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The Sanctuary offers both beauty and holistic therapies featuring:- Oriental Body Analysis and consultation Clinical holistic Aromatherapy Chakra Balancing Energy work Magnetic Therapy Reflexology Indian Head Massage Cellulite Massage BABOR Facials Waxing Eyebrow shaping Make up Manicures Pedicures Gelish Manicures and Pedicures Full Set Gel Nails

Face Art
Semi permanent make up tattoo freshly done. Enhancing beautiful eyes with dramatic eyebrows yet retaining a natural look. For consultation or appointment please call 99861639.

Magnetic Resonance therapy available for pain, circulation, cardiovascular and stroke problems, migraines and blood pressure regulation amongst many other benefirs. Call Ann on 99861639 for more information

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndromes
After evaluating more than 11,000 human subjects Japanese researcher K. Nakagawa concluded that a large part of Western civilization is suffering from a lack of magnetic field—an epidemic of magnetic field deficiency—caused by the natural weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field.(Nakagawa K. Japan Med J 1976; 2745, December 4.) It manifests itself as chronic tiredness, insomnia, back pain and headaches as well as a lack of energy.

Is it possible that fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and other disease processes involving pain and fatigue are, in reality, magnetic field deficiency syndromes? Is it possible that “new illnesses” associated with modern society are due to a deficiency of exposure to the Earth’s magnetic field rather than some chemical or hormonal imbalance, deficit or overload? Do magnetic field deficiency syndromes exist?

Nakagawa has identified the fact that the human body requires sufficient levels of magnetic energy for optimal health. Our lifestyles, living quarters, modes of transportation and work environments are not conducive to receiving adequate exposure to the Earth’s field.

Its time to come out of hibernation and prepare for a beautiful Spring with beautiful skin! Babor specialized natural products are the answer to genuine results!!

Revamped old tattoo by previous artist using Biotek pigments directly after treatment!

3 hour transformation of eyebrows using semi permanent tattoo! First session....immediately after. Touch up in 6 weeks to correct any imperfections after healing to a tone that is 30% lighter.

The amazing transformation when adjusting shape and density of eyebrows using semi permanent tattoo! immediately after treatment. No redness and no swelling!!

LED is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, reducing pores size, and brightening the skin.
The result is the complexion is plumped up with new collagen (which pushes the folds of the wrinkles out) and new elastin (which helps to tighten the skin and give it more elasticity). There's no downtime and it can be done in a lunch break. It's also an effective and pain-free approach to treating skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation and adult acne. The sensation is akin to lying in the sun (many people fall asleep) and the cost is either built into the price of the facial, or you can have it as a standalone treatment .
Special packages of 6 sessions for 120 euros.Call 99861639 for an appointment.

Look at the healed results of full lip tattoo. Final photo is bare lips tattoo that was made in April 2018!!! no lipstick , nothing!!!!

Old faded tattoo revamped into a more natural style to accentuate the eyes. first session to be followed with touch up in 6 weeks for finishing touches!!

Eyebrows!!!!#tattoo#drama#beautiful eyes#semi permanent#makeup

revamped old tattoo!

Before semi permanent eyebrow reshaping tattoo and after touch-up!!Shape has been changed to enhance the facial features!

Before semi permanent tattoo eyebrows and immediately after! First round. Touch up in 6 weeks.

Transformation of old tattoo after second touch up using natural hairstrokes!

What a transformation a new set of eyebrows can make! Old tattoo was covered using natural hairstrokes to give a fresh look!

Eyelash line to enhance beautuful eyes. Touch up in 6 weeks.

Beauty is achieved by enhancing what we have in the most natural looking way possible. This is achieved in semi permanent make up using super fine hairstrokes for a realistic result in simulating eyebrows. Before and straight after photos. Touch up to follow in 6 weeks and present shade will lighten by 30% in a few days.

Before and immediately after photos. Minimal trauma to skin using hairstroke tattoo!! Happy lady!!

Dramatic eyebrows for a sultry look using semi permanent tattoo!

