Preachers' Kids Outreach

This is a platform for P.Ks to express themselves,come together as one to rise up against Satan's Kingdom in it's quest to make PKs stray from d gospel.

She always had this little hatred in her heart for the church, she wondered why God's call should involve her parents resigning their jobs.

She hated the long distance trek just to get to church because her parents could not afford transportation. She grew older and stopped attending church activities except for Sundays even if it meant enduring her parents beatings.

Did her rebellion against the church pay off? Listen to her tell her story. Save the date

Three speakers, three sessions, different stories

[05/24/17]   #MyLifeMyTestimony
The last thing i heard the doctor telling my daddy was "I'm sorry but your daughter is suffering from a rare form of heart disease known as rheumatic heart disease, which if not taken care of will cause damage to her heart valves, her kidney as well'. All through this conversation i thought I was dreaming until my dad gave me a gentle pat on my shoulders and said 'Sesede,hold my hands and let me help you up'. At that point I had swollen ankles and I've been unable to walk without support, with the bad news i was thinking 'is this how my life will end, when i just wrote jamb and was preparing for my post utme in the premier university'....TO BE CONTINUED

So i had wanted to write this piece for over 4 days now but i did not want to because its kind of controversial but at the end i decided to write it anyways because i am being lead to it.
I somehow grew up having the notion that it is wrong for the general overseer of a church to hand over to his/her child before or after his/her demise. Honestly, i can't even say how, where i picked that up. I just thought it was wrong. Few weeks back while studying the book of Exodus in chapter 28: 1, God told Moses to take Aaron and not just Aaron but his sons as well to minister to Him in the priest's office. Also in chapter 40 of that same Exodus from verse 12-15 especially in verse 15, God asked Moses to anoint Aaron and his sons so that '...their anointing shall be to them for an everlasting priesthood throughout their generations'.
The way God puts it in Exodus, when a man/woman answers the call of God and he/she is anointed/ordained into the priestly office, automatically the lineage of that man/woman becomes priest too. The scale fell off my eyes and i began to understand why some ministers of God hand over their ministries to their children. So if you ask me i will confidently say the priesthood is a family business.
N.B: This has got nothing to do with anyone/persons

[01/18/17]   When we take time out to communicate with God, we come out renewed and refreshed. Moses spent time talking to God on Mount Sinai, when he came out his skin shone and even the children of Israel were afraid to look at his face (Exodus 34:29-35). Moses even had to use a veil to cover his face before he could talk to the people. What an amazing experience! All we need do to experience God even more than Moses did is to spend quality time communicating with God especially now that the veil that seperated us from God has been torn by the reason of the blood that was shed on the cross of calvary.

[01/16/17]   In the old testament especially in Leviticus Aaron the high priest could only go to the Holy of holies, he could only approach the throne of mercy one day in a year else he will die (Leviticus 16) but thank God for Jesus whose blood tore the veil that seperated us from the mercy throne of God (Hebrews 4:6) that we may live.
Keeping our distance from the throne of grace and mercy means death.

[10/17/16]   WARNING: It's a long piece and not meant for everyone.

Genesis 21:19 "And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink."
From verse 14 of Genesis chapter 22, we saw how Hagar and her son Ishmael was sent away. Let's just skip that part and fast-forward to verse 15 where the water in the bottle that was given to Hagar by Abraham got finished and in verse 16 Ishmael was crying, Hagar had lost all hope and had already given up waiting for the death of Ishmael.
In verse 17 an angel of God appeared to her, let's now fast-forward to verse 19 above where it was recorded in our constitution as children of God which is the Holy Bible, that God opened her eyes and she saw a WELL of water not just a bottle but a WELL...WOW, isn't that great.
My point is this, it's possible that the well of water has been sitting down there all along without Hagar seeing it because the KJV and Amplified versions of the Holy book says "...And God opened her eyes...". How often we sit in the midst of plenty as children of God and we do not see because a veil is covering our eyes and we can't see far enough what God has for us in every area of our lives. How often we lament, complain, cry and eventually give up on God and ourselves.
Ever since i read this passage this morning I've been asking God to lift up everything covering my eyes and preventing me from seeing that well of supply he has for me. What a difference it will make if we all could ask God to open our eyes.
P.S: I'm not a pastor, just a bible student. I'll continue on this same topic tomorrow.

[08/25/16]   #I stand by PKs.
We should all encourage preacher's kids to fulfill the mandate of God upon their lives. They have got lots of burden from the church and society at large as a result of the unsolicited standard set as must meet requirement.Don't add to their burden, encourage them and stand by them.

