Parrocca Lourdes - San Gwann

Parrocca Lourdes - San Gwann


FORSALE lifesize franciza antika. Euro 3500
Is the Parish sending people knocking doors and asking for donations of "preserved" food.
AVVIZI IT-TIELET ĦADD TAR-RANDAN 24 TA’ MARZU 2019 IT-TNEJN: Naghtu bid għall-ġimgħa ta’ Riflessjoni għal kulħadd. Dawn jibbed war l-quddiesa tat-8.30 a.m. Ser imexxi dawn ir-Riflessjonijiet Fr. Thomas Calleja ofm Conv. IL-ĠIMGĦA: Huma mistiedna dawk il-koppji li żżewġu fix-xahar ta’ Marzu . Nibdew fis-6.00 p.m. bir-Ruzarju quddiem Ġesu’ espost u waqt il-quddiesa il-miżżewġin iġeddu l-wegħdiet tagħhom. Infakkrukom li matul ir-Randan nhar ta’ Erbgħa u nhar ta’ Ġimgħa ikun hawn il-via Sagra li itbda fis-6.00 p.m. Grazzi għal darba oħra tal-ġenerożita’ tagħkom lil Fondazzjoni Suriet l-bniedem . Il-Mulej iberikkom għall-appel li intom lqajtu . Din il-ġimgħa waħda minn ħutna għaddiet għall-ħajja ta’ dejjem : Josephine Micallef ta’ 80 sena. Aghtiha 0 Mulej……..
AVVIZI IT-TIENI ĦADD TAR-RANDAN 17 TA’ MARZU 2019 IT-TLIETA: Hija Il-Festa ta’ San Ġużżepp. Hija btala pubblika. Tkun ħaġa sabieħa li nħarsu dan il-jum bis-smiegħ tal-quddies. Il-Quddies fil-għodu ikun hekk: fis-7,7.45 u 8.30 . Fil-ghaxija fis-6.30 p.m. L-ERBGĦA: Dawk li ġejijn il-ħarġa tas-60 + niltilqu mijn ħdejn il-Knisja fid-9.00 a.m. Ser nżuru s-Santwarju tal-Madonna tal-Grazzja Ħaż-Żabbar u anki l-Mużew tas-santwarju. Nibdew bil-quddiesa. IL-ĦAMIS: Wara l-quddiesa tat-8.30 a.m. ikun hawn l-adorazzjoni mmexxija mill-appostolat tal-Ħniena Divina Fis-7.15 p.m. jiltaqa’ l-Kunsill Pastorali parrokkajli. Infakkrukom bien nkomplu nkunu ġenerużi tul dan iż-żmien tar-Randan ngħinu lil Fondazzjoni Suriet il-Bniedem li hija tagħna l-kappuċċini . Din tilqa’ lil dawk ma ghandhomx saqaf fuq rashom. Għalhekk fejn il-bibien tan-nofs wieħed isib qfief u nistghu npoġġu affarijiet tal-ikel kif ukoll affarijiet biex wieħed jinħasel u biex jaħsel il-ħwejjeġ. Nirringrazzjawkom Il-Fondazzjoni Karl Vella li kienu hawn nhar il-Ħadd jixtiequ jirringrazzjawkom għall-ġenerożita’ tagħkom . L-offerti laħqu s-somma ta’ € 1,700 . Din il-ġimgħa Tlieta minn ħutna għaddew għall-hajja ta’ dejjem : Giovanna Perici ta’ 71 , William Cauchi 63 sena u Rita Galea ta’ 79 sena . Agħtihom Mulej…..
//////////////// BODY LANGUAGE ////// "We have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all." —Hebrews 10:10 ////// At the Christmas liturgies, in hundreds of nations, billions of people will look at statues or pictures of the body of Baby Jesus. Moreover, hundreds of millions of people always carry with them crucifixes depicting the crucified body of Jesus. There is something awesome and mysterious about the body of Jesus. When the body of Jesus was just beginning to be formed shortly after Mary conceived Him, Mary took Jesus' body "into the hill country to a town of Judah, where she entered Zechariah's house and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the baby leapt in her womb. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit" (Lk 1:39-41). The first days of the presence of Jesus' body on earth resulted in an explosion by the Holy Spirit. Several months later, wise men saw the body of Baby Jesus and were compelled to give Him gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Mt 2:11). Several years later, thousands of people touched "just the tassel" of the cloak clothing Jesus' body, and "all who touched Him got well" (see Mk 6:56). Today, we can touch the body of Christ in even more powerful and intimate ways by loving the Body of Christ, the Church (see Eph 5:25ff), and especially by receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion. That is why the season beginning Tuesday is called "Christmas," for at Mass we touch Christ's Body. "Mary Christ-Mass"! Like Mary, receive the Body of Christ in your body. ////// PRAYER: Father, when I go to Communion and hear the words "Body of Christ," may I never be the same. ////// PROMISE: "A body You have prepared for Me." —Heb 10:5 ////// PRAISE: "O Emmanuel, King and Lawgiver, Desire of the nations, Savior of all people, come and set us free, Lord our God." ////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer) //////////////////////// For the full Readings please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday ////////////////////////
