Parrocca San Giljan

Parrocca San Giljan


Is mass being streamed this morning?
/////// GOD'S WAYS OF HEALING ////// "Your wound shall quickly be healed." —Isaiah 58:8 ////// In a world of suffering, pain, and brokenness, the Lord makes the amazing promise of quick healing. This promise, like many of the Lord's promises, is preceded and followed by several commands. The Lord commands us to fast in the right spirit and serve the basic needs of the poor (Is 58:6-7). Then He will fulfill several promises, if we are willing to respond to these graces by obeying further commands related to doing justice (Is 58:9ff). When we are hurting, we tend to want God to heal us so that we can return to the lifestyle that may have contributed to our sickness. However, the Lord wants our healing to be the centrepiece of major developments in our lives based on repentance, love, justice, and mercy. Will we accept healing on the Lord's terms? Will we let Him be Lord of our healing and Lord of our lives? Will we let the Lord tear down and restructure our lives through healing? Will you subordinate your healing to the Lord, the Healer? (see Mk 2:1ff) ////// PRAYER: Father, I repent of making an idol of my lifestyle. I accept Jesus as my Lord. ////// PROMISE: "I determined that while I was with you I would speak of nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified." —1 Cor 2:2 ////// PRAISE: "The God of our fathers has raised up Jesus whom you put to death, hanging him on a tree" (Acts 5:30). Alleluia! ////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer, Presentation Ministries) ////// ////////////////////// For the full Readings (anke bil-Malti) please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday //////////////////////
/////////////////////// TWO PRESENTATIONS //////// Mary and Joseph "brought Him up to Jerusalem so that He could be presented to the Lord." —Luke 2:22 ///////// The Jewish practice of presenting a child to the Lord stems from the concept that the child truly belongs to God. According to the law of Moses, the husband and wife present their first-born child to the Lord, thus acknowledging God as the Author and Owner of the life of this child (see Ex 13:2; Lv 12:6-8). Along with presenting their child, the couple also presents a sacrifice, a kind of payment, in this case a pair of doves, and God returns the child to the care of the parents. There is a second presentation in the life of Jesus. Jesus presents all of humanity to God, Who is truly the Owner of each human life. As the sacrifice, Jesus presents Himself in payment for humanity and all their sins and transgressions against God. The Father accepted this sacrifice, because Jesus offered a sacrifice of infinite value (see Phil 2:6-11). At long last, God is receiving a sacrifice worthy of His dignity and majesty. Therefore, since we have been bought by the blood of Jesus crucified, let us present our entire lives to God as a living sacrifice on this feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Rm 12:1-2). Give Him your thoughts, desires, strength, heart, lives, and actions. Present yourself on the altar of God with gratitude and love. //////// PRAYER: Father, when You look on me, I ask You to see the blood of Jesus, my Saviour, as my ransom price. I present myself to You as a member of the Body of Your Son. //////// PROMISE: "[Jesus] had to become like His brothers in every way, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest before God on their behalf, to expiate the sins of the people." —Heb 2:17 //////// PRAISE: Thank you, Sts. Joseph and Mary, for your faithful example. Even in poverty, you remained obedient to the law of Moses (see Lv 12:8). //////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer / Presentation Ministries) //////////// ////////////////////// For the full Readings please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday //////////////////////
////////// THERE'S NOBODY LIKE JESUS /////// "Reform your lives! The kingdom of heaven is at hand." —Matthew 4:17 /////// Jesus was walking along a part of the shore of the Sea of Galilee used by commercial fishing businesses. He commanded two brothers to follow Him and leave behind their business, livelihood, families, and the only way of life they had ever known. They obeyed Jesus' command immediately (Mt 4:20). That this was not a fluke is attested by the fact that Jesus did the same thing at another commercial fishing business and two other brothers also left everything to follow Jesus (Mt 4:22). There is something special about Jesus. His words are "spirit and life" (Jn 6:63), and His actions are the most powerful. For example, He didn't simply cure some diseases, He "cured the people of every disease and illness" (Mt 4:23). Jesus spoke, did, and was the Good News, that is, the Gospel. Jesus inaugurated a whole, new way of governing life. He called it the kingdom of God (see Mt 4:23). When Jesus was crucified and murdered, "the gospel of the kingdom" seemed to have been defeated. Yet Jesus rose on the third day and showed that His Good News was stronger than death and that His kingdom would last forever (1 Cor 15:4; Lk 1:33). What are you waiting for? Follow Jesus and leave all else behind now. /////// PRAYER: Father, may I be madly in love with Jesus. /////// PROMISE: "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone." —Is 9:1 /////// PRAISE: "He said to them: 'Thus it is written that the Messiah must suffer and rise from the dead on the third day' " (Lk 24:46). Praise the risen Jesus! /////// ////////////////////// Fpr the full Readings please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday //////////////////////