[07/21/16]   In our walk with God,
We sometimes stumble and fall,
Falling is not the issue but refusing to get up,
Even when God's hands are stretched out to help us up,
We feel unworthy of taking that ever loving hand of His,
Forgetting that our loving God knows our weaknesses,
Why not take that hand stretched out to help you up,
And lay your weaknesses into His hand,
Let Him give you his strength in exchange,
Get up and let Him help you conquer FLESH,
Let Him give you victory over sin,
For God's strength is made perfect in our weakness.
For victory over sin is possible.

[07/12/16]   Who should be blamed when preacher's kids leave the faith? Should we blame the kids themselves, the preachers or the church as a whole?

[07/09/16]   If you don't train them, don't blame them...C.E.M

[07/08/16]   Remember that sometimes the majority gets it wrong; we can get ourselves into a real mess by following prevailing opinion and the most popular ideas.

[07/07/16]   "These elder should be men who are of unquestionable integrity and are irreproachable...whose children are well trained and believers, not open to the accusation of being loose in morals and conduct or unruly (wild) and disorderly (disobedient)"....Titus 1:6.

[07/06/16]   Do you know?
1. Our vision is to make ten out of ten preachers' kids a positive role model (VISION 10/10)...We are leaving no stone unturned.
2. Our mission is to raise a new generation of church leaders who will stand strong against satan'a Kingdom especially in these last days.

[07/05/16]   ATTENTION PLEASE: this page is not for preachers' kids alone, you are invited to be a part of our interactive sessions.

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[07/05/16]   Good evening friends, a question has been on my mind for a while now. I'm going to ask for your opinions; 'is it right for Preachers to be disciplined/punished if their daughters get pregnant outside wedlock?'

[07/05/16]   Hmmm....where do i stand from? OK, let me start by apologising on behalf of Preachers' Kids Outreach for our, should we call it 'Negligence'...Yeah, that's the word. We have no excuse whatsoever for not posting or maintaining our page for over a year now. That's says something has been wrong, the hustles and bustles of life should not be an excuse for neglecting a God given Vision. I hope you my dear friends will understand, for the new friends we have here do not hesitate to ask us questions concerning our what we are all about. Remain blessed.

[01/19/15]   "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit others whose listen. And do not grieve the holy spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of rèdemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be patient and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you" #Ephesians 4:29-32!fpmu

[01/18/15]   How hard can it be, to grow up as a 'pastor's child'?

[01/18/15]   Your past will nevér determinè your futvre, that is, unless you give it the power to do so #deepThoÜghts!

[01/13/15]   God uses cracked pots! We come to Him as we are, and He molds and make us into vessels fit for His use- Joyce Meyer in 'Me and my big m0uth! ...0?,alwayg

[11/17/14]   "Money is power, and you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it! You ought because you can do more good with it than you can without it. Money printed your Bibles, money builds your churches, money sends your missionaries, and money pays your preachers.... I say, then you have to have money. If you can honestly attain unto is your ...godly duty to do so. It is an awful mistake of these pious people to think you must be awfully poor in order to be pious."- Russell H. Conwell in Arcres of Diamonds.

[10/29/14]   The first question which the Priest and Levite asked was: "if i stop to help this man, what will happen to me?" but the Good Samaritan reversed the question: "if i do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?"- Martin Luther King Jnr.

[10/28/14]   "Don't fight other denominations. Don't fight fellow Christians. Just preach Jesus, the Cross, the Blood, and the Resurrection. I've learned God will meet people i never thought He'd reach, because their hearts are hungry. I don't preach against anything. I preach for something." - Sister Maria Woodworth-Etter.

[10/27/14]   "The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple"-PSALM 119:130(NIV). I was meditating on this verse when suddenly i realised that without an unfolding of God's word in our hearts, we as christians will only be scratching the surface of God's word like someone looking for gold-dust instead of digging deep into the earth to get real gold, he/she just scratches off the surface of the earth

[10/12/14]   "Every man naturally desires knowledge, but what good is knowledge without fear of God? Indeed a humble rustic who serves God is better than a proud intellectual who neglects his soul to study the course of the stars" - Thomas Ä Kempis

[10/08/14]   I want to ask what makes preachers' kids different from others? Waiting for answers.

When was this founded?

When was this founded?

[10/07/14]   This page is a platform for preachers' kids like myself, their parents and members of the body of Christ to discus the factors responsible for the rejection of Biblical principles and rebellion against the church as in the cases of some preachers' kids and proffer solutions, thereby bringing the lost ones back to Christ, the straying ones back on the path and the ones who are still in Christ closer to their creator more than ever before.
I can hear someone say "how hard can it be being a preacher's kid?", you will never know until you become a member of this group and listen to we the "omo pastors" share our growing up experiences with you. Thanks for sharing in the advancement of the Gospel of Christ...SHALOM!i

Preachers' Kids Outreach

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