Knisja Arċipretali u Arċimatriċi ta' San Gejtanu Ħamrun

Knisja Arċipretali u Arċimatriċi ta' San Gejtanu Ħamrun


[The Key of David; The Key of Knowledge; The True Doctrine of Christ; (Revelation 3:7); (Luke 8:10; 11:52); (Isaiah 22:22)]: ******* 24/7 Bible teaching, using the Key of David ******* ******* Quick Reference: ******* Proverbs 18:13 King James Version (KJV) 13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. URGENT MESSAGE: PLEASE, FINISH THIS BIBLE STUDY. SHOW THIS TO EVERYONE WITH SPIRITUAL EYES TO SEE, AND EARS TO HEAR. 2 Timothy 2:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. {[(HE=IS=A=RE+WARDER of those that diligently seek him); (John 8:31-32); (Hebrews 11)]}. Use the Key of David, or be ashamed (deceived). It is key to having the seal of God in your forehead (mind); Revelation 7; 9:4. Proverbs 1:7 King James Version (KJV) 7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. 2 Thessalonians 2 - the false Christ (Satan), will come to earth claiming to be God (6th trump). Christ Jesus returns at the 7th trump, not until = [Hebrews 9:26-28 (ONCE, AT THE END) = 1 CORINTHIANS 15:52 (AT THE LAST TRUMP) = 1 THESSALONIANS 4:17. Scripture is backed by 2, or more witnesses]. The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is false teaching. Christ is returning for a virgin bride. Those that worship the false Christ (Satan) thinking he is the true Christ will no longer be spiritual virgins (Matthew 24:19; 25:1-13; Luke 21:23). Oil in the lamp = truth = God's Word & The Holy Spirit. The virgins rejected have "snake oil" (deceit; falsities; lies) in their lamps. Satan spreads confusion through false teaching. People often accept (wo)men's words, teachings, or doctrine as truth when it is false. THE ANY-MOMENT DOCTRINE, & PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE DOCTRINE = SATAN'S SNARE = FALSE TEACHING. Satan masquerades as an angel of light (he will pretend / claim to be Christ); (2 Corinthians 11:14 - "disguised; masquerades)." Guarding a lie with truth, Satan has many in the dark about the true plan of God (Hosea 4:6). Judgment starts at the pulpit (1 Peter 4:17; Ezekiel 9). Those that hear the truth, yet do not share it can be turned over to a reprobate mind (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12). No one can ignore scripture, and be wise. A counterfeit spirit mimics the Holy Spirit, people often mistake (evil) when it stands in the role of the genuine (Holy Spirit) on matters that an individual is deceived about because it seems holy to them. Satan uses errors in one's understanding to spread falsities, confusion, Babylon throughout the world: everywhere that a falsity, misconception, lie, or lack of knowledge exists (Matthew 16:6). When a Christian confused is in the dark about a part of God's Word, they are not aware of it (Hosea 4:6; Amos 8:11-13 - there are many pastors, yet few have the key of David). Continue in God's Word, seek, ask, knock, read for understanding, meditate on His Word, & pray for the former, and latter rain (Joel 2:23; James 5:7; Matthew 7). BELOVED, DO THE THINGS GOD INSTRUCTED TO UNDERSTAND THE END. Mark 13; Luke 21; Matthew 24 - the ones taken first are taken by the false Christ, and Almighty God is against those that teach His children to fly to save their souls (Ezekiel 13:20 KJV). Satan, using men / scribes, changed this verse in the NIV. (Kenites, the sons of Cain: Genesis 3:15-16; 1 Chronicles 2:55; Matthew 8; 16:6; 23; John 8:44-47). That should alarm you. They can be converted. Disciples remain in the field working (Matthew 24:13); Hebrews 9:26-28; 1 Thessalonians 4:17 = 1 Corinthians 15:52 (at the last trump). Deuteronomy 30:4; 32:5; Psalm 37:9-34; Proverbs 10:30; Nehemiah 1:9; Isaiah 64:4; Zephaniah 3:8-9; Isaiah 43:26 - claim God's promises, and stand (Luke 10:18-20; Psalm 91; all of them). Give the truth to your brethren. Christ is only pleased with 2 of the 7 churches because they teach the key of David (Rev. 1-3; 1 Corinthians 10:11). We know that John was called up to be shown things by God, in the spirit, ON THE LORD'S DAY = THE DAY OF THE LORD = THE BEGINNING OF THE 1,000 REIGN WITH CHRIST = THE 7th trump = THE END OF THIS WORLD AGE = IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TO BE TAUGHT TO GOD'S CHILDREN THAT THIS IS A "[rapture (not even in the Bible; Satan's doctrine)]." It is John, on the Lord's Day, in the spirit, and it is false teaching (Satanic) to teach this is a "rapture." The only reason Satan was able to deceive teachers about the false doctrine was by being hinged on the false teaching of 1 Thessalonians 4:17, which every false teacher tries to use as scriptural proof of a pre-tribulation rapture of the church. TO BE CLEAR: SATAN WILL BEGUILE MANY WELL MEANING CHRISTIANS (spoiled). Marvel not that the church is under great deception for it is written that there will be a falling away, the great apostasy. "The Mystery of Iniquity" has long been at work (2 Thessalonians 2:7). Plant the seeds, pray, and be patiently available. [Matthew 13:30 - this is at the end of the Day of the Lord, yet it is parallel with the events that will transpire before that day / 2nd Advent / 7th trump]. The disciples / saints / election / overcomers remain in the field working for a short season, until the true Christ returns (Mark 13:20; Matthew 24:22). Studying Mark 13, Luke 21, Matthew 24, and Revelation 6 together helps. Do not contradict the words, and teachings of Christ as you continue to read the Bible. This will keep you from being confused about God's Word / Will / Plan. The Word does not contradict itself, so if you believe the church is raptured by Christ Jesus, you are incorrect, according to Christ. MARK 13 - do not go against anything Christ laid out line by line, precept by precept, about the events that consummate the end of this age, and you will be rightly (discerning) the Word. 1 Thessalonians 4 ~ This was originally written in Greek, a fixed language. English is not a fixed language, and that puts a spin on things. It is important to take your concordance, and study to the etymology, or you will run into confusion (Babylon; babyl; darkness; Satan's kingdom). Greek, being a fixed language, does not allow the subject to change. The subject here is: "where are the dead?" The subject cannot change to a false teaching of a pre-tribulation rapture. The second reference to this scripture is (1 Corinthians 15:50-55 - "at the last trump)." 