MCAST Salesian Chaplaincy

MCAST Salesian Chaplaincy


MCAST Agribusiness staff and students at Dar Dun Bosco, Dingli for Christmas activity.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. - Matthew 11:28

A Salesian presence at MCAST that welcomes students and staff alike in the search of all that is good and valuable in one's project of life. We help the young people grow in faith through our Christian presence and human relationships, on and off campus.

We aim to be a Christian presence in a Salesian style among staff and students: offering support and service so that MCAST may be for the young “a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelises, a school that prepares them for life and a space where their youth is cherished and valued”. To this end we engage staff and students in class, in the Chapel, in leisure spaces and elsewhere on, and off, campus. Through a friendly and interested presence we communicate to each that they are special in themselves and to the One who made them and encourage them to take on the Gospel values of love, honesty, justice, hope, faith, forgiveness, respect, generosity, friendship and sincerity, among others. We genuinely care and make ourselves available to listen to their stories, whatever these may be, that they may eventually discover who they are, what they are called to do and that God dwells within them... because "bidden, or unbidden, God is present."

Mission: We bring Christ to young people through a Salesian presence and style of education.

Xi ħadd interessat jagħmel Voluntary Work mat-tfal f'Malta jew barra minn Malta fis- sajf li ġej ?

Quddiesa tal-Milied.
Wednesday 10am,

We have a new Multi-Faith Room at MCAST.
As a Chaplaincy we Salesians support all students and staff, regardless of their provenance, condition or faith and are thus happy with this new development and thank the Administration for their work in making it happen.

On 3rd December 2019 MCAST inaugurated a Multifaith and Quiet Contemplation Room. The room is situated at the Students’ House ground floor. This concept is espousing religious diversity by accommodating the spiritual needs of students not only through its staff and its activities, but also through the provision of an appropriate space for a variety of religious, spiritual, and ethical practices.
well done.

MCAST held its 2019 Graduation Mass at St John’s Co-Cathedral on Wednesday, 27 November 2019.
This mass, presided by the MCAST Chaplain, Fr Antoine Farrugia sdb and Dr Aurelio Mule' Stagno sdb, was preceded by a formal procession, which MCAST Management and Administration, Lecturers, Staff and many graduates started from St George’s Square to St John’s.
A packed-full Co-Cathedral, including parents and guests, participated in the Liturgy of the Eucharist that was animated by the Goldberg Ensemble, under the direction of Maestro Michael Laus. In these following days, graduation ceremonies are taking place at MCAST’s Main Hall on the Main Campus, in Paola.
The MCAST Chaplaincy Team warmly congratulates all new Graduates on reaching this milestone :-)

Stedina: iż-żgħażagħ mistiedna jagħtu kontribut fuq policy nazzjonali li direttament tinteressahom. Dan ċans biex tieħdu sehem u titkellmu dwar kif taraw l-affarijiet intom li għadkom zgħar, mhux biss il-professjonisti.

SEXUAL HEALTH SEMINAR: "Developing and Strengthening the Sexual Health of Malta's Youth"

Big Question: How would YOUth address the rise of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among young people in Malta?

4 Workshops to explore sex in the context of ...
a) abuse and violence,
b) substance misuse,
c) steady relationships, and
d) social pressures

YOUth are invited for this Seminar on Tuesday 26th between 4pm and 8pm - a reception follows.

Seminar organised by Government's Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate.

If you'd like to attend kindly send a pm
or Email: [email protected]
or WhatsApp: 99892278

BIL-FILMAT: Soru mill-Ghana titgħallem titkellem bil-Malti

Is-Sister li tiġi l-Quddies tal-MCAST f'nofsinhar! Mija u erba’ immigrant temmew b’suċċess l-ewwel stadju tal-kors tal-integrazzjoni li jinkludi, il-lingwa u l-kultura Maltija/ Fil-gradwazzjoni li saret it-Tnejn

It-Tim taċ-Chaplaincy tal-MCAST joffri Quddiesa kuljum fl-12.05 fil-Kappella (fit-triq quddiem l-Administration block).
Nispiċċaw fi 12.25pm ;)
Ejja !

