Holy Ghost Prophetic and Praise Ministry, Lagos Nigeria

God's servant Prophet Dr. Uche .J. has been mandated by God to Evangelize, Prosper Mankind through the Gospel & get men filled with the Holy Spirit.

Through this global mandate Men and women from divers works of life has been greatly impacted in all ramification. Prophet Dr. Uche .J. Is a well seasoned teacher/preacher. Through prophetic and revelational teaching there have been eruptions of amazing testimonies, and God confirming every word!

Operating as usual

Hallelujah!! Indeed God has been faithful, it's 365 Days already.

Join us tonight for a glorious push into the year 2020.
It's truly a change of level.


Happy Father's Day Papa, Dr. Prophet Uche Joseph.
The proof of fatherhood is justified in the the life of the children. You are a father indeed, not just to us but to Nations.

We all, your children at Holy Ghost Prophetic & Praise Ministry wish you a Happy Father's Day.
Keep Soaring Higher Papa!

[06/07/19]   Join us tonight for an encounter of a lifetime that will turn your life around.

Come receive great prophetic blessings and unusual speed for the 2nd half of the year 2019.

Date: 7th June 2019
Time: 11pm prompt.

For more inquiries see flier.

God bless you!

Exodus 3:7, 10
And the LORD said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows;
Come now therefore, and I WILL SEND THEE UNTO PHARAOH, that thou mayest BRING FORTH MY PEOPLE the children of Israel out of Egypt.


God's chosen vessels are ready, are you Ready?

Get set!! Those trials of your life are about to be converted into testimonies.

Numbers 22:6
Come now therefore, I pray thee, CURSE ME THIS PEOPLE; for they are too mighty for me: peradventure I shall prevail, that we may smite them, and that I may drive them out of the land: for I wot that he whom thou blessest is blessed, and he whom thou cursest is cursed.

Curses are real and blessings are real!
Curses can place limitation on a family, state and country.
Curses engenders evil family pattern.
Curses can make a man labour tirelessly but receive meagre results.
Curses engender poverty, marital siege, untimely death, and many other affliction.

Are these your experience? Worry no more, God has remembered your family.
It's time for liberation from all forms of curses.
That curse setting your family in disarray must be broken.
God's battle Axe is ready! Are you ready?
Pray, plan and prepare to attend.

Ezra 6:14
"And the elders of the Jews builded, and they PROSPERED through the PROPHESYING of Haggai the PROPHET and Zechariah the son of Iddo. And they builded, and finished it....."

The prosperity of the people is accessible via the office of God's prophet.


God is ready! Are you Ready?

30, Okiki Street, Off grandmate b/stop, Ago palace way, Okota Lagos

Joshua 17:16
And the children of Joseph said, THE HILL IS NOT ENOUGH FOR US:

Joshua 17:17
And Joshua spake unto the house of Joseph, even to Ephraim and to Manasseh, saying, Thou art a great people, and hast great power: THOU SHALT NOT HAVE ONE LOT ONLY:

Joshua 17:18

Are you tired of the status quo financially, spiritually, maritally, health wise?

Then this is an ENCOUNTER FOR NEXT LEVEL of prosperity.
This is strictly for those with a yearning and hunger for a change of story!

See you at the next level >>>>>>

Something BIG, something GREAT, something EXTRAORDINARY is about to happen!

Don't be told!

#Lagos Are you Ready?

[11/01/18]   Hallelujah! The vehicle of grace has ushered us into the month of November.
Now I decree, every of your expectation for this year that is not yet manifested shall be fully delivered into your hands this month in Jesus name!
Take delivery of your healing, breakthrough, contract, open doors, marital settlement in Jesus name.


[10/30/18]   Our God is more than enough and sufficient in all things, but we don't know him enough.
"...Them that do know their God shall be strong..."
I decree this day is blessed in your favor!


[10/30/18]   Our God is more than enough and sufficient in all things, but we don't know him enough.
"...Them that do know their God shall be strong..."
I decree this day is blessed in your favor!


Kingship in this kingdom is not a function of a royal lineage neither is it inherited; it comes from God, as he has made us kings and priest to reign on the earth.
We are from God's royal family, and entitled to reign and rule in life.
Make it a date with the king of kings, and your world will see your kingship manifested here on earth.
See flier for more details.
God bless you!


Surely the Lord of hosts has sworn; as he has purposed in this programme so shall it stand concerning your life.
God is out to usher you into a new realm of uncommon prosperity.
Save the date...
Thur. 6th - Sunday 9th Sept 2018

Join us in this Cross Over Service to take over Nations with uncommon favour .
Date: 31st Dec. 2017
Time: 10pm prompt.

Whatever has a starting point also has a finishing point.
It's time to say Enough is Enough to the activities of the wicked in your family.
Light and darkness does not coexist, their wickedness must stop for God's blessings to manifest.
See you there, God bless you!
See flier for more details

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof....
Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end should greatly increase.
It doesn't matter how bad, tough and rough the year must have been for you, we serve a God of "A Better Ending"
Come with expectations and you won't be disappointed by God.
See flier for more details....

Come have an encounter with the God of supernatural turn around and Favor at our Shibiri branch tonight.
Time: 11pm till dawn
God will put an utter end to labor and Suffering in your life.

Have you been rejected and declined by men?
Disappointed and feeling despondent?
Don't give up yet, hope is here.
Make it a date with God in this program and experience a drastic and dramatic change of story.
It's your season for uncommon international breakthrough.
Date: All Thursdays in the month of November
Time: 10am prompt

Be careful enough to look around, counting your blessings to see how faithful God has been to you in spite of your unfaithfulness.
Join us as we celebrate God's unlimited faithfulness so as to provoke the heavens of his blessings upon our lives.
Date: 3rd - 5th Nov 2017
God bless you!!