1 Thessalonians 4:4). Stick with Christ and do not be a part of worshipping false idols, religions, other gods. 5). Love is honest, genuine, and true. 7). Holiness is bringing His Word forth, and not deceiving people. 10). Keep doing missionary work and spreading the Word. 11). "Quiet" = "sincere" (understood it). 13). "I don't want you to be ignorant about the dead, and where they are." The heathen don't know where the dead are. [Reference: Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 (the spirit returns to the Father); (2 Corinthians 5:7-8)]. 14). They are already with Him, all of the dead, every one. 15). [Reference: Ecclesiastes 12:7-8; "prevent" = "precede" (Greek). They are already gone. There is no way to beat them there. Some are on the wrong side of the gulf]. 16). The Trump of God is the last trump. The dead in Christ rise first because they are with Him. A person's spirit does not remain in the ground. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust for our earthly bodies have served their purposes. [Reference: 1 Corinthians 15:50-55 (50). Flesh gets crippled, cannot be eternal. (52). LAST TRUMP]. 17). Paul spoke colloquial Greek. "Air" = (Greek: (aer) (ah-ayr'); from aemi: "To breathe unconsciously, i.e. respire; by analogy to blow): "air" (as naturally circumambient). We are caught up in that spiritual body with the Lord; the breath of life; face; pneuma. "Clouds" [Reference: Hebrews 12:1 (group, swarm, or gathering of witnesses; army that is coming with Christ)]: [Reference: Ezekiel 13:2-3, 17-21: here, "women" mean children of Israel, the seed of the nation (God's people). God is clearly AGAINST those that teach His people to fly to save their souls]. ^ There must be a 2nd witness to this passage of scripture = 1 Corinthians 15:50-55 - VERSE 52 (AT THE LAST TRUMP). In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul makes it PERFECTLY CLEAR that there is no Pre-Tribulation "Rapture." We are to remain in the field, working until Christ's return, at the LAST TRUMP. Ezekiel 13:20 King James Version (KJV) 20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly. GOD is against those that teach His children to fly to save their souls. Those taken from the field in Matthew 24 are taken in judgment. God did not tell us to put on the Gospel armor so that we could fly away. [2 Thessalonians 2; 1 Thessalonians 5 ~ the "any-time doctrine" is false teaching, the anti-Christ / Satan / false Christ will come at the 6th trump, pretending to be Christ. The true Christ will not return until the 7th (last trump), as it is written (1 Corinthians 15:52; Hebrews 9:26; 1 Thes. 4:17)]. {[Acts 1:1-11 / Zechariah 14:4] - HIS FEET WILL TOUCH THE GROUND}; {Zechariah 9:9-10 (verse 9 = 1st advent); [(verse 10 = 2nd advent); (Revelation 20:4); (Hebrews 9:26); (Zechariah 9:10)]}. We will reign with Christ, on the Earth, for 1,000 years (the Day of The Lord; 2 Peter 3:8). God Almighty will come to Earth, establishing His Kingdom for ever in Jerusalem at the end of the Day of THE LORD, as it is written. You do not want to fly away with Satan (again, for emphasis). Revelation 3:7). "Philadelphia" (Brotherly Love). It is critical to understand: the key of David unlocks the meats of the true doctrine of God's Word, and includes knowing the genealogy of David, through which Christ came, and the genealogy of Cain, through which the Kenites came. It is much more than genealogy. This is imperative for understanding the mystery of the Kingdom. Study the mystery of the Kingdom, and the mystery of iniquity. [Note: the church members of Smyrna's teachings are this, as will be all of the church members]. The key of David unlocks the deeper understandings of God's Word, and locks God's Word whereby men cannot change it, as they have with many translations (the Kenites; Genesis 3:15-16; 1 Chronicles 2:55; Luke 11:52; John 8:44-45; Revelation 2:9; 3:9). CHRIST=THE=LIVING=WORD=HAS=THE=KEY. You must get it by following His instructions, which includes continuing in His Word, meditating on His Word, praying on His Word, asking, seeking, and knocking about His Word so that He will give you revelation based on the truth of His Word. The Key of David is the truth of God's Word (the true doctrine of Christ; Deuteronomy 32:2). All authority has been given to Christ, and what He opens, or closes, no man can defy (Isaiah 22:22; Matthew 28:18). 8). "I know thy works" (HE=HAS=BEEN=WATCHING); (James 2:14-26). "Open door, and no man can shut it" (once you know the truth, you cannot be deceived. Always stick to the truth, it is a guarantee; Isaiah 43:26). "Yehovah" (YHVH; Yahaveh; THE=SACRED=NAME of GOD; YH; HalleluYah)! There is no letter "J" in the Hebrew alphabet. You have been true to Him, and not denied His name, whom He said is Christ (Acts 4:12; 20:28). 9). All are gathered at Christ's feet, and bow to Him. It is not us they will bow to. We will be worshipping at the feet of Christ. 10). We know that Satan (the desolator) is the abomination of desolation, spoken of by the prophet (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14), and will come as the anti-Christ. Therefore, we are not unsuspecting, deceived, or tempted to worship Satan, pretending to be Christ (2 Thessalonians 2). You are "kept" by having, and teaching this knowledge (the seal of God) in your forehead (Revelation 9:4) to others (Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 10; 1 Thessalonians 5). You have "kept the word of my patience" (Zephaniah 3:8-9; Isaiah 30:18; 33:2; 64:4; Psalm 25:3; 37:34; 62:5; 130:5; Proverbs 10:30; 27:14; James 5:7; Galatians 5:5; Hebrews 10:36; you teach others to wait upon the Lord, and that Satan comes first pretending to be Christ; 2 Thessalonians 2; Ezekiel 13:20 - you know and teach that the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is false teaching, meaning that it is Satanic at its core). You are not deceived, and you do not help support the Satanic deception that comes over the world through false teachings, lies, or any other evils you are aware of (NASA lies: see album