///// HOLINESS: THE MEANING OF LIFE You "have been consecrated in Christ Jesus and called to be a holy people." —1 Corinthians 1:2 /////// We are "called to be holy." God the Father wants His children to be, act, work, think, talk, love, and live as He does. This is the meaning of holiness: to be like God "in every aspect" of our conduct (1 Pt 1:15). Holiness is a gift from the all-holy God. Only by His grace can we become holy. Holiness comes through the Holy Spirit, that is, the Spirit Who makes us holy. However, we must choose to accept the Spirit's gift of holiness. Without holiness, "no one can see the Lord" (Heb 12:14), that is, go to heaven. Therefore, the Lord orchestrates the events and details of our lives to give us a greater desire for holiness. He even allows us to suffer sorrows and tragedies to help us grow in holiness. In other words, He gives us some purgatory before our deaths. Moreover, holiness is so necessary that the Lord will purify after death those committed to Him and delay their entry into heaven to complete their holiness, if they are not yet "perfect in holiness" (1 Thes 5:23). However, to benefit from the Lord's organization of our lives to foster our holiness, we must trust the Lord, humbly deny ourselves, and obey Him. Then we will desire more strongly to become holy. Thus will we become holy, be pleasing to the all-holy God, and live with Him and the holy ones forever in heaven. /////// PRAYER: Father, send the Holy Spirit to give me love, which increases my desire for holiness. /////// PROMISE: "When you see the Spirit descend and rest on Someone, it is He Who is to baptize with the Holy Spirit." —Jn 1:33 /////// PRAISE: The risen Jesus proclaims: "I am the Root and Offspring of David, the Morning Star shining bright" (Rv 22:16). Praise You, Jesus! /////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer, Presentation Ministries) ////////////////////// For the full Readings please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday //////////////////////
///// WHEN THE STAR FADES... ////// "We observed His star at its rising..." —Matthew 2:2 ////// >>>>>>>>>> In their homeland, the Magi saw a great star at its rising. Greatly impressed, they set out on their journey to follow the star to greet the new-born King to Whom they believed the star pointed. After they had travelled for a time, they could no longer see the star. They were past the point of no return, and were not sure where God was now leading them. But the Magi did not give up on God's leading; they did not quit and return back home. Instead, they did the reasonable thing; they consulted the nearby leader, King Herod of Israel. Though Herod harbored ill will, he unwittingly sent them to the right place, Bethlehem, when his advisors consulted the Hebrew Scriptures. As the Magi set out in blind faith for Bethlehem, suddenly the star re-appeared. It's no wonder the Magi "were overjoyed at seeing the star" (Mt 2:10). God's guidance for their journey had resumed. Have you ever started on a journey of faith in response to the clear prompting of God? You commit yourself to the journey, burn your bridges behind you (see 1 Kgs 19:19-21), and then it seems like God's divine guidance completely vanishes. This is a pattern that many have experienced in their lives of faith. This might be a test from God, "the Tester of our Hearts" (1 Thes 2:4). If you're in this situation, the Magi are a model for you. Persevere in trust, as they did, and believe that God will guide you at the proper time. "Walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Cor 5:7). "Commit to the Lord your way; trust in Him, and He will act" (Ps 37:5). ///// PRAYER: Jesus, like the Magi, I give You the gift of my life. I will follow You wherever You lead. "In my life, Lord, be glorified." ///// PROMISE: "In Christ Jesus the Gentiles are now co-heirs with the Jews, members of the same body." —Eph 3:6 ///// PRAISE: "The Epiphany is the manifestation of Jesus as Messiah of Israel, Son of God and Savior of the world" (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 528). Alleluia! ////// (From a reflection by Fr Al Lauer, Presentation Ministries) /////// ////////////////////// Fpr the full Readings please go to: or visit our page / The Word on Sunday //////////////////////

