The Lord's Chosen Youth Choir Int'l Page

The Lord's Chosen Youth Choir Int'l Page


Admin please approve these post and God will bless you ___ PLEASE PRAY FOR ME🙏🙏 I fell like life is going of me, am hopeless and doesn't know what to do. Please my brothers and sisters don't pass without saying a word of prayers to me and help to share it to orders to pray for me. After graduation from Namdi Azikiwa University In 2017 I got a job in fidelity bank, 4mounths of resuming work I fell In the office where I was rushed to the hospital and have been suffering ever since from heart failure please my brothers and sisters help me I am dying slowly as day passes by please I can't keep this to myself alone do not forsake me please the doctor is demanding for 1.7 million Naira For treatment have sold my only Land inheritance from my late father for 900,000 Please 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 Is something please God will help you and keep you out from sickness like these Accout name :James adebayo Andrew Account number :1400516962 Bank name :access bank May God never let you down as you are sowing in anothers life May God continue to bless you May God continue to be sowing in your life and the life of your family May any of your family members never experience sickness Please pray for me and help me please, nothing is too small PLEASE HELP ME IT TO AT LEAST 5 GROUPS AS YOU DO MAY GOD SHEAR BLESSINGS TO YOUR LIFE Help please 😭😭😭😭please.........
u re bless in jesus name
My gospel song title God of chosen was given to me
Thank be to God
HOW TO PREACH THE GOSPEL IN MARKET OR PUBLIC BUS How To Preach The Gospel In Public Bus I have witness many brethren who felt intimated, shy and afraid of proclaiming the goodness of God's kingdom in public bus. They can gossip for hours as radio without battery; freely share an enacted movie scene and narrates an accidental event correctly to their audience without shyness. Hence, whenever the issue of preaching in public bus arises they will quickly signal and express their incompetence, demoting and ridicule themselves with complains of been SHY and AFRAID to voice out in public sphere. Mark 16:15 "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" It's unfortunate and sinful not to preach the gospel in boldness because we are THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD AND MUST SHOW FORT THE BEAUTY OF THE LIGHT. Preaching the gospel is a command, irrespective of your area of calling in the ministry, either choir, intercessor or usher, we are called and anointed to be an evangelist even before the foundation of the world. 1 Corinthians 9:16 "For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel" HINDERING FORCES AGAINST PREACHING IN PUBLIC SPHERE 1. LANGUAGE FACTOR: Some brethren anxiously want to preach in public bus but felt discourage due to grammatical flawed. They are not fluent in English expressions and seem much disappointed on how to present the gospel to the world. I once witness this same hindering force about 2 years ago when i traveled to my home village. I sojourned with my mega-phone primarily to share the true gospel of Christ to my kindred. When i got to the market square i was vibrating in an English vernacular; suddenly an elderly woman called my attention and asked in my dialect “MY SON, ARE YOU NOT A SON OF THIS LAND? CAN'T YOU SPEAK IN A LANGUAGE WE COULD UNDERSTAND? Honestly i felt ashamed because i find it terribly hard to pray in my native language regardless of preaching. However, i regain my momentum, quickly share an emergency grace and went home. I went straight down on my knee and ask the HOLY GHOST--The great teacher and inspired of the WORD to teach me HOW TO PRAY AND PREACH IN MY NATIVE TONGUE. After short prayer i perceived a ministration to listen to some English gospel messages translated in my native language. I quickly navigate through my phone media player and listen to some messages for hours; the next day i divinely found myself standing in market square boosting in my native language. ALSO READ; Guidelines And Ways Of Preaching The Gospel From Crash. It was a great and wonderful encounter while praying and preaching fluently in my native tongue. Moreover the market women were filled with joy and also encourage me to continue preaching to them, because their Reverend father, Priest, Bishop and Pastors doesn’t preach such remarkable undiluted words of complete salvation. I perceived their earnest desire to hear the undiluted word of true gospel. They were thirsty of the WORD but unfortunately the TRUE WORD is very scarce in