P.T.A. Meeting in the lecture notes); (Proverbs 28:13). You are not tempted during the hour of temptation because you know that Satan is a fake, claiming to be Christ. "Them that dwell upon the earth" (God does not dwell upon the earth, men do. His Holy Spirit, Ruach, dominates the earth, but this is why it is stated as it is in the English translation; Psalm 91; Luke 10:17-20). You are blessed indeed by having been given the key of David. Some will be delivered up to the false Christ, and it will turn to them for a testimony (Mark 13; Luke 12:10 - refusal to let THE=HOLY=SPIRIT=GOD=CHRIST=ACTS 20:28 speak through you is the unpardonable sin, and the Pentecostal, or cloven tongue is understood by all who hear it; Luke 21; Matthew 24 - "he that endures to the end, the same shall be saved" = remain true to GOD=CHRIST=THE HOLY SPIRIT, whether you be alive and remain until Christ returns at the end, or you be slain in the physical before that great Day of the Lord, beginning at the 2nd Advent); [end time events: Daniel 9:27; 12:12; Zechariah 4; Revelation 9; 11; 13; time of the Gentiles, 2 witnesses, the abomination of desolation, the anti-Christ, and the return of Christ / 2nd Advent. 1,335 days is the span these events take place within. The 7 year tribulation period is the 70th week / 1 week of years = 7 years, shortened by Christ: Mark 13:20; Matthew 24:22]. God has purposed each one's life in a certain capacity of service unto Him. As it is written in Hosea, James, and in other places: the tribes of Israel were scattered abroad the world, and not knowing now who they are. [Philippians 2 - come to God with a pure heart, and willing to obey to obtain your missions / purposes = to know what you shall do = work out your own salvation, with / by Him; Jeremiah 33:3; John 15: be willing to lay it down for GOD=IS=LOVE; Genesis 22:12; James 1; Philippians 1]. 11). "No man take thy crown" (the man of sin, Satan, the son of perdition, or by a false teacher). Worshipping the false Christ is one way a person would lose their crown. 12). "Overcometh" (Mark 13; Luke 21; Matthew 24; Deuteronomy 32; Revelation 12:11-17). "Pillar in the temple," (spiritually). He is the Temple, the Word, and the Body (Revelation 21:22-27); (Isaiah 64:4). 13). Tuned to the Holy Spirit (discernment). 15). Be morally and spiritually correct. Stand for the truth, and be depended on for doing it. We need works (James 2:14-26). 18). Pray for spiritual "(eyes to see, and ears to hear)." Also, pray for the former rain, and the latter rain. Be awake, watching, sound the alarm, working in the field, and having understanding (Revelation 7:1-3; Revelation 9). "Buy gold tried by the fire" = works. The more you burn gold, the purer it gets. It is not that gold will hold a high future value, it is that it works well as a teaching aid for us to understand. God is speaking about having the truth of His Word / Will / Plan, and preaching / sharing / teaching it to others. "...white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear" [Your righteous acts weave together the linens you will wear in heaven (the presence of God; Jerusalem, during the Day of the Lord); (Revelation 14:13; 16:15; 19:8); (James 2:14-26); (Matthew 22:11-14); (Revelation 3:8 - I know thy works)]. 19). God will forgive. He loves, and corrects His children. We must do it His way. (Matthew 3:2; 4:17; Mark 1:15). 20). Open your mind (heart) to Him = be completely honest with Him, and yourself. He wants you to know His Word / Will / Plan with great understanding, and He will use you to perform His purposes for your life (service). He opens the door to understanding, removes confusion, brings in peace, contentment, and rest (John 15:4-6: abide). He can help you become the best person you can (Philippians 1:6). Seek, ask, and knock to receive revelation from His Word. Christ is the Prince of Peace, but there will not be world peace until after God's wrath (1 Thessalonians 5:3-7). 21). Revelation 12:7-11. Don't fall away in the great apostasy by worshipping the false Christ. 2 Thessalonians 2 - understand it, and never contradict it in your interpretation of God's Word. Your heavenly Father is your best friend, and if you don't talk with Him (seek Him), you are not going to understand the end. It takes more than reading His Word for understanding (Matthew 7). 22). Christ is only pleased with 2 of the 7 churches in the many membered ONE body of Christ's Church (Revelation 1:11). It is our command to bring that many membered body into one accord. That which is outside of Christ's doctrine is not in the body (1 Corinthians 3). The Kingdom is like a net cast, and those things that don't belong are cast out. God gives us the opportunity to make corrections before receiving judgment. Do not be one that worships the false Christ. They will be attending a false wedding, having been beguiled by Satan, the false Christ. This is a test. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN EXACTLY AS GOD SAID IT WILL (absolute guarantee). No teacher of God's Word is able to disprove the true doctrine of Christ = the Key of David. Once you have / know / understand it, you have clarity, and no matter who the pastors, elders, deacons, teachers, or disciples are, their misunderstandings are immediately evident to you. God expects you to give them the truth (parable of the talents = remnant truth; Matthew 25:14-30). Not all will have pliable hearts, the time, or attention span to try to understand the truth. Be patient, plant the seeds, and be there / ready for them to answer questions with scripture (2 Timothy 4:2); [Amos 8:11-13; this knowledge is key to the seal of God in your forehead (mind); Revelation 7; 9:4]. Deuteronomy 30:4; Nehemiah 1:9; Isaiah 64:4; Zephaniah 3:8-9; Psalm 37:34; Proverbs 10:30. As long as you are still in this flesh body, Christ has not returned (1 Thessalonians 4:17 = 1 Corinthians 15:52 - at the Last trump)]. God is on the throne, and He knows your every thought. Talk to Him, and stay in His Word. Through Christ, all things are possible (John 16:33). Operate in truth, and dispel all lies. This too shall pass. CLAIM CHRIST, AND ACCEPT / CLAIM GOD'S PROMISES: Psalm 91; Luke 10:18-20; Psalm 45 & 46: Understanding the 3 WORLD AGES Biblically: LOVE

