Marsaskala Teenage Group, Marsaskala Video November 11, 2014, 11:00am

Videos by Marsaskala Teenage Group in Marsaskala. Our Group's aims are: 1. Educate today's youths 2. Provide a friendly environment where they make new friends and grow responsible 3. Organise activities to enjoy themselves.

Our group .. :)

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Laqghat tal-Gimgha
Zghazagh il-fuq min 16-il sena huma mhegga biex jinghaqdu maghna kull nhar ta' Gimgha bejn it-8:30pm u l-10 ghal laqghat...

The Story Of Human Rights
Human Rights was the subject discussed by the youths that attended Marsaskala teenage group last Friday 20.05.16 at Mars...

Il-hidma mill-membri tal-MTG flimkien ma' nies ohra tal-parocca li joffru l-ghajnuna taghhom sabiex jitlesta centru gdid...

Our group .. :)

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