WHEN DADDY SINGS /////////// "Sing joyfully." —Zephaniah 3:14 /////////// The Lord, through St. Paul, commands and graces us to rejoice in Him always (Phil 4:4). No matter how many problems we have, no matter how bad we feel — the fact that we are "in the Lord" dwarfs everything else. How can we let a little cloud or two eclipse the Son? When we fix our eyes on Jesus (Heb 12:2), the Son of God (Mk 1:1), He will reveal to us our heavenly Father (Lk 10:22; Jn 14:6), Who is the Source of our joy. Jesus and the Holy Spirit will show us our Abba (see Gal 4:6) rejoicing over each one of us with gladness and renewing us in His love (Zep 3:17). We will see the reality that God Himself, our Abba, is at this moment singing joyfully because of us, His adopted children (Rm 8:15; Zep 3:17). Abba's joyous singing is quite contagious — especially for His children. In the presence of Abba, we find ourselves breaking out into song and singing our parts in the Trinitarian musical. Our everlasting songs of joy drown out our passing sorrows. We "rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again. Rejoice!" (Phil 4:4) /////////// PRAYER: Father, may I "rejoice with inexpressible joy touched with glory" (1 Pt 1:8). /////////// PROMISE: "He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and in fire." —Lk 3:16 /////////// PRAISE: "I rejoice heartily in the Lord, in my God is the joy of my soul" (Is 61:10) /////////// (From a reflection by Al Lauer) /////////// ///////////////////////////////// For the full Readings please go to: or visit oujr FDacebook poage – The Word on Sunday ////////////////////////////////////////////.
LISTENING TO THE INNER VOICE ///// On Sunday we begin our preparation for celebrating the birth of Christ, our Saviour, at Christmas. Our Scripture readings urge us to make ourselves ready, to be on the alert, to turn aside from distractions and give more time to God in our lives. ”Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord,” says Isaiah . We must not live lives of darkness and of sin, says St Paul, but “put on the armour of grace,” and walk in the light, guided by the Holy Spirit.” Be vigilant, stay awake,” says the gospel, for we do not know at what moment our life may end, as unexpectedly as the people who were drowned by the Flood, in the time of Noah. Outwardly, all may be normal, with men and women busy at their daily occupations… but inwardly they have responded differently to the gift of life. They are in varying states of preparedness for the day of judgment, so that while some will be taken into God’s kingdom, others will be left outside. On our journey through life we are always faced with a choice between two ways, either that of selfishness and sin, or, on the other hand, that of grace, which is letting conscience be our guide in all that we do. If we do our best to live as God our Father wants, we will experience authentic freedom and we will be ready for the coming of our Saviour at Christmas. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” It would be good to ask ourselves during Advent, “What could I be doing to better serve God and my neighbour?” Any service done from a loving heart brings its own reward. Advent is the most suitable time for listening to the word of God. “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, so that he may teach us his ways.” //////// /////////// For the full readings please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday //////////////////////////////////////////