Merħba fil-paġna uffiċjali tal-Parroċċa San Gejtanu

Meta l-Ħamrun kiber ħafna, iż-żewġ knejjes antiki li kien hemm, dik tas-Samra u dik ta’ Nuzzu, ma kienux biżżejjed għall-ħtiġiet tan-nies, u għalhekk bdiet tinbena knisja ġdida li, fuq xewqa ta’ l-isqof ta’ dak iż-żmien, Mons. Gaetano Pace Forno, ġiet dedikata lil San Gejtanu ta’ Thiene. Il-knisja bdiet tintuża fl-1875 u saret knisja parrokkjali 1881. Giet ikkonsagrata fis-26 ta' Settembru 1930. PRESBITERJU PARROKKJALI: Dun Walter Cauchi - Arċipriet Dun Joe Gatt - Viċi-Arċipriet Dun Nikol Debono Montebello Mons. Lawrence Gatt Mons. Joseph Pace Dun Tancred Sultana Dun Salv Vella ĦINIJIET TAL-QUDDIES Mit-Tnejn sal-Gimgħa: 07.00 am 09.00 am 12:00 pm 06.30 pm Is-Sibt: 07.00 am 09.00 am 06.30 pm 07.45 pm Il-Ħadd: 06.00 am 07.30 am 09.00 am 11.00 am 06.00 pm Festi: 06.00am 07.30am 09.00am 11.00am 06.00pm

Hinijiet tal-Ftuh tal-Knisja f' dawn iz-zminijiet.

Illum il-Knisja ticcelebra il-Festa ta' Lapsi, it-Tlugh fis-Sema tal-Mulej, propju erbghin jum fuq il-Ghid.

Archdiocese of Malta

Quddiesa tal-Festa ta' San Gorg Preca.

Quddiesa fil-festa ta' San Ġorġ Preca - 9 ta' Mejju, 9:30am

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Illum, 9 ta' Mejju, hija l-Festa tal-ewwel qaddis Malti, San Gorg Preca.

Fir-ritratii antiki mehudin fit-toroq tal-Parrocca u fil-Knisja Arcipretali stess jidher car dan il-qaddis li ghex u hadem fil-Parrocca taghna mal-Poplu Hamruniz.

Ritratti ta' Anthony Scerri - 1948

Il-qniepel tal-Knisja Arcipretali jdoqqu biex jhabbru il-75 anniversajru mit-tmien it-Tieni Gwerra Dinija.

Dan sar bhala parti min inizjattiva ta' Festivals Malta fejn indaqqu il-qniepel tal-Knejjes kollha f' Malta u Ghawdex.

Nirringrazzjaw lil Carmelo Camilleri u Francesco Galea talli daqqew il-qniepel.

Illum is-7 tax-xahar, niftakru fil-Patrun taghna San Gejtanu.

Illum, l-Ordni tat-Teatini tfakkar is-sakkegg ta' Ruma tal-1527 meta truppi tar-Re Karlu V, hadu prigunieri lil San Gejtanu u l-ewwel membrI tal-ordni l-gdid tieghu.

Dawn kienu mizmuma prigunieri u anke inghataw is-swat u l-martirju, pero San Gejtanu ma kellux jmut martri ghaliex dan ma kienx il-pjan t' Alla ghalih.

Wara jiem fil-habs. San Gejtanu u shabu kien irnexxielhom jaharbu lejn Venezja fejn komplew bil-missjoni taghhom.

Fil-Knisja taghna nsibu pittura xoghol tas-seklu 20, li tpittret minn Giuseppe Briffa li tirraprezenta dan l-episodju fil-hajja tal-Patrun taghna. Din u ohra parigga fl-antik kienu maghgemb il-Kwadru Titulari wara l-artal, izda meta saru it-tibdiliet fil-Knisja dawn iz-zewg pitturi tqieghdu fuq il-bibien ta' wara tal-Knisja.

Illum hija l-Festa tal-Appostli San Filippu u San Gakbu t' Alfew (iz-zghir).

