PaulJon 13, Paola Video October 5, 2015, 5:48pm

Videos by PaulJon 13 in Paola. PaulJon D Spiritiual Consultant who is Truly Gifted and Chosen to Guide you in all your Needs . My Mission is my Message Namaste

My Mission is my Massage : Contact me at 99013600 or 79495804...

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il KRISTALLI ma PaulJon
Offerta Ghalik mi Servizz li jien noffri dwar il '' KRISTALLI '' Ghal aktar informazzjoni - 99013600 : Namaste

Another Year is coming to End We can see what we Achived & Not So we need to make Year 2018 Greater PaulJon is your Number 1 Guidance Happy New Year 2018 to all of You Namaste

Bongu Hbieb , hafna issaqsu imma min hu PaulJon ? Mi lum se nibda intella Clips Sabiex INT issir taf aktar min hu PaulJon u tkun taf aktar dwar is Servizzi ukoll Tieghi ! / 99013600 : Namaste

L-Ewwel KTIEB Tieghi
Promozzjoni dwar L-Ewwel KTIEB tieghi Skont GHALIK li tordna dan il Ktieb LUM ! Ghal aktar informazzjoni sms 99013600 Namaste........ PaulJon

Is-Servizzi ta PaulJon
Mil Lum sejjer nibda fuq xewqa tagħkom Promozzjoniet dwar is Servizzi Tiegħi U dwar il KTIEB li għadni kif Pubblikajt Meta bħal issa intkom tagħmlu Ordni Mal KTIEB takwistaw Skonti Speċjali Ktieb li natikom Garanzija li jogobkom Żgur ! Għal aktar informazzjoni ċemplu lili fuq 99013600

Bongu dear friends Today Tuesday 8th' December is a Public Holiday in Malta dedicated to the Immaculate Conception at Bormla. Must I thank all of you for the great support you gave me yesterday at Skjetti programe. More and more I feel the need that I need to have a Programe on any TV station so I can give more Information more Explanation more Guidance of Spiritualism , May I will find the right Sponsor so I can Finacially buy Air Time to dilver more the Right Guidance to you all ! Yesterday at Skjetti against all odds a Survey done showed that 70% of the Viewers believe in Horoscopes etc , this shows against what Someone said " HAWN DIZASTRU hawn MALTA ! This kind of comment coming from Someone that he has an Open Mind and had a Direct Honest Experience With ME is not Accepted ! We are all Gifted in different ways ! Some are gifted to bring the History of Malta to us in the best way possible and Some are chosen in their true and honest way to Guide others to betterness ! Who are we to Judge ? While I will Never say that the people are Ignorants ! People are Blessed to know and Not to be called IGNORANTS ! My Mission is my Message Namaste

My One to One Service Promotion
My Promotion One to One for your Guidance Offer One : Free Horoscope Article for 1 Month Offer Two : With New App. 50% Off Offer Three : Beauty Treatment 15% Off Further Assistance Contact 99013600

Dear friends Today Monday 18th' October , I'm sending to you all my 3rd Service Promotion so you can benifit and have more information about my Services. For further assistance you can contact me @ 99013600 or 79495804 from Monday to Saturday between 09.00am and 21.00pm. You can Email me at [email protected] Or visit my Web Site My Mission is my Message Namaste

This is my Second Promotion Presentation , I'm sending to all of you , should you need more information please contact me at 99013600. Any comments or Questions you can Email me at [email protected] My Mission is my Message.............Namaste

My Mission is my Massage : Contact me at 99013600 or 79495804...

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