LIFE-GIVING /////////// "They gave from their surplus wealth, but she gave from her want, all that she had to live on." —Mark 12:44 /////////// God the Father loves us so much that He gave His Son to us (Jn 3:16). Jesus gave His life for us when He died on the cross. The Holy Spirit gives us charisms, gifts of the Spirit (see 1 Cor 12:4ff). Because God is the greatest Giver, He teaches us that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Because God is the greatest Giver, Jesus, Who is God, sat down opposite the treasury and observed how the crowd put money into the treasury (Mk 12:41). Jesus makes a point to observe our giving — not only at the collection during Mass but in every aspect of our lives. Because the Lord has given His "all" to us, He commands us to give our "all" to Him. The Lord is not as interested in how much we give as in how much we have left. He tells us to give all that we have to live on (Mk 12:44). Many of us don't mind giving, or we may even enjoy giving something to God and others. Nevertheless, we are terrified and overwhelmed by the prospect of giving all. Nonetheless, God's grace is sufficient (2 Cor 12:9). The Lord will grace us to love Him so much that we would be ashamed to give Him less than everything. Paradoxically, in giving our lives totally to Him we will save our lives (see Lk 9:24; 1 Kgs 17:15). May our almsgiving be "all-giving." /////////// PRAYER: Jesus, You gave Your life for me. I give my life for You. /////////// PROMISE: "Christ was offered up once to take away the sins of many; He will appear a second time not to take away sin but to bring salvation to those who eagerly await Him." —Heb 9:28 /////////// PRAISE: Praise You, risen Jesus! By your death and resurrection, you have given us Life. Alleluia! /////////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer) /////////// For the full Readings please go to or visit our page/The Word on Sunday //////////////////////////
AN EYE-OPENING NOVENA ///////// " 'Rabboni,' the blind man said, 'I want to see.' Jesus said in reply, 'Be on your way! Your faith has healed you.' Immediately he received his sight and started to follow Him up the road." —Mark 10:51-52 ///////// To live God's Word (see Jas 1:22), we must pray God's Word. I invite you to pray a novena to be free from spiritual blindness. For nine days, pray: "I want to see" (Mk 10:51). Most Christians believe that other people, including their spouses, family members, neighbous, and fellow workers, need to see much better spiritually. The sin, injustice, abortion, racism, and oppression in our culture of death prove that we live in an epidemic of spiritual blindness. Nevertheless, we find it difficult to believe that we are spiritually blind or even that we have planks in our eyes while others may have only specks in theirs (Mt 7:5). We are tempted to react like the Pharisees when they said to Jesus: "You are not calling us blind, are You?" (Jn 9:40) You may be so holy that you are not spiritually blind. Yet are you certain that you have 20/20 vision spiritually? If you're blind to being blind, you are trapped. If you're not sure you have 20/20 spiritual vision, pray the novena to be freed from spiritual blindness. Try to go to Mass daily or as often as possible. Go to Confession. Pray daily: "I want to see." Invite others to join you. ///////// PRAYER: Father, in this novena teach me about myself. ///////// PROMISE: "I will gather them from the ends of the world, with the blind and the lame in their midst." —Jer 31:8 ///////// PRAISE: Praise the risen Lord, for "by His stripes we were healed" (Is 53:5; 1 Pt 2:24). ///////// /////////////////////////// For the full Readings please go to: or visit our page/The Word on Sunday ///////////////////////////