Fil-Knisja taghna nsibu pittura ta' dawn il-zewg Appostli li jaghmlu parti mil-pitturi tas-saqaf tal-Knisja. Dan huwa kollu xoghol Emvin Cremona.

Quddiesa tal-Festa ta' San Guzepp, illum il-Hadd 3 ta' Mejju.

Ghada filghodu fit-8.30 ser tkun mxandra live il-quddiesa tal-Festa ta' San Guzepp organizzata mis-Socjeta Muzikali San Guzepp Hamrun.

Din ser issir bil-bibien maghluqa, pero il-poplu jista jsegwi il-funzjoni live minn fuq din il-pagna.

Illum, il-Knisja tfakkar il-Festa ta' San Guzepp Haddiem.

Fil-Parrocca taghna is-soltu f' dan iz-zmien tigi iccelebbrata il-Festa ta' San Guzepp, izda dan mhux ser jsir minhabba ic-cirkostanzzi li ninsabu fihom bhalissa.

Fil-Knisja taghna nsibu statwa mill-isbah li tirraprezenta lil dan il-Qaddis xoghol Gilormu Darmanin

Servizz gdid ghal min jinsab wahdu f' dan iz-zmien difficli. Nistiednu lil min ghandu bzonn jaghmel uzu minnu.

[04/22/20]   Nixtieq navzaw li ghada ghal-habta tas-6.15 fuq iz-zuntier tal-Knisja Arcipretali, il-Grupp Madonna Tac-Cintura se jkun qed imexxi tlett kwarti ta' talb quddiem xbiha tal-Hniena Divina. Nheggu lin-nies tal-qrib biex issegwu min djarhom.

Bhal-lum 107 snin ilu, l-Isqof ta' dak iz-zmien, l-Isqof Pietru Pace, waqqaf l-ewwel parrocca fil-Marsa, dik tat-Trinita Qaddisa.

Kien b' dan il-att li l-Isqof Pace gholla l-Knisja ta' San Gejtanu ghad-dinjita ta' wahda Matrici. Dan ghaliex il-Parrocca l-gdida tal-Marsa hadet territorju li qabel kien jaghmel mal-Parrocca taghna.

Illum il-Knisja taghmel il-Festa tal-Hniena Divina tal-Mulej

Ifirhu ghaliex Hu qam. Ifirhu ghaliex Huwa haj!

Illum il-Knisja qieghda ticcelebra l-akbar festa fil-kalendarju taghha, dik tal-Ghid il-Kbir, il-qawmien mill-mewt ta' Sidna Gesu Kristu.

L-Arcipriet, il-kleru u l-Kunsill Pastorali Parrokkjali jawguraw l-Ghid it-tajjeb lil kullhadd.

Bhal-lum 349 sena ilu, propju nhar it-12 ta' April 1671, Gejtanu ta' Thiene kien gie pproklamat Qaddis tal-Knisja Kattolika mill-Papa Klement X.

Fir-ritratt tidher wahda il-pitturi tal-koppla li tirraprzenta dan l-avveniment. Din il-pittura hija xoghol Emvin Cremona.

Illum hija it-Tifkira Solenni tal-Passjoni u l-Mewt ta' Sidna Gesu' Kristu.

Ghalhekk dan il-jum din is-sena qieghed jigi ccelebrat xi ftit differenti, ejjew ilkoll ndawru harsitna lejn is-Salib u nitolbu lil Mulej jibghat il-barka qaddisa tieghu fuqna u jharisna minn kull tigrib.

Inheggukom biex issegwu il-funzjonijiet mxandra mill-Kurja fuq fb jew it-tv. Infakkru li illum huwa jum ta' sawm u astinenza.

Illum il-Knisja tfakkar l-Ahhar Cena tal-Mulej, festa tal-twaqqif tal-Ewkaristija u tas-Sacerdozju

Illum, it-Tlieta tal-Gimgha Mqaddsa, fil-Parrocca taghna niccelebraw il-festa tar-Redentur.

Ghalkemm illum mhux ser nkun nistghu niehdu seher fil-pellegrinagg bhas-soltu, ejjew nitolbu lil Kristu mghobbi bis-salib jidhol ghalina f' dan iz-zmien difficli.

Fir-ritratt tidher il-vara devota ta' Kristu Redentur meqjuma fil-parrocca taghna.

Illum is-7 tax-xahar, niftakru fil-qaddis patrun taghna San Gejtanu.

Ejjew nitobluh biex f' dan iz-zmien difficli li qed nghixu fih bhalissa jidhol ghalina u jipprotegina minn kull deni u mard.

Illum il-Knisja ticcelebra d-dahla tal-Mulej f' Gerusalemm, u b' hekk tinghata bidu ghall-Gimgha Mqaddsa li twassalna ghall-Ghid il-Kbir nhar il-Hadd li gej.

Illum, gimgha qabel il-Gimgha l-Kbira, f' pajjizna niccelebraw il-festa devota ta' Marja Addolorata.

Sfortunatament minhabba ic-cirkustanzi ta' bhalissa illejla mhux ser nkunu nistghu nimxu wara l-vari devoti pero ejjew flimkien nitolbu lil Marija Santissima biex bid-dulur taghha tidhol ghalina f' dan iz-zmien difficli li ninsabu fih.

Fir-ritratt tidher il-vara tad-Duluri meqjuma fil-parrocca taghna.