Men might have written you off but God is not through with you. Your human labour can't make you rich but it is the blessings of God that makes rich without sorrows.
Come and receive divine favor from God that years of labour cannot give in this prophetic encounter at our Shibiri branch and experience a turn around.
Date: 17th - 19th Nov 2017
Venue: 6B, Olawale Close, Etegbin Town, Lagos

Happening live at the Head quarters, Don't miss out....!!

It's going to be Transforming. Don't miss it!

[10/15/17]   As you go about the father's business any power questioning your advancement into the next level is destroyed in Jesus name.
(Luke 10:17-18)
I declare this week blessed, you shall experience strange order of favour in Jesus' name.

This week is declared your week of uncommon testimonies, whatever you haven't been able to achieve by mere human effort will be in your hands without sweat.
Grace will speak for you in Jesus name.


The grace you don't celebrate will never elevate you.
Join us as we celebrate our father, a rare gem, a well seasoned teacher of God's word, the prophetic voice of God on earth. Happy birthday Daddy!!

[09/04/17]   In the name of Jesus, today marks the end of whatever problem or misfortune That seems to celebrate it's anniversary in your life.

[08/31/17]   Nothing is impossible with our God, men are variables but God remains constant, the demand for your miracle is placed on your faith.
Only those who believe receives.

[08/30/17]   As this month comes to an end, i prophesy an end to every demonic delay in your life.
I see your expectations becoming manifestations
You are moving out of every shame in Jesus name!

God's Servant Prophet Dr. Uche Joseph Has Been Mandated By God To Evangelize, Prosper, and Deliver Mankind Through The preaching of the Gospel & Get Men Filled With The Holy Spirit.

Make plans to attend our Baptismal Class on Tuesday by 4:00PM Prompt.

I Pray for miracle children for all expectant mothers believing God for the fruit of the womb in H.G.P.P.M.

Father God,
We thank you that children are a blessing from the Lord. We stand before you today and declare you are faithful. We will enjoy the blessing of children for you have given us your promises.

Your word declares in Psalm 127:3 that the fruit of the womb is a reward and Psalm 128:3 also promises that we will have children that flourish like young olive plants in our homes. We declare the blessing of Prov. 31 over ourselves and our wombs, that the day will come when our husbands and our children will rise and call us blessed.

We declare according to your promise in Exodus 23:26 that because we love you and serve you and worship you, O God, you will bless our provision; you will take sickness away from us and we will not suffer miscarriage or be barren. We will fulfil the number of our days, in Jesus name.

Father, we remind you of your promise in Malachi chapter 3. We tithe and we are givers, Lord, and because of that, you have promised to rebuke the devourer for our sake. You promised that the devourer would not destroy the fruit of our ground and you said our vine would not fail to bear fruit in the field, so we thank you for fruitfulness to come forth from our wombs and that the devourer is rebuked in Jesus name.

Lord, you also said in Job 22:28 that we would declare a thing and it would be established for us so that light would shine on our ways. We make this declaration now and ask You to establish this for us.

We declare the decree that we will not miscarry according to your promise in Exodus 23:26.

We declare that we will bring forth healthy children out of our wombs. We call for our children to come forth out of heaven and into our wombs. We speak life into our uterus. We break the power of every negative word over our body, our family, our future, and children yet to come. We declare we will not experience placenta previa, leaking of amniotic fluid, premature miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, abnormal bleeding or any other complications. We declare that you have an appointed time for childbirth and we will not give birth before that appointed time. We declare that the placenta will adhere normally and be of correct size and in the right position to support a healthy pregnancy. We declare the foetus will implant in the right place and be securely attached to the uterine wall. What is not allowed in heaven, we do not receive it. There is no disease in heaven, Father. We resist those things and declare all possible inherited generational curses broken now in Jesus name. Father, please forgive anyone in our family line that may have neglected to ask your forgiveness for their sins. Forgive, we pray, sins of broken covenants, broken trust, idolatry, rebellion and any ungodly covenants that may have been made. Let them be broken now in Jesus name.

Please forgive any inherited generational iniquitous sin and let the blood of Jesus be applied to those sins. We declare that we are new creations in Christ and there is life in the blood. Thank you, Lord Jesus, that your DNA flows through us to make us whole and complete in every way. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that is full of life, strength and power. Let the perfect soundness and wholeness that is in your Spirit flow through us and release healing throughout our body. We declare no curse will pass through the blood of Christ.

We submit to your Lordship our lives and we resist the power of evil. We refuse it and declare, it will not come near us. Father, we ask for a double portion of restoration. We thank you Father for continuing to show us how to pray specifically as we believe for a healthy pregnancy. In Jesus name, Amen.

Kindly Join Us On Thursday Healing & Prosperity Service By 10:00AM-12noon.


This young man was sick for 12years, he could not eat nor walk alone.
Doctors rejected him because his sickness defiled all Medical attentions.
His brother brought him to JESUS' CLINIC SERVICE on Sunday and God healed him through the ministration of his servant Prophet Dr. Uche Joseph.
Now he can eat and walk without human support.
He's completely healed!

I Prophesy To 12 People Going Through This Testimony Right Now, Any Sickness Programmed√ľ by the enemy for you in 3years or 4years to come, you have escaped in Jesus name!

Join Us in Our JESUS Clinic Service this Sunday. You Will Be Glad You Came.
JESUS The Healer!

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