RCCG Covenant House Parish

RCCG Covenant House Parish


Don't hesitate to join us tomorrow if you're working or living around our vicinity
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https://chat.whatsapp.com/BHzcrsCfTqrIODlkM42rNK. Get daily Open heavens, Sunday school, House fellowship and Digging deep Manuals ahead of time by linking on the above link.
The power of success is in our hand n the power of failure is in our hand too make ur choice
I can't thank u enough for what u have done in my life lord
On Saturday, June 9, 2018 at S.T.T.R GRA Ikeja - one of the two ACT exam centres in Lagos State, I talked to some of the parents that brought their children for the test. I told them quite a lot of things about SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT, financial aid for foreign students in US colleges and universities, application process and many more things having to do with studying in America. For more information and to study for the SAT and/or ACT with the Be-Noble Home School, Lagos, talk to Teacher Femi (DeProf) on 08168974531. Be-Noble Home School, Lagos offers private/home tutorials for students preparing for exams such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, IGCSE, Checkpoint, SSCE (WAEC & NECO), UTME, Common Entrance examinations and so on. The Be-Noble Home School, Lagos is now in partnership with Park British School for the purpose of jointly preparing interested students for the SAT and the ACT. You can join our SAT/ACT intensive prep classes at any of our two centres in Lagos State: *Park British School, 21, Theophilus Oji Street, off Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase 1. *Park British School, 86, Marine Road, Apapa GRA, Apapa, Lagos State. For more information and to be part of the prep classes at our Lekki or Apapa centre, call Park British School on 08033038555 or Teacher Femi on 08168974531. Thank you.
WHEN MONEY FAILS There are situations in life that could make money useless-circumstances that make money worthless;because it cannot be used as a means of exchange for what you want so desperately. Imagine you have a lot of money,but you've an ailment that medical science couldn't offer any help.What about a scenario of famine where food becomes so scarce that your money can't buy food.There was a situation like that in the Bible where the people of lsrael were in the wilderness;and despite the fact that they took a lot of loots out of Egypt their money couldn't buy food in the wilderness. Perhaps you think that all you ever need is money- but you're wrong.Money can fail you!There's only One Person that answers to all needs in life.It isn't power/money/women.He can meet needs where money fails.When money/gold failed the Israelites in the wilderness,He supplied manna from heaven.When money failed the woman with the issue of blood,He was the only solution to that woman's problem. When money fails,Jesus never fails.He's the same yesterday,today and forever.His power is the same.He's the Source of all solutions to every problem in life! Don't wait till your money fails, before you taste of the goodness of Jesus.He has every of your problem under His feet. Would you like Him to take over your life,so that He can manage your life and the unforseen circumstances?Say this prayer: 'Dear Lord Jesus,I am a sinner.l repent of all my evil ways.l believe you came and died for my sins on the cross of Calvary,but you rose again from the dead for my justification.Right now,l receive you as my Lord and personal Saviour.Amen.' Congratulations,you've just been saved. For more information on how to live matured christian life Contact Pastor Stephen Adekoje Stephen Adekoje' Ministries +2348171548070 +2349073838777
WHO IS THIS JESUS? Bible Passage:Matthew1:18-25 Memory Verse: "For no other foundation can no man lay than that is laid,which is Jesus Christ". 1Cor.3:11. AMP:For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is [already] laid, which is Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One). Lesson Introduction: The name Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew word JEHOSHUAH or Joshua.It signifies 'Saviour' or 'Jehovah saves'.No one ever bore this name with so much justice,nor so perfectly fulfilled the signification of it,as Jesus Christ,who saves from sin and hell,and has merited Heaven for us by the price of His blood.It was given to Him by divine appointment(Matt.1:21),as the proper name for the Saviour so longed desired.The name CHRIST,meaning the 'Anointed One',The Messiah',was His official name.Every Christian must know some foundational truths about Jesus and the honour attached to His name. TEXT REVIEW: Matthew1:18-25 The mysteries surrounding the birth and name of Jesus Christ go beyond scientific or natural permutation.Some of the mysteries are stated below: * The mother was a virgin,Matt.1:23.Prophet