[03/31/20]   Fil-Ġimgħa Mqaddsa, l-Arċidjoċesi se tkun qed ixxandar fuq TVM jew TVM2, Xejk TV, u online fuq u kif ġej:

Il-Festa tad-Duluri (3 ta’ April) mill-Knisja ta’ Ġieżu, il-Belt Valletta
•9.30am – 10.30am: Quddiesa u Rużarju minn Mons. Isqof Galea-Curmi
•5.30pm – 6.30pm: Quddiesa u Rużarju minn Mons. Arċisqof

Is-Sibt tas-6 Ġimgħa tar-Randan (4 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.00am: Quddiesa minn Mons. Arċisqof
•6:30pm – 7:30pm: Quddiesa u Ruzarju minn Ta’ Pinu, Għawdex

Ħadd il-Palm (5 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.45am: Quddiesa minn Mons. Arċisqof

Il-Gimgħa Mqaddsa

Mit-Tnejn (6 ta’ April) sal-Erbgħa (8 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.00am: Quddiesa minn Mons. Isqof Galea-Curmi
•5.30pm – 6.30pm: Quddiesa u Rużarju minn Mons. Arċisqof
•L-Erbgħa 8 ta’ April fil-5:30pm sas-7:15pm: Quddiesa, Rużarju u Via Crucis minn Ta’ Pinu, Għawdex

Ħamis ix-Xirka (9 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.10am: Liturġija tas-Sighat immexxija minn Mons. Arċisqof
•5.30pm – 6.30pm: Quddiesa u Adorazzjoni minn Mons. Arċisqof
•8.30pm – 9.30pm: 7 Waqfiet ma’ Ġesù minn Mons. Arċisqof

Il-Ġimgħa l-Kbira (10 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.10am: Liturġija tas-Sigħat immexxija minn Mons. Arċisqof
•3.00pm – 4.15pm: Liturġija tal-Ġimgħa l-Kbira mmexxija minn Mons. Arċisqof
•6.30pm – 7.30pm: Via Crucis immexxija minn Mons. Arċisqof
•9:00pm – 10.30pm: Via Crucis mill-Qdusija Tiegħu l-Papa Franġisku

Sibt il-Ghid (11 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.10am: Liturġija tas-Sigħat immexxija minn Mons. Arċisqof
•8.30pm – 10.00pm: Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Vġili tal-Għid minn Mons. Arċisqof

L-Ghid il-Kbir (12 ta’ April)
•9.30am – 10.30am: Quddiesa Solenni minn Mons. Arċisqof
•11.00am – 12.30pm: Quddiesa u l-Barka Urbi et Orbi mill-Qdusija Tiegħu l-Papa Frangisku

Direttivi tal-Isqfijiet dwar iċ-ċelebrazzjonijiet reliġjużi fix-xhur li ġejjin

DIRETTIVA TAL-ISQFIJIET Fid‑dawl tas‑sitwazzjoni preżenti b’riżultat tal‑pandemija tal‑Covid‑19, l‑Isqfijiet ta’ Malta u Għawdex qegħdin joħorġu dawn id‑direttivi dwar: il‑Ġimgħa Mqaddsa u l‑Għid il‑Kbir, l‑Ewwel Tqarbina u l‑Griżma tal‑Isqof, u l‑Festi. Il‑Ġimgħa Mqaddsa u l.....


Nitolbok tavza lill-arciprieti u lill-kappillani li minhabba c-cirkustanzi prezenti, ghal din is-sena 2020, mhux se jsiru l-manifestazzjonijiet pubblici tad-Duluri u dawk tul il-Gimgha Mqaddsa, inkluz tal-Gimgha l-Kbira u tal-Ghid il-Kbir.

Ghadna kif ircevejna llum mill-Kongregazzjoni ghall-Kult Divin u d-Dixxiplina tas-Sagramenti digriet rigward il-funzjonijiet tal-Gimgha Mqaddsa. Fid-dawl ta’ dan id-digriet, qeghdin jithejjew direttivi rigward ic-celebrazzjonijiet marbuta mal-Gimgha Mqaddsa f’Malta. Dawn jigu kkomunikati fil-granet li gejjin.

Grazzi lil kulhadd ghas-servizz pastorali li qed jinghata b’attenzjoni u b’imhabba.

+Joseph Galea Curmi
Isqof Awziljarju

Illum hija festa ta' San Guzepp, l-gharus tal-Vergni Marija.

Fil-Knisja taghna nsibu kwadru mill-isbah ta' dan il-qaddis li kien gie mpitter minn Giuseppe Cali' fl-1879.

Fil-Parrocca taghna il-Festa ad unur San Guzepp ser tigi ccellebrata nhar il-Hadd 3 ta' Mejju.

Hinijiet tal-ftuh tal-Knisja Parrokkjali ghal dan iz-zmien.

[03/12/20]   Direttivi tal-Isqfijiet dwar il-Quddies

Wara konsultazzjoni mal‑awtoritajiet tas‑saħħa, l‑Isqfijiet ta’ Malta u Għawdex qegħdin iwaqqfu l‑funzjonijiet reliġjużi kollha, inkluż il‑Quddies ta’ kuljum u ta’ nhar ta’ Ħadd, u l‑katekeżi tat‑tfal, fl‑Arċidjocesi ta’ Malta u d‑Djoċesi ta’ Għawdex. Għalhekk, l‑Isqfijiet qegħdin jagħtu lill‑Insara dispensa mill‑obbligu tal‑Quddies ta’ nhar ta’ Ħadd. Din il‑miżura ta’ prekawzjoni tidħol fis‑seħħ b’effett immedjat u qed tittieħed għall‑ġid komuni u biex jiġu mħarsa b’mod speċjali dawk l‑aktar vulnerabbli.

