RCCG Lord's Praise Sanctuary

RCCG Lord's Praise Sanctuary


Please,my name is Adati Joseph from adamawa but I'm now hustling in Lagos [email protected] rumens in ikoyi, wanted to be connect with the ministry to be worshipping with and to be delivered from the problem I've and I really don't know how and where to be connect that's why I write on your page,Please am still pleading to the reader to help me out,God bless for your concern, THANKS
3 DAYS TO GO!! Trust You're getting ready as we are!! God is set to release His blessings as we Offer him a feast of praise! TUESDAY || MAY 1ST || 9AM *COLONADES HOTEL - 21 Alfred Rewane Road, by Ikoyi Registry. Falomo, IKOYI. Make it a date!! 😇😇
THE SECRET PLACE Bible Passage:Psalm91:1- 16 Memory Verse:"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty".Psalm91:1 Lesson Introduction: The term "secret place" comes from the Hebrew word "cether" which means"to hide or be concealed".Other words for secret place include shelter,covering,or a dwelling place.One who dwells in the secret place of God dwells in an ascended place or rest,lifted up above principalities and powers.It's a place of protection from trouble where God surrounds you with deliverance (Psalm32:7).It's a place of His holy concealment in all things,where God reveals heavenly secrets to you. TEXT REVIEW: The word "Most High" is one of the names of God which is translated from "EL ELYON" in Hebrew.It means "to ascend". When the Lord Jesus ascended up on high,He led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men.Eph.5:8."Most High" could also mean"above all heavens".Eph.4:10. What does this mean?Since He's far above,He can cast His shadow on those things that are below Him.That's,He can fill all things under this shadow.Eph.4:10.King David trusted the Most High,for the following reasons according to our Bible passage. * The most High is a deliverer from snare and from pestilence.Psalm91:3; Psalm124:7. * The Most High is the truth,the shield and buckler(shield and buckler are war weapons to wade off or protect from flying or striking forces).Ps91:4. * The Most High is the destroyers of arrows.Ps91:4. * The Most High is the terminator of pestilence or plague and destroyer of destruction.Ps91:10. *The Most High is a satisfier with long life.Ps91:16. * No evil dwells in the secret place because there's no evil in Him.Ps91:10. *To dwell in the secret place of the Most High is to abide under the shadow of the Almighty. LESSON OUTLINES Lesson Outline1:How To Enter The Secret Place 1) We can enter through a life of holiness.Ps15:1-5 2)We can enter through praise,thanksgiving and prayer of faith.Ps100:3-4;Jeremiah33:3. 3) We can enter through life of absolute dedication to the Lord and avoidance of worldly enticement.1John2:15. 4) We can access through life of pure heart and thoughts.Matthew5:8 5)Through quietness and trusting confidence.Isaiah30:15. 6) Through avoidance of distraction.Matthew6:6. 7) Through transparent honesty to God.Ps69:5; Ps139:7. 8) We can enter through avoidance of dwelling with ungodly people.Ps1:1,2; 2Cor.6:17. 9) We can enter through consecrated and sanctified life.Leviticus20:7; Ps24:3-4. Lesson Outline 2: Benefits Of Being In God's Secret Place 1)Closer fellowship with God.James4:8 2)Living a holy life becomes possible.Isaiah6:1-5 3)Self-assessment of our faith will be enhanced.2Cor.13:5. 4)Fruit of the Spirit takes root and grows.Gal.5:22 5)Our gaze is focused on Christ and things of enternal value.Matthew6:19-21;Heb.12:2 6)Divine protection and deliverance.Pro.18:10; Ps91:13-14. 7)Divine authority and attention.1Kings17:1. SUMMARY: For believers to enjoy the benefits of the secret place of the Most High,they must enter the place and dwell there always. CONCLUSION: God wants us to dwell in His secret place,not to visit.In God's secret place,no evil can come near us. NOTES: THE SECRET PLACE The secret place is the place where the Presence of God is heavily tabernacled.lt's the place of God's Manifest Presence.Exo.3:2. It's the most revered of places.Exo3:5 It's a place of rest. It's a place where prayer are easily lifted up toGod.lncense arises from the secret place(Holiest) to God. In the Old Testament,KJV calls it,the Holiest ofall.ESV/NIV,calls it,the Most HolyPlace.AMP,calls it,the Holy of Holies. David in Psalm91:1,KJV/AMP calls it the secret place of the Most High.ESV/NIV,calls it the Shelter of the Most High.Both expression means that it's a place of protection- where foes cannot touch you;safety and provision. How do you enter His secret place?You enter His gate with thanksgiving and thanks offering,His court with praise,but when you want to enter the inner room,you needworship.That's when you're not asking Him for anything,but loving and reverencing Him for Who He is.John4:24 says,The Father seeks those that'll worship Him in Spirit and truth. How do you know you're in the secret place?When you forget yourself,your needs and join in the Master intercession. Your heart could become God's secret place where He resides.Has He found home in your inner being? Hebrews9:3,Hebrews10:19.Psalms42:1,Heb4:8-11 Love, Stephen.
Does your CHURCH have a Media Unit with Video and TV Outreach? You can now have us to model the 3D of your Church logo and also engage us to TRAIN YOUR CREW to use Motion Graphics and 3D Applications to enhance your presentations like the Pros! You can please forward this to the appropriate quarters. Call or WhatsApp us now: +2348033030614, +2348033249422. Please like our animation and special effects page on Facebook and watch some of our promotional videos: https://mbasic.facebook.com/Animation-After-Effects-Nollywood-Studio-1878717219115889/?v=feed&_rdr
Faith grows in the atmosphere of love. Faith becomes a dominating ,creative force when love really rules. We rule diseases and circumstances as we walk in Love. It is no effort to believes. Love never tries to believe, never tries to have faith. The very word “love” suggests faith. Love makes our faith become limitless. Our greatest difficulty has been that we forget what we are in Christ. We remember what we have been. We remember what we were in the old life. We remember our failures, our weaknesses, and our lack, but we forget that the New Creation is the end of failure because God has imparted Himself to us. There isn’t a thing in the New Covenant or in the finished work of Christ that does not belong to you. He is able to make you, all that His great heart desires you to be. You have written yourself up as a failure for the last time. From today you step into the new ranks of the conquerors, the overcomers, the people who put things over. Let the world hear you confess what God’s ability is in you. They have heard your confession of weakness and failure. Now change your song and sing the song of a victor.
"What is preaching? Logic on fire! Preaching is theology coming through a man who is on fire. A true understanding and experience of the Truth must lead to this. I say again that a man who can speak about these things dispassionately has no right whatsoever to be in a pulpit; and should never be allowed to enter one." - Martyn Lloyd-Jones