Taghrif mill-Parrocca Lourdes - San Gwann. Patrijiet Frangiskani Kapuccini.

Mission: Ghas-servizz tal-Poplu t'Alla.


[03/09/19]   AVVIZI
10 TA’ MARZU 2019

L-ERBGĦA: Naghtu bidu għal-tlitt ijiem ta’ Riflessjoni għall-miżżewġin u l-gharajjes. Dawn jibdew wara l-quddiesa ta’ fil-għaxija. Ser imexxi dawn ir-riflessjonijiet Fr. Andrew Galea , Franġsikan Konventwal.

Fil-5.00 p.m. jiltaqgħu r-Romol fiċ-Ċentru Parrokkjali.

Il-Grupp 60+ ser jorganizza l-ħarġa tieghu nhar l-Erbgħa 20 ta’ Marzu . Ser inżuru s-Santwarju tal-Madonna tal-Grazzja kif ukoll il-mużew tal-Istess santwarju . Booking jitah nhar it-Tnejn mill-uffiċċju Parrokkjali.

Matul dan ir-Randan bħas-snin ta’ qabel qegħdin naghmlu appell biex ngħinu lil Fondazzjoni Suriet il-Bniedem li hija tagħna l-kappuċċini . Din tilqa’ lil dawk ma ghandhomx saqaf fuq rashom. Għalhekk fejn il-bibien tan-nofs wieħed isib qfief u nistghu npoġġu affarijiet tal-ikel kif ukoll affarijiet biex wieħed jinħasel u biex jaħsel il-ħwejjeġ. Inkunu ġenerużi

Il-Ġabra speċjali li saret il-Ħadd li għadda b’risq il-pannelli kienet ta’ €1,880 Grazzi mill-qalb tad-donazzjonijiet tagħkom.

Din il-Ġimgħa kellna dawn id-donazzjonijiet: €500 għall-ispejjes tal-Panelli u € 150 għall-fond tal-karita tal-parroċċa . Grazzi tad-donazzjonijiet tagħkom.

Din il-ġimgħa Tnejn minn ħutna għaddew għall-hajja ta’ dejjem : Marianne Farrugia 95 sena u Dennis Smith 77 sena . Agħtihom Mulej…..

The Word On Sunday


"Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, then returned from the Jordan and was conducted by the Spirit into the desert for forty days, where He was tempted by the devil. During that time He ate nothing." —Luke 4:1-2 /////////
Lent is a march with a destination of the renewal of our baptismal promises at all the Easter Sunday Masses in the world.

Jesus' forty days in the desert prefigure Lent. The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert (Lk 4:1), where He fasted for forty days (Lk 4:2) and refused to doubt that He was the beloved Son of God the Father (cf Lk 3:22; 4:3, 9). Thus, Lent is Trinitarian, and its destination is Trinitarian, for when we renew our baptismal promises, we profess our faith in God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Lent is a time of waging special warfare against the devil (Lk 4:2) by imitating Jesus' forty-day fast (see Mt 17:21, NAB). This is especially appropriate, for when we renew our baptismal promises at Easter, we reject Satan, all his works, and all his empty promises.

Ask the Holy Spirit what He has planned for you this Lent. He knows the best route for you to reach your destination, the renewal of your baptismal promises this Easter. The Holy Spirit will give you the power to make decisions and sacrifices necessary to reach Lent's destination and to live your Baptism in total love, abandonment, and joy. Let the Spirit lead you into a Lent that leads you to fullness of baptismal life. /////////

PRAYER: Father, may I celebrate Lent with zeal. /////////

PROMISE: "For if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." —Rm 10:9 /////////

PRAISE: Praise and honour to You, Lord, Love, Life, Jesus Christ! ///////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer)
For the full Readings please go to:
or visit our page THE WORD ON SUNDAY




[03/02/19]   MIGHTY MOUTH /////////

"Praise no man before he speaks, for it is then that men are tested." —Sirach 27:7 ////////

When we open our mouths and speak, we open our inner selves and reveal publicly:
our "heart's abundance" (Lk 6:45),
our faults and sins (Sir 27:4), and
the bent of our minds (Sir 27:6).

be "slow to speak" (Jas 1:19),
don't talk too much (Prv 10:19), and
"let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for edifying, as fits the occasion, that it may impart grace to those who hear" (Eph 4:29, RSV-CE).

