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In Malta the Society was founded on 16 June 1850, at the Jesuit Church by Rev. Dr Paolo Pullicino who, together with several other highly respected persons formed the first Conference.

Its aim was to help needy families who at that time, in Europe as in the rest of the world, were living in extreme poverty. Mgr Isidor Formosa joined the Society in his youth and presided over it for 40 years, from 1890 till his death in 1931. The Society is still active today and is doing all that is possible to lessen the sufferings of the poor.

National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Words from the Society's patron saint to consider as Christmas nears.

SSVP Corporate video

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[11/08/19]   It is with great sadness that we announce the returning to the house of the Lord this morning of our beloved and most righteous Hon. Secretary Alfred Gatt. We thank the Lord for having given us Alfred whose dedication and sincerity to the poor and the marginalised and to our beloved society and it's benefactors will be sorely missed
Réquiem aetérnam dona ei, Dómine,
et lux perpétua lúceat ei.
Requiéscat in pace.

[09/29/19]   Regretfully our hon. secretary is currently going through very challenging times health wise and is currently waiting to see what sort of treatment can be administered.

May we all pray for Blessed Frédéric Ozanam’s intercession at this time.


You made Blessed Frédéric Ozanam a witness of the Gospel, full of wonder at the mystery of the Church. You inspired him to alleviate poverty and injustice and endowed him with untiring generosity in the service of all who were suffering. In family life, he revealed a most genuine love as a son, brother, husband and father. In secular life, his ardent passion for the truth enlightened his thought, writing and teaching. His vision for our society was a network of charity encircling the world and he instilled St Vincent de Paul’s spirit of love, boldness and humility. His prophetic social vision appears in every aspect of his short life, together with the radiance of his virtues. We thank you Lord, for those many gifts and we ask, if it is your will, the grace of a miracle through the intercession of Blessed Frédéric Ozanam.

May the Church proclaim his holiness, as a saint, a providential light for today’s world! We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Vincent de Paul.

Today also marks the day he died in Paris, France in 1660.

In 1617, St. Vincent founded the Confraternities of Charity and in 1625 he founded the Congregation of the Mission, (CM), his community of priests and brothers.

In 1633, St. Vincent de Paul co-founded the Daughters of Charity with St. Louise de Marillac. St. Vincent is the Patron Saint of all works of charity.

St. Vincent de Paul, A Person of the 17th Century, a Person for the 21st Century

Rev. Edward Udovic, C.M. Sr. Executive for University Mission at DePaul University, reads his short essay on the life of Vincent de Paul, and explores why hi...




Welcome the homeless

Sign: A cardboard house, a market, photographs of people on the street, a candle and an image of Christ.

Biblical Illumination: Matthew 8,18-20

When Jesus saw a crowd around him, he gave orders to go to the other side of the sea. And a scribe approached and said: Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go. Jesus replied: Foxes have burrows and birds of the sky nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.
The Word of the Lord.

Let's listen to St. Vincent de Paul:

The saints have always condemned superfluity in those things. Among others, St. Bernard condemned those who, in their time, put all their interest in decorating the churches and filling them with silverware. No, my dear sisters, that great saint did not approve of that; on the contrary, he said: "While those living temples, which are the poor, go down the street suffering hunger and cold, you spend your goods at superfluous expenses." Go first to the poor and help them; then, if you can do the rest, do it in good time.

Those who currently adorn the churches in this way do not act badly, however, since, as they have many goods, they can do one and the other. (IX B, p. 937)


Jesus Christ on the other side of the sea, is blunt in pointing out the conditions to follow him. From this passage, it should be clear that we are called to detachment. At first glance, this value can be defined as the correct use of our goods and resources, with the slogan of not sticking to them and putting them at the service of others. The detachment arises at the very moment in which we recognize the need of the other, and overcoming our indifference and selfishness, we move towards him effectively and emotionally following the example of St. Vincent.

Many people find in the street, living from begging, women with their children asking in the corners of our cities, but this humanitarian drama is joined by those who live in precarious conditions, mired in misery, between cardboard and plastic houses , are those who live day to day, their morning is an uncertainty. Like Jesus Christ, who contemplates the crowd, we must move towards them and reach their shore. It is imperative to welcome them with concrete facts such as listening, assistance and the search for their promotion. These actions will be the roof that we can gladly offer you. We must let them know that they are worth it and that they are not alone, that they have our generosity and support, that they are worthy of God's love reflected in us.


• What do “homeless people” represent to me and what am I doing for them?
• Am I aware that I or a member of my family could be living through these difficult living conditions?
• Facing the problem of "the homeless" how to fight against the indifference and marginalization that proliferates in today's society?