Parish community of Saint Julian's

Join Pope Francis in praying the Rosary on Saturday to implore God's help in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find out more:…/pope-to-pray-the-rosary-along-…

GĦAJNUNA URĠENTI MEĦTIEĠA...Ejjew nuru li VERAMENT nimxu fuq il-passi ta' San Ġiljan u ngħinu lil min hu fil-bżonn (mob: 79380270).
Ixxerja dan l-avviż. URĠENTI ĦAFNA.

Nhar il-Ħadd li għadda ċċelebrajna it-tlugħ tal-Mulej fis-Sema. Hawn issibu ftit materjal għat-tfal li jfakkarna f'din il-festa kbira u importanti.

Ġurnata memorabbli - 30 sena ilu - Żjara mill-papa qaddis - Ġwanni Pawlu II f'San Ġiljan - fi żmien il-kappillan Dun Tony Agius u l-viċi Dun Alex Beżżina

Lapsi - Is-Seba' Ħadd tal-Għid - Tlugħ il-Mulej fis-Sema (S)

Kollox Lest għall- Realta' Differenti

Matul din il-ġimgħa, fil-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan, saru it-tħejjijiet kollha meħtieġa biex inkunu konformi mad-direttivi miftehma bejn il-knisja u l-awtorita' tas-saħħa. Għada it-Tnejn, 25 ta' Mejju 2020, ser isir l-ewwel funeral fil-knisja parrokkjali bid-direttivi l-ġodda. Inħeġġu lil kulħadd biex jirrispetta u jimxi ma dawn id-direttivi. Nirringrazzjaw lil dawk kollha li taw l-għajnuna tagħhom kemm materjali u anke b'mod finanzjarju.

Matul din il-ġimgħa, fil-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan, saru it-tħejjijiet kollha meħtieġa biex inkunu konformi mad-direttivi miftehma bejn il-knisja u l-awtorita' tas-saħħa. Għada it-Tnejn, 25 ta' Mejju 2020, ser isir l-ewwel funeral fil-knisja parrokkjali bid-direttivi l-ġodda. Inħeġġu lil kulħadd biex jirrispetta u jimxi ma dawn id-direttivi. Nirringrazzjaw lil dawk kollha li taw l-għajnuna tagħhom kemm materjali u anke b'mod finanzjarju.

Parrocca San Giljan's cover photo

24 ta'Mejju 2020 Live streaming mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan

Segwi t-talba tar-Rużarju fit-08.30am u l-Quddiesa tal-Ħadd 24 ta' Mejju 2020 mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan

24 ta'Mejju 2020 Live streaming mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan

Rużarju mal-Abbatini

Rużarju mal-Abbatini
Matul ix-xahar ta' Mejju, l-abbatini tal-parroċċa talbu posta rużarju kuljum minn darhom u tellgħuh fi 'group chat' tal-ġenituri biex il-bqija tal-abbatini jkunu jistgħu jitolbuha magħhom. Din l-inizjattiva kienet apprezzata mill-ġenituri u l-abbatini għaliex ħafna minnhom ilhom ma jiltaqgħu iktar minn xahrejn. Infatti, ħadu sehem l-abbatini kollha, u ġiet offruta intenzjoni kuljum.