This is my mission... and yours?
#mymission #emm2019

[10/07/19]   Il-Quddiesa ta' Kuljum
fl-MCAST se tibda regolarment mil-lum, fl-12.05pm :-)

@ MCAST: Tuesday 8pm, Pjazzetta: The Travellers concert
@ MCAST: Wednesday 11am, Business Ground Floor: Quddiesa

Everybody is welcome :-D

MCAST Mass to ask God's blessing upon us during the coming year. This coming Wednesday, at 11am, Business Institute.
Everybody is welcome, staff and students :)

Inħeġġu lil kulħadd jattendi għal dak li qed jiġri fi Freshers Week :-)
Il-Quddiesa tal-ftuħ tas-sena akkademika tkun nhar l-Erbgħa fil-11.00, Business Institute. Narawkom :)

Fuq talba ta’ bosta, aħna s-Salesjani se nagħmlu rtir għal koppji żgħażagħ, li jkun fuq l-istil ta' dak li għamilna fir-Randan li għadda. Hu immirat għal koppji żgħażagħ li qed jaħsbu serjament fis-sagrament taż-żwieġ, dawk li għadhom kif iżżewġu u anke dawk li ilhom inqas minn għaxar snin miżżewġa.

Din hija inizzjattiva oħra li qed nippreparaw biex inkomplu ngħinu iktar familji jgħixu l-vokazzjoni tagħhom kull fejn ikunu u biex ikomplu jħaddnu u jxerrdu l-missjoni Salesjana.

Inħeġġeġ lil min jixtieq jingħaqad magħna għal dan l-irtir biex ikellem lil Fr Gerald Mangion asap ([email protected]) . Araw il-poster :-)

Ftaħna l-applikazzjonijiet għal voluntiera biex jaħdmu fil-HW Club li mmexxu għal tfal minn 8 sa 13-il sena fl-Isla.
Dan jirrikjedi commitment ta' darba jew darbtejn fil-ġimgħa wara l-iskola (minn 4pm sa 5.15pm).
Tista tgħin? Għax ma tibgħatilniex email: [email protected] ?

Looking for work this summer?
Candidates need to be over 18 and have a level 4 qualification (one A level would be enough). They need mostly staff for Cospicua / Senglea and Pembroke. Applications are to be fully submitted on

Nifirħu lil Laurence Zerafa u jakkumpanjawh bit-talb tagħna.

Next Monday 24th June 2019, at 6.30pm, at the St. Catherine Parish Church in Zurrieq, a mission mass will be held to mark the sending off of another VLM candidate.

This time it is Laurence Zerafa of Zurrieq who on 24th July 2019 will be returing to Tanzania for another year, to continue the library work, started in June 2017, with The Salesians of Don Bosco in Tanzania.

VLM members and friends are welcome to attend this mass, 24th June, 6.30pm, Parsih Church Zurrieq.

NB The picture is from the similar mass of May 2017 before leaving for the 1st time mission June 2017-May 2018.

Archdiocese of Malta

Worth sharing :)

"We are all human beings" - Moments from The Good Neighbourhood Dinner at the Archbishop's Curia

Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) The Malta Police Force Jesuit Refugee Service Malta Ahmed Zanya Bugri ŻAK Malta Malta Catholic Youth Network Youth Fellowship Spark15

To all our Muslim friends at MCAST

Salesjani, Senglea:
Altar of Repose at San Filippu.
Visits until midday.

Our Lady of Sorrows: Mass at MCAST Main Campus
on Friday 12th April at 11.05am.

Mass will also be celebrated at the satellite Institutes (Qormi, Mosta, Gozo).
Everybody is welcome!

Start the day with God. Just 5 minutes.
A short, "Good Morning", message will be delivered at the MCAST Chapel at 7.50am, each day of next week:

Be someone's sunshine on a rainy day...!

--- The MCAST Salesian Chaplaincy Team

[03/14/19]   The International Organization for Migration, a United Nations Related Agency, and MCAST are co-organising an Inter-Religious Dialogue Workshop on the 2nd of May 2019, as part of project ‘TandEM: Towards Empowered Migrant Youth in Southern Europe’. This event will address topics specifically relevant to youth and for that reason we invite all religious young people to participate in consultation meeting with religious youth that will take place at IOM’s office in Floriana today, the 14th of March (Thursday), at 6 pm. Your views are of the utmost importance to us!

To know more about the inter-religious component of the project, as well as other components of the project (that include research, social media and inter-cultural exchange) take a look at our webpage: and page: Get involved in this project that aims at building more inclusive societies and give youth a leading voice!

If you can attend the event, please let us know on the following email address: [email protected]. Thank you!

Kont student l-MCAST?
Għandek 5 mins biex tirrispondi ftit mistoqsijiet?
Jieħdu gost jisimgħu minghandek ukoll...