An Enlightened Church focused on Molding Highflyers

Operating as usual

To the glory of God your Church has finally moved to her permanent site.
Join us every Sunday to experience God's power.

You can break the power of strongholds
over your life.
Join us this Friday night via WhatsApp.
11:00pm (W.A.T.)

Wonderful is divided into wonder and full.
You shall experience all that make God wonderful in the name of Jesus.

Day 3 of RCCG Annual Convention

Experience the wonders of salvation.
Surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

God shall send divine reinforcements into your immune system in the name of Jesus.

Men ought not to faint.
Men, Stand Your Ground.

Watch our Mansions Men's Conference live on Facebook today.

Men ought not to go under during crisis.
Men ought to stand their ground.
If you are a man it is time to stand your ground
This weekend via Zoom.
See flyers for details.

Adding value
. . . . . .

If you do not add value to people or things you cannot make the desired difference in life. Jesus, because He was a man of value, made a lasting difference in the world.
Go ahead and add value to people. That is what God called you to do.

Please join us for the grand finale of BEYOND HALFTIME (A Prayer Summit).
Time: 7:00pm (W A.T.)

Prime yourself for success in the second half of year 2020. Join our prayer summit from tonight.

Night of Healing starts 11:00pm tonight.
Please join us!


PECULIAR OVERCOMERS are fearless and peerless.
Please join us to become one tomorrow.

Experience God's Fresh Fire this Friday night. Starting from 11:00pm via Zoom and WhatsApp.

The Lord shall turn your mess to a message in the name of Jesus.

Learn more about the mysteries of the Secret Place 7:00pm tomorrow via Zoom. It's going to be revealing and uplifting!

God shall increase your confidence in His power to deliver you in the name of Jesus.

Understanding the Seven Fold Spirit of God.
Enjoy your weekend with our inspiring Bulletin.

Arise and shine.

We declare your victory over afflictions in the name of Jesus.

Sin shall no longer have dominion over you in the name of Jesus.


The Lord shall give you the strength to overcome this Coronavirus crisis in the name of Jesus🙏🏽

God shall meet you at the points of your needs this month end in the name of Jesus.

Understand more about the Mysteries of God during our DIGGING DEEP Service 7:00pm this Tuesday.

The Unchangeable Changer shall turn things around tomorrow morning. Join us at 8:00am.

The Lord shall order your steps into the wealthy place in the name Jesus.

Making Your Health Your Wealth is a WEBINAR you cannot afford to miss 5:30pm tomorrow.
Please join us.

You shall find rest in God.

This Thursday is our Covenant Day of Help from the God of Jeshurun. Please join us.

Your testimonies shall announce God's faithfulness.

You shall sing a new song in the name of Jesus

Experience the seven fold spirit of God for your lifting.

Enjoy your weekend with lessons on the road to Emmaus

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Colonades, 21, Alfred Rewane Road

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Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00
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Ikoyi, +234

Formerly International Bible Institute and Leadership Training School (IBI & LTS) and established in 1995. This is the leadership training arm of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. RILA's goal is to build faithful leaders (2 Timothy 2:2)

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