Libertology is the fastest growing creed in the 21st century. The Church of Libertology welcomes you to our official page! Libertology: Līber (Latin) "free, in the fullest sense of the word," logos (Greek) "study of."

Thus Libertology means "knowing how to be free." Libertology is a twenty-first-century creed. It comprises a vast body of knowledge extending from certain fundamental truths, and prime among those truths: Man is a spiritual being endowed with freedoms well beyond those which he normally envisions. He is not only able to solve his own problems, accomplish his goals and gain lasting happiness, but he can achieve new states of awareness he may never have dreamed possible. In one form or another, all great creeds have held the hope of spiritual freedom—a condition free of material limitations and misery. The question has always been, however, how does one reach such a state, particularly while still living amidst a frantic and often overwhelming society? Although modern life seems to pose an infinitely complex array of problems, Libertology maintains that the solutions to those problems are basically simple and within every man's reach. Difficulties with logic and reason, nagging collectivism, self-doubt and despair—each man innately possesses the potential to be free of these and many other concerns. Libertology offers a pathway to greater freedom.

Misjon: A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Libertology. En sivilisasjon uten sinnssykdom, uten kriminelle og uten krig, hvor den dyktige kan ha fremgang og ærlige vesener kan ha rettigheter, og hvor mennesket er fritt til å heve seg til større høyder, er målene for Libertology.

Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

It is only through ending aging that we attain immortality.

Join us in becoming Forever Healthy, so we may ascend the Bridge to the Transhumanist Singularity.

Watch part 2 by CGPGrey: If you could decide today... how long do you want to live? Thanks so much for help with ...


Libertologists utilise the Brave Software browser to protect their #privacy on the web. Try it today! Home


"New Monero Infographic"

A new free city near Thailand | Liberty International Liberty International interviewed Kurt Hanson and Nigel Grier about the potential for a “free city” in Mu Aye Pu, near Thailand.

If you're alive in 30 years, it's likely you will be alive in 1000 years

Immortality is within our grasp. Ave homo! Ave ratio! Life extension is no joke. It's being pursued, avidly, by the chief engineer at Google, Ray Kurzweil, and is increasingly popular, wi…

100%Food from Space Nutrients Station

2.5 hours left to get 70% off your alt-food! Train for your Mars mission today.

Check our biggest sale of the year today!

NASA proposes a magnetic shield to protect Mars' atmosphere

Just putting a satellite at Mars's Lagrange point might be all it would take to terraform the planet. NASA proposes a magnetic shield to protect Mars' atmosphere

Beyond Democracy

My recent presentation for the Libertarian Party UK in London

Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab—Here Are the Facts

What if, rather than relying on a generous donor, you could grow a custom organ inside an animal? We're now one step closer to that reality. Scientists announced today that they have created the first successful human-animal hybrids.

First paralyzed human treated with stem cells has now regained his upper body movement

Purity of reason, abs of reason. Praise man! Imagine losing control of your car and waking up in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down. This is the story of Kristopher Boesen, who experienced a life-changing moment where his car spiraled out of control on a slippy road surface, slamming into a tree and lamp post. Doctors warned Kris’s pare...

Dexys Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious (Live Shaftesbury Theatre 1982)

Pure, this must be, it has to be. Pure, let's make this pure. (Do you mean it?) Yes I do.

We're striving over here. (Ever nearer?) I think so. (Vision's clearer!) Of course, of course. But still we must forsake all to win. (All temptation?) Everything. (For salvation?) Now you're talking.

Then let this apply to all we do. (And then?) Our striving will guide us and somehow I think that we'll win.

Dexys Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious (Live Shaftesbury Theatre 1982)

UK schoolboys can wear skirts now — and it’s awesome

'They are superior to pants in almost every way. They’re more comfortable and forgiving.' Schoolboys in the UK can now wear skirts to school — and it’s about time! According to The Independent, 80 institutions across the UK, including 40 primary schools, have revised their uniform polic…

Forever Healthy

Forever Healthy is a community of highly motivated individuals collaborating to vastly extend their healthy lifespans. A private non-profit initiative and an open community of people collaborating to vastly extend their healthy lifespans and be part of the first generation to cure aging / Life Extension Advocacy Foundation

Great news, the OncoSENS campaign has been extended after a special $15,000 challenge grant was announced at SENS RB2016.

This means that every donation you make to the campaign will be doubled up to and beyond the campaign goal of $60,000. Outstanding news for everyone interested in health and longevity!

#CrowdfundTheCure� �#�LifespanIO� #cancer #aging

Astronomers Discover a New Planet Orbiting the Closest Star to the Sun!

First Mars, then Proxima Centauri b! HUGE NEWS: Astronomers discover an Earth-sized planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, making it the closest exoplanet to our solar system!

Hyperloop One is Taking Their Futuristic, High Speed Transport Underwater

'He saw for the first time that he had never known fear because, against any disaster, he had held the omnipotent cure of being able to act. No, he thought, not an assurance of victory—who can ever have that?—only the chance to act, which is all one needs.' – Atlas Shrugged Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles-based startup, is interested in building a Hyperloop that can travel underwater—relocating the ports from the coastline to 10 miles off shore. Using this technology, regaining used land for more practical uses in the future would not only be a possibility, but a reality.