Welcome migrants

Symbols: A road, several images of migrants that get in the way, and a phrase that says: We are all citizens of the world.

Biblical Illumination: Leviticus 19, 33-34

When an outsider resides among you, in your land, do not oppress him. The stranger who resides among you will look upon him as one of your people and love him as yourself, for you were also strangers in the land of Egypt. I, Yahweh, your God.
The Word of the Lord.

Let's listen to St. Vincent de Paul:

The parents who are in Berbería, work there with a lot of fatigue and have to suffer in those places many contradictions, but they don't say a word about it…; nevertheless, they have to suffer a lot, from the Turks and the slaves, they visit, attend and keep those poor prisoners, running from here to there; and they don't say a word of anything; On the contrary, by their letters we see that they are happy to suffer and that they ask for even more and want even more suffering. Oh Savior! Let us ask God to give this spirit to the whole body and the heart of the company. It is a great blessing from God, that he deigns to avail himself of this small company, granting us the honor of suffering for him in some of our members. (XI A, p. 188)


Upon returning to the text of the Leviticus, we discover the experience of a God who establishes as a prescription the reception of migrants. Those who do not have the security of the land that allows them to belong to some place and who do not have the certainty of a dignified life in a territory, must be included in the community that proclaims faith in Yahweh. Only someone who sees the suffering face of Christ in the migrant man because of injustice and oppression, and is able to be moved by his pain and immediately move on to the actions of healing, saving, feeding and listening; He becomes a prophet of authentic cultural progress, who sees the migrant as an opportunity to enrich his environment. St. Vincent de Paul worried about sending missionaries to attend war-torn areas, attending to those who suffer and not saving fatigue to take the Gospel everywhere, many died on the way to new lands, they, parents and sisters, were the figure of today's migrants, were often rejected and suffered discrimination and persecution.


• How was your attitude towards migrants residing in your neighborhood?
• Have you felt outsider on occasion?
• What concrete actions can you take to mitigate xenophobia and feelings of rejection towards migrants?



Welcome the elderly

Symbols: A cane, images of several grandparents.

Biblical Illumination: Luke 2, 25-32

And, behold, there was in Jerusalem a man named Simeon; this man was righteous and pious, and he expected the consolation of Israel; and the Holy Spirit was in him. He had been revealed by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he saw the Christ of the Lord.
Moved by the Spirit, he came to the Temple; and when the parents introduced the child Jesus, to fulfill what the Law prescribed about him, he took him in his arms and blessed God saying: “Now, Lord, you can, according to your word, let your servant go in peace; because my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all peoples, light to enlighten the Gentiles and glory of your people Israel. »
The Word of the Lord.

Let's listen to St. Vincent de Paul:

He still wanted to give a new occupation to those daughters, which is to assist the sick poor, the poor elders of the Name of Jesus and those poor people who have lost their mind. Yes, my sisters, it is God Himself who has wanted to use the Daughters of Charity to take care of these poor fools. What a joy for all of you! What a great favor it is, for all those who are busy with it, to have such a beautiful means of serving God and Our Lord Jesus Christ, his Son! You need to know, my daughters, that Our Lord wanted to experience in his own person all imaginable miseries. The Scripture expressly tells us that he wanted to go through scandal for the Jews and madness for the Gentiles, to point out that you can serve him in all the poor afflicted. (IX B, p. 750)


Our current society, suffers from a contempt for life, seeks to control birth and death, looks at man first for its usefulness, and when they are no longer useful, we enter to confuse him as an object more victim of the culture of the discard.

In the Gospel text, we find an old man at the door of the temple, waiting for the arrival of the Messiah, his joyful announcement allows others to witness the greatness of God in the midst of the people and that the simple child be presented as a light for the villages

The History of St. Vincent also has a very particular old man, who, being confessed on his deathbed, exclaimed he was doomed without this confession! The testimony of the dying man alerted Mrs. de Gondi to resort to the good father Vicente for the Evangelization of the fields.

The elders were also of special predilection for the apostolate of St. Vincent, a task entrusted in particular to the Daughters of Charity, but today we see that it is a widely spread apostolate among the Vincentian Family that has numerous asylums and places of rest . Let's not forget to be attentive to the elderly who are in our community or family. Listening to them and being patient are the two lessons for attention with them.


• Do I find grandparents in my community who are unprotected?
• Do I care about the physical and psychological health of grandparents in my family or community?
• What reception gestures do I have with the elderly?




Welcome children and young people

Symbols: Elements that represent childhood (toys, photographs, school books, etc.) and that represent young people (academic books, balls, music, etc.) and a candle in the center, with the title: Jesus always young.