Isaiah declared the prophecy of His birth over two hundred years before it happened,yet,it happened as prophesied.Isaiah7:14. *The conception was of the Holy Spirit.Matt.1:18,25. *To remove doubt or fear,the angel of the Lord came to give Him the confirmatory approval of the origin of the conception.Matt.1:20. *The angel of the Lord announced the name of the child as 'Jesus' which was uncommon name and gave the meaning as "The Saviour" from sin.Matt.1:21. *The prophetic declaration of the name of the Lord Jesus as "Emmanuel" in Isaiah7:14 and Matthew1:23 which means"God with us" complement the angelic announcement of the name "JESUS" which means Saviour because only God can save and that God has manifested in the Flesh.ITim.3:16; Luke1:47. *The biological mother of Jesus(Mary) and Joseph "a just man". Matt.1:19 I.e.holy person and " Son of David"Matt.1:20.He was obedient to God.Matt.1:24.Mary was a virgin.Matt.1:23 and a believer of God's word.Luke1:38. LESSON OUTLINES Lesson Outline 1: FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH ABOUT JESUS. *The birth of Jesus Christ was announced by God's angel.Matt.1:18. *Mary the mother of Jesus was highly favoured.Luke1:26-33; Isaiah9:6. *Jesus is revealed in the flesh.John1:14;14:9 *All things were created through Jesus.Heb.1:12; Col.1:16-18; John1:3. *Jesus' earthly ministry was laced with miracles,signs and wonders.Acts10:38. *The lifestyle of Jesus was characterised by holiness,integrity and power of the Holy Spirit.Mark1:32-34; John14:30; Matt.7:24-29. *Jesus was loaded with life and demonstrated divine wisdom,knowledge and understanding.1Cor.1:24. *Jesus was our substitution for sin.He died our death.Ezekiel.18:4; 1John1:9; Matt.1:18-21; Isaiah53:4-10; 1Peter2:24; Gal.3:13. *Jesus was crucified on the cross,died and rose again on the third day.Luke24:5-7. *Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to His Followers and thereafter returned to heaven.Acts8:1-3; 1Cor15:58; John14:3. Jesus rules over all things.Heb.1:3;Matt.28:18. Lesson Outline 2:HONOURED WITH A SPECIAL NAME *The Lord Jesus humbled Himself to death and obtained an exalted name above all names.Phil.2:5-11. *At the mention of Jesus' name,all knees,which include demons,sicknesses,circumstance,etc.must bow.Phil.2:10. *In the name of Jesus,prayers,requests,supplications,decrees,etc.are answered by God.John15:16; James4:15. *The name of Jesus is the surest foundation upon which all spiritual structures are built.1Cor.3:11. *The name of Jesus is the only name given to men to be saved.Acts4:12. The name of Jesus is also known as Emmanuel,Wonderful,Counsellor,Mighty God,Everlasting Father,Prince of Peace.Isaiah9:6; Matthew1:23. *Through the name of Jesus there's total freedom from sin.John8:32-36. *Those who know the name Jesus and exercise it in holiness will wax strong,do exploit and cause demons to tremble.Dan.11:32; Mark16:16-18. SUMMARY: Jesus is the Lord.His name is the name above all other names. CONCLUSION: Jesus is the foundation and roof of all spiritual structures. CLOSING PRAYER: Father,help me to continue to build my faith and hope always on the Lord Jesus Christ. RCCG SUNDAY SCHOOL SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22nd 2017. NOTES: If you think you know Jesus,you may think twice after reading this. Muslims don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God;Christians believe He's the Son of God.Not to believe He's the Son of God is a big fallacy.And to believe He's the Son of God is true,but there's more to Him than that. Jesus is the name of the Trinity that was revealed in the Son.Jesus,is not just the Son,but also the Father and the Holy Spirit. Matthew28:19 says,...baptizing them in the name of the Father,and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Note 'name', not names.God personal name is Jesus.lt encompasses every other names and title. *Jesus in the Flesh is called the Son. *Jesus in Glory is the Father. *Jesus in Power is called the Holy Spirit. Do you want better understanding of this topic?Watch out for my book,'Understanding Jesus'. Stephen Adekoje' Ministries.
Calvary greetings to you, I am David Destiny,A gospel Music minister,Multi-instrumentalist,Music producer,Vocal Coach, Music Director and Songwriter. My Vision is to Bless Every breed with my God given Gifts,Through music. All these i can only be achieved with your help. I am Available for:- Church Tour Music lectures Instruments training Music production Vocal training, Jingles and Sound Tracks, NO CHARGES ATTACHED!!!!!!! My aim is to be a blessing to all. Contacts:- Call or whatsapp:-+2348140185242 Email:[email protected] Twitter/Instagram:-daviddestinyy page:-David Destiny. Latest Single:-PLEASANT SURPRISES. http://revelationmusik.com/2017/04/14/new-music-david-destiny_pleasant_surprises-daviddestinyy/ Can't wait to Hear from you! Shalom.