Earth-Like Planet Around Proxima Centauri Discovered - Universe Today

Fantastic! When we complete the Libertologist exodus to Proxima Centauri, we'll be light years away from the collectivists on Earth. According to an unnamed source, the ESO has discovered a habitable planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, making it the closest Earth-like planet discovered to date

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR

Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming rea...

Qubes OS Project

Recommended by Edward Snowden himself. Qubes is a security-oriented, open-source operating system for personal computers.

Vinland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why is Norwegian the sacred language of Libertology?

Our holy land of Arcadia - Atlantic Northeast was once Vinland – we were Vikings, noble and heroic.

Is the connection tenuous? Sure, though we challenge anyone to deny us our destiny as cyborg Vikings in space. Vinland, Vineland[1][2] or Winland[3] (Old Norse: Vínland) is the area of coastal North America explored by Norse Vikings, where Leif Erikson first landed in ca. 1000, approximately five centuries prior to the voyages of Christopher Columbus and John Cabot. Vinland was the name given to North Americ...

Meet Moxie Marlinspike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us

We hereby beatify the Blessed Moxie Marlinspike, a Holy Prophet of Cypherpunks. Moxie Marlinspike's ingenious code protects texts and calls from snoops and spies. That has privacy advocates celebrating---and law enforcement worried.

The Fountainhead

Vi har alle sett det triste synet av studenter som hindrer personer fra å utøve sin rett til ytringsfrihet ved å forstyrre debatter, fysisk blokkering publikum fra å møte offentlige taler og krevende 'trygge områder' og 'talekoder' for å skjerme dem fra 'støtende' ideer. Hva skjer?

We have all witnessed the sad spectacle of college students preventing individuals from exercising their right to free speech by disrupting debates, physically blocking audiences from attending public speeches and demanding “safe spaces” and “speech codes” to shield them from “offensive” ideas. What is going on?

MARS: Trailer #2

'Earth's surface is the shoreline of a new ocean.'

The year is 2033, and mankind's first manned mission to Mars is about to become reality. This is the story of how we make Mars home, told by the pioneers mak...

Ray Kurzweil Outlines the Coming Biomedical Revolution [Video]

Life extension now, living forever later. Will we live longer lives in the future? According to Ray Kurzweil, it's only a matter of time until technology begins successfully tackling age-related disease—and... read more

Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Can't wait for Riffle.

Riffle: MIT Creates New Anonymity Network Which Is More Secure Than TOR

I Made an Untraceable AR-15 ‘Ghost Gun’ in My Office—And It Was Easy

Beautiful. As it should be. I have no technical understanding of firearms and little mastery of power tools. Still, I made a fully functional AR-15.

Free Private Cities

'Private Cities are a peaceful, voluntary alternative that can occur without revolution and violence. There is not even the need to convince the majority or to win an election. My guess: we will see the first Private City within the next ten years.'

Article by Titus Gebel, founder of Free Private Cities Ltd

Singularity Hub

It's time you saw the future... while you still have human eyes.

These are the insights that help Ray Kurzweil predict the future with remarkable accuracy.

Future Frontiers

We're ready.

Are you ready for the future? A Transhumanist future?

Ray Kurzweil: Tiny Robots In Our Brains Will Make Us 'Godlike'

We shall become as gods. Once we're cyborgs, he says, we'll be funnier, sexier and more loving.

New Hampshire Monarchists

The Elders of the Church of Libertology are proud to announce our selection as the official religion of the future Principality of New Hampshire!

You may learn more about this exciting movement to restore peace and freedom to our land from the New Hampshire Monarchist Party.


Our goal is to establish the Principality of New Hampshire with a monarch who has a pedigree in Austrian economics and a deep love for our people.

Spiritual Significance of Mars | Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and Individualism | The Atlas Society

'If in future centuries humans transform Mars into a livable world, it will be the most awe-inspiring demonstration in human history of the endless potential of the human spirit. So as you watch Mars shining bright in the sky, understand the shining essence of your own spirit and what you can accomplish if you put your mind and will to it.' August 12, 2003 -- The news and the night sky are dominated by Mars. At a distance of only 34.6 million miles, the Red Planet is now closer to Earth than it has been in the past 55,000 years—that is, at any time in human history. And it is this point that is significant. Human beings have been aroun...

IBM May Have Just Found How To End Viral Infection. Yes, All of Them.

'The macromolecule also has a unique method for combating viral infection. It contains mannose, a sugar which binds to healthy immune cells. Working in conjunction with these cells, the macromolecule steers them toward the viral infection, so that it is more easily eradicated.' Researchers are optimistic after successful laboratory trials, but human tests may take some time.

The Freecoast

Moving to New Hampshire for the Free State Project?

Look towards The Freecoast!

In this week's episode we talk about "Pizzflowmax", the Pursuit of happiness, medical marijuana and more! Please listen, like, comment, share and subscribe!

Nuclear Energy Institute

Nuclear power greatly enhances our quality of life.

Turning our back on nuclear energy is not the way to go.


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