Nhar il-Ħamis 21 ta' Mejju, waqt laqgħa fuq Zoom għall-abbtini, ingħatat posta rużarju u issa qed tittella' biex ikun jista jitlobha kulħadd flimkien mal-abbatini.

Rosary with our Altar Servers
During the month of May the altar servers of the parish prayed a decade of the rosary each everyday at their homes, recorded it and uploaded it on a parents group chat for the rest of the servers to join in during their time of prayer. This initiative was greatly appreciated by parents and servers and brought the children together, most of whom have not seen each other for more than two months. In fact all altar servers took part and an intention was given each day.

On Thursday 21st May, during a Zoom meeting for altar servers, a decade of the Rosary was prayed together and is now being uploaded for everyone to pray along.

Il-Kappillan Dun Claude Portelli flimkien mal-kleru Ġiljaniż, f'isem il-komunita' Ġiljaniża, jifirħu u jawguraw lil patri Alexander Cauchi OSA, li llum 22 ta' Mejju 2020 ġie maħtur kappillan tal-parroċċa Agostinjana fil-belt Valletta.

Patri Alexander Cauchi twieled fis‑16 ta’ Ġunju 1971. Trabba San Ġiljan fejn irċieva l‑edukazzjoni primarja. Huwa kiseb l‑edukazzjoni sekondarja fl‑iskejjel tal‑Gżira, in‑Naxxar u l‑Imtarfa, u kompla l‑istudji terzjarji fil‑Fakultà tal‑Filosofija fl‑Università Pontifiċja Gregorjanata’ Ruma, u l-istudji tat‑Teoloġija fl‑Università ta’ Malta.

Il‑formazzjoni reliġjuża tiegħu bdiet fl‑1987 fil‑Kunvent ta’ Santa Rita. F’Novembru tal‑1994 irċieva l‑Professjoni Solenni fl‑Ordni Agostinjan. Ġie ordnat saċerdot mill‑Arċisqof Ġużeppi Mercieca fit‑18 ta’ Ottubru 1996 fil‑Knisja Parrokkjali tal‑Mosta u qaddes l‑ewwel Quddiesa tiegħu fil‑Parroċċa ta’ San Ġiljan.

Patri Alex wettaq ħidma pastorali fil‑qasam tal‑vokazzjonijiet u serva wkoll bħala promotur vokazzjonali. F’dawn l‑aħħar seba’ snin ħadem fil‑pastorali tal‑parroċċa ta’ Santu Wistin fejn huwa jgħix mal‑komunità Agostinjana.

Il‑parroċċa ta’ Santu Wistin fil‑Belt tiġbor fiha madwar 1,366 persuna f’650 familja.

Directives regarding Funeral Masses

Direttivi dwar il-funerali Wara l-laqgħa bejn l-Isqfijiet ta’ Malta u Għawdex u l-Awtoritajiet tas-Saħħa, il-Knisja b’konsultazzjoni mal-istess awtoritajiet qed tippubblika direttivi dwar il-Quddiesa tal-funeral li jidħlu fis-seħħ mil-lum, il-Ġimgħa 22 ta’ Mejju. Dawn id-direttivi jistabbilixxu l-miżuri li qed...