their domain unlike cities where people are tired and sick of hearing the TRUE WORD that gives complete SALVATION. In most cities, if you dare preach against immodesty or outward ungodliness, women trouser, artificial hair or attachment, makes-ups, painting and bleaching, boy/girl friend relationship, alcoholic, polygamous marriage, abortion, seduction, earrings and jewelries, you will be tagged as JUDGMENTAL PREACHER. They will persuade the preacher to preach what they need to hear in order to surpass the opinion of the Holy Ghost. There is need for prayer if you are hindered by language factor or communicating skill. After prayer ensures you study, listen; make research and inquiries in order to improve your communicating skill. You need to enact and do something while the Holy Ghost will inspire, lose your tongue and accomplished the rest. 2. UNGODLY LIVING: The secret life style of many Christian is outrageous. This is one of the barriers that hinder them from participating in locust cumbered of the lost soul. 1 Corinthian 9:14 "Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel" Although a sinner can preach the gospel but he will certainly be consumed in guilty conscience. There is need for total repentance and confession of every secrets sin before proclaiming Christ in public. Preaching the gospel in public while abiding in SECRET SIN is very dangerous. It invoked God's wrath and hasten his judgments upon hypocrites. The Holy Ghost will also deal mercilessly and certainly disgrace such person. HOW TO PREACH THE GOSPEL IN PUBLIC BUS There is much need for divine wisdom and counseling while preaching in public bus especially in the midst of unbelievers with different set of belief and gods. Before setting out you need to pray for the grace of boldness, confident, utterances and inspiration of the words from Holy Ghost. While inside the public bus; you must position yourself fittingly depending on the nature of the bus. If perhaps it's a long bus, the preacher might likewise takes his seat in the front view which will enable him to focus intensely on the rest passenger while standing. But if there is no means of standing due to tightly nature of the bus; he might takes his seat in the middle row of the bus in order to be heard audibly by both passengers that sat at the back and front edge. Nevertheless, while preaching as a novice PLEASE DON'T VIEW OR LOOK AT THE FACE OF YOUR AUDIENCE, while standing ensure you pin-position your sight above their head or gaze directly at their forehead. Failure to abide or hearken thereof might emit great mess of distraction, self-confuse, shy and shamefulness unless you're matured in kingdom service. Preaching the gospel in public sphere is semblance as playing football or soccer. preaching the gospel in public If you aim to grow tremendously in evangelism with great experience, skills, boldness and zeal; you ought to preach consistently in public. Moreover, if you abandoned evangelism for a month; the spirit of utterance, revival, boldness, zeal and passion of preaching will negates you for 3 months. When you re-emerge from month injury-break and attempt to propel into sunshine as usual; certainly you wouldn't find it easy because preaching the gospel is a continuous exercise. GOING AS A TEAM FOR PUBLIC OUTREACH IN BUS I love this act because it ignites and serves as an encouragement to fearful brethren that often felt ashamed to preach in public bus. You might decide to goes with 2-3 brethren whose appearance and respond to your message will serves as a booster of boldness. Your co-brethren should take a different seat and must not sit near the preacher. Their presence is to motivate the preacher by echoing "AMEN" to his prayers and back up in worship songs, because the audience might felt disturbed, frustrated and inching for the preacher to keep quiet because the world hates light. Their presence is also to charge the preacher to “RIDE-ON”; to speak more of the gospel; they love to hear the gospel and very much thirsty for it. They might also camouflage as an UN-believers. But unknown to the passengers they were on a mission to spontaneously encourage the preacher.
God of choose is answer our pray
Wow it look awesome
I love this group very much, my name is Obinna Madu Jnr, I remember when my friends i studied with in the youth class when it opened at the old auditorium, we were not up-to 20 students and our leader was bro. Sam. I'm a chosen mopol and I still love the group and the church.
Thank you father
THANK God For keeping Me And My FAMILY Alive
Thank God from Mark me a chosen

