (revealed over 1400 years ago), is not primarily a book of science, it does contain scientific facts that have only been discovered recently through the advancement of technology and scientific knowledge.

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