L-eżitu tal-laqgħa bejn l-Isqfijiet u l-Awtoritajiet tas-Saħħa dwar il-Quddies Illum 18 ta' Mejju, l-Isqfijiet ta' Malta u Għawdex ltaqgħu mal-Ministru tas-Saħħa Chris Fearne u s-Supretendent tas-Saħħa Pubblika Prof. Charmaine Gauci dwar il-Quddies fil-knejjes. Il-messaġġ tal-Arċisqof Charles J. Scicluna Il-laqgħa li kellna mal-Minist

Registrazzjonijiet għall-Katekizmu, sena 2020-2021
Minħabba ċ-ċirkustanzi li qegħdin fihom, din is-sena ma nistawx niftu r-reġistrazzjonijiet għat-tagħlim tal-katekizmu bħalma nagħmlu s-soltu.
Għalhekk, għal din is-sena, jekk għandkom tfal li twieldu fis-sena 2014 u tridu tirreġistrawhom mal-Parroċċa ta’ San Ġiljan, qed nitolbukom tibgħatulna email bl-isem tat-tifel/tifla u l-contact details fuq [email protected] sa l-aħħar ta' Mejju. Id-dettalji meħtieġa huma: isem il-wild, data tat-twelid, mobile no. u email address.
Mbagħad, meta jekk Alla jrid, niltaqgħu f'Ottubru, timlew il-formoli fl-ewwel ġimgħa tal-katekizmu.
Jekk tafu ġenituri oħra li għandhom bzonn japplikaw għal-uliedhom magħna - Parroċċa San Ġiljan - infurmawhom b'dan l-avviz ukoll, biex b'hekk kemm jista jkun nilħqu lil kulħadd.

Catechism Registrations for 2020-2021

Due to the present circumstances, this year Catechism registrations cannot commence as per usual in May.
Instead, we are asking anyone whose children were born in 2014 and who would like them to attend catechism lessons in St. Julians Parish to send us an email on [email protected] by the end of May. The child's name and contact details (date of birth, mobile no. and email address) should be given in the email.
Once the situation is more normal, we will be asking you to fill in the registration forms - most probably in the first week of October.
If you know of any parents who need to register their children for catechism lessons in our Parish, kindly pass this information on to them, so that as much as possible we can spread the word to everyone.

17 ta'Mejju 2020 Live streaming mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan

Segwi live il-Quddiesa tad-0900am ill-knisja parrokkjali ta'San Ġiljan - il-Ħadd 17 ta' Mejju 2020

17 ta'Mejju 2020 Live streaming mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan

Is-6 Ħadd tal-Għid

Is-Sitt Ħadd tal-Għid | Parroċċa San Ġiljan

Qari Liturġiku
Is-Sitt Ħadd tal-Għid
Parroċċa San Ġiljan Is-Sitt Ħadd tal-Għid Posted by John Grixti on May 15, 2020 in Liturġija tal-Ħadd | 0 comments Qari I Qiegħdu idejhom fuqhom, u huma rċevew l-Ispirtu s-Santu. Atti 8, 5-8.14-17 Qari mill-Ktieb tal-Atti tal-Appostli F’dak iż-żmien, Filippu niżel f’belt tas-Samarija u xandar lil Kristu li...


Kont taf li il-15 ta' Mejju 2020 huwa Jum il-Familja ?

Aqra' dan l-artiku qasir imma interessanti.....jekk verament għandek għal qalbek il-familja... JUM INTERNAZZJONALI TAL-FAMILJA 15 TA’ MEJJU 2020 Posted by John Grixti on May 14, 2020 in Featured Article, Kummisjoni Familja | 0 comments Il-Ġnus Magħquda kienet iddikjarat fil-1993 li kull 15 ta’ Mejju jkun jum li titfakkar l-importanza tal-familja fl-umanita għal aktar solidarjeta soċja...

Filmat: Jitqassmu mas-700 ikla kuljum; “Grazzja kbira” – L-Arċisqof - Newsbook

Il-parroċċa tagħna, permezz ta' din l-għajnuna qed tqassam 200 ikla fil-ġimgħa. Nirringrazjaw lill-voluntiera kollha li qed jgħinu f’dan it-tqassim. GRAZZI L-Arċisqof Charles Scicluna ddeskriva l-proġett ‘Solidarity Meals’ bħala grazzja kbira. Hu qal dan waqt żjara li għamel fil-kċina ta’ restorant fis-Salini fejn ta’ kuljum qed ikunu ppreparati mas-700 ikla sħuna għall-persuni vulnerabbli.