This is the lords chosen youth choir ministry online Team..#YCP We are the online soul winning body of Christ, aimed at reaching out to all choristers.

Operating as usual

Chosen Revival News -CRN

Listen to this special prayer and receive the grace to do the will of Our Father (God) through the prayer of Our Daddy in The Lord ( Pastor Lazarus Muoka) extracted from today's workers meeting and Bible study.

Date: 18/07/20



This classical and amazing choir stole the spotlight, today. Their ministration was simply brilliant. Sinners were pointed to Christ. They began a new relationship with God today. More grace to this amazing choir, to keep affecting lives.

The lyrics of their song goes thus;
Jesus na bigger man
Oga pa ta pa ta
Na you biko
Na so so wonder he dey do
He get power
Super power
Who know know am call am small boy
God of chosen naa you Biko.

I am a light
I am a person with visions
I am star
We believe in Jesus name
We are taking the world by signs and wonders
We must shine
No matter what I face
No matter what I see
I must shine
We believe in Jesus name
I am a winner
I am a chosen
I am a chosen with purpose

How long will you be that beast
can't you see there's no more time Jesus the son of God is calling you open up to him and amend your ways
Jesus dey call you my child
How long you go dey inside pit
He dey tell you my child come make I help you.
Jesus Christ wants to wash you with his blood for free.
Jesus is calling you today
Open door for him
My life time, should I give God my life time??
If you give God your life,he will take care of you.
I surrender all
All to Jesus my blessed saviour
I surrender all
Jesus is calling you
He save you
Open your heart
He will save you
He's blood is still speaking
Jesus is calling you
Open up your heart to him
He is calling on you

#BlessedYouth2019 | #PstLazarusMuoka

The Big Fish!!
It's still on and the stage is burning With the holghost taking charge not just in the choir ministration but everything else for his glory.
It's officially another great landmark crusade which is held once in 2years 'AND THE ENEMIES SUBMITTED'.

And the youth choir blessed the Lord's doing in our midst especially the official magnificent international pulpit of the Lord's chosen worldwide which is been launched today.

The Youth Choir At the other end Looking sweet on their black and white with touches of native.

Sisters: native head-tie and rose
brothers:native bold tie



To a Great Man Of God.
A Minister with calling and anointing.
A Father of Nations.

Acts 3:25
Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.

The attributes of God in him is indisputable as fulfilling all righteousness until holiness is achieved..

He's work with God has been of great impact to his family and this generation at large..

At some point we would agree no body is perfect, and the flesh seems to be the Greatest enemy of man, making every effort to bring man under it's (flesh) influence, but he's(Sir. Ebuka) unrelenting efforts under God for perfection has lately been honored by God, The youth choristers of Lagos can tell better.

And so today is said to be recorded in history as the day this rare gift of assurance came to existence.

He is a leader, A Father, A brother, And friend of all.
He is disciplined, God fearing.

A lover of songs, don't joke with him on that ohhhh, he could spend the whole night worshipping, praising and dancing to God.

More grace. 🙏🙏
More heights.🙌🙌
The God of chosen shall not let you down🙇🙇
And most of all Heaven at last sir.🙏🙏

Join Us ..#YCP
Celebrate Grace..

Happy Birthday !! 🎊 🎊
To The National youth Choirmaster

N:B Drop your prayers and wishes too!!

#Celebration #joyous #love #Happiness #jubilation

#YCP #TheChoirProject #HeavenAtLast


3th May 2018
The day marked to be the Birthday of this rare and unique Gem.
Her name is Sis Kelechi Eze..
She is under God the part leader of all the youth choir treble singers in the Lord's chosen worldwide.

She's an epitome of beauty..
Gifted with God's nature of kindness, love, and care..
A woman of substance, Blessed with a contagious treble voice.
A Mother like' sister who puts God first in whatsoever she does..

The world awaits your manifestation ma'am..

The Lord's chosen celebrates you..
TLCCRM Youth choir International celebrates you..
TLCCRM youth choir Lagos celebrates you..

We celebrate Grace..

Please join Us as we FACILITATE with her Today..

#Celebration #Happiness #Joy #Love #Memories

#YCP #TheChoirProject #HeavenAtLast

It ended in praise 🙌🙌
And It will Everly be in the record of kwara that a Great revival swept the people of the land off their feet as the God of chosen manifested himself live on the14th &15th of April 2018 in kwara for the people to see and believe.
Isaiah 41:20
That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the LORD hath done this.....