Biblical Illumination: 1 Timothy 4, 12-16

Let no one belittle your youth. Try, however, to be for model believers in word, in behavior, in charity, in faith, in purity. Until I arrive, devote yourself to reading, to exhortation, to teaching. Do not neglect the charism in you, which was communicated to you by prophetic intervention by imposing the hands of the college of presbyters. Take care of these things; live delivered to them so that your use is manifest to all. Watch for yourself and for teaching; persevere in these provisions, for by doing so you will save yourself and those who listen to you.
The Word of the Lord.

Let's listen to St. Vincent de Paul:

Is it not an obligation of the parents to attend to the needs of their children? Well, if God has put us instead of those who fathered them so that we would try to preserve their lives and educate them in the knowledge of the things of their salvation, we must put interest in not relaxing in a company that pleases them so much. Because, after abandoning their denatured mothers, we don't care about their food and their education, what will happen to them? Can we consent to everyone dying, as happened before in the city of Paris? (XI B, p. 766)


The strength of youth consists in the ability to love without interest, to surrender without reproach, to accept and project into the future. A hopeful future, animated and accompanied by the grace of God, that dissipates all selfishness and superficiality.

Today in many places, children's and youth ministry is viewed with suspicion, many feel neglect in the face of this apostolate, we are not able to listen to the proposals and dreams that young people bring, because we are afraid to discomfort our rigid programs and plans.

Saint Vincent de Paul was a man capable of becoming tender in the face of the suffering of children who were abandoned in the streets of Paris, one of the saint's most representative iconographies, that of him carrying the exposed children. But not only did he welcome the children into his great apostolate, but he used youth to organize charity.

The example of the young peasant Marguerite Naseau, motivated him to gather humble and dedicated girls for service with the poorest, and I need the audacity and youth of the first missionaries to reach many sides.

• Where, as a young man, can I discover God's desires in me?
• How do I discover in young people the gifts that have come from God?
• What should my commitment be to accompany them?




Welcome Women

Symbols: The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, if you have any image or postcard of St. Vincent with the Ladies of Charity or the Daughters of Charity and different images of battered women today.

Biblical Illumination: John 12, 1-8:

Six days before Easter, Jesus went to Bethany, where Lazarus was, whom Jesus had risen from the dead. He was given a dinner there. Marta served and Lazarus was one of those who were with him at the table. Then Mary, taking a pound of perfume from pure, very expensive tuberose, anointed Jesus' feet and dried them with her hair. And the house was filled with the smell of perfume.
Judas Iscariot, one of the disciples, said to deliver: "Why has this perfume not been sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?" But he did not say this because he was worried about the poor, but because He was a thief, and since he had the bag, he took what they threw in it. Jesus said: «Let her, keep it for the day of my burial. For poor people you will always have with you; but you will not always have.
The Word of the Lord.

Let's listen to St. Vincent de Paul:

To be true Daughters of Charity, we must do what the Son of God did on earth. And what did he mainly do? After submitting his will obeying the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph, he worked continuously for his neighbor, visiting and healing the sick, instructing the ignorant for their salvation. How happy you are, my daughters, for having been called to such a pleasant condition to God! But you must also be very careful not to abuse and work to perfect yourself in this holy condition. You have the joy of being the first calls to this holy exercise, you, poor villagers and daughters of artisans. Since the time of women serving the Son of God and the apostles, no foundation for this purpose has been made in the Church of God. (IX on page 34)


In many moments of history, women have been undervalued; but with St. Vincent de Paul, we recognize a special role, he has left women at the helm of charity. Saint Luisa and the Daughters of Charity do not fulfill a secondary role, but it is really important, it is they who show the special tenderness towards the poor, they, like Mary of the Gospel, have poured out their best offering at the feet of the teacher .

Today's society has given more freedom and strength to women, but there is still perceived gender violence, less rights and even countries where they are subject to the yoke of men without any benefit. Women need to be welcomed and accompanied in their struggle for true dignity, far from violent movements that arise today.

Mary now carries the fragrance of the Lord and like her, many women of our reality carry the message of love and peace of Jesus Christ to their families, their friends and their environments. They show the warmth and tenderness with which Jesus broke so many barriers of social indifference, welcoming the little ones.


• What is the position of women in our Vincentian or parish movements?
• How do we perceive that female leadership in our Church?
• What realities today affect women?

Our Story

Its aim was to help needy families who at that time, in Europe as in the rest of the world, were living in extreme poverty. Mgr Isidor Formosa joined the Society in his youth and presided over it for 40 years, from 1890 till his death in 1931. The Society is still active today and is doing all that is possible to lessen the sufferings of the poor.

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