"All of us fall short in many respects. If a person is without fault in speech he is a man in the fullest sense, because he can control his entire body" (Jas 3:2). This coming Lent, let Jesus be Lord of your mouth, the Holy Spirit purify your tongue, and the Father be glorified by your every word.

PRAYER: Father, I will open my mouth for You to fill it (see Ps 81:11). ///////

PROMISE: "You know that your toil is not in vain when it is done in the Lord." —1 Cor 15:58 ///////////

PRAISE: Alleluia! Jesus is risen! He will raise us from the dead if we believe in Him (Jn 11:26). Alleluia! //////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer)

[03/01/19]   AVVIZI
03 TA’ MARZU 2019

IT-TNEJN:Jiltaqa’ l-Grupp ta’ San Piju . Nibdew fis-6.00 p.m. bir-rużarju quddiem Ġesu Espost u wara quddiesa bi ħsieb fuq San Piju

L-ERBGĦA: Naghtu bidu għar-Randan Mqaddes . Huwa Jum ta’ Sawm u Astinenza . Waqt il-Quddies kollu isir it-tqegħid tal-Irmied .

Tul ir-Randan Nhar ta’ Erbgħa u nhar ta’ Ġimgħa fis-6.00 p.m. ikun hawn il-Via sagra.

IL-ĦAMIS: Wara l-quddiesa tat-8.30 a.m. ikun hawn adorazzjoni mmexxija mis-Sur Joe Fenech , membru tal-Museum .

IS-SIBT : Fl-4.00 p.m. ikun hawn il-quddiesa li fiha jiġi amministrat is-sagrament tal-Maghmudija.

Dawk li gejjin il-ġita organizzata ġita mis-6 sat-13 ta’ Awissu jistghu jibbokjaw hinijiet tal-Uffiċċju min-nhar it-Tnejn. Importanti li min jibbokkja iġib miegħu il-passaport u d-depositu.

Din il-ġimgħa Ħamsa minn ħutna għaddew għall-hajja ta’ dejjem : Isabelle Gera 79 sena , Alfred Spiteri 81 sena , Nicolette Degiorgio 29 sena . Joseph Debono ta’ 65 sena u Blanche 86 sena. Aghtihom 0 Mulej ………


[02/22/19]   AVVIZI
24 TA’ FRAR 2019

IL-ĠIMGĦA: Hija l-Ewwel Ġimgħa tax-xahar . Fil-għodu ikun hemm l-adorazzjoni għand is-sorijiet Franġiskani. Fil-għaxija wara l-l-quddiesa ikun hawn nofs siegħa adorazzjoni .

IS-SIBT: Il- laqgħa għall-miżżewġin u l-għarajjes fis-6.30 p.m. fiċ-Ċentru Parrokjali . Nibdew bil-quddiesa u ikollna taħdita minn Dr. Nicholas Briffa u nispiċċaw għat -8.30 p.m.

Dawk li gejjin il-ġita organizzata ġita mis-6 sat-13 ta’ Awissu jistghu jibbokjaw hinijiet tal-Uffiċċju min-nhar it-Tnejn. Importanti li min jibbokkja iġib miegħu il-passaport u d-depositu.

Din il-ġimgħa wieħed minn ħutna għadda għall-hajja ta’ dejjem : Raymond Caruana ta’ 65 sena. Aghtih 0 Mulej……


It-Tlieta 06/08/19 –
Niltaqghu ma tour leader l-Ajruport fil 05-30 am ta` fil-ghodu biex intiru mal Air Malta ghal Ruma fis 07-30 am fejn naslu Ruma fid 09-00 am. Kif naslu insibu il-pullman biex nibdew il-vjagg taghna daqxejn fit-tul ghal Rimini, f` nofs it-triq nieqfu biex wiehed jiehu xa haga,kif naslu fil-lukanda Atlas 3 star li qieghda fil-qalba ta` Rimini naghmlu sistemazzjoni tal-kmamar u wara harga mal-leader. Fil-ghaxija cena fil-lukanda u wara hin liberu. Fil-lukanda hemm swimming pool u min irid jista igib mieghu il-malja ghal xi ghawma.