Parrocca San Giljan's cover photo

[05/10/20]   10 ta' Mejju 2020 Il-Ħames Ħadd tal-Għid u Jum l-Omm. Segwi it-talba tar-Rużarju fit-08.30am mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan. War tibda' l-Quddiesa.

Nawguraw lill-ommijiet kollha f'dan il-jum dedikat lilhom u niftakru f'dawk l-ommijiet li m'għadhomx magħna. It-tfal huma mħeġġa jipprintjaw din l-istampa u jagħtuha lil ommhom.

Din hija logħoba sempliċi marbuta mal-vanġelu tal-lum.

Il-Ħames Ħadd tal-Għid

Il-Ħames Ħadd tal-Għid | Parroċċa San Ġiljan

Qari Liturġiku
Il-Ħames Ħadd tal-Għid
Parroċċa San Ġiljan Il-Ħames Ħadd tal-Għid Posted by Amministratur tas-Sit on May 8, 2020 in Liturġija tal-Ħadd | 0 comments Qari I Għażlu sebat irġiel mimlijin bl-Ispirtu s-Santu. Atti 6, 1-7 Qari mill-Ktieb tal-Atti tal-Appostli F’dawk il-jiem l-għadd tad-dixxipli kien qiegħed jiżdied; għalhekk sar xi t...

Il-ħidma fil-komunita' tibqa' għaddejja anke fi żminijiet mhux tas-soltu.

3 ta'Mejju 2020 - Jum il-Vokazzjonijiet

3 ta' Mejju 2020 Live Streaming mill-knisja parrokkjali ta'San Ġiljan.

Il-Quddiesa tal-Ħadd 3 ta'Mejju 2020 streamed live mill-knisja parrokkjali ta' San Ġiljan

3 ta'Mejju 2020 Rużarju u Quddiesa mill-knisja parrokkjali ta'San Ġiljan.

Seminary Vocations Centre

Minkejja l-COVID-19......
Kif qed tgħix il-vokazzjoni tiegħek bħalissa ?

Minkejja...u int?

Niftakru f'dawk li ħallewna:

Ir-Raba’ Ħadd tal-Għid | Parroċċa San Ġiljan

Qari Liturġiku
Ir-Raba’ Ħadd tal-Għid
Parroċċa San Ġiljan Ir-Raba’ Ħadd tal-Għid Posted by Amministratur tas-Sit on May 2, 2020 in Liturġija tal-Ħadd | 0 comments Qari I Alla lil Ġesù għamlu Mulej u Kristu. Atti 2, 14a.36-41 Qari mill-Ktieb tal-Atti tal-Appostli Nhar Għid il-Ħamsin, Pietru flimkien mal-Ħdax qam u qal lil-Lhud b’leħen għoli:...

Harpist Jacob Portelli

Tomorrow we start the Month of May and since so many of you requested that I play our beloved Hymn 'Fil-hlewwa ta' Mejju', here it is! Feel free to share this with all your friends and family. I hope that my music helps you sing and pray during this month dedicated to our Lady.

I dedicate this piece to H.E Charles J.Scicluna Archbishop of Malta. Many thanks for having me play daily at the Curia.

(Icon of the Annunciation- Nathanael Theuma)

Parroċċa San Ġiljan | Informazzjoni fuq il-parroċċa

Happy Birthday Fr Stefan Il-Parroċċa ta’ San Ġiljan hija parroċċa tal-fuq minn mitt sena li żviluppat bil-kbir f’dawn l-aħħar snin. Illum nistgħu ngħidu li tħaddan bejn 9 u 10 elf ruħ. Mhux faċli tagħti servizz lill-komunita’ hekk kbira bi ftit saċerdoti. Dan ifisser li għandna bżonn akbar li nagħtu ...

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115, Triq Lapsi
San Giljan
STJ 1260
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