After the Great crusade yesterday at Ilorin, Kwara State.
It was officially announced by our daddy in the lord (pst. Lazarus Muoka) that the train of revival will be heading deeply into the north and on the 6th of may 2018 The Lord's Chosen HQ Lagos Nigeria will be heading to Kano state for another Mighty Encounter with the God of chosen.

God is actually set to operate aggressively in the northern region of Nigeria this year.

Kano state 2018 Watch out..


#YCP #TheChoirProject #HeavenAtLast

It must end in praise 🙌🙌
The youth of the Lord's chosen ministry looking astonishing at the kwara state crusade 'There Cometh One Mightier Than All '
Dressed in their White and Black with their lilac head-tie and tie.

Ain't they looking Glorious??


#YCP #TheChoirProject #HeavenAtLast

It can't be better than this..
The youth choir at it again ministering live to the people of kwara state at the on going crusade "There Cometh One Mightier Than All'.

For the records this the First ever crusade held in kwara state that brought the presence of the G.O (Daddy Lazarus Muoka) of The Lord's Chosen Church HQ, Lagos Nigeria to the soil of Ilorin, Kwara State.

It is indeed a privilege for us (youth choir) to be part of the success of this great crusade.

Stay Tuned.


#YCP #TheChoirProject #HeavenAtLast

31st March 2018

The youth choir press team officially announce the return of the Lagos State youth choir of the Lord's chosen charismatic revival ministries, Lagos, Nigeria HQ

On the 20th of February 2018 the youth choir of the Lord's chosen embarked on 1month, 1week retreat with aim of establishing solid,rooted,righteous soul lifters and ministers under God.

The retreat was accompanied with series of vigils through out, and on the 23rd of March the team waited on the lord in fasting, prayers and marathon vigils which came to end 30th March 2018 (last night).

it was indeed an outstanding retreat which penetrated every roots and foundation of the youth choir nationwide, God power manifested raw, revelation, dreams, prophesies came to attest Gods hands was on us.

In our early interview with the national youth choirmaster he assured after this retreat with the youth choir of Lagos, the train of revival will be moving without break into all the states of Nigeria.
We don't know it might be your State.

In conclusion, The youth choir is back and Better..


#Re-branded #Republished #Gracificed #Powerized


Ministration videos coming soon..

The Lord's Chosen Youth Choir Int'l Page's cover photo

We bring to you the Press interview with the National youth choirmaster Of The Lord's chosen charismatic revival ministries worldwide.


Y.C Press: May we know you sir?

Bro Ebuka: By the grace of God I am Bro Chukwuebuka Chizoba, under God the national youth choirmaster of the lords chosen charismatic revival ministries, Lagos, Nigeria.

Y.C Press: When did you join the youth ministry?

Bro Ebuka: I joined the choir two weeks after I joined the ministry (TLCCRM HQ), I joined the church august 2004 and since then have been in the choir till date.

Y.C Press: Since then how has it been for you in the ministry?

Bro Ebuka: Wow, it’s been awesome from glory to glory, we do mention God of speed, I first joined the adult choir of the ministry and was ministering simultaneously with the adult and youth choir(2004-2007),I am more of a youth so I decided to join fully with the youth choir, as of that time I was one of the key soloist, and I was recognized as the Assistant National to Bro. Ifeanyichukwu (Brom) but circumstance arose that took away my presence for a while, financially, health wise, though the bible states ‘therefore thou art in excusable...Romans 2:1, so that was wrong of me on my part.

Y.C Press: What was it like being away from what you loved doing because of challenges?

Bro Ebuka: I must tell you it’s not what I pray for anybody to experience, the challenges is something else it kept me bound, the spirit is willing but I won’t say the flesh is weak, those times I feel broken seeing the youth choir ministering and I am not part of them.

Y.C Press: When did you officially return to the choir?

Bro. Ebuka: ‘Hope for the needy 2017’ was my first appearance after a long while, I feel good to be back.
Y.C Press: Can you recall your first composed song in the youth choir?

Bro Ebuka: if am not mistaking ‘and I will rest my case the lord has changed my dance steps’, that was one of my first solo’s but the songs that brought me to the limelight ‘No one knows the time and heaven at last’.

Y.C Press: What can you say about the mantle of leadership given to you (National youth choir master TLCCRM)?