L-Erbgha 07/08/19 –
Kolazzjoni wara optional excursion ta` nofs ta` nhar ghal l-icken Repubblika ta` San Marino li dan il post qieghed gewwa L-Italia vicin hafna ta` Rimini. Gewwa San Marino hemm 35000 abitanti. Fit 2008 centro storico ta` citta San Marino u Monte Titano huma gew inseriti mil UNESCO patrimoni del uminita,ghal hin ta`3-00pm nergaw lura ghal-lukanda ikun kullhadd liberu fil-ghaxija niehdu cena u wara naghmlu passiggata.

IL-Hamis 08/08/19 –
Wara il-kolazzjoni optional excursion ta`gurnata ghal belt ta` Bologna hija Belt capitali ta` Emalia Romagna, Piazza Maggiore hija l-iktar piazza populari kollha Arkati bil hwienet bhal coffee shops u hwienet ohra. F`din il Piazza hemm City Hall palace sa kun hemm hin biex nidhlu go fih [entratura free],Funtana Neptune, u Basilka ta` San Petronio. Go Bologna hemm Roman Catholic Santwarju ta`Virgin Mary mibnija stil Barrok,f-din il-piazza xi 25 sena ilu kienu ghamlu xi bombi u saret tragedja kbira fejn kienu mietu hafna nies. F`din excursion ikun hemm maghna Guide. Abitanti hemm 400,000 persuna. Wara nergaw lura ghal lukanda ghac-cena.

IL-Gimgha 09/08/19-
Wara il-kolazzjoni hin liberu naghmlu xi passigata mal-promende ta` Rimini jew jaghmel xi ghawma fil-piscina tal-lukanda. Wara nofs inhar fis 2-00pm naghmlu optional excursion ghal Italia Miniatura gewwa Viserba li hu post ta` divertmenti insibu 273 miniaturi famuzi Taljani u Europej mibnija fuq scala 1.25 u 1.50 dawn il miniaturi huma kollha fic-cokon. Wara nergaw lura ghal-lukanda biex niehdu cena u wara hin liberu.

IS-Sibt 10/08/19 –
Wara il-kolazzjoni (optional) immorru sa-suq ta` Rimini bil-pullman jarma kull nhar ta`sibt hu kbir bizzejjed biex jixtri xa haga ghal hin ta` nofs sigha [12-30 ] nergaw lura ghal lukanda, wara hin liberu biex jiehu xi ghawma f-Swimming pool gol-lukanda. Fil-ghaxija niltaqghu fil-lukanda biex niehdu ic-cena flimkien u wara hin liberu.

IL-Hadd 11/08/19 –
Quddiesa wara niehdu il-kolazzjoni wara gurnata libera ghal l-ahhar shopping minn hwienet li insibu hawn Rimini jew jaghmel xi passiggata mal -plajja li hi twila hafna, fil-ghaxija wara ic-cena optional ghal post ta divertment Riccione post verament sabih biex noqghodu ftit tal-hin f`dan il post fejn wiehed jiehu xi gelat tajjeb.

IT-Tnejn 12/8/19 –
Wara il-kolazzjoni optional excursion ta` gurnata ghal Imola u Cesenatico din tour ikun hemm il guide maghna biex naraw postijiet ta` interess. Fil-ghodu l-ewwel immorru Imola post fejn jaghmlu tigrijiet tal-karozzi famuzi ta` Formula uno u wara inkomplu naraw xi postijiet ta`interes bhal Main Square piazza mil-isbah. Wara li nkunu rajna dan il-post ta` Imola, nibdew il vjagg taghna ghal Cesenatico fejn hemm insibu il-guide li sa tkun maghna hawn min irid jista jiekol xa haga . Cesenatico post trankwil li qieghed hdejn il-bahar hemm plajja fejn wiehed jista jaghmel xi passiggata u wara naraw xi postijiet ta`interess, fil-ghaxija nergaw lura ghal-lukanda biex wiehed jibda jipprapara il bagalja.fil-ghaxija naghmlu l-ahhar cena u wara wiehed jixrob xa haga ta`l-ahhar flimkien.