Before and after semi permanent eyebrow tattoo

Revamped old tattoo done previously by other artist. One happy client!!

Removal of SPMU face tattoo and body tattoo using Phiremoval method. Call 99861639.

Summer freedom using semi permanent tattoo eyeliner. Minimal trauma to eye area.


The perfect TLC for MOTHER!... s time to give back.
...a time to show a little appreciation for all the sacrifices a mother makes for her children.......
Babor anti aging facials- using only natural select extracts and stem cells..
Aromatherapy detox relaxing Massage..
Or those eyebrow tattoos she always wanted!!
Call 99861639 and we will cater to your spending budget!

[05/07/18]   The perfect TLC for MOTHER!
Babor anti aging facials
or those eyebrow tattoos she always wanted!!

Before and after semi permanent tattoo eyebrows
The difference is amazing! They will lighten in 5 days time and touch up is due in 6 weeks for complete procedure.

Bright spring nails 🌸 by Zoë Bonnici
For an appointment call 79284159

Result after touch up of previous tattoo by another artist, straight after procedure. Intensity of colour will fade by around 30% to leave a more natural hairstroke .

Lip enhancement before and immediately after tattoo. Final colour will be 30% lighter and more natural!!

Lip enhancement !!!!
Before with old lip liner, immediately after treatment, and finally totally healed, two weeks post tattoo. Lip colour has finally settled to a natural luscious lip effect needing only lip balm to keep them moist.

Full lip tattoo enhancement!! Colour will lose 30% over the next week to leave a dark nude colour. Before picture shows a previous tattoo liner by another artist.

Eyebrow enhancement using semi-permanent tattoo - before and after photos!!!!!!


Beautiful face! Really enjoyed doing these brows! Before and after photos!

Why should you book an Aromatherapy massage session???

It is sick season again and this year seems to be a bad one. A healthy immune system is the best way to protect ourselves from this nasty virus and besides making sure we get a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.The added bonus is to keep our lymphatic system clean and efficient.

Aromatherapy lymphatic drainage massage is the answer!! Not only does it detoxify the system but the added benefit of the pure essential oils act as natural medicines to deliver anti-viral, antibiotic and analgesic properties.

Book your appointment now and take charge of your health and well-being!! Call 99861639 to reserve your place.
30mins - 25 Euro
60mins - 40 Euro

Babor Malta

We proudly use Babor professional products at The Sanctuary to delliver to you the best possible natural active ingredients for your face. The importance of the quality can never be undermined! Be selective and choose the best! We do!!
Babor tailor made facials........ starting from just 35 Euros.
We also offer: Whitening facials
Anti aging ,
Regenerating treatment,
Stressed skin and
Peeling facials
Fluid Boost facials for dramatic results

Call on 99861639 to book your appointment.
In the meantiime, we wish you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year !!

#BABOR wants YOU to get what YOU want. Maximise the Beauty of Your skin.💫

Babor brand conducts intensive research in its own laboratories and works with institutions like the elite RWTH Aachen University to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of its innovative cosmetics always in line with nature.🌿💚

#Babor #For #Every #Woman #Beconcious #LoveYourself #BestSkinCare

Add shape and volume to your lips. No injections, no fillers!! Very little discomfort during treatment and a convenient and long lasting way to luscious lips!!!! Choose either lip liner or full coverage!! Semi permanent tattoo!!!

GIFT VOUCHERS are now available for your loved ones. Make this Christmas a personal one and choose from:-
Aromatherapy Massage
Hot stone Massage
Indian Head Massage
Oriental Diagnosis
Semi permanent tattoo enhancements
Manicures and Pedicures/Gellish Nails
Specialized Babor facials

Client came for reshaping of previous tattoo done by another tattooist.

The transformation after semi permanent eyebrow tattoo!!

Before and after eyebrow semi permanent tattoo.Call 99861639 to book your appointment.

Three steps to semi permanent make up eyebrows....

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@ the nail salon 😂
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