F’każ ta’ funeral, is‑saċerdot ser imexxi r‑rit tat‑tberik tal‑fdalijiet fiċ‑ċimiterju, peress li dan huwa post fil‑miftuħ, fil‑preżenza tal‑qraba l‑aktar stretti. Is‑saċerdot imbagħad, fil‑privat, joffri Quddiesa b’suffraġju għal ruħ il‑mejjet.

Dawn il‑miżuri jibqgħu fis‑seħħ sakemm jingħata avviż ieħor.

L‑Insara huma mistiedna biex xorta waħda jingħaqdu fit‑talb billi jsegwu x‑xandiriet tal‑Quddiesa fuq TVM2, u kif indikat:

Għada, il‑Ġimgħa 13 ta’ Marzu f’nofsinhar, l‑Arċisqof Charles J. Sicluna ser imexxi Quddiesa mill‑Kappella tal‑Kurja, il‑Furjana.

Mit‑Tnejn sal‑Ġimgħa, ser tixxandar Quddiesa fid‑9:30 a.m. u Rużarju quddiem Ġesù Ewkaristija fil‑5:30 p.m., mill‑Kappella tal‑Kurja, il‑Furjana.

Is‑Sibt u l‑Ħadd, TVM2 ser ixandar iċ‑ċelebrazzjoni tal‑Quddies mis‑Santwarju ta’ Pinu, Għawdex, u minn knejjes f’Malta.

L‑Isqfijiet iħeġġu għat‑talb u jistiednu lill‑Insara biex il‑familji jitolbu t‑talba tar‑Rużarju.


Fid-dawl tac-cirkostanzi li ghaddejin minnhom bhalissa ta' din il-marda li hakmet lid-dinja, ejjew ilkoll indawwru harsitna lejn il-patrun taghna San Gejtanu, bhal ma ghamlu fil-passat in-Naplitani ta' zmien il-pesta fejn b' wedgha ghal helsien minn din il-marda tellghu statwa ta' San Gejtanu fi pjazza ewlenija f' Napli.

San Gejtanu, li matul hajtek hdimt ma' nies morda, anke morda b' mard inkurabbli, nitolbuk tharisna minn kull mard li jista jolqot lilna u lil familji taghna.

San Gejtanu intercedi u itlob ghalina.

Avvizi ghal matul din il-gimgha

Illum is-7 tax-xahar, niftakru fil-patrun taghna San Gejtanu.


Iż-żewġ parroċċi ġirien ser nagħmlu inizzjattiva flimkien ta' solidarjeta' mal-Familja Pace li tilfu membru tal-familja tagħhom u darhom.

Is-Sibt u l-Ħadd li ġej fuq iz-zuntier tal-Knisja Arċipretali ta' San Gejtanu u tal-Knisja Parrokkjali ta' Santa Venera ser ikun qed isir ġbir għall-Familja Pace. Inħeġġu l-Ħamruniżi u lill-Vendriżi biex inkunu ġenerużi.

Min ma jattendix quddies f'dawn iż-żewġ knejjes jista' jagħti d-donazzjoni tiegħu f'ħin ieħor lill-Arċipriet Fr. Walter Cauchi jew lill-Kappillan Fr. Maurice Abela O.Carm.

Avvizi ghal matul din il-gimgha

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L-istorja tagħna

Meta l-Ħamrun kiber ħafna, iż-żewġ knejjes antiki li kien hemm, dik tal-Madonna tas-Samra u dik tal-Madonna ta’ Porto Salvu (Santunuzzu), ma kienux biżżejjed għall-ħtiġiet tan-nies, u għalhekk inħasset il-ħtieġa li tinbena knisja ġdida li, fuq xewqa ta’ l-isqof ta’ dak iż-żmien, Mons. Gaetano Pace Forno, ġiet ddedikata lil San Gejtanu ta’ Thiene. Il-Disinn tal-Knisja sar mil-Perit George Schinas.

Kien fit-2 ta’ Diċembru tal-1868 li sar il-kuntratt biex inxtrat biċċa art fiċ-ċentru tar-raħal, propju fi Triq il-Kbira San Ġużepp. L-ewwel ġebla tal-Knisja l-ġdida tqiegħet nhar it-13 ta’ Ġunju tal-1871 u tbierket mill-Isqof Fra Gaetano Pace Forno. L-knisja tlestiet u nfetħet fil-11 ta’ Lulju tal-1875 mill-Isqof Carmelo dei Conti Scicluna.

Nhar l-1 ta’ Diċembru tal-1881 ġiet iddikjarata Parroċċa taħt il-ħarsien ta’ San Gejtanu, bl-ewwel Kappillan ikun Dun Fortunat Valletta. Il-Parroċċa l-ġdida ħadet teritorju li qabel kien tal-Bażilka ta’ Sant Elena f’Birkirkara, mill-Kolleġjata ta’ San Ġorġ f’ Ħal Qormi u San Publiju fil-Furjana.

Kien nhar is-26 ta’ Settembru 1930 li ġiet ikkonsagrata mill-Isqof ta’ dak iż-żmien, Mons. Mauro Caruana.

Fl-1885 waslet fil-Ħamrun il-vara artistika ta’ San Gejtanu. Kapulavur fil-kartapesta tas-Surmast Karlu Darmanin, li kienet swiet lil poplu Ħamruniż 20 Lira. Il-vara tirrapreżenta l-ġrajja tad-dehra mistika li kellu San Gejtanu nhar lejliet il-Milied tal-1517, meta rċieva f’ idejh it-tarbija Ġesu’ minn idejn il-Verġni Mqaddsa Marija fil-kappella tal-Presepju ġewwa l-Bażilka ta’ Santa Marija Maggiore f’ Ruma. L-istess ġrajja hija rraprżentata fil-Kwadru Titulari tal-Knijsa mpitter minn Pietro Gagliardi, li wasal Malta minn Ruma nhar il-5 ta’ Lulju 1882.