IT-Tlieta 13/08/19 –
Kolazzjoni daqxejn kmieni fejn wara tigi il-pullman biex nibdew naghbbu il bagalji u wara nibdew il-vjagg taghna ghal Ruma, fejn nieqfu fl-Autostrada biex wiehed juza ir-restrooms u jixrob xa haga, kif naslu Ruma fic-centru wiehed jista jaghmel xi dawra. Ghal hin ta`5-30 pm niltaqghaw biex nergaw nirkbu fil-pullman halli immorru l-aeroport ta`Fiumicino fejn naghmlu ic-check in biex intiru ghal Malta mal AIRMALTA KM 615W fid 21-10 pm naslu Malta fl 10-35 pm.

Prezz kull Persuna

F’ Kamra ta’ Tliet Persuni Euro 817.00
F’ Kamra ta’ Zewg Persuni Euro 832.00
F’ Kamra ta’ Persuna Wahda Euro 885.00
Tfal that il-11 il-sena (F’kamra ma 2 Adulti) Euro 580.00

Irid jithallas deposit ta’ € 150 mal-Booking.

Il- Prezz Jinkludi
• Trasport bl-ajru Malta / Ruma / Malta
• Transfer bil-Coach mill-Airport ta’ Ruma ghal Rimini u wara Rimini ghal Ruma Centro u wara ghal Ajruport Fumicino .
• Akkomodazzjoni fil-Lukanda Atlas Hotel 3 Star Halfboard 7 t’ijiem ikel, irqad u kolazzjon kif wkoll l-ilma.
• Taxxa tal-Lukanda
• Uzu tas-swimming pool kif wkoll shows fil-ghaxija
• Servizz ta’ Direttur Spiritwali
• Excursion ghall –centru ta’ Ruma
• Taxxa u Charges
• Sevizz ta’ Tour Leader

Il- Prezz Ma Jinkludix
• Uzu tal- Plajja privata tal-lukanda. Min irid ihallas € 12.00 u ikollok umbrella u 2 pultruni
• Ix-xorb ma l-ikel (bhal-alcohol u soft drinks )
• Insurance
• Optional excursions u fejn hemm il- kelma ghal min irid kif wkoll dhul go palazzi, muzewijiet u it-torri.
• Gewwa Rimini insibu hafna swali tas-sfin bhal liscio tas-snin 60 u 70.

Eskursjonijiet Kbar Tfal
 Nofs ta’ nhar ghal San Marino € 27 € 12
 Gurnata ghal Bologna € 37 € 18
 Nofs ta’ nhar ghal miniatura viserba u dhul go miniatura € 38 € 18
 Gurnata ghal Imola u Cesenatico € 37 € 18
 Fil-ghaxija ghal post mill-isbah Riccione € 26 € 13
 Nofs ta’ nhar ghas suq ta’ Rimini € 12 € 6
 Total Kull Persuna € 177 € 85

Il-kbar li jibbukjaw sa l-ahhar ta’ Mejju 2019 u jiedu l-eskursjonijiet kollha jifrankaw €50.

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Parrocca Lourdes
San Gwann
Other San Gwann places of worship (show all)
Museum San Gwann Museum San Gwann
5/6, Triq San Ġwann Tal-Għorgħar
San Gwann, SGN 2100

Din il-paġna l-ġdida ta' Facebook tal-Museum ta' San Ġwann għandha l-għan biex jinżamm kuntatt ma' dawk kollha li tinteressahom ħidmietna f'San Ġwann.

Grand Priory of Romania Grand Priory of Romania
Triq Tal-balal
San Gwann, 9016

Grand Priory of Romania

New Life Christian Centre Malta New Life Christian Centre Malta
26, 'Knisja Kristjana Evangelika', Triq John F. Marks
San Gwann, SGN1233

New Life Christian Centre is a church that is charismatic in worship, biblical in doctrine, international and multicultural in fellowship.