QUDDIESA ta' Ras ir-Randan / Ash Wednesday
nhar l-Erbgħa 6 ta' Marzu, f'12.05pm
fl-Administration Hall, MCAST Main Campus.

Watch: How the Salesians offer sexually exploited girls a better future

No matter one's past, education and skills-training open doors to many possibilities in the lives of young people everywhere.
Pictured here, while in Malta, Fr Jorge and Augusta. A young woman, who 10 years ago was forced into child labour and sexual exploitation, is opening her own catering business inspiring other trafficking survivors in Sierra Leone. Augusta Ngombu-Gboli found refuge in a shelter run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, who provided her with medical...

When Love is in the Air... everyday!
I was touched by this interview, and not just because she is one of 'ours' here at MCAST. I enjoyed reading the whole article actually!

"Do not hesitate to love and to love deeply. You might be afraid of the pain that deep love can cause. When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love even more fruitful”.
Henri Nouwen, "The inner voice of love"

The rainbow always appears after the storm...
Likewise, you have a chance to make life better, as long as you believe so. And hey, you are not alone: for God promises a safe landing, not a calm journey.

Għada l-Ħamis, 31 ta' Jannar.
:-) Festa ta' Don Bosco :-)
Quddiesa fl-12.05 sa 12.25pm
fil-Kappella tal-MCAST

Studenti tal-MCAST “b'sitwazzjoni dipressanti” kaġun tad-direttivi li ilhom fis-seħħ xahar u nofs

Qrajna dwar xufiera tal-linja li kellhom problema mal-kumpanija ... flok strajkjaw bdew itellgħu in-nies għall-vjaġġi imma ma joħdulhomx flus.
B'hekk in-nies ma batewx... nqabdux fil-'crossfire' tat-tilwima.

Possibbli m'hemmx mod ieħor kif Union tal-Għalliema tista tipprotesta fuq xi ħaġa mal-istituzzjoni mingħajr ma jbatu l-istudenti (u mingħajr ma jbatu dawk l-għalliema membri tagħha li għandhom għal qalbhom il-ġid tal-istudenti u ma jaqblux ma' dan it-tip ta' direttivi ? Għax anke fost l-għalliema, hemm bosta li qed idaħħluhom f'dilemma jobdux lill-Union jew lil qalbhom.

M'hemmx isbaħ minn djalogu onest fejn infittxu dik li jgħidulha 'win-win situation'. Inewsmalta kienet ikkuntattjata minn bosta studenti tal-MCAST li qed jisħqu li qed jiġu affettwati b’mod negattiv mid-direttivi attwali li qed isegwu l-għalliema. Studenta, li għamlet kuntatt magħna f’isem sħabha, iddeskriviet is-sitwazzjoni attwali bħala waħda “dipressanti li lkoll g....

[01/24/19]   Today is a special day because the Church remembers St Francis of Sales.
Inspired by his goodness and zeal, Don Bosco called us Salesians.

In this fast world of ours...

In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.

If you're genuinely trying,
whether you know it or not,
somewhere, somehow... you are making a difference.
Have no doubt about that.

Today, be gentle with yourself.

Daily Mail Australia

"I daily pray to God to use me"

Just being there for a person in need can be enough ❤️

The doorway in our life that we seal shut to keep out the pain, is the same door through which healing and love must enter.

Everyone that comes into your life makes a ripple. Some big and some small, and some travel right through you, rocking the shore of your soul with their waves.

Among friends, family, classmates and staff teams alike, it is important to look after each other!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

~ Socrates

What are you doing this evening?
Join us for an international Carol Service (starts 11.30pm) which will be followed by Christmas Midnight Mass at St Philip's Church in Senglea (near Gardjola).
This year's repertoire includes Maltese, English and German numbers... plus a special rendering of the Nativity story, never before performed in our church :-)

Nhar l-Erba'... ftakar xi jfisser il-Milied... Ejja l-quddiesa inti wkoll!

Salesian presence at MCAST

Chaplaincy Team 2018/2019: Fr Antoine Farrugia sdb - College Chaplain (Admin, ICS, IAS, Building and Construction) Fr Alfred Sacco sdb - Assistant Chaplain (IET, IME, Pathway) Fr Aurelio Mule’ Stagno sdb - Assistant Chaplain (Business, IICT) Fr Robert Falzon sdb - Assistant Chaplain (Ghammieri, Kalkara) Fr Manuel Camilleri sdb - Assistant Chaplain (Mosta) Fr Anton Refalo - Assistant Chaplain (Gozo)

Talk to us: 99892278 / [email protected]

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