Bro Ebuka: I can’t really experience my feelings by spoken words cause I wasn’t expecting it, immediately I was announced, for the first three seconds my breathe seized, all I knew was I needed to be at the choir meeting that day, and to my greatest surprise our Daddy G.O was around, later on our central National Choirmaster in person of Pastor Emeka came up and pronounced me the National youth Choirmaster of The Lord’s chosen ministry Feb. 18th 2018.

Y.C Press: What can you say about the rumours of the Lagos youth choir being suspended?

Bro Ebuka: That is a lie from the pit of hell, Lagos state youth choir are not on suspension, like an eagle which has grown weak, it takes time off to go shed off old feathers and grow new ones, that is what the youth choir of Lagos state is doing, we decided by ourselves to go on retreat with permission from the church authorities to rebuild our house, physically and spiritually so that when we appear, we appear as a brand new choir. We were never on probation and we are not on probation.

Y.C Press: We said we are on retreat (youth choir), what are the things to be achieved in this period?

Bro Ebuka: Yes, the most important thing is our spirituality, gone are the days we choose because he or she is an old member, a chorister has to be spiritual and we want to build a spirit filled choir, a choir that knows what it takes to serve God, choir with heavenly consciousness. We don’t want to lead by sentiments anymore, there is a saying that ‘God does not call the qualified but he qualifies the called’, in this period of retreat this what we aim at, to achieve.

Y.C Press: How true is it that we want to raise a National central youth choir?

Bro Ebuka: Yes so true, comprising the West, North, South, and East, the leaders will give us qualified chorister from each region to sum up the National youth choir TLCCRM, at least by mgbidi2019 we will have a national mass choir.

Y.C Press: What has been your achievement so far in the choir?

Bro Ebuka: Under God I was able to compose lots of songs which are been sang in the youth choir all over the nation till date, I was able to coordinate youth choir first debut album ‘ORIGINAL GOD’ in 2012/13, and I was also opportune to release my own album ‘JEHOVAH REGINS’, also have been able to mentor choristers and impacted in them.

Y.C Press: What have been your challenges so far?

Bro Ebuka: It has not been easy unlike the way people who hears the name ‘NATIONAL’ thinks it is, no much time for my family’s, no time to attend to personal needs, it’s all about the ministry and God alone.

Y.C Press: During this choir retreat there would be a 7days programme what can you say about this?

Bro Ebuka: In this program expect a lot, expect unusual power, unusual impartation, unusual teaching, unusual manifestation, that 7days is like wrapping up our retreat and unusual things will happen beginning from 25th march till 30th march 2018, by his (God) grace our mommy G.O would be around to impact in us and to bless us, as we prepare to kick start the Lagos state youth choir in a NEW FACE.

Y.C Press: when will the retreat come to an end?

Bro Ebuka: This retreat kicked off on February 2018 to be rounded up on March ending, so our first appearance after the retreat will be in the Lagos state Easter retreat.

Y.C Press: what can you say is the choir official Watchword?

Bro Ebuka: I’d give out two, one has been a landmark; ‘we will not stop until we see God’ and the other one ‘God doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies the called’.

Y.C Press: Sir, what do you have as advice for the chosen youth choristers Nationwide?

Bro Ebuka: My advice to my people out there, let’s work together in LOVE to achieve HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS, so that at the end we’ll see the lord, the bible has stated clearly that without holiness no one shall see God’.
You being a chorister you should be able to attend to spiritual matters, it’s not a taboo if a chorister conducts deliverance on a possessed individual, and HOLINESS is the key.

Y.C Press: Thank you for your time sir!!

Bro Ebuka: God bless you

#YCF #TheChoirProject #HeavenAtLast

Coming soon!!
An EXCLUSIVE interview with the National youth choirmaster of The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.
In this interview everything you need to know about the youth choir ministry will be highlighted, the mantle of leadership,fundamental issues surrounding the choir, and also
Addressing the ideology that Lagos state youth choir of TLCCRM are not on probation and many more..

The Lord's Chosen Youth Choir Int'l Page

The Lord's Chosen Youth Choir Int'l Page's cover photo

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