A place where we cast our crowns, bow our hearts, find strength for life's journey from God, our Maker. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

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RCCG HOLY GHOST CONVENTION 2020 - PLENARY SESSION 2: You are watching RCCG 68th Annual Convention 2020 - DAY 3 | YOUTH HOUR Live from the Redemption Camp. #Wonderful #rccg2020virtualconvention #PastorEAAdeboye





Welcome to this wonderful new month saints, I pray that God grants you all your desires and you will share the wonderful testimonies to the glory of God in Jesus name.


Live from the Redemption Camp. #LetTherebeLight7 #RCCGHolyghostservice #PastorEAAdeboye #RCCGHolyGhostService2020
YOU CAN ALSO WATCH THE PROGRAMME FROM THESE LINKS: www.holyghostservice.tv, www.rccg.org, new.livestream.com/rccgonline.


To my wonderful maestro @pkajayiofficial , since the days of your youth you have been a light, I pray in the name above every other name, your light will never go dim. God will keep, uphold and cover you with mercy, grace and protection In Jesus Name. Happy Birthday Kunle.

You don't want to miss this for anything👌
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[06/28/19]   And afterward, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

#theredeemed #theredeemedchristianchurchofgod #christianityisnotareligion #worshipinspiritandintruth #bornofchrist #worshippers #faithfulgod #thecovenanthouse #connectingthecovenant #wewelcomeyoutochurch #trustandobey #christourredeemer #nlslagos #oceanography #tch #rccgtch #ignite #youthandteens #mendingthebroken #burningforgod🔥

God wants to change that situation in your life.

Join us for "IGNITE", this Saturday.

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It's just a day to #ignite2019


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And afterward, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

#theredeemed #theredeemedchristianchurchofgod #christianityisnotareligion #worshipinspiritandintruth #bornofchrist #worshippers #faithfulgod #thecovenanthouse #connectingthecovenant #wewelcomeyoutochurch #trustandobey #christourredeemer #nlslagos #oceanography #tch #rccgtch #ignite #youthandteens #mendingthebroken #burningforgod🔥

All is set from our end to host you this Saturday, we hope you are getting ready to be blown away in the presence of God💃💃💃

#theredeemed #theredeemedchristianchurchofgod #christianityisnotareligion #worshipinspiritandintruth #bornofchrist #worshippers #faithfulgod #thecovenanthouse #connectingthecovenant #wewelcomeyoutochurch #trustandobey #christourredeemer #nlslagos #oceanography #tch #rccgtch

We can't wait to have you in church tomorrow🙌🙌 Please, remember not to come alone

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The Choosen Vessels

#theredeemed #theredeemedchristianchurchofgod #christianityisnotareligion #worshipinspiritandintruth #bornofchrist #worshippers #faithfulgod #thecovenanthouse #connectingthecovenant #wewelcomeyoutochurch #trustandobey #christourredeemer #nlslagos #oceanography #tch #rccgtch

#theredeemed #theredeemedchristianchurchofgod #christianityisnotareligion #worshipinspiritandintruth #bornofchrist #worshippers #faithfulgod #thecovenanthouse #connectingthecovenant #wewelcomeyoutochurch #trustandobey #christourredeemer #nlslagos #oceanography #tch #rccgtch

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15
#gospelmandate #evangelism ##alsaleswNaphFrd #wearetheredeemed #rccg #rccgtch #theconvenanthouse #sonsofthekingdom #wearenotashamedofthegospel

Let’s throw it back to souled out 2.0 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 as we are all anticipating 3.0 #highonthemosthigh #joyfulnoise #nlslagos #souledout #dancethon #rccg #tch #thecovenanthouse @ Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Photos from RCCG Covenant House Parish's post


Celebration Service with Pastor Dapo Akinosun

An Awesome time in church toady

An Awesome time in church toady

April Family Service

Open discussion on marriage and celebration service

Open discussion on marriage and celebration service

April Thanksgiving Service

Thanksgiving/Easter Service with Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye

Thanksgiving/Easter Service with Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye

Photos from RCCG Covenant House Parish's post



RCCG The Covenant House Parish

Join us live for our family celebration service @ http://bit.do/ebbhE

Sunday Family celebration Service with Pastor Ade Akingbade The Redeemed Christian Church of God (The Covenant House Parish) Victoria Island, Lagos. March 18...


Thanksgiving and Anointing Service with Pastor J.T Kalejaiye

Thanksgiving and Anointing Service with Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye



Make it a date with us next sunday as we celebrate Jesus together at RCCG The Covenant House Parish Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Word with Pastor J.T Kalejaiye at RCCG The Covenant House Parish. Victoria Island, Lagos.

Hot Praise and Thanksgiving with The Chosen Vessels at RCCG The Covenant House Parish

Worshiping session @ RCCG The Covenant House Parish, Victoria Island, Lagos

It was an awesome Thanksgiving Service

Special Thanksgiving Service at RCCG The Covenant House Parish with Pastor J.T Kalejaiye and Her Excellency Pastor Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo - the Wife of the Vice President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Special Thanksgiving Service at RCCG The Covenant House Parish with Pastor J.T Kalejaiye and Her Excellency Pastor Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo - the Wife of the Vice President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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'SOULED OUT' Law School Music Concert
Love Over Lust




888, Balarabe Musa Crescent, Off Samuel Manuwa Street! Victoria Island
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