Il-Koppla ġiet inawgurata nhar is-7 ta’ Awwissu 1956, Festa Liturġika ta’ San Gejtanu. Hija nbiet fuq disinn tal-Perit Guże Damato. Il-Pittura tal-Koppla, li turi siltiet mill-ħajja ta’ San Gejtanu, is-saqaf tal-Knijsa li juri lit-tnax -il appostli u l-apside ta’ fuq l-artal li turi l-glorja ta’ San Gejtanu huma kollha mpittra minn Emvin Cremona. Fil-Knisja nsibu aktar pittura li saret minn artisti rinomati bħal Giuseppe Cali’, Domenico Bruschi, Guiseppe Briffa, fost l-oħrajn.

Nhar id-19 ta’ April 1913, l-Isqof Mons. Pietru Pace waqqaf l-ewwel Parroċċa fil-Marsa, dik iddedikata lis-Ssma. Trinita Qaddisa, b’ hekk għolla l-Knisja ta’ San Gejtanu għal waħda Matriċi. Meta snin wara minn din il-Parroċċa ħarġet il-Parroċċa ta’ Marija Reġina propju nhar 1 ta’ Frar tal-1967, il-Knisja ta’ San Gejtanu ġiet mgħollija għal waħda Arċimatriċi minħabba l-fatt li din ħarġet minn Parroċċa li ħarġet mill-Parroċċa tagħna. Sena wara, propju nhar l-1 ta’ Jannar 1968, l-Isqof Mons. Mikiel Gonzi waqqaf Parroċċa ohra fil-Ħamrun, dik tal-Madonna taħt it-titlu tal-Immakulata Kunċizzjoni, b’ hekk reġa kkonferma l-Knisja ta’ San Gejtanu bħala waħda Matriċi. Mill-Parroċċa San Gejtanu ħargu wkoll il-Parroċċa ta’ Santa Venera fl-1918 u l-Parroċċa ta’ Gwardamanġa fl-1968

Nhar is-7 ta’ Awwissu 2019, f’ quddiesa solenni tal-Festa Liturġika ta’ San Gejtanu, l-Arċisqof Metropolitan ta’ Malta, l-E.T. Mons. Charles J. Scicluna, reġa ta gieħ lil din il-Knisja billi għolliha għad-dinjita’ ta’ waħda Arċipretali, bl-ewwel Arċipriet ikun Dun Walter Cauchi.

Knejjes Filjali

Il-Knisja tad-Duluri Fl-1951 il-knisja bdiet bħala oratorju għat-tagħlim tad-duttrina mill-membri tal-Leġjun ta' Marija f'post mogħti mid-ditta Farsons; aktar tard dik is-sena ngħata permess biex tinbena knisja fil-post.

Il-Kappella tal-Midalja Mirakuluża Il-kappella hi parti mid-Dar Ċentrali tas-Soċjetà tad-Duttrina Nisranija (MUSEUM) bdiet tinbena fl-1958 u nfetħet għan-nies fl-1964. Fiha jinstabu l-fdalijiet ta' San Ġorġ Preca u tal-Qaddej t'Alla Ewġenju Borġ.

Is-Santwarju tal-Madonna tas-Samra Fis-Santwarju hemm meqjuma xbieha tal-Madonna ta' Atoċja, venerata fil-knisja tad-Dumnikani f'Madrid. Il-kopja nġiebet Malta minn Madrid fl-1631 u nbniet knisja għaliha fuq l-għolja ta' Braksja. Fil-bidu tas-seklu li għadda, il-knisja kienet tinżamm magħluqa. Iżda reġa' fetaħha San Ġorġ Preca.

Il-Kappella tal-Madonna ta’ Porto Salvu (Santunuzzu) Il-kappella hi dedikata lill-Madonna tal-Portu Salvu; infetħet għall-kult fl-1745 u għamlet żmien bħala viċi parroċċa għan-nies ta' l-inħawi, sakemm inbniet il-knisja ta' San Gejtanu. Fi żmien il-gwerra fid-dar ħdejha kienu rifuġjati l-patrijiet Tereżjani ta' Bormla wara li l-knisja u l-kunvent tagħhom intlaqtu mill-bombi.


Dun Walter Cauchi - Arċipriet Dun Joe Gatt - Viċi-Arċipriet Dun Nikol Debono Montebello Mons. Lawrence Gatt Dun Tancred Sultana - Rettur tal-Kappella tal-Midalja Mirakoluża, Blata l-Bajda Dun Andrew Borg - Rettur Santwarju tal-Madonna tas-Samra Kanonku Dun Timon Mercieca - Rettur Kappella tad-Duluri ĦINIJIET TAL-QUDDIES Mit-Tnejn sal-Gimgħa: 07.00 am 09.00 am 12:00 pm 06.30 pm Is-Sibt: 07.00 am 09.00 am 06.30 pm 07.45 pm Il-Ħdud u Festi: 06.00 am 07.30 am 09.00 am 11.00 am 06.00 pm

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ĦMR 1012

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Monday 16:00 - 17:00
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Youth Fellowship Youth Fellowship
55, San Gorg Preca Street
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Youth Fellowship is a Catholic youth communityin Malta. The ongoing Saturday meetings provide an atmosphere of heartfelt prayer expressed through music as well as the opportunity to listen to God’s Word in a